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Nectoux, Dautreuil, Harveson, Stoddard

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Nectoux, Dautreuil, Harveson, Stoddard

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Surnames: Nectoux, Dautreuil, Harveson, Stoddard
Charles NECTOUX, b. abt 1846 France. d. sometime before 1930, probably in Lake Charles, Calcasieu parish, LA. He migrated to the U.S about 1865, A Shoemaker by trade, he married about 1871 to Rosa DAUTREUIL, b. abt 1848 in St. Martinsville, St Martin Parish, LA. d. July 22, 1929, Lake Charles, Calcasieu parish, LA. St. Martin parish had a large concentration of Cajun, Creole, and French immigrants. DAUTREUIL can be found listed as a Creole name. (acadian memorial archives).

Children of Charles & Rosa Nectoux:
1) Louis C. Nectoux, - b. 9/16/1872 , LA.....d. 5/14/1955, TX.
2) Joseph Leone Nectoux, - b. abt Jan 1877, LA......d. 3/18/1954, LA.
3) Claude Nectoux, - b.abt 1879, LA..... d. 12/22/1934, LA.
4) Homer Charles Nectoux, - b. abt June 1884, LA.
5) Lucy Nectoux, - b. abt Jan 1888, LA.

Rosa Dautreuil Nectoux's parents, were Drausin Dautreuil, b. abt May 1823, LA. (son of Louis Dautreuil and Marie Leleu), and Euphemie Bertrand, b. abt March 1822, LA (Daughter of Christophe (Paul) Bertrand and Marie Victoire Cornier)
They were married Feb. 15, 1847.
(1870, St. Martin parish , LA census. (lndexed as "Draugen Dautrenill")

Children of Drausin and Euphemie Dautreuil:
1) Emile Dautreuil - (Son)...............b. abt 1848 St, LA, d. 12/20/1917, LA.
2) Lauura (Emma Hardy)-(D-in-law).......b. abt 1851, LA, d. 1/6/1935. LA.
3) Emile Dautreuil - (Grandson)..... b. abt 1869, LA
4) Rosa Dautreuil (Nectoux) - (Dau)...............b, abt 1848, LA. (July)
5) Elnerant Dautreui (Ferrett)l (Dau).............b. abt 1850, LA, d. 11/8/1928
5) Louis Dautreuil - (Son)...............b. abt 1854, LA
6) Anais Dautreuil - (Dau)..............b. abt 1857, LA
7) Euphemie Dautreuil (Dau)..........b. abt 1858, LA

Louis C. Nectoux, b. 9/16/1872 St. Martinsville, St. Martin parish, LA.
d. 5/14/1955, Port Arthur, Jefferson Co., TX.
married: Leonia M. GILLIARD (Gulliard), b, 12/22/1879, d.11/26/1932. {Daughter of Leon Gilliard and _?_ David.}
Louis is found in 1920 Calcasieu parish, LA. census (Indexed as "Necteux")

Children of Louis and Leonia Nectoux:
1) Violet N. Nectoux - b. abt 1904, LA
2) Homaer Charles Nectoux- b. 4/8/1906, LA
3) May M. Nectoux - b. abt 1908, LA
4) Girdie A. Nectoux - b. abt 1910, LA
5) Grace A. Nectoux - b. abt 1912. LA
6) Charles W. Nectoux - b. abt 1914
7) Francis G. Nectoux - b. abt 1916
8) Pearl L. Nectoux - _____________

Louis's brother, Joseph Leon Nectoux is found in the 1900 Calcasieu parish, LA census, 22 yrs of age, (indexed as "Joseph Nectaux"), living in the household of a Joseph R. STODDARD (son of Bennett Robert Stoddard, b. 1844 Maine, & Martha Ryan, b.1845 LA.). Joseph Nectoux is listed as a "cousin". He was actually a cousin to Stoddard's wife, Emily HAYNES (1872 - Sept.27,1942), whose mother was Emilie Dautreuil. Recall that Joseph Nectoux's mother was Rosa Dautreuil.

I have not confirmed at the time of this writing, what Emily Dautreuil's relation to Rosa was exactly but she may possibly be a younger sister to Drausin Dautreuil rather than his daughter, because in 1880 she is married to Joseph Haynes and is aged 38 (born abt 1842). Drausin and his wife Euphamie Bertrand are not listed as being married until Feb 15, 1847, about two years after Emilie would have been born. So, Emily Haynes Stoddard and Joseph Leon Nectoux may be first cousins once removed.

Meanwhile, at the same time that Joseph Leon Nectoux is living with his cousin Emily in the Stoddard household, his mother and father Charles and Rosa Nectoux, aged 54 and 51 respectively are found living in St. Martin parish in the house of Rosa's parents, Drausin and Euphemie Dautreuil who are now listed as aged 79 and 80 respectively.

Also, in 1900 Calcasieu parish, just just 5 houses down from the Stoddard household where Joseph Nectoux is living, there can be found the Wm F. HARVESON household which is where Joseph's future bride, 20 year old Caledonia Harveson lives.

Joseph Leone Nectoux b. abt Jan 1877 St. Martinsvilee, St. Martin parish, LA.
d. 3/18/1954 Shreveport, Caddo Parish, LA. (Buried in Greenwood Cemetery). His occupation was an Engineer for KCS Railroad.
married: Caledonia HARVESON, b. abt 1880 Mississippi., d. 9/14/1949, Shreveport, Caddo parish, LA. (buried in Greenwood Cemetery).

Children of Joseph and Caledonia Nectoux:
1) Earl Nectoux, - b. abt 1904 LA, married Lil __?__
2) Homer "Bott" Valcour Nectoux, - b. abt 1906 LA, d. 6/28/1938. LA. married Mary Nell Feduccia (who later married Frank Gresens).
3) Gilmore McKay Nectoux, - b. 1910 LA., d. 1959 LA., married: #1 Louise Baldock, #2 Mary Wright.
4) Charles "Chubby" Shea Nectoux, - b. abt 1911, LA. married Sonia Monkhouse.
5) Jewell (Jules) Verne "Vernie" Nectoux, - b. 5/2/1918, LA. married Assunta Maria "Santina" Peritore.

Gilmore McKay Nectoux, the son of Joseph and Caledonia Nectoux, was born in Lake Charles, LA. Later the family moved to Shreveport, LA. At age 16, Gilmore married Louise Baldock 1928 in Harrison Co. Texas. They had one child, Diane Nectoux. Gilmore and Louise divorced and he went to serve in WWII. He married a second time to Mary Wright and had two children, Gilmore Jr. & Bubba, William Harry Nectoux. (Louise Baldock Nectoux re-married to a man named Hudson some years later)

Gillmore and Louise's daughter, Diane Nectoux, married James Henry Morton, Sr. They had a daughter named Diane Elaine Morton, born about 1957 in Lafayette, Louisiana. She and Andre Jon "Andy" Herbert (b. 10/27/1956 in Houma, LA.) had one son, Ashley Lane Morton Herbert, (b. 12/11/1975, Lafayette, LA.) Ashley married Andrea Willingham, (b. 10/15/1975)

Caledonia Harveson Nectoux's death certificate lists her father as Charles Harveson and mother as Caledonia STREET, but she is found in the household of William F. and Caledonia Harveson in 1900 LA, Calcasieu parish. I have yet to find any record of a household headed by Charles Harveson that contains a wife named Caledonia and a daughter by the same name of the right age range born in Mississippi between 1880 and 1900,... therefore it stands to reason that her parents were William F. Harveson b. abt July 1841 North Carolina, and Caledonia Street, b. about Aug. 1856 Mississippi.
Before he was married to Caledonia Street, William F. Harveson was married to Ann O'LEARY from Ireland. He had children by her before she apparently died. Two of those children (one born in Alabama) are still living with him in 1900 in Louisiana along with his wife Caledonia, and his children by Caledonia.

The children of William F. Harveson and Ann O' Leary:
1) Gilmore Harveson - b. abt June 1871 AL. (note- An index for a death certificate for a Gilmore Harveson born 1891 AL., died 2/2/1955 Lake Charles, Calcasieu parish lists William F, Harveson and Annie Laurie as parents)
2) Frank Preston Harveson, - b. 4/4/1874 AL, d. 10/30/1949, TX.
3) Juliet B. Harveson - b. abt July 1876, MS.

The children of William F. Harveson and Caledonia Street:
1) Caledonia Harveson (Nectoux) - b. abt Nov 1880 MS, d. 9/14/1949 LA.
2) Effie Harveson - b. abt Aug 1885 LA.
3) Sam Clement harveson - b. abt May 1888 LA.
4) Avery B. Harveson - b. abt Sept 1890 LA, d. 11/7/1917 LA.
5) Elma K. Harveson - b. abt Jan 1892, LA.
6) Bessie Harveson - b. Jan 1892, LA.
7) Hugh R. Harveson - b. Jan 1896, LA.

Claude Nectoux, b. abt 1879, St. Martinsville, St. Martin parish, LA.
d. 12/21/1934, Lake Charles, Calcasieu, LA.
married Louise THEBODEAUX, b. abt 1881

children of Claude and Louise Nectoux:
1) Lawrence Nectoux - b. abt 1905, LA.
2) Odetta Nectoiux
3) Myrtle Nectoux - b. abt 1911, LA.
4) infant - b/d. abt 1912, LA.
5) Helen Nectoux - b. abt 1914, LA. married Madison O'Quain.

Bennett Robert Stoddard, b abt 1834 Maine, moved to Calcasieu parish, Louisiana sometime around 1865 or before and married Martha RYAN, b. abt 1845, Louisiana. Bennett can be found in 1870, Lake Charles, Calcasieu parish, LA. with his wife and children and one servant named Jeney White. His occupation is Ship Carpenter.

Children of Bennett Robert Stoddard and Martha Ryan in 1870:
1) Rebecca Stoddard, b. abt 1866, LA.
2) Joseph Stoddard, b. abt 1868, LA. (married Emily Haynes)
3) Tuella or (Luella)? - b. 1870, LA.

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