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Sands H. Austin of NY dies WA 1917

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Sands H. Austin of NY dies WA 1917

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Surnames: Austin surname
This goes out to all whom are researching any Austin people. People with the surname of AUSTIN.

Found a "Sands H. Austin" from New York."

Go to, and on the "HOME" page, in the LEFT-hand (blue box)Window put in "Sands Austin".
Search all records. There should be TWO records that appear. One is a Death Record for Washington State. The other is a MILITARY Record. Click on "Military Record".

This next window should be the Index version of the record. Look to the RIGHT, there are two smaller blue tinted windows, in the bottom one you will see a tiny icon of a tinier magnifying glass(circle with a handle) on a piece of paper. THis is the icon you want to click on. (It should also say Page 1 of 1, and just below that it say 15 pages.)

After clicking on the ICON of a piece of paper, with a circle with a handle on it, you should see a blue page with some fine print above in the center. It has two little windows, one says "View as JPEG" and to the right of that is another little window that says "PAGE" and in that window is a number, with an arrow to the right of the number. THIS NUMBER IS WERE YOU ACCESS THE OTHER PAGES FROM. Clicking on the number will allow you to select a page number, 1 to 15.

Click the "View in JPEG" to see the documents.

""Once you have selected the page number, you must THEN click on the "VIEW AS JPEG" to view the pages.""

I just got off the phone with my Aunt, and coached her thru the process, so thought I would add it here to make it easier for others to navigate the records for Sands H. AUSTIN of New York.

There are 15 pages for Sands H. Austin at the above mentioned web site. Page four is the most interesting, it has the most information.

Within these it tells that a son and daughter, at time of document, were alive. A son Charles Austin of Terrebonne, Oregon and a daughter Jennie Austin of MANCHESTER, WASHINGTON.

The son, Charles Austin is in several different places, and is hard to get in touch with. First letters from the Orting's Soldier's Home, to Charles Austin were sent to Terrebonne, Oregon. Other's were sent to Charles Austin at Nelson, B.C., Salmo, B.C., and Terrebonne, Oregon. 1917.

Also states that Sands Austin was married one time! at Fort Covington, New York, on 8/30-1863! By an "Elder Hammond". It also states that the wife died on 8th Feb 1874. (No name of wife. Though I will double check on that. Double checked, no name for the wife of Sands H. Austin listed here.)

I have tried to attach two documents with this query. Hope it works.

(my note; Chas. Austin has used two, possibly three Middle initials, "E." and "A." are the two positive ones, I have found.)

The one document is the last page of the 15 pages for Sands H. Austin.

Second document is the fourth page from the "Military Records" of Sands H. Austin of New York, from Washington States Digital Archives at Most all of the above information came from the above mentioned site. THANK YOU WASHINGTON STATE VOLUNTEERS!!! THANK YOU!

I am reachable at luckyclover252 at hotmail dot com.
May you have a good day! Chris

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