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Old settlers' name list for Page, Holt County, Nebraska

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Re: Old settlers' name list for Page, Holt County, Nebraska

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Naper, Nebraska
A Continuing History of Naper, Nebr Neighbor Helping Neighbor 1892-1992 was written by a committee and contains stories about the following people.

Helge G Aarhus, Gustave Adam and Mary Kortmeyer,
Albert Ahlers and Hazel Sieh, August Ahlers and Anna Seevers, Dietrich Ahlers and Lydia Mayer, Dietrick Ahlers and Anna Meier, Henry Ahlers and Ruth Lund, Otto Ahlers,
Laurence Ahlers and Gladys Sieh,
Larry Ahlers and Gladys Richter, LeRoy Ahlers and Susan Faltys, Steve Ahlers and Patricia Lindley,
Wayne Ahlers and Virginia Schonebaum,
George Alexander and Margaret Adams,
George Alexander and Vivian Schock,
Henry Alexander and Ada Wardell, Alford,
George Allshouse and Amilia Bechtold,
A P Andersen and Emma Hanson,
Earnest Andersen and Alma Loudon,
John Andersen and Cecelia Jansen,
Lester Andersen and Delilah Kern,
Peter Andersen and Marie Schmidt,
Wayne Andersen and Neita Schock,
Larry Anderson and Ann Ludemann,
Adolf Arp and Caroline Ritterbush, Hans Arp and Celia Paustian, Harry Aylin and Edna Camin,
Jere Bailey and Carrie Luber, Ward Barnes and Luree Snider, Albert Bechtold and Dolly Schmitz,
Albert Bechtold and Clara Stahlecker,
Emil Bechtold and Mildred Thomson,
John Bechtold and Christina Bitterman,
Johnnie Bechtold and Ella Wentz,
Joseph Becker and Catherine Ably,
Rudolph Becker and Zelma Painter,
Clarence Beem and Olinda Fuhrer,
Herman Bendig and Grace Faatz,
Charles Bennett and Etta DuVall,
Harold Bennett and Annetta Saul,
Otto Bentzen and Hannah Feldt,
Raymond Bentzen and Ramona Westland,
Jacob Berg and Kathrina Boes,
Gottlieb Bettcher and Pauline Geisiler,
Edwin Blakkolb and Ruth Stracke,
Harry Blakkolb and Lillian Halgrimson,
Johanas Blakkolb and Marie Stahlecker,
Otto Blakkolb and Reba Smith,
William Blakkolb and Frieda Statsmann,
Jacob Blum and Katy Riesselman,
Jerome Blum and Iris Dummer, Leo Blum and Elizabeth Halbur, Raymond “Jim” Blum and Velva June Vogt,
Jacob Boucher and Libbie Moses,
Jake Boucher and Betty Teachout,
Everett Breyer and Alberta Boucher,
Marlen Breyer and Avis Dalldorf,
Reinhold Breyer and Martha Peters,
Davis Briggs and Laura Osborne,
Alfred Broekemeier and Elizabeth Whitley,
Delbert Dean Broekemeier and Juliette Berg,
Frank Broekemeier and Anna Landwehr, Mac Broekemeier, William Broekemeier and Edna Mayer,
Henry and Louise Brockmann, Dwight Brown and Mary Pendleton
Glen Brown and Alma Dalldorf, Max Brown and Della Dalldorf, Glen Bryan and Elenora Kortmeyer,
Richard Burns and Glenna Becker,
Dennis Camin and Phyllis Jones,
Howard Camin and Beverly Shannon,
John Camin and Emma Bettcher, Wade Camin,
Fred Carlson and Paula Eckleen,
Dick Carmichael and Lynette Sieh, Iona Mayer Carstens, Bradley Cerny and Kathryn Weidner,
Clem Cerny and Lydia Brockman,
Daniel D Cerny and Mary E Higgins,
Frank Cerny and Anastasia Nezveda,
James Cerny and Iva Carlson,
James Cerny and Rose Marie Zeitner,
Don Chapin and Opal Gooman,
Lloyd Clausen and Mary Picentine, Martha Clausen,
Hoyt Cline and Tammy Doke, Keith Cline and Lora Sieh,
Marvin Cline and Judith Hoyt, Perry Cline and Verna Thibault, Scott Cline, Shelda Cline, Wayne Cline and Betty Kolar, Wilbert Cline and Elsie Kulm,
Denton Colfack and Sandra Jean Putnam,
Warren Collins and Mavis L Putnam,
Keith Compton and Ruth Camin,
William Correa and Delma Camin, Laura Stahlecker Cozad, Carl Cunningham and Stella Vance,
Albert Dalldorf and Doris Brown,
William Dalldorf and Wilhemina Hubner,
Albert Davis and Mae Colson,
George Dawson and Esther Ellwanger, Lorna Sieh Dillon, Herman Dummer and Lena Dvorak, Henry and Wealthy DuVall , Jon Dyer and Donna Jean Weickum,
Freida Fritzie Zeitner Eller,
Keith Ellwanger and Mary Ellen Moody,
Lars Erickson and Ulrika Johansson,
John Engelhart and Mary Jacobs, G A Erikson and Louisa Kemp,
Jesse Fast and Christina Drexel,
Henry Fee and Jerretta Gillaspey,
David Fischer and Frieda Bitterman,
Harold Fischer and Edeen Peppel, Dr George Frazier,
Ben Fuhrer and DeLores Wentz, Fred and Emma Fuhrer,
Harry Fuhrer and Mildred Martin,
Herman Fuhrer and Lucy Brunmeier,
Lyle Fuhrer and Esther Neumiller,
Reinhold Fuhrer and Bertha Ludemann,
Leslie Gahr and Dorothy Clausen,
Robert Garrison and Irene Fischer,
Edward Gentele and Bertha Peters,
Herman Gentele and Sylvia Misner,
William Gentele and Alma Kortmeyer,
Donald Goodman and Letha Audiss,
Francis Goodman and Edna Ziener,
Vernon Goodman and Linda Osbahr,
William Goodman and Dottie Green,
Cornelius Gosch and Anna Ludemann,
Julius Graves and Blanche Harper, Dennis Green,
Everett Green and Clara Nicolaus,
Irene Forsch Joachimsen Green,
Vern Green and Mabel Alexander,
Clarence Hagel and Anna Ahlers, Anton Hambek,
Doug Hamm and Jan Alford,
Harvey Handley and Edna Kortmeyer,
Ivan “Swede” and Eva Hansen,
Alnard Heermann and Hilda Ludemann,
Fred Heermann and Ann, Frederick and Christina Herrmann, Jerry Heermann and Dorothy Dummer,
William Heermann and Kate Wilhelmsen,
Bernhart Herrmann and Lucy Arp,
Neil Hermann and Ethel Alexander, Christina Zeitner Herrmann, Fred Herrmann and Mary Boes, Edward Higgins and Lynette Alt, George Higgins and Lelia Boucher,
James Higgins and Zoe Brown, Lavern Higgins and Brenda Klein, John Higgins and Ada Brown,
Henry Holmgren and Hulda Stahlecker, Phillipp Holmgren,
Paul Honke and Gertie Lueken,
Fred Horst and Elfida Bogenhagen,
Friedrich Horst and Karolina Wagner,
George Hotaling and Rose Griffis, Howard and June Hovey,
Bert Hoyt and Ella Kirst, Garold Hoyt and Ruby Juracek,
Garry Hoyt, Jesse Hoyt and Zada Myers, Roger Hoyt,
Samuel Hoyt and Mary Van Tassel,
Ellis “Harney” Hughes and Lila Snider,
Richard Janssen and Michelle Camin, Garry Jefford,
Nathan Jefford, Ludvig “Louis” Jensen and Christina Hansen, Delmer Jons and JoAnn Cerny, Ernest Juracek and Edna Spahn, Joseph Juracek and Antonia Havranek,
Alvin Kahler and Christina Maertins,
Theodore Kahler and Ella Engelhart,
Josef Katzer and Anna Holecek, Elmer Keller and Nellie Davis, Elmer Keller and Gaynell Rockholm,
Randy Keller and Carol Schroetlin,
Timothy Keller and Rita Ahlers,
Charles Kern and Antonia Holecek,
Lowell Kern and Marge Moody,
Clarence Kibby and Elizabeth Wolf,
LeRoy Kibby and Pearle Kelly,
Rollin James Kibby and Augusta Anderson,
Ferdinand Klaudt and Fredericka Stahlecker,
Dan Klein and Mae Bruning, Adolph Klein and Sarah Schochenmaier, Roland Klien and Lenora Serr,
Henry and Lena Kortmeyer,
Julius Kortmeyer and Grace Thatcher,
Louis Kortmeyer and Anna Schultz, Christ and Fredaricka Kulm ,
Paul Lampman and Delores Putnam, Helen Ahlers Lacy, Franklin Leatherman, Joseph and Elizabeth Leatherman ,
Leo Logerwell and Jennie Peterson,
Carl Ludemann and Donna Davis,
Carl Ludemann and Melanie Neumiller,
Fredrich Ludemann and manda Wrage, Henry Ludemann,
John Ludemann and Bertha Ritterbusch,
Reo Ludemann and Marguerite Rockholm,
Vernon McClurg and Elizabeth Broekemeier,
Homer McGeorge and Martha Bates,
Eugene McLaughlin and Twila Martin,
Jim McLaughlin and Velda Sieh,
Stan McLaughlin and Barbara Higley,
Michael Maertins and Paulina Serr,
William Maertins and Ida Blum, Rinehold Martin and Mary Rabe, Clarence Mayer and Leona Mayer,
Clarence Mayer and Sylvia Rueb, Edwin Mayer,
Reinhold Mayer and Hattie Stahlecker,
Wilhelm Mayer and ElizabethLittau, Sam and Cynthia Melendy, Marvin Mills and Loraine Alford,
Donald Mitchell and Gaylene Horst,
Larry Mitchell and Pauline Putnam, Bonnie Moody,
Donald Moody and Adamae Vaughn,
George Moody and Stella Burk,
Hayward Muller and Leona Bohnet,
Laurence, Walter and Laura Nagel,
Chris Neumiller and Lydia Kulm, Clara Ahlers Kulm Neumiller, Dale Neumiller and Sandra Hotz,
Herman Neumiller and Betty Odenbach,
Lester Neumiller and Arlene Nicolaus,
Paul Neumiller and Shirley Vogt,
Albert Nicholaus and Alva Gosch, Dale Nicolaus,
Harley Nicholaus and Charlotte Karnes,
John Nicolaus and Mary Blakkolb, John Nicholaus,
W Edward Nicolaus and Freda Faatz,
Leon Olson and Doris Dummer,
Edward Ortmeier and Marion Ahlers,
William Pence and Genevieve Thomson,
Edward Peppel and Doreen Dvorak,
G E Peppel and Vera Erickson,
William Peppel and Karen Ryken,
Neal Peterson and Madonna Hovey, Noah and Eva Philben, George and Dora Polmateer, Arthur Pretzer and Marie Putnam, C E Putnam and Gladys Andersen,
Charles Putnam and Carmela Altieri,
Donald Putnam and Darlene Truman,
Fred Putnam and Florence Sanders,
Robert Putnam and Helen Cerny
Harry Quest and Sylvia Moonen, John and Emma Quest
Herman Rabe and Amelia Boes, John Rabe,
Gary Raymer and Betsy Becker, Dale Reber,
Clinton Reber and Ioan Cunningham,
Milo Reber and Lovera Peterson,
Jonathan Reber and Ada Kinney,
Karl Reichel and Elizabeth Stahlecker,
Eugene Riesselman and Ada Green,
Peter Riesselman and Elizabeth Bruning,
Chris Rockholm and Inez Carlson,
Fred Rockholm and Anna Rogers, Norman Rockholm,
Willard Rust and Patsy Moody
Sattler Jim Sattler and Mabel Riesselman,
Donald Schmitz and Inez Green,
Adam Schoenefeld and Anna Kortmeyer,
Alvin Schoenefeld and Vera Sieh,
Gottlieb Schoenefeld and Eva Hauf,
Gustave Schultz and Pauline Lange,
Joseph Schmitz and Bertha Blum, Ray and Irma Schmitz,
Alvin Schochenmaier and Lila Stahlecker,
Henry Schochenmaier and Amanda Camin,
Bill Schock and Marie Kahler,
Donald Schock and Dolores Higgins, Emma and Hulda Schock, Henry Schock and Maria Mayer, Dorothea Dora Schock,
John Schock, Dale Schoenefeld and Sara Olerich,
John Schonebaum and Vera Zeitner,
Melvin Schrader and Phyllis Schock,
Ronald Schroetlin and Cindy Keller,
Julius Schultz and Emilie Steinke,
Harold Schultz and Marian Ludemann,
William Schultz and Martha Lange,
John Seevers and Wilhelmina Weddingfeld,
Ferrell Segars and Marjo Schonebaum,
Julius Serr and Martha Gledd, Earl Sieh and Darlene Mayer, Claus Sieh and Olida Klug, Claus Sieh and Norma Behrens, Duane Sieh and Marilyn Smith, Fred Sieh and Hertha Mogck, Hans Sieh and Helena Clausen,
Hans George Sieh and Anna Becker, John Sieh and Lucille Vogt
Kenneth Sieh and Sharon Lucero, Loren Sieh and Linda Peterson, Raymond Sieh and Grace Rutherford,
Ronald Sieh and Kathy Daniels,
erlyn Sieh and LaVerna Broekemeier,
John Small and Amy Smith, Dorwin Smith and Elsie Cowan, Eugene Smith and Mary Hagemeister,
Everett Smith and Frances Fast,
John Smith and Mary Van Der Wettering, Mildred Leota Smith, Richard B Smith, Earl Smith and Tressa Polmateer,
Jacob Snider and Lida Briggs,
Conrad Spahn and Susanna Blakkolb,
Eddie Speckels and Emma Ahlers,
Albert Stahlecker and Lydia Ullrich,
Alfred Stahlecker and Esther Gentele,
Ed Stahlecker and Emma Mayer,
Henry Stahlecker and Violet Sieh,
Jacob Stahlecker and Paulina Herrmann,
Jesias Stahlecker and Maria Zeitner,
John Stahlecker and Barbara Reider,
John Stahlecker and Mathilda Hildebrand,
John Stahlecker and Esther Juran,
Kenneth Stahlecker and Veronica Harrington,
Milo Stahlecker and Lynelle Lunn,
Otto Stahlecker and Mary Gentele,
Stan Stahlecker and Pam Rohwer,
Walter Stahlecker and Vera Spahn,
Richard Stanek and Marie Schock,
Sam Statsmann and Katherine Stahlecker,
Frank Stoltenberg and Theresa Derner,
Ken Stoltenberg and Shirley Schoenefeld,
Paul Stoltenberg and Minnie Arp,
Robert Stoltenberg and Elsie Vogt,
Lloyd Stouder and Leola Brown,
Frank Stracke and Irene Senteney, Sandra Kay Whitley Sunde
Lewis Thibault and Lillie Foster,
Caleb Thompson and Ruth Hackenberg,
William Thomson and Hazel Custer,
Charles Tienken and Katherine Ficken,
Charles Tienken and Ruby Jury,
Henry Tienken and Alice Zimmerman, Carl Moody Trotta,
Will Turgeon and Delma Dalldorf,
John Truax and Thelma Newhard
George Ullrich and Marie Kunz,
John Ullrich and Lydia Fischer,
Martin Ullrich and Caroline Fischer,
William Ullrich and Anna Stahlecker
Carl Vance and Velma Woehl, Charles Vance,
Charles E Vance, Eileen Vance,
Orville Vance and Lillian Eldrige,
Lyle Vaughn and Cecil Alexander, Bryon Vogt and Sharon Sattler, Claus Vogt and Barbara Stahlecker,
Carl Vogt and Margaret Carlsen, Claus Vogt and Daisy Graves, Don Vogt and Gloria Beem, Edward Vogt and Dolores Thiessen, Hans Vogt and Edith Andrews, Julius Vogt and Joy Helenbolt, Kelly Vogt and Lois Nicolaus, Martin Vogt and Vergie Green, William Vogt and Emma Zeisler, Stanton Voll and Frieda Ahlers, Herman Volsteadt and Laree Davis
Eugene Walden and Gwendolyn Putnam,
Kevin Waring and Joan Higgins
, Gust Weickum and Lena Becker,
Rudy Weickum and Irene Martin, William and Phillipine Weickum , Art Wentz and Elise Ullrich, Dennis Wentz and Carol Dummer, Edwin and Betty Wentz, John Wentz and Minnie Weickum, Peter Wentz and Elizabeth Walters,
Robert Wentz and Barbara Stoltenberg, Theodore Wentz,
Gust Wetzler and Lydia Stahlecker,
Jacob and Katherine Wetzler, Alfred and Sadie Whitley,
Tim Whitley and Bonnie Fuhrer,
Oliver Whitley and Dorthy Ticknor,
Windmeyer, Edith Fee Fast Windmeyer
Duane Zeisler and Joan Horst, Gus Zeisler and Hattie Schultz, Valentine Zeisler and Barbara Herrmann,
Daniel Zeitner and Minnei Statsmann,
Edwin Zeitner and Regina Schmitz,
Dr Charles Zimmerman and Mary Sprenkle, Jacob Zimmerman, Hawley Zink and Vera Thibault,
Jeffery Zink and Dorinda Beckman, Royal Zink,
Wayne Zink and Louise Neumiller

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