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Firefighters from Elizabeth NJ 1926

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Firefighters from Elizabeth NJ 1926

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Excerpts from: Annual Reports
Elizabeth Fire Department 1926, Union County, NJ

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Twenty-fifth Report of the Board of Fire Commissioners with Reports of the Officers
in Charge of the Various Branches of the Elizabeth Fire Department for the Year
Ending December 31, 1926

Board of Fire Commissioners 1926:

August Kaczmarek, President
Charles Chandler
Dr Otto Wagner
Grenville A. Harris
Jacob Reuter

William J. Cox

Officers of the Department:

August Gerstung

Deputy Chief
William H. Kenah

Battalion Chief
Frederick Clark

Department Physician
Frank H. Warncke

Motion Picture Operator Examiner
Thomas A. Liddy

[detailed information about fires and equipment}

p.13 [under Fire Prevention inspections for 1926]

District No. 1-Captain Kirk, inspector
District No. 2-Captain Lavin, inspector
District No. 3-Captain Jarvais, inspector
District No. 4-Captain Keelan, inspector
District No. 5-Captain Luxich, inspector
District No. 6-Captain Grouss, inspector
District No. 7-Captain Halpin, inspector
District No. 8-Captain Riley, inspector (deceased)
District No. 9-Captain Cummings, inspector
District No. 10-Captain Weber, inspector
District No. 11-Captain Bauerman, inspector

p.14 Casualties
I exceedingly regret to report the death of Captain William H. Riley of
Engine Company No. 2 of this Department, which resulted while working at
a fire, 1183 East Grand Street, where he walked off a second story roof,
failing to the pavement below and was instantly killed. Fatalities other
than Fire Department members for the year follows:

May 19th-Fred Stocker, 314 Atlantic Street was fatally burned.
July 10th-James Carroll was fatally burned at a fire at the Hayes-Hunt plant

I would also report that on December 27th Mrs. Robert Collough, of 811
South Street, was painfully burned and confined to the hospital for
several weeks, as a result of cleaning some wearing apparel with gasoline.

[machinery recommendations]

p.16-21 Companies, Apparatus, and Crews

Fire Headquarters and Fire Alarm Staff

Name Position Date of Assuming Duties
August Gerstung Chief January 1st 1902
William H Kenah Deputy Chief August 15th 1902
Frederick Clark Battalion Chief January 1st 1902
William J Cox Secretary October 7th 1909
Alexander Cochran Dept Machinist December 1st 1916
John Krug Asst. Machinist August 15th 1912
William Hance Supt. Fire Alarm September 7th 1922
John Grous Jr. Asst. Supt. Fire Alarm September 7th 1922
John Traub Chief's Driver August 17th 1913
William F Conway Deputy Chief Driver April 1st 1918
William Eilbacher Battalion Chief Driver May 16th 1925
Jacob Swick Utilityman January 1st 1902
Michael Donovan Extraman August 15th 1912

Engine Company No. 1
Located at 24 South Broad Street

Name Position Date of Assuming Duties
James J Halpin Captain February 4th 1902
Edward Syers Lieutenant August 15th 1912
Michael Long Hoseman April 15th 1902
Edward A Egbert Hoseman August 15th 1912
Edward J McCormack Hoseman August 15th 1912
Eugene A Link Hoseman September 15th 1912
Melville H Metzler Hoseman October 16th 1917
Charles J Moore Hoseman April 1st 1918
Oscar L Eldridge Hoseman April 1st 1918
William J Maher Hoseman August 1st 1918
Frank J Flynn Hoseman December 16th 1919
Harold Gernandt Hoseman July 1st 1926

Engine Company No. 2
Located at 1201 East Grand Street+A61

Name Position Date of Assuming Duties
[blank] Captain [blank]
Frederick Bauerman Lieutenant October 1st 1902
William Biskey Hoseman June 1st 1905
John Motley Hoseman June 2nd 1909
George Schaffer Hoseman December 16th 1917
Thomas O'Brien Hoseman April 1st 1918
Peter Smith Hoseman April 1st 1918
Frank J Breidt Hoseman April 1st 1918
William J Donnelly Hoseman April 1st 1918
William Reilly Hoseman April 1st 1918
Bernard Savage Hoseman June 1st 1922
Karl H Nehring Hoseman May 16th 1925

Engine Company No. 3
Located at 733 New Point Road

Name Position Date of Assuming Duties
William Luxich Captain July 1st 1911
George Christman Lieutenant January 1st 1915
William Decker Hoseman March 1st 1911
Charles Korn Hoseman October 16th 1916
John Huff Hoseman October 16th 1917
Frederick Durrschmidt Hoseman April 1st 1918
Otto Stack Hoseman April 1st 1918
Julius Fischback Hoseman April 1st 1918
Robert Kirkman Hoseman April 1st 1918
Harry A Orsini Hoseman May 16th 1925
Frank Tesnar Hoseman May 16th 1925
James V Corcoran Hoseman May 16th 1925

Engine Company No. 4
Located at 149 Elizabeth Avenue

Name Position Date of Assuming Duties
Edward Lavin Captain August 15th 1912
William F Mahoney Lieutenant April 1st 1918
George Huff Jr Hoseman October 16th 1917
Moses Lowther Hoseman May 15th 1903
Frederick Stewart Hoseman April 1st 1918
John F Froelich Hoseman October 1st 1918
John C Reilly Hoseman October 16th 1919
John L Donovan Hoseman February 1st 1921
Walter J Leary Hoseman May 16th 1925
Walter S Sleckman Hoseman December 1st 1925
Allen J Huelsenbach Hoseman April 1st 1926
Edward W McMeel Hoseman July 16th 1926

Engine Company No. 5
Located at 146 Third Street

Name Position Date of Assuming Duties
Barth J Kirk Captain September 1st 1905
William O'Sullivan Lieutenant September 1st 1908
George Huff Sr. Hoseman March 15th 1908
Henry Roberts Hoseman September 15th 1912
Louis Fraatz Hoseman September 15th 1912
Harry Cornell Hoseman October 16th 1917
Andrew Donovan Hoseman April 1st 1918
John Logan Fay Hoseman May 26th 1918
John J Gillespie Hoseman October 1st 1918
Stephen Grezsiak Hoseman July 1st 1921
Walter Barry Hoseman June 1st 1922
Patrick Mahoney Hoseman May 16th 1925

Engine Company No. 6
Located at 605 Pennsylvania Avenue

Name Position Date of Assuming Duties
John J Cummings Captain September 1st 1905
Frank Corrigan Lieutenant April 1st 1918
Thomas Ryan Hoseman March 15th 1909
Joseph L Coakley Hoseman September 15th 1912
Patrick Kehoe Hoseman October 16th 1917
Michael Dillon Hoseman November 16th 1917
Edward P Watson Hoseman April 1st 1918
John J McKenna Hoseman April 1st 1918
James Powers Hoseman July 1st 1918
Leo F Gillen Hoseman August 1st 1921
Edward Sisk Hoseman March 1st 1924
John E Cronin Hoseman May 16th 1925

Engine Company No. 7
Located at 83-85 Prince Street

Name Position Date of Assuming Duties
Herman Weber Captain April 1st 1907
Frank Johnson Lieutenant March 1st 1903
James O'Rourke Hoseman June 1st 1904
William A C Rief Hoseman September 15th 1909
Rudolph Meder Hoseman May 15th 1915
Francis Burns Hoseman October 16th 1917
Perry Osborne Hoseman October 16th 1917
John A Corcoran Hoseman April 1st 1918
John Flynn Hoseman April 1st 1918
Samuel Buchser Hoseman September 1st 1918
Hubert Conrad Hoseman December 1st 1923
John J Donahue Hoseman April 1st 1925

Engine Company No. 8
Located at 524 West Grand Street

Name Position Date of Assuming Duties
Robert Bauerman Captain January 1st 1902
Charles F Koehler Lieutenant April 1st 1918
John Macauley Hoseman April 15th 1913
John J Donnelly Hoseman September 1st 1913
William Hugo Hoseman September 19th 1913
Peter Kenny Hoseman April 1st 1918
George Bender Hoseman March 16th 1918
Frederick Eisenrieth Hoseman January 1st 1919
Edward Nicholson Hoseman March 1st 1920
James J Gillick Hoseman May 1st 1920
Edward M Neafsey Hoseman May 16th 1925
Jacob Smith Hoseman January 16th 1926

Truck Company No. 1
Located at 28 South Broad Street

Name Position Date of Assuming Duties
John Grouss Sr Captain September 1st 1908
Charles Laing Lieutenant September 1st 1908
John Armitage Ladderman March 16th 1906
Joseph Bluish Ladderman October 16th 1917
Frank M Haas Ladderman April 1st 1918
Adolph Diehl Ladderman April 1st 1918
Walter Guellnitz Ladderman August 1st 1918
Edward Seybold Ladderman December 16th 1923
William Uhlig Ladderman May 8th 1924
Thomas Dowd Ladderman May 16th 1925
Joseph Driscoll Ladderman December 1st 1926
[blank] Ladderman [blank]

Truck Company No. 2
Located at 151 Elizabeth Avenue

Name Position Date of Assuming Duties
Harry Jarvais Captain December 27th 1906
Carol Bender Lieutenant May 1st 1918
John L Sullivan Ladderman April 1st 1918
Eugene Henry Ladderman April 1st 1918
Joseph Smith Ladderman April 1st 1918
Thomas Hayes Ladderman September 7th 1918
John Palkovicz Ladderman January 1st 1923
Richard Carolan Ladderman March 1st 1924
James Delaney Ladderman May 1st 1923
maurice Dunn Ladderman May 16th 1925
William F Cunningham Ladderman May 16th 1925
Peter Liotta Ladderman October 1st 1926

Truck Company No. 3
Located at 735 New Point Road

Name Position Date of Assuming Duties
Patrick Keelan Captain August 15th 1912
Lawrence Wayson Lieutenant April 1st 1918
Eliaken Van Pelt Ladderman August 17th 1902
William Curtis Ladderman September 1st 1905
August Schulties Ladderman September 1st 1908
Timothy Donnelly Ladderman October 16th 1917
Joseph McBride Ladderman April 1st 1918
Henry McNamara Ladderman April 1st 1918
Peter Newallis Ladderman May 16th 1923
John Rafferty Ladderman August 16th 1923
Edward J Fitzgerald Ladderman May 16th 1925
Roland Hannah Ladderman April 16th 1926

Widows and Members Retired on Pension
Elizabeth Fire Department
as of December 31, 1926

Widows Date of Pension
Marie Zellmer August 1st 1916
Agnes Hastings April 1st 1919
Margaret McLoughlin February 1st 1920
Anna Beirne June 11th 1921
Matilda Neefus July 11th 1922
Margaret Holt November 24th 1923
Alice V Desmond December 7th 1923
Ella M Riley December 6th 1926

Retired Members Date of Retirement
James McGergan February 1st 1908
Harrison Fine August 1st 1919
Louis A Bickel January 1st 1922
Charles J Linn February 9th 1922
John P Schardien February 1st 1924
Robert S Davies March 1st 1924
George J Boehm March 1st 1925
Bernard J Travers December 1st 1925
Dennis J Sullivan December 31st 1925
William J Mahoney March 1st 1926
John Streep April 1st 1926
Louis F Stein May 20th 1926
James Osborne July 1st 1926
Joseph Hoplock September 1st 1926
Charles Schwab November 1st 1926
Peter McGurk December 1st 1926

In Memoriam
William H Riley
Engine Company No. 2

April 7th 1908

December 5th 1926

p.24 to end
fire alarms

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