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Spencer, Nebraska surnames from "Home for 100 years Spencer, Nebraska 1891-1991"

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Spencer, Nebraska surnames from "Home for 100 years Spencer, Nebraska 1891-1991"

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The Spencer centennial book has the following biographies:

Home for 100 years Spencer, Nebraska 1891-1991

Leo Adams and Dorothy Reel-----Louis Adams -----Louis Adams and Emma
Earl Allen and Una James-----Lavina Allen and Dudley Allen
Clara Nelson and Carl Anderson-----David Anderson-----Frances Mae Martin Anderson
Don Angel and June Reynolds-----Edward and Elizabeth Angel-----Estel Angel and Johanna “Josie” Ellermeier-----LeRoy Scott Angel
Russell Angus and Alma Syfie
Chuck Aronson and Josephine Barney
Edwin Axberg and Emma Schollmeyer-----Neil Axberg and Marsha Pfeifer
Ward and Christine Baldwin
Alden Barden
Doctor Margaret C Himrod Barney
Frank Bata
Hugh Benson and Mildred Tiefenthaler
Gus Bentz and Mary Edna Pratt-----Gustav Joe and Nicole Kay Bentz-----Joe Bentz and Lori Cizek-----John Bentz and Elaine Lampman-----Joni Bentz-----William Bentz and Lavonne Micanek
Nick Berens
Craig Binder and Shellee Hoffman-----Gary Binder and Elizabeth Peterson-----Walter Binder and Audrey Hovda
Dan Bird and Maureen Straka
John Birger and Helen Tejral
Heman Dewey Black-----John W Black-----Ralph Black-----Wayne and Phyllis Black
Hank Blair and Hanna Roberts-----Wayne Blair and Eunice Stewart
Homer Blitzkie and Ann Carlson-----William Blitzkie
Adolf and Emelie Boettcher-----Arthur and Mary Boettcher-----Bruno H Boettcher-----Bruno and LaVerne Boettcher-----Donald Boettcher-----Gustav Boettcher-----Herbert Boettcher-----Ken Boettcher and Trudy Kaczor-----Martin E Boettcher-----Oscar Boettcher-----Richard Boettcher
Thomas Boska and Anna Scheinost Hambek
Joseph Bowers and Hannah Rolf-----Henry Bowers and Rosa Havranek-----Thomas E Bowers and Arlene Johnson-----Tony Bowers and Tillie Belohlavy-----Thomas Bowers and Anna Belohlavy
Carl D Bowman and Lucille Johnson
Eunice Mott Brandt
Ken Brion and Linda Anson
Tom and Lena Brodersen
Crawford Brownfield-----Elias Brownfield and Elizabeth Funkhauser-----Myrtis LaVerne Brownfield
Charles Carlson-----Ronald Carson and Helen Sedlacek
Albert Cizek-----Andrew Cizek and Antonia Jerman-----Donald Cizek and Darlene Kopecky
George Jacob Classen-----Lloyd Henry Claassen-----Timmien Claassen-----Jacob Classen and Margaret Ward-----Kelly Classen and Kaylen Scheinost
Robert Coenen and Linda Shelden
Carolyn Ross Colfack
Ann Collier
Earl Conklin and Libby Sedlacek
John Conn
Orene Spicknall Conner
Ed and Sue Connot-----John Connot
John Connot-----Ray Connot and Arlene Soukup
Gary Conroy and Carolyn Boettcher
Harold Cork and Sophia Walter
Fred Cotton
Louis Cranford and Leila Duncan
Ben and Genevieve Creamer
George and Dehlia Crooks
Elmer and Della Dahlberg-----Vernon and Peggy Dahlberg
Roy and Geraldine DeVall
Dickey-----Robert Dickey
Harry and Letitia Dierking
E E Dorothy
Charles A Drickey-----Don Drickey-----Henry Drickey-----Roy Drickey and Beverly Swanson
Willard Dummer and Janice Honke
Vince Dvorak
Audrey Kaczor Eddy
August Eilers-----Ernie Eilers and Carol Tunink-----Ernst Eilers-----Henry Eilers-----Ronald Eilers
Harold Ellermeier and Ailene Hammerlun-----Henry Ellermeier-----Herman Ellermeier and Martha Horst
Raymond Elsasser
Bernard Engelhaupt-----Charlotte Adrians Engelhaupt-----Martin Engelhaupt
Cyril Erychleb
Doris Lucille Wagner Fernau
Joe Fiala
Arthur and Anne Ficenec-----John George Ficenec
George Filsinger
Michael Finnegan and Mary Kayl
Fischer-----Clyde Fisher and Georgia Carder-----Lowell Fisher
Monte Fletcher and Mary Rose
Claton Francis and Betty Virnig-----George Henry Francis
Joe and Leora Fredrichsen
John Fredrickson and Gladys Mashino
Carl Theodore Friedrich-----Richard and Gudrun Friedrich
Ole Peter Froseth
Enid Galbraith Fuhrer
Howard Galbraith-----James Floyd Galbraith-----Thomas Nixon Galbraith
Bessie Gallentine-----John Gallentine and Marie Truman-----Tony Sherlock and Hazel Gallentine-----Jossie “Merle” Gallentine and Jane Delaney-----William Gallentine and Alberta Pepper
Ivan Grubbs and Jennifer Pearson
Hagberg-----Kent Hagberg and Danell Thomson
Jerome and Agnes Halva
Anton Hambek-----Anton Hambek and Anna Scheinost-----Joseph Hambek-----William Hambek-----Vaclov Hambek and Agnes Cerny
Gerald and Betty Hamilton-----Gerald Louis Hamilton-----Robert Hamilton and Dilas Delaney-----Roger Hamilton and Susan Benson
Chester Hammon and Erma Zink
Joan James Hartsock
Dietrick Fred Hasche and Bertha Ochs
Floyd Haun and Florence Heiser-----Harold Haun and Helen Luedke-----Robert Haun and Judith Hammon-----Roger Haun and Mary Mlady
Alvin Havranek and Betty Halva-----Eddie Dean Havranek and Karen Bowers-----Edward Havranek and Anna Classen-----John Havranek and Bohmila Schuch-----Joseph Havranek and Anna Liska-----Marvin Havranek and Marie Weber Sextro
Dennis Hespe and Romona Hornback
Ivan Hiatt and Marguerite Marlatt-----Rollin Hiatt and Loraine Milacek
Dr and Mrs L I Hines
Gary Hoffman and Karen Rustemeyer-----Kenneth Hoffman-----Martin Hoffman and Ina Johnson-----William and Caroline Hoffman
Bernard and Carolyn Holmberg-----Harry and Helen Holmberg
James Holoubek and Emma Kerbel-----Vaclav Holoubek
Roland Hornback and Rose Engelhaupt-----Walter Hornback and Martha Pritchett
Hypse Schmidt-----John Wilhelm Hypse and Mary Nye-----Hypse
Jacoby and Mathre
Vac Jamber
Harry James-----Millard and Alice James
Herman and Martha Janssen-----Norman Janssen
Soren Clarence Jenson
Charles Jerman
Vaclav Belohlavy and Marie Jimel
Vaclav Jiracek-----Vincent Jiracek
Albert Johnson-----Johnson Hypse-----Bert Johnson-----Johnson-----Shawn Johnson-----Harry and Clarice Johnson-----Helen Petersen Johnson-----Jonas Johnson and Mary Etta Shuler-----Ronald Johnson and Louella Mohl
Frederick Kaczor-----Alfred Kaczor and Adeline Ring-----Bernard Kaczor-----Elmer Kaczor and Ruby Mott-----Jody and Colene Kaczor-----Reinhold Kaczor and Ida Boettcher
Joseph Karel-----Charles Karel and Laura Mae Kraft
Lyle Karnes and Carolyn Schultz
Roy and Blanche Karr
Gustave Reinhold Kaul-----Reinhold Gustave Kaul------Gerold Reinhold Kaul-----William Alvin “Bill” Kaul-----Clarence Dewitt Kaul-----Meta Cecelia Kaul Best------John Walter Kaul-----Cecil Frederick Kaul-----Gustave Richard Kaul
Kayls-----Franz Kayl-----Pete Kayl-----Frank Kayl-----Raymond Kayl-----Tom Kayl and Debbie Ludwig
Joe and Ann Keller-----Nick Keller and Rose Deaver
Rolland “Jake” Kersch
Josef Kerbel and Anna Nemec-----Lambert Kerbel and Lucy Krivanek-----Joseph Kerbel-----Ray Kerbel
Maude and Bob Kersch
Charles Kirk and Pearl Rickley-----Gladys Kirk-----Arlan Kirk and Marguerite Donlin
James Klasna-----Joseph Klasna-----Frank Klasna-----John Klasna-----Clara Klasna and Major Olin-----Ernest Klasna-----Louis Klasna-----Clayton Klasna-----Emil Klasna-----Harold Klasna and Donna Gallentine-----Duane T Klasna-----Shelley Ann Klasna
Fannie May Finneer Knapp
John Knecht-----Eldon Knecht
Edward and Josephine Kocian-----Edward Kocian and Patricia Lampman-----Joseph and Josephine Kocian-----Stanley and Margaret Kocian
Alphonse Koenig-----Adam Koenig
Henry Koerber
Joseph Kopecky and Agnes Vomacka-----George Kopecky and Rose Engelhaupt-----Ronald Kopecky and Karen Lauts-----Terry Kopecky and Angela Euse
Albert Kraft
Lyle and Carol Kryger
Otto Krupicka and Helen Hambek
Harold Lammers and Jeannie Hourigan
John Lampman-----Paul Lampman and Delores Putnam-----William Lampman
Bridget Langan
Albert Charles Lauts-----Albert Ernest Lauts-----Gary Lauts-----Gordon Lauts-----Norman Lauts-----Theola Lauts-----Theodore Lauts and Bessie Prokop
Theodore Gostas
Candy Boettcher Lavington
Charlie Lewis and Mary Mlinar-----David Lewis-----Evan Lewis-----Jesse Lewis
Frank Loock and Bernice Marlatt-----Albert Loock-----Gerhardt Loock and Lena Kloke-----Lucian Loock and Betty Mellor
Alfred Loomis-----E E and Christine Loomis
Edward Ludwig and Edith Wilson-----Edward Ludwig and Annette Weeder-----Junior Ludwig and Lavern Ludemann
Charles Luedke and Marjorie Ericson-----Christina Luedke-----Edward Luedke-----Fredrick Luedke and Christina Pokorny-----William Luedke and Sylva Carlson
Dr Max Magwire
Harry Mahlendorf and Esther Erickson-----Duane Mahlendorf and Norma Johnson
Cecil Malcom and Julia Uhlir-----Chas Malcom
L Cecil “Cece” Mallory
Dr and Mrs J C Marcum
Perry Marlatt and Annis Fulwider---Marlin and Gertrude Marlatt
Francis Kelly Martin
George Martinson and Genevee Brunson
John Marx---Nick Marx-----Leo Marx
Jerry Mashek---Josef Mashek-----Josef Mashek
Cecil Mashino
Albert Mavis
McAllister-----James McAllister and Ruth Ellwanger
Thomas McMath
Benjamin Hazzard Mead
George Mellor
Albina Hambek Milacek
Bernard Miller and Opal Johnson---Howard and Ann Miller-----John L Miller---Wayne Miller and Lynnette Mahlendorf
Wilbur “Bud” Mitchell
William Peter Mohr and Helen Louise Brown
Walter Motacek and Lucille Lauts
Frank Mott and Minnie Mohr-----William and Laura Mott
J R Mourer
Perry Mulford
John and Mary Murray
Christian Nelson and Janettie Brownfield-----Carl Nelson-----Curtis and Mary Nelson-----Douglas Nelson and Virginia Rathje
Nemec-----Joseph and Mary Nemec-----Frank Nemec and Francis Zikmund-----Kristina Nemec-----Frank Nemec and Mary Sedlacek
Thomas and Margaret Nolan-----Clayone Nolan-----Dale Nolan-----John Nolan-----Brenda Nolan-----Gary Nolan-----Jerry Nolan
Walter and Florence Nyquist
Leonard and Cindy Ohri-----Ohri-----Leo and Rose Ohri
Patrick Philben
Olin-----Mandus Olin and Goldie Hambek
Emfrey Olson and Elsie Martinson
Sylvester S Parsons
Grace Patton
Paus and Krueger
August Pearson
Anton Pecena and Anna Sedlacek-----Charles Pecena-----Roger Pecena and Victoria Tiefenthaler
Mollie Peterson
Joseph John Pfeifer-----Joe and Martha Pfeifer
Frank Plouzek and Rose Franek
Frank and Anna Pokorny---James and Hilda Pokorny
Joseph Pravecek and Anna Schuch
Frank Prokop---Jerome Prokop---Rudolph Prokop
J M and Lola Pucelik---Thomas Pucelik
Bruce Purviance and Kimberly Brion
Dale Dean Reber
George Reel and Mary Simpson-----Paul and Neil Reel
Earl Reiser-----Joe Reiser-----Martin Reiser and Cindy Holberg
Romald Remter and Cathrine Andersen
Kenneth Riha and Marlene Bouslaugh-----James Riha and Pauletta McAllister-----Roger and Rebecca Riha-----Lavina Boettcher Riha
Emanuel Ring and Margaret Janssen
Anton Roeder
Chester Ross and Mabel Miller-----Colmer Ross
Carl Ruda and Jan Anderson
John Ruff
J O Rundall-----Horace and Kathryn Rundall-----Wallace Rundall
Samuel Rust-----Willard Rust-----Rodney and Kimberly Rust-----Roger Rust and Leslie Trout-----Willard J Rust and Patsy Moody
Darlies Sandberg and Eva Stonewell Bordson
Frank and Hattie Sasek-----James Sasek-----Otto Sasek
Frank and Josie Scheinost-----Frank and Barbora Schienost-----Zoubek and Scheinost and Esgate-----Helen Scheinost Pearson Grabow-----Ladimer Scheinost-----Louis Scheinost and Myrtle Johnson-----Garry Scheinost and Lois Strong-----Javid Scheinost and Michelle O’Brien-----Tony Scheinost and Irene Sedlacek
Schmidt-----Frank Schmidt-----John and Minnie Schmidt
Joseph Schulte and Catherine Engelhaupt
Lawrence Schommer and Pauline Wieger
Joe Schwartz
Charles Seastone
Adolph Sedivy and Mary Fuchs-----Joseph Sedivy-----Frank Sedivy-----Gordon Sedivy
Anton Sedlacek-----Joseph Sedlacek-----Matej “Mike” Sedlacek-----James Sedlacek-----Louis Sedlacek-----Erwin Sedlacek and Sylvia Plouzek-----Lawrence Sedlacek
Eli Shelden and Alice Likens-----Wayne Shelden and Theresa Richardson
Herbert and Lillian Sieler
Jack Sinclair and Dianna Reynolds
Mike Slegel
Anton Soukup and Rose Havranek-----E F Soukup
Schemm Platz
Spicknall-----Leonard Spicknall and Mary Whittaker-----William Spicknall and Eva McNutt
Marvin Stahlecker and Delores Zeitner
John Stockwell and Violet Wheeler
Harold Swanson-----Joseph Stanley Swanson and Connie Adams
C L Teaquist
Albert Tejral and Tonie Maly-----Emil Tejral and Camilla McAllister
William Thenhaus
George Tinsley and Margaret Drickey
John Thompson and Donna Schumann
Herman Tunink and Darlene Arp
Henry Wagner------Otto Wagner
Hal Weakly
Leon Wells and Sadie Henderson-----Sheridan Wells and Helen Smith
Dennis Wendell and Pearl Preslicka
William Wendt-----Vernon Wendt-----Wayne and Diana Wendt
Henry Wenke
Robert and Vada Whetham
James Monroe Whidden-----William Luther Whidden
Orwin White
G W Whitehorn
Theodore James Wilkey
Lauretta Inez Galbraith Wood-----Luella Spicknall Wood-----J T Woods-----William Woods-----Frank Woods
Ralph Wurtz and Vera Wilson
Zidko-----Jan Zidko-----Spencer Zidko-----Dr Charles Zidko
Ernest Ziech
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