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Clarksburg, MA misc marriages 1839-1859

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Clarksburg, MA misc marriages 1839-1859

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Surnames: Aldrich, Burrel, Clark, Chilson, Crapo, Dalrymple, Darling, Estes, Gleason, Hall, Harris, Haley, Hewit, Hunter, Lever, Lilly, Loomis, Norton, Olds, Page, Perkins, Quinn, Ross, Scott, Smith, Stafford, Sweet, Thingsbury, Wade, White, Wilbur, Wright, Yaw
date of marriage, groom, res. & age, occ., bp, bride, res. & age, bp, parents, place of marriage

2-28-1839? Clark, Joseph D Clarksburg 20 mechanic Clarksburg Salah & Olive Clark Gillmore, Hannahett Stamford, VT 17 Stamford, VT Levi & hannah Gilmore Clarksburg, MA
2-11-1847 Chilson, Jason Clarksburg 49 farmer Israel & Mary Chilson Gray, Hannah Clarksburg 58 Harmon & Mary Richardson Clarksburg, MA
8-27-1849 Clark, Albert Clarksburg mechanic Laban & Sally Clark Ballou, Mary A Whitingham 17 Maturin Ballou Clarksburg, MA
6-1-1850 Estes, Henry N Clarksburg 25 farmer Stephen & Abigail Estes Clark, Mary A Clarksburg 18 Benjamin W & Lovina Clark Clarksburg, MA
6-1-1850 Smith, George W Clarksburg 19 laborer George & Mary Smith Blanchard, Madonia Florida 17 Clarksburg, MA
5-30-1852 Page, John Clarksburg farmer John & Lillie Page Boyden, Sarah A Clarksburg 24 Joshua & Laura Boyden Clarksburg, MA
4-10-1853 Hewit, Stillman Clarksburg laborer Jenks & Lydia Hewit Tinney, Sarah A Clarksburg, MA
9-30-1854 Harris, Ebenezer Stamford, VT 18 farmer Esick Harris Yaw, Louis Clarksburg 18 Pardon Yaw Clarksburg, MA
11-23-1854 Wright, Orrin Clarksburg 32 laborer Sweet, Dorcas Diane Clarksburg 32 Clarksburg, MA
2-21-1855 Clark, Salah Clarksburg 67 farmer Nicholas Clark Lilly, Patience Clarksburg 61 Clarksburg, MA
4-8-1855 Hewit, Daniel Adams 25 laborer Adams Jenk & Lydia Hewit Hunter, Elizabeth Clarksburg 19 New York Clarksburg, MA
12-25-1856 Clark, Joseph L Clarksburg 36 mechanic Clarksburg Salah & Olive Clark Gleason, Elizabeth Halifax, VT 23 Halifax, VT Newton & Antis Gleason Clarksburg, MA
5-20-1856 Darling, Moses Williamstown 29 clerk Rowe Peter Darling Hall, Abby J Clarksburg 19 Monroe Jonathan & Clarrissa Hall Clarksburg, MA
5-18-1856 Hewit, David H Clarksburg 24 laborer Monroe Jenks & Lydia Hewit Hewit, Harriet A Clarksburg 18 Adams Wiley & Harriet E Hewit Clarksburg, MA
6-1-1856 Olds, Benjamin G North Adams 26 engineer Ohio Alfred & Lue Olds Clark, Sarah L Clarksburg 20 Clarksburg Laban & Sarah Clark Clarksburg, MA
4-18-1856 Scott, Henry M Williamstown 22 farmer Williamstown Joseph & Rebecca Scott Burrel, Sarah Clarksburg 19 NY David & Mary Burrel Clarksburg, MA
2-10-1856 Wade, Ransom L Clarksburg 54 mechanic New York Crapo, Angelina Clarksburg 16 New York Jonathan & Sarah Crapo Clarksburg, MA
12-23-1856 Willber, Charles H Clarksburg 24 laborer Adams Darling Willber Crapo, Mary H Clarksburg 20 Union Village, NY Jonathan & Abigail Crapo Clarksburg, MA
10-8-1857 Loomis, Frank A Adams 21 mason Adams A. Loomis Aldrich, Jane A Clarksburg 16 Clarksburg Asahel & Sabrina Aldrich Clarksburg, MA
8-26-1858 Chilson, Jacob B Clarksburg 22 mechanic Clarksburg Lever, Hannah C Adams 21 Adams Peter & Clarrisa Lever Clarksburg, MA
2-2-1858 Estes, Jared Clarksburg 25 laborer Clarksburg Israel & Sally Estes Smith, Pamela C Clarksburg 19 Florida Emerson & Eliza Smith Clarksburg, MA
3-7-1858 Hewit, Samuel T Clarksburg 24 laborer Clarksburg Jenks & Lydia Hewit White, Mary H. Clarksburg 21 Providence, RI Abraham & Amy Jennings Clarksburg, MA
11-10-1858 Ross, Nathan Jr. Pownal 17 laborer Pownal Nathan Ross Haley, Polly Jane Adams 16 Adams Alexander & Ellenor Haley Clarksburg, MA
11-16-1858 Stafford, John Clarksburg laborer Joseph Stafford Quinn, Jane Stamford Clarksburg, MA
3-3-1859 Dalrymple, Orsen Clarksburg printer New Lebanon James Dalrymple Clark, Barbara Clarksburg Clarksburg Eli Clark Clarksburg, MA
8-14-1859 Hall, Charles Adams 23 Marlborough Cyrenus Hall Hewit, Almira Jane Adams 16 Adams Jenk Hewit Clarksburg, MA
5-29-1859 Hall, Henry C Adams 24 laborer Brattleboro Cyrenus & Elvira Hall Hewit, Julia Adams 18 Adams Jenks & Lydia Hewit Clarksburg, MA
3-14-1859 Perkins, Franklin New Lebanon 23 farmer Hancock Joseph Perkins Chilson, Mary Adams 18 Williamstown Judson Chilson Clarksburg, MA
3-6-1859 Thingsbury, Amos Clarksburg 43 farmer Whitingham, VT John Thingsbury Norton, Arabella Adams 31 Florida Elisha Norton Clarksburg, MA

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