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Surname and Name explanations

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Surname and Name explanations

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There are three types of Surnames:PERSONAL..Reflecting A Personal
Characteristic or Physical Infirmity.PATRONYMIC.Expressing SON OF
with a Suffix to any Personal SURNAME or Given Name and
TOPONYMIC....The Exact same name of a Geographical Feature.From The
Book SPANISH SURNAMES In The Southwestern United States:A
Dictionary.By:Richard D.Woods and Grace Alvarez-Altman.Published by
G.K.Hall & Co.
Initials in Capital Letters indicates the contributor of the information.

(G.A.)=Alvarez,Grace De Jesus C.

(J.A.)=Atienza,Julio De

(C.M.)=Maduell,Charles L.,Jr.

(T.G.)=Tibon Gutierre

(E.S.)=Smith,Elsdon C.

Information on the surnames also from:DICCIONARIO HERALDICO Y
NOBILIARIO.By Fernando Gonzales-Doria.Published By Editorial
Bitacora,S.L...Also from the book ORIGIN OF SPANISH NAMES.COMO TE
LLAMAS Y POR QUE TE LLAMAS ASI.By Richard G. Santos.Additional
PROPIOS.By Lander Munoz,Editor Rolando Ramirez Munoz.Registro
No.20425/ 90.Impreso En Mexico,D.F.Information was also obtained from
the book;HISPANIC FIRST NAMES..A Comprehensive Dictionary of 250
Years of Mexican-American Usage. Compiled by Richard
D.Woods.Published by Green Wood Press,and from the book DICTIONARY OF
FIRST NAMES.By Patrick Hanks and Flavia Hodges,Published by Oxford
University Press.

Following are some of the Names and Surnames of your Ancestors:

DURAN..From the Latin "durare"--to endure,to persevere.Found in
Galicia.Derived from the name of village of Duran near Siguenza,which
is noted for a particular kind of cloth known as "Durando." (C.M.)
Could be related to the Italian name Dante.Could also be a form of
Thor,the Scandinavian god of thunder.(G.T.)
Very common name in Spain and families usually not related.Most
ancient home is Galicia in the castle of Portela in lands of
Duran/Durante (German Dur Ramm)battle wolf.He/she who is like the
battle wolf.(Latin Durare)hard,steadfast.He/She who is steasfast.

GALLEGOS..One who came from Gallego or Gallegos (Galicia,an ancient
Spanish kingdom).the names of place in Spain.(E.S.)
From the Latin "Gallaicus" meaning "A native of Galicia."This is a
former kingdom of Spain in the NorthWest corner of the Iberian
Popular and common in nearly all parts of Northern Spain but of
Aragonese origin Names of villages near Leon,Oviedo,Lugo,Cuidad
Rodrigo,Valladolid,Sergovia,Zamora,Avila and Salamanca.Although
indicates from province of Galicia,meaning of latter unknown.(C.M.)
Refers to someone from Galicia which comes probably from two words
"galo" and " grecia" that were altered into Galicia.(G.A.)
Galician Name diffused throughout the Peninsula and descended from
Count,don Ramon Romaes,legitimate son of King don Fruela I.(J.A.)
Gallegos (Spanish)from Galicia.He/She who is from Galicia.

GUTIERREZ..The patronymic "-ez" means "Son Of."Hence "Son of
Gutierre,"he who rules and governs.Town and Province in Bolivia.
From the proper name Gutierre.(G.T.)
Patronymic of Gutierre.Most ancient house in mountains of
Santander.Later Extended to all of the Peninsula.(J.A.)
Gutierrez (German )Son of Walter.The child of Walter.(Latin+Spanish)
Son of the good Earth.The child of the good earth.

HERRERA..The worker in iron,a smith.(E.S.)
From "hierro"--iron--and could be an ironworker or the wife of an
iron worker. Towns in Argentina,Panama and Spain with this name.
Very popular Surname originating in Asturias,in Casa de Lara.Also
found in Castile.Name of 20 villages located in Spain.Derived from
Latin "Ferrarius" -- made from iron.Therefore refers to iron forger
or smith.(C.M.)

HURTADO..One who was kidnapped and escaped;robber;Hurtado is a very
old and honorable name in Spain.(E.S.)
Hurtado (Spanish) robbed.He/She who was robbed/stolen/kidnapped.

MARTIN..Descendant of Martinus (belonging to the god mars,the god of
war);One who came from Martin,the name of places in Spain and
One of the ten most prominent Surnames in Spain.(C.M.)
In addition to meaning a warlike man,"Martin" also refers to the
bird,kingfisher (G.A.)

MARTINEZ..The son of Martin.(E.S.)
The "--ez"patronymic ending indicates "son of Martino,"a name meaning
"belonging to mars,"the Roman god of war.Fourth most prominent
patronymic in Spain and Hispanic World.Derived from the surname
Martin and means son of Martin. Originated in Galicia.(C.M.)
Patronymic Of "Martin" which means a man of war or a kingfisher.(G.A.)
Martinez (Latin+Spanish) The son of Martin.The Child of Martin.

MEDINA..Dweller at,or near the market;one who had returned from
Medina (Market); The Holy City of Islam,in Arabia;One who came from
Medina,the name of several places in Spain.(E.S.)
Arabic word referring to a city.(G.T)
Medina (Arabic) the city;Name of town.He/She who lives/comes from the
city/the city of Medina.

MUNIZ..The son of Muno (Hill) or of Nuno (Ninth).(E.S.)
Ancient Surname found in Leon,Asturias,and Portugal.Equivalent to
Surname Munoz. (C.M.)

ROMERO..One who has visited a shrine,a pilgrim.(E.S.)
From the latin "ros maris"--rosemary.This plant is sweet and evergreen.
Also found as Roman and Romeu.(C.M.)
"Romero" is a Synonym of "Romeo" from the Latin "Romaneus" meaning
one coming from Rome.This could refer to the pilgrims who went to

FELIPE..(Gk)Lover of Horses.. MIGUEL..(Heb)Who is like
Form Of Mary,Arose As A Back Formation From The Early Christian
Female Name MARIAM.... TRINIDAD..(Lat)Three In One..
BUENAVENTURA...(Lat)Good,Bonus,Wind or Auger,Good
Wind.JOSEFA...(H)Feminine Form Of Jose;God Will
Add..ANASTACIO...(Gk)Of The Resurrection..SELEDON..(GK)A
Swallow..DULCINEA...(Lat)Agreeable,Refers To "Dulce Nombre"Sweet Name
Of Mary.. LUCIA...(Lat)Light.. DOLORES...(S)From the Marian
Title,Maria De Los Dolores,Mary Of Sorrows,A Reference to The 7
Sorrows of The Virgin In Christian Belief..BAUTISTA..(H)He or One Who
Baptizes..ANTONIA ..(Lat) Excellent.. PABLO..(Lat)Of Small Stature..
MARGARET.. MARGARITA..(Gk)(H)Like A Pearl.. JUAN..(H)Full of
Grace,God Is Gracious..JOSE..(H)He Shall Add.. VIDAL.. (Lat) He Who
Is Agile And Strong,He Who Has Life.. BARBARA...(Gk)Stranger.Saint
Invoked Against Lightning and Fire...TOMAS...(H)(G)The Twin...
BENERANDA.. VENERANDA...(Lat)She Who Is Worthy Of
RAMON...(Ger)Protector...RAMONA...(Ger)Protectoress. GUADALUPE...Our
Lady Of Guadalupe Most Venerated In All Christendom.;Valley Of The
Wolf....MADALENA. ..MAGDALENA...(H)From Magdala,Place Of High Tower.
MANUELA..(H)God is With Us.. YRINEA..(GK)Lover Of Peace.. ALEJANDRO..
(GK)Defender Of Men.. ADELA.. (Ger)Of Noble
Linage...ABEL..(Heb)Breath of Vanity..ALFREDO..(EE)Protection Of
Nobility,Supernatural Being (elf +

Gk=Greek,Lat=Latin,S=Spanish,Ger=German,Heb(H)=Hebrew,EE=English Equivqlent..

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