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Col. John Taylor-4th Hunterdon

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Re: Col. John Taylor-4th Hunterdon

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Thanks for bumping my memory. I had forgotten that the Steuben Historian had claimed the three sons you mention. It seems however that he has forgotten to include Nathaniel and Catharine, two of the older children.

Lydia we know nothing about {other than a historian in 1895 claims she exists but offers no proof}.

Catharine is the daughter that married William Boyd, who was a Presbyterian minister.

Dugald Cameron was an agent for the Pultney family of Bath England. Dugald was a Scot overseer, charged with the responsibility of selling the Pultney lands here in America. He did marry Elizabeth and had children.

Col. John Taylor was commissioned a Captain when the 4th Hunterdon was raised in 1775, promoted to Major 1776, Lt. Col Feb 1777, and Col in May of 1777, all within the 4th Hunterdon. In 1779 he was given a 3 month TDY (Sept 26 to Dec 29) as CO of a regiment of combined Hunterdon/Burlington Militia unit elements called up for 3 months of State duties.

He saw action in several campaigns and battles throughout the War beginning in the first battle of Trenton and continuing throughout the war. In the winter/spring of 1792/3 he was promoted to Brigadier General and given command of the Hunterdon Brigade, which at the same time was realigned to comprise 3 regiments of foot, and elements of Light Horse.

The Sandusky Expedition was made by units of Pennsylvania and Virginia Militia, no record of any NJ units being involved.

His wife was alive in 1784 as near as we can tell because that was the year George Washington was born, and that would have been one year after the close of hostilities. Further more John and Isaac were renting pews in 1797, and left the Church probably in April of 1797 at the same time as Gen. Taylor. Gen Taylor arrives in NY in 1797 according to the history of the time, and his obit. states he died in 1811. If he was 97 that would have made him born in 1714 which would have made him about 70 years old at the time of the end of the Revolution and 78 when he was promoted to General which was an active position. Furthermore he was a Freeholder for Hunterdon County and a Trustee of his church in the same timeframe {in NJ}. He would have been 83 at the time of his move to NY.

Circa 1800 John married Mary Miller Lindsley widow of Lt. Col. Eleazer Lindsley and lived with her in Lindley until her death in 1806. Our family history says he was 90 when he died but we have no record yet that would establish a date of birth, or place of birth. 'If' he had three sons that went west, I would submit that the term 'lost' may refer to contact rather than loss of life.

The only saving grace on this historians information is that we have been able in the last week to confirm with a high probability the existence of a son John, and the possibility of more based on the gap of about 13 years between the birth of Nathaniel Ker Taylor and Elizabeth Ann Taylor. That would allow for another 3 children, so if we include John and Isaac that leaves room for one more so where do we put the other two out of the remaining three, James, Joseph, and Lydia? Catharine was born in 1766 and Col John and Lydia could have been married as early as 1760 which would leave room for those other two, but why no mention of them to be found?

You do have 12 children for George and Christina, correct.

The Historian may have put the note in the Hammondsport Wine folder because in the book "Dolphs and DeWolffs, the author states that Col. Taylor moved from Hammondsport to Lindley when he married the widow Lindsley. That is most likely incorrect, although Wheeler is close to Hammondsport. Actually, Col John was building a house outside of Bath and left it partially finished hence the name Halfway house, the local designation for the house being not yet completed when he moved to Lindley.

We have absolutely no proof of his parentage, any marriages except to Lydia Ker or location of birth/death except the obit which states probably in Bath, which would make me wonder if the 1895 Historian was given incorrect facts as to the place of his birth. We have three different stories from three different ancestors as to the country of origin/birth. One says England, one says Scotland, and one says New Jersey to parents that fled either England or Scotland.

If you Google 'Col John Taylor' you will find our website which discusses in more depth the details we have found and some other John Taylors that were in existence during his life in New Jersey. This site still has lots to be added to it, and that was before we went to Hunterdon last week and found a boatload more material to digest and get posted.

Let me know how this fits with your knowledge of Col John, and your timeframe. When does your Joseph fit in the timeline?

I appreciate your posts, if you would like a photograph of the painting of Elizabeth Ann (Taylor) Cameron, I can arrange to send it to you, and Dugald as well if you like. Actually we could post it up on the website so you could download it from there.
If you subscribe to the site, you will be automatically notified each time a new item is posted or changes are made, and believe me, after this trip, there will be a lot of changes/additions. Please feel free to contact me directly.
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