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Surnames: Gallegos
From New Mexico Spanish and Mexican Colonial Censuses
1790-1823-1845.Translated and Compiled by Virginia Langham
Olmsted,G.R.S.Published by The New Mexico Genealogical Society...The
Spanish Census of 1790,Province of New Mexico.Spanish Archives of New
Mexico,Microfilm Reel NO.12,Santa Crus Dela Canada,Frame 471.

No.213-Juan Cristoval Gallego, S, 38, Day Laborer; M. Bernarda
Truxillo, S, 36; 1 son: 4; 1 Daughter: 6.

From the book "Santa Cruz Dela Canada Baptisms 1710-1860."By Thomas
D.Martinez. Page 124.Children of Juan Christoval Gallegos and
Bernarda Trujillo,follows:

1-Juan Miguel Gallegos Bapt 9-30-1787,born 9-28,Father Juan
Christoval Gallegos,Mother Bernarda Trujillo,Paternal
Grandparents:Miguel Gallegos and Josefa Gutierrez.Maternal
Grandparents:Bernardino Trujillo and Ana Romero,Padrinos: Manuel
Gregorio Duran and Maria Geralda (his wife)Mascarenas,Todos Espanoles.

2-Antonio De Jesus Gallegos Bapt 3-12-1790,Born 3-8.Vecinos dela
Canada.Pads: Jose Domingo (from La Canada) Bustos and Josefa (from
Chimayo) Trujillo.

3-Benito Bernardo Gallegos Bapt.3-25-1793 Born 3-21.Pads:Antonio Jose
Medina and Manuela Espinosa.

4-Ana Maria Gallegos Bapt 7-17-1797,Born 7-15.Pads:Antonio Francisco
Dela Cruz and Maria Francisca Gonzalez.

5-Jacinto Gallegos Bapt 9-16-1801,Born 9-10.Pads:Damacio Cordova and
Ysabel (Wife) Gonzalez.

I-3.Pablo Gallegos-Married Twice.1ST Wife:Micaela Aragon.(From the
book "The Quintanas"Volumes 9 & 10."By Ida R.Foraci.Page 789-a and
789-a1.)2ND Wife:Maria Candelaria Benavides Widow of Santiago
Roybal,Marriage on 10 Feb 1799.Pablo Gallegos is listed as the Son of
Miguel Gallegos and Josefa Gutierrez but I saw no source for either
his baptisms or marriages.


From the book "Santa Cruz dela Canada Baptisms 1710-1860."By:Thomas
D.Martines. Page 125:
III-FELIPE DE JESUS GALLEGOS Baptised 2-5-1798,Born 2-3.Father Miguel
Antonio Gallegos,Mother Maria Trinidad Hurtado.Padrino:Bartolome
Sanchez,Madrina,Juana (Wife) Hurtado.

From the book "Taos Marriages 1770-1860."By David Salazar and Bill
Trujillo.Sept 1994.Published by The Genealogical Society Of Hispanic
America-Southern Calif. Chapter.

Frame 389.6 May 1824.FELIPE GALLEGO son of Miguel Antonio Gallego and
Maria Trinidad Hurtado,With ANNA BENTURA DE HERRERA,Daughter of Juan
Pablo De Herrera and Ana Bentura Duran,All residents Del
Rancho.Witnesses:Don Diego Belarde,70 Years Old,Don Juan De Jesus
Jaramillo 24 Years Old,Juan Jose Monmtoya 30 Years Old,and Cristobal
Medina 70 Years Old.

Entierros de Picuris: (Picuris Burials)1848 Junio (June)
17,Errera,Buenaventura,Esposa De Felipe Gallegos.

From the book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1848,"By Thomas D.Martinez.Page 176.

1-Maria Polonia Gallegos Baptised 4-20-1831,11 days old.Father Felipe
De Jesus Gallegos,Mother Anna Ventura Herrera,Vecinos Del
Rancho.Paternal Grandparents: Miguel Antonio Gallegos and Trinidad
Hurtado.Maternal Grandparents:Juan Pablo Herrera and Ana Ventura
Duran.Padrinos:Pedro Mauricio Duran and Maria Barbara Sanchez.

2-Maria Dolores Gallegos Bapt 4-26-1829,6 Days old.Pads:Ramon Duran
and Maria Margarita Medina.

3-Juan Bautista Gallegos Bapt 5-27-1833,3 Days Old.Pads:Antonio
Martin and Maria Antonia Roybal.

3.A.San Lorenzo de Picuris bapt:6 April 1857 Jose Anastacio De
Jesus,son of Juan Bautista Gallegos and Maria Antonia
Muniz.PGP:Felipe Gallegos and Maria Bentura De Herrera.MGP:Jose Maria
Muniz and Maria Romero.Pads:Martin Medina and Maria De Jesus
Muniz,Vecinos del Llano Largo.

3.B.San Lorenzo bapts:13 April 1863 Jose Esquipula,3 days old,Son of
Juan Bautista Gallegos and Maria Antonia Munis.Pads:Jose Eulogio
Archuleta and Maria Anacleta Archuleta,Vecinos del Llano Largo.

3.C.San Lorenzo bapt:23 Mar 1855 Jose Gabriel son of Juan Bautista
Gallegos and Maria Antonia Munis.PGP:Felipe Gallegos and Buenaventura
De Herrera.MGP:Jose Maria Munis and Maria Manuela Romero.Pads:Juan De
Dios Romero and Juana De Los Reyes Romero,Vecinos del Llano Largo.

3.D.Picuris:9 Dec 1860 Maria Barbara,4 days old,daughter of Juan
Bautista Gallegos and Maria Antonia Munis.Pads:Manuel Antonio
Medina,Vecinos del Llano Largo.

3.E.Picuris:31 Oct 1865 Maria Narcisa,4 days old,daughter of Juan
Bautista Gallegos and Maria Antonia Muniz.Pads:Juan Antonio Romero
and Maria Ygnacia Miera.

3.F.Picuris:11 July 1858 Maria Yrinea,9 days old,daughter of Juan
B.Gallegos and Maria Antonia Munis,Vecinos del Llano Largo.Pads:Jose
De Jesus Romero and Maria Rita Salasar,Vecinos Del Embudo...-.Picuris
Marriages:1872 Nov 13 Sanchez,Jose Ysidro Hijo de Romualdo Sanchez Y
De Maria Manuela Sena,Con Maria Yrinea Gallegos,Hija de Juan Bautista
Gallegos Y De Maria Antonia Muniz.

4-Jose Pablo Gallegos Bapt 1-25-1837,3 Day Old.Pads:Juan Luis Martin
and Maria Candelaria Padilla.

5-Jose Benito Gallegos Bapt 3-11-1827,5 Days Old.Pads:Francisco
Fernandez and Maria Leal.

From the book "New Mexico Mission De San Lorenzo De Picuris Baptisms
1750-1867." Compiled By Betty Pacheco.

6-20 Jan 1825 Juan Pablo Son of Francisco ? De Jesus Gallego and
Buenaventura De Hexxexa.Paternal Grandparents:Miguel Antonio Gallego
and Trinidad Hurtado. Maternal Grandparents:Juan Pablo De Hexxexa and
-Not Legible-Duran.

6-A.San Lorenzo De Picuris Baptisms:4 May 1851 Jose Anastacio Son Of
Juan Gallegos and Maria Ygnacia Lobato.PGP:Felipe Gallegos and
Buenaventura De Herrera.MGP:Vicente Lobato and Maria Dolores
Mansanares.Pads:Miguel Gonzales and Maria Juliana Medina,Vecinos de
Santa Barbara...-.From San Lorenzo De Picuris Marriages:1875-Oct-22
Gallegos,Anastacio,Hijo de Juan Pablo Gallegos and Maria Ygnacia
Lovato,Con Maria Rita Martinez,Hija de Juana Martinez.Wit:Ramon
Medina and Manuela Vigil.

6.B.Picuris:1 May 1855 Jose Bidal Son of Juan Pablo Gallegos and
Maria Ygnacia Lovato.Pads:Pedro Ygnacio Duran and Maria dela Luz
Medina,Vecinos Del Llano...-. 1880 Jan 5 Gallegos,Vidal,Hijo de Juan
Pablo Gallegos and Maria Ygnacia Lucero,With Maria Dela Cruz
Muniz,Hija de Juan De Los Reyes Muniz and Of Maria De Gracia
Medina.Pads:Desiderio Martinez and Maria Guadalupe Muniz.

6.C.Picuris:22 Mar 1866 Juan Maria De Gracia,4 days old,son of Juan
Pablo Gallegos and Maria Ygnacia Lovato.Pads:Jesus Duran and Maria
Delos Reyes Bustos,Vecinos del Llano Largo.

6.D.Picuris:19 May 1863 Juan Pascual,3 days old,son of Juan Gallegos
and Maria Ygnacia Lobato.Pads:Juan Antonio Romero and Maria Ygnacia

6.E.Picuris:8 Sept 1849 Maria Dolores,Daughter of Juan Gallegos and
Maria Ygnacia Lobato.PGP:Felipe Gallegos and Buenaventura De
Herrera.MGP:Vicente Lobato and Dolores Mansaneras.Pads:Pedro Ygnacio
Tafoya and Maria Francisca Gutierres,Vecinos del Llano.

6.F.Picuris:20 March 1853 Maria Josefa,Daughter of Juan Gallegos and
Ygnacia Lovato.PGP:Felipe Gallegos and Ana Bentura De
Herrera.MGP:Vicente Lovato and Maria Dolores Mansanares.Pads:Martin
De Jesus Chacon and Maria Bibiana cruz,Vecinos De San Juan Nepomuceno
Del Llano.

6.G.Picuris Marriages:1872 Dec 9 Archuleta,Jose Eulogio,Hijo de
Manuel Salvador Archuleta Y De Maria Guadalupe Madrid,Con Maria
Natividad Gallegos,Hija de Juan Pablo Gallegos Y De Maria Ygnicia

7.A.Picuris:10 July 1853 Jose Ramon Filomeno son of Tomas Gallegos
and Maria Lucia Medina.PGP:Felipe Gallegos and Ana Bentura De
Herrera.MGP:Gabriel Medina and Juana Pando.Pads:Jose Domingo Abeita
and Maria Dela Encarnacion Valdes,Vecinos del Llano Largo.

7.B.Picuris:9 Aug 1851 Maria Ramona Daughter of Jose Gallegos and
Maria Luisa Medina.PGP:Felipe Gallegos and Ana Bentura De
Errera.MGP:Gabriel Medina and Maria Juana De Los Dolores
Bialpando.Pads:Jose Antonio Samora and Maria Ramona Ortega,Vecinos
del Llano Largo...-.Picuris Marriages:1868 Nov 24 Del Llano
Largo.Miera,Felipe Hijo de Manuel Miera Y De Nestora Sanchez Con
Maria Ramona Gallegos,hija de Jose Tomas Gallegos Y De Luisa Medina.

7.C.Picuris:15 April 1856 Julio Antonio,4 days old son of Jose Tomas
Gallegos and Maria Lucia Medina.PGP:Felipe Gallegos and Maria
Buenaventura De Herrera. MGP:Gabriel De Medina and Juana
Villalpando.Pads:Jose Antonio Martin and Maria Agapita Vigil,Vecinos
Del Llano.

7.D.Picuris:18 Dec 1857 Maria Guadalupe Dela Piedad.Daughter of Jose
Tomas Gallegos and Maria Lucia Medina,Vecinos Del Llano
Largo.Pads:Gervacio Dela Cruz Duran and Maria Asencion Cruz,Vecinos
De Santa Barvara...-.Picuris Marriages: 1878 Nov 9 Tafoya,Jose De
Gracia,Hijo de Rafael Tafoya Y De Maria Francisca Lovato con Maria
Guadalupe Gallegos Hija de Jose Thomas Gallegos Y De Maria Lucia
Medina,Todos de San Juan Nepomuceno.Pads:Jose Lazaro Martinez Y Maria
Guadalupe Muniz.

7.E.Picuris:29 Jan 1863 Maria Martina,2 days old daughter of Tomas
Gallegos and Maria Lucia Medina.Pads:Reyes Muniz and Maria De Gracia

7.F.Febrero 15 de 1901 Case Y Vele a Manuel Miera,Viudo de Marselina
Valdez,hijo de Manuel Miera Y De Nestora Sanchez.Con Maria Brigida
Gallegos,Soltera hija legitima de Jose Tomas Gallegos Y De Maria
Luisa Medina.Padrinos Ramon Sanchez Y Virginia Medina.By:R.Medina

7.G.Antonio Alejandro Gallegos,hijo de Jose Tomas Gallegos Y De Maria
Lucia Medina.7 Jan 1893 Married Maria Veneranda Romero.Following are
their offsprings:
-From Oral History-Antonio Alejandro lived in Llano Largo,NM had a
Mill (Molino) next to the Santa Barbara river (a little above the
Morada) where he grinded wheat and corn into flour.He also had a
black smith shop.

7.G.1.Adela Gallegos-Page 91-7 Enero 1914 Married Valentin
J.Gonzales,born 1888 From Llano,H.L.De Francisco Gonzales and of
Ramona Armigo,With ADELA GALLEGOS,born 1892 Nov 22,From
Llano,H.L.Alejandro Gallegos and of Maria Veneranda
Romero.Pads:Leopoldo Trujillo and Maria Matilde Ortega.By:Leon
Gallegos was a noted Mid-Wife.She and Valentin J.Gallegos lived in
Llano de San Juan Nepomuceno and had a small grocery store.

7.G.2.Lucia Gallegos-Page 22 Line 7.1933 Jan 19 Jose Eufredo Sandoval
Baptised Llano Largo,H.L.of Jose Dulcineo Sandoval and of Tonita
Herrera,With LUCIA GALLEGOS,from Llano Largo H.L.of Alejandro
Gallegos and of Maria Veneranda Romero.Pads:Daniel Miera and Virginia
T.Miera.By:Rev.Joseph Husse

7.G.3.Maria E.Gallegos-Page 33 Line 2.1937 Nov 15 Roman Gallegos from
Mora,NM son of Paublo Gallegos and Mary Arellano,With MARIA
E.GALLEGOS,Baptised Penasco,NM Feb 24,1906.Daughter of Alejandro
Gallegos and of Maria Veneranda Romero. Pads:Walter Brown and Maria
Magdelana C.Brown.By:Geo.L.J.Schneider

7.G.4.Ulsicinia (Dulcinia) Gallegos-Page 33 Line 7.1938 Jan 31,Abel
Vigil (Dead) Son of Tomas Vigil and of Erinea Trujillo,with ULSICINIA
(DULCINIA) GALLEGOS daughter of Alejandro Gallegos and of Veneranda
Romero.Pads:Juan Arguello and Lucia Arguello.Marriage was
Validated.By:J.T.Sanchez.(Dulcinia Married again)

7.G.5.Seledon Gallegos-Master Carpenter,Black Smith and Musician.

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