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Broder Dinnsen and Andres "Andrew" Dinnsen

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Re: Broder Dinnsen and Andres "Andrew" Dinnsen

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Surnames: Dinnsen
Through my research so far, I have found x3 separate family groups of surname "Dinnsen" that came to the United States between 1850 and 1920. This is not counting alternative surname spellings of "Denson" or "Dinsen".
The group I am a descendant of came in two waves. Broder Dinnsen the oldest arrive in the USA in 1888 at age 55 with his wife and most of his children. His oldest son Andreas "Andrew" Dinnsen followed in about 1893. Broder's family concentrated in Nebraska and Colorado, while Andrews family concentrated in New York and then onto Colorado.
In the 1899-1900 time frames there is a family surname group of "Dinnsen" that immigrated into the Chicago, Illinois area. This group seemed to come from Germany via Liverpool England.
In the 1900 -1920 time frame there is another family surname group of "Dinnsen" that immigrated into the Washington State Area.
There are a couple of Dinnsen surnames I see immigrating into the USA identified as "Irish" and not Danish.
Of the x3 surname Dinnsen groups, many have the same names, and it is difficult to know for sure on lineage. I am trying to sort out information on which "Dinnsen" people are related and which are not, or maybe they all are?
I am looking for "Obits" on any of the below, any information back in Germany or Denmark, pictures, family stories, etc..
I am also trying to figure out how and when the rest of Broders children and his Brother Carsten arrived in the USA.
Thank you,
A. Gray
Broder Dinnsen - b.1832 Denmark, d.1920 Nebraska = married: "Anna C. Autzen", born in Keil, Germany (Birth & death info unknown).
* I was told died in Denmark or Germany before coming to USA, they had a son:
         + Andreas "Andrew" C. Dinnsen b.1865 Germany d. 1965 = Married Dorothea A. Blunk b.1866 Germany d. 1945.
*See below for more info.
Broder Dinnsen - b.1832 Denmark, d.1920 Nebraska = Married: Catharina (unknown maiden name) b.1838 Denmark, d. 1891
Children of Broder Dinnsen & Catherina Dinnsen
 + Engaborge Dinnsen b. 1872 (?) Denmark -  d. (?) = Married: Hans Rasmussen b. ? - d. ? - In and lived in Nebraska.
     + Christina Rasmussen b. - d. ? = Married:
     + Ewald Rasmussen b. - d. ? = Married:
     + Mildred Rasmussen b. - d. ? = Married:
     + Viggi "Wiggs" Rasmussen b. - d. ? = Married:
     + Alfred Rasmussen b. - d. ? = Married:
     + Marion Rasmussen b. - d. ? = Married:
     + Verda Rasmussen b. - d. ? = Married:
 + Johanna Dinnsen b. 1872 Denmark - d. ? = Married: ?
 + Carsten "Carl" Dinnsen b. 1873 Denmark - d. 1973 Lakewood, Jefferson County, Colorado = Married: ?
     + Carsten Dinnsen jr. - Logan Colorado (unconfirmed.... unknown)
 + Metha Maria Dinnsen b. 1873 Denmark -  d.1949 = married: Ole Hansen b. ? d. 1949 - Lived in Holyoke Colorado.
     + Walter Hansen (died at birth).
     + Agnes Christina Hansen b.1891 - d.1991 = Married Roy Earl Donnelly, George Hargreaves (1 child), & Cecil Critchlow (x2 children).
     + Elmer Broder Hansen b.1896 - d.1970 = Married Letta Kirchner b. ? - d.? - (2 children).
     + Malvina Hansen b. - d. ? = Married:
 + Christian Dinnsen b. 1873 Denmark -  d.1955 (Never married).
 + Broder Dinnsen Jr. b. 1878 Denmark - d.1955  = Married Rosie "Rosa" Theis b.1876 d.1972 lived in South Dakota.
     + Opal Dinnsen b. ? -  d. ? = Married: Rudolph C. Sallquist b. ? - d. ? (1 child).
 + Detliff Dinnsen b.1881  Denmark - d. ? = Married: Nora K. (maiden unknown) Dinnsen b. 1881 - d. ? - Lived in Sherman, Kansas
     + Unknown
-1888 Broder & Catherina (Christina) Travelled via "B.R. Warrington" Steamship from Hamburg Germany to New York, USA.
         + Broder Dinnsen age: 55
         + Catharina Dinnsen age: 58
         + Broder Dinnsen Jr. age: 18
         + "Carl" Carsten Dinnsen age: 15
         + Metha Maria Dinnsen age: 13
         + Christian Dinnsen age: 12
         + Detliff Dinnsen age: 7
         + Johanna Dinnsen age: 16
*Problem, there is a Johanna Dinnsen listed on the passenger manifest as a daughter age to Broder & Catharina, but her grave says she was born 1892.
-1900 Moved to Brunswick Village, Antelope, Nebraska.
-1910 Moved to Township 1 & 2, Adams County, Colorado
My family informed me that this was a well known Danish Settlement/community, and new Danish immigrants came here first to adjust to the new way of life, and to learn English.
Broder & Catharina are buried in the Danish Cemetery in Brunswick, Antelope County, Nebraska.
*I have visited their grave and have a picture.
+ Andreas "Andrew" C. Dinnsen - b. May 20, 1865 Bramming Denmark, d. Jan. 5, 1945 Hornet, Newton County Missouri.
(Date ?) Married: Dorothea "Dorothy" A. (Blunk?) Married in Denmark. b.1866 Germany d. 1945
* Family has also stated that Dorothea was married previously in Denmark.
**Family has also Stated Andreas "Andrew" C. Dinnsen was a Sailor in the Danish/ Germany Navy and a Professional Sailor, and that he was married previously in Denmark and had children that came over late and settled in Washington State, USA in the 1900's.
    +Elma Dinnsen ?
    +Christina Dinnsen ?
-1893 Came to and lived in Brooklyn New York.
-1910 Moved to Spade, Knox County Nebraska.
-1920 Moved to Township 1 & 2, Adams County, Colorado
-1940 Moved to Five Mile, Newton County, Missouri. (Moved in with daughter Freida Borum (Dinnsen).
Children of Andreas "Andrew" Dinnsen & Dorothea "Dorothy" A. Dinnsen
 + Olga Dinnsen b.1889 Denmark - d.1918 = Married Clarence F. Borum b. 1890 - d.1978. *died as result of Child Birth - Fort Morgan Colorado.
     + Richard Andrew Borum - b. 1918 Fort Morgan, Colorado - d. 2006 Fort Morgan Colorado. = Married "Living" (had x2 Children).
 + Freida C. Dinnsen b. Brooklyn, New York - d. ? = Married Clarence F. Borum after Olga Died, raised Richard Andrew Borum.
     + "Living" Borum
     + "Living" Borum
 + Emma Dinnsen b.? Denmark
     + Unknown
 + Anna Bertha Dinnsen b.1895 Denmark - d.1994 Niabrara, Nebraska = Married Karl Johann "Charles" Menkens b. 1884 Germany - d.? - Lived in Niabrara Nebraska.
     + Could be "Living" Menkens
     + Could be "Living" Menkens
     + Could be "Living" Menkens
     + Could be "Living" Menkens
     + Could be "Living" Menkens
 + Broder Dinnsen III b. ? = Married Francis K. (Maiden Unknown)
     + Broder Dinnsen IV
     + Could be "Living" Dinnsen
 + George Dinnsen b. 1905 New York or Nebraska - d.1983 Fort Morgan Colorado = Married Vivian Angeline Oleson b.1924 - d.1978.
 + Harry Dinnsen b. 1908 New York or Nebraska - d.? = Married Helen (maiden Unknown) b. 1915 - d? Lived in Missouri.
     + Violet Dinnsen b. 1937 d. 2009 Jasper Missouri
     + Could be "Living" Dinnsen
Andreas "Andrew" Dinnsen & Dorothea "Dorothy" A. Dinnsen Buried in Hornet Cemetery, Hornet, Newton County, Missouri.
Andreas "Andrew" Dinnsen is my 2nd Great Grandfather. Dfd
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