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Surnames: Heflin, Helphenstine, Hysong, Beckett, Kirk, Smoot, Colville, Stamper, Tierney, Bramel, Vanlandingham, Vanderpool, Crum, Ousley
Shown: Name of child, date of birth, county of birth, mother’s maiden name, book & page # where recorded. All dates in the 1900s except where noted.

Mary A HEFLIN, 17 Feb 1880, Flmng, Bridget Dooley,189,47635
Mary CARR,30 Apr 10, Flmng, Sarah Hendricks,212,48542
Mary E BREEN,14 Sep 01, Flmng, Kate Ryan,183,47399
Mary E CAMPBELL,17 Sep 10, Flmng, Artancy Keal,253,50185
Mary E HELPHENSTINE,29 Dec 09, Flmng, Savina Layton,168,46782
Mary E KELTY,11 Sep 10, Flmng, Mary Caroline Meyer,195,92172
Mary F MORRISON,11 Mar 07, Flmng, Laura Hamm,177,47126
Mary L BLAIR,05 May 02, Flmng, Ida Harvin,255,50264
Mary L WATSON,15 Feb 08, Flmng, Nannie Wheatley,225,49048
Mary M SAUNDERS, 29 Oct 1898, Flmng, Bessie Thompson,235,49476
Mary T ROLLINS,04 Oct 07, Flmng, Lillie Bell,167,46750
Mattie Frances CLARK,25 Oct 10, Flmng, Mary Ann Howard,194,92006
Maude B HYSONG,04 Aug 01, Flmng, Mary Arnold,160,46465
Maude B MCCORD,29 Sep 04, Flmng, Sarah Ishmael,195,47873
Maurine MILLER,09 Jan 04, Flmng, Armittia Hornbac,201,48096
Maymie M CARPENTER,19 Apr 09, Flmng, Emma Walton,242,49723
Mildred C BROWN,05 Sep 10, Flmng, Anna Georgia,250,50074
Minalee CARPENTER,15 Jan 00, Flmng, Eliza Littleton,186,47481
Minnie C DUNAWAY,31 Mar 07, Flmng, Ella Hinton,189,47631
Minnie E BAILEY,11 Aug 06, Flmng, Millie Smalley,227,49150
Minnie E LEWIS,18 Aug 08, Flmng, Rose Oldfield,185,47456
Minnie O MUSE,24 Feb 08, Flmng, Mattie Humphrey,215,48676
Minnie R REEVES,12 Apr 05, Flmng, Lida Jordan,191,47697
Montello Bernice DAILEY,10 Nov 02, Flmng, Kitty Ellen Laughlin,199,92728
Moses FRIED,06 Sep 10, Flmng, Fannie Kahn,226,49102
Nancy W BECKETT, 10 Sep 1898, Flmng, Nellie Taylor,200,48048
Nannie L KEAL,07 Sep 08, Flmng, Mary McRoberts,204,48237
Nellie B DONALDSON,17 May 10, Flmng, Mary Jones,215,48651
Nellie M KIRK,04 Oct 05, Flmng, Grace Porter,226,49119
Nettie ARNOLD,12 Jul 05, Flmng, Louise Moore,164,46630
Nettie D SMOOT,01 Jan 10, Flmng, Ida Rawlings,187,47525
Norma L CLARK,29 Jun 09, Flmng, Anna McChord,221,48916
Norma O BRAMMER,14 Sep 09, Flmng, Bessie Jones,175,47078
Northct B RAWLINGS,16 Mar 09, Flmng, Cathrine Beams,254,50227
Olive D ROSS, 28 Jul 1898, Flmng, Cordelia Davis,215,48676
Olive I RICHARDSON,26 Jun 08, Flmng, Cora Spence,256,50301
Olive L KIDWELL,07 Sep 08, Flmng, Myrtle Caywood,174,47024
Ollie A CHADWICK,18 Jan 08, Flmng, Susan Anderson,167,46758
Omar R LAWRENCE,04 Oct 05, Flmng, Marie Cord,195,47870
Omer W COOPER,13 Aug 05, Flmng, Mary Pierce,224,49020
Opal M COLVILLE,31 Oct 10, Flmng, Lula Hawes,214,48604
Opal Mae TODD,05 Jun 05, Flmng, Sallie Kackley Royse,190,91453
Ora E DOWDY,04 Dec 09, Flmng, Margaret Brown,161,46505
Oral Chester STAMPER,08 Aug 10, Flmng, Emma Rose Earl,201,93082
Oral M SAUNDERS,29 Oct 10, Flmng, Melissa Marshall,256,50305
Otie Leona MCKEE,06 Dec 10, Flmng, Gaythel Hamilton,192,91761
Otis C ARGO, 22 Feb 1897, Flmng, Mary Gilkerson,156,46283
Ottie C ACKLEY,26 Dec 05, Flmng, Rosie Prater,234,49411
Ottie GARDNER,30 Apr 06, Flmng, Anna Carpenter,202,48145
Paul L MCGEE,07 Sep 09, Flmng, Emma Ramey,242,49725
Paul W TIERNEY, 23 Aug 1899, Flmng, Margaret Walton,176,47100
Paulina E GARNETT, 29 Jul 1896, Flmng, Carrie Green,183,47389
Pauline HERRINGTON,25 Nov 03, Flmng, Fannie Crump,257,50339
Pearl BRAMEL,20 Dec 03, Flmng, Emma Yazel,182,47338
Pearl D EUBANKS,18 Jul 04, Flmng, Martha Deal,182,47345
Perry A WELCH,01 Oct 08, Flmng, Mary Hedger,168,46798
Preston O CARPENTER,19 Nov 06, Flmng, Anna Seamons,236,49498
Rena DOYLE,22 Mar 02, Flmng, Hattie Hurst,166,46704
Rena K RILEY,26 Feb 01, Flmng, Margaret Watson,178,47173
Renae M REED,09 Sep 03, Flmng, Allie Craft,159,46402
Rigdon K RATLIFF,07 Apr 01, Flmng, Ninnie Rigdon,192,47727
Riley VANLANDINGHAM,27 Apr 09, Flmng, Cora Walker,204,48219
Robert E HARRIS,08 Jun 06, Flmng, Anis Cox,206,48290
Robert F JONES,09 Aug 04, Flmng, Lydia Bell Brinley,192,91789
Robert H DEBELL,01 Nov 02, Flmng, Bertie Hudson,207,48356
Robert H MORRISON,25 Apr 05, Flmng, Laura Morrison,210,48472
Robert T MATTINGLY,31 Jul 05, Flmng, Fannie Adair,162,46550
Robert T PALMER,12 Jun 09, Flmng, Bessie McVey,187,47536
Rosa E HAMM,26 Jan 03, Flmng, Phoebe Ross,173,46983
Rose T KING,25 Mar 07, Flmng, Lillie Nickles,191,47686
Roy A HEDGER,09 Nov 05, Flmng, Allie Caskey,164,46630
Roy KISSICK,04 Sep 01, Flmng, Addie Helphinsti,197,47922
Ruby P CALVERT,17 Mar 05, Flmng, Minnie Daugherty,167,46722
Sally O ISHMAEL,28 Feb 02, Flmng, Austa Planck,162,46537
Samuel F KISSICK,02 Feb 10, Flmng, Nannie Ratliff,156,46300
Samuel N DICKEN,26 Jan 01, Flmng, Sarah Harry,184,47402
Sarah E REEVES,10 Dec 08, Flmng, Lavina Fisher,207,48342
Sarah P CRAIN,09 Dec 07, Flmng, Amy Ray,168,46789
Shirley H HIXSON,17 Mar 01, Flmng, Terresa Gudgell,176,47118
Stanley G CLAYPOOLE,30 Dec 07, Flmng, Hallie Collins,217,48749
Stella M HAMM,23 Jan 10, Flmng, Pheba Ross,198,92626
Stella R SNEDIGAR,18 May 10, Flmng, Florence Secrest,217,48735
Stella S GRAY,26 Mar 10, Flmng, Mary Standfield,222,48931
Stella W CORD,14 Oct 06, Flmng, Nannie Payne,197,47924
Sudie M HAMMOND,27 Nov 07, Flmng, Nellie McIntyre,231,49303
Sylvia A COOPER,03 Dec 09, Flmng, Iva Newman,254,50221
Sylvia B REEVES,19 Aug 10, Flmng, Dora Earlywine,248,49967
Thomas G ISHMAEL,18 Dec 06, Flmng, Austea Planck,186,47515
Thomas HINTON,14 Jun 06, Flmng, Verena Bishop,242,49743
Thorntn P MCCORD,09 Mar 10, Flmng, Louise Shepherd,248,49972
Thurman M PERRY, 2 Nov 1896, Flmng, Nancy McKinley,185,47459
Vada B ALEXANDER,19 Apr 04, Flmng, Melinda McIntire,185,47457
Vergie O BATE,12 Jan 06, Flmng, Mary Pitts,207,48323
Vida H DAVIS,11 Jun 07, Flmng, Hannah Meadows,213,48574
Vida M TOADVINE,14 Aug 05, Flmng, Nora Smitson,200,48049
Vinnie L WOLFE,07 Oct 10, Flmng, Mary Dugan,230,49250
Watson A ARMSTRONG,12 Sep 04, Flmng, Elizabeth Andrew,218,48781
Wayne WILLIAMS,23 Oct 09, Flmng, Maggie Boyd,258,50379
Wilbert D DUNLAP,13 Aug 10, Flmng, Bertha Thompson,208,48380
William B COLLINS,29 Oct 08, Flmng, Nancy Hudson,184,47439
William E BIDDLE,01 Feb 10, Flmng, Daisy Mers,245,49869
William E DRAKE,04 Jun 05, Flmng, Desmond Swinford,236,49487
William E HALL,02 Mar 02, Flmng, Anna Cundiff,194,47832
William F GREGORY,27 May 01, Flmng, Elizabeth Page,159,46435
William G INGRAM, 26 Jan 1897, Flmng, Jennie Davis,199,48035
William P CHAMBERS,23 Dec 08, Flmng, Octavia Timberla,246,49901
William S MCLAIN,08 Nov 07, Flmng, Bertie Royse,205,48269
William TUMEY,15 Mar 00, Flmng, Elizabeth Gallag,171,46892
William W DYE,20 Jun 10, Flmng, Edith Howe,184,90596
Wilson B MUSE,02 Nov 00, Flmng, Maggie Meadows,185,47470
Wilson G MORGAN,26 Apr 05, Flmng, Ida Baird,215,48666
Zelma B PRATHER, 17 Aug 1899, Flmng, Nancy Dalton,158,46374
Zetta M MCROBERTS,23 Sep 10, Flmng, Etta Russell,255,50252

A j MOORE,10 May 08, Floyd, Susie Moore,163,46598
Ada DOTSON,22 May 10, Floyd, Julie Shepherd,189,47618
Ada E CONN,16 Mar 05, Floyd, Hulda Howell,181,47299
Ada G BOYD,10 Apr 06, Floyd, Farinda Boyd,183,47381
Adam SLONE,08 Feb 10, Floyd, Margaret Gibson,169,46811
Add VANDERPOOL,02 Jun 07, Floyd, Elizabeth Sexton,239,49630
Africia E WOODS,24 Oct 05, Floyd, Mish Click,205,48255
Aggie NELSON,30 Sep 09, Floyd, Alpha Hubbard,232,49350
Albert D POE,25 Mar 01, Floyd, Cordelia Cole,167,46731
Albert HALL,22 Feb 09, Floyd, Zellie Akers,246,49892
Alberta COLLINS,27 Dec 10, Floyd, Anne Slone,237,49540
Alice HAMILTON,02 Jun 10, Floyd, Lovina Newsom,215,48673
Alice M CRUM,09 Dec 09, Floyd, Ada Scalf,165,46660
Alice PRATER,14 Feb 06, Floyd, Artie England,199,48007
Allen PITTS,07 Aug 10, Floyd, Nancy Ousley,162,46546
Alma OSBORNE,15 Jul 10, Floyd, Sallie Allen,230,49256
Alta MONTGOMERY,02 Apr 10, Floyd, Jane Fletcher,164,46625
Amba E CONN,01 Mar 09, Floyd, Martha Taylor,168,46764
Ambers OUSLEY,04 Nov 04, Floyd, Elizabeth Bentle,156,46298
America SETSER,01 Mar 09, Floyd, Eva Jervis,164,46634
Anna E DEROSSETT,10 Jul 07, Floyd, Grace Porter,234,49414
Anna F AKERS,12 Aug 10, Floyd, Mary Hamilton,248,49962
Anna FRASURE,23 Mar 03, Floyd, Armma Frasure,164,46621
Anna GIPSON,01 Apr 05, Floyd, Dollie Sexton,178,47187
Anna HYDEN,11 Aug 02, Floyd, Alice Bankks,163,46563
Anna LITTLE,18 Dec 03, Floyd, Angeline Johnson,176,47093
Anna M WRIGHT,07 Mar 07, Floyd, Jane Bays,192,47725
Anna O ELLIOTT,18 Mar 09, Floyd, Ida Elliott,172,46947
Anna WHITT,09 Mar 08, Floyd, Rosetta Grifith,212,48559
Annie M KIDD,05 Dec 05, Floyd, Dollie Robinson,238,49567
Annie M MCKINNEY,07 Feb 05, Floyd, Ida Elkins,173,46961
Anson H BRANHAM,11 Nov 06, Floyd, Mary Crisp,167,46749
Area PRATER,19 Sep 10, Floyd, Lizzie Click,193,91944
Armelda COLE,25 Mar 09, Floyd, Malvanie Cole,257,50347
Arminia JONES,15 May 10, Floyd, Martha Hall,221,48901
Arnold HOLT,17 Mar 10, Floyd, Fannie Hamilton,253,50172
Artie ALLEN,07 Apr 02, Floyd, Arizona Click,157,46344
Artie BRANHAM,18 Sep 06, Floyd, Louella Lafferty,208,48391
Artie L ROGERS,04 Oct 08, Floyd, Malissia Sturgil,161,46482
Artie M MOORE,22 Oct 07, Floyd, Lucy McCurry,204,48233
Artie MULLINS,18 Jul 07, Floyd, Roxie Yates,244,49828
Asia MOORE,17 Apr 07, Floyd, Kizzie Gayheart,200,48068
Audie HOWARD,10 Jun 05, Floyd, Caroline Prater,223,48976
Audrey ROSEBERRY,15 Oct 08, Floyd, Sidney Lyons,224,49004
Ballard GREER,13 Jul 10, Floyd, Laura Ward,239,49635
Ballard LEWIS,09 Jul 06, Floyd, Mahalia Sparks,256,50299
Ballard OUSLEY,30 Jul 07, Floyd, Mary Jones,169,46834
Ballard PRATER,20 Mar 10, Floyd, Mary Ousley,155,46241
Ballard SIMMONS,17 Jun 06, Floyd, Della Bradley,180,47244
Baxter G SENTERS,30 Sep 03, Floyd, Lucy Taylor,212,48532
Beatrce ALLEN,25 Jan 09, Floyd, Causetta Allen,170,46847
Beatrce RICE,30 Oct 10, Floyd, Margaret Music,210,48463
Beecher GROSS,17 Dec 08, Floyd, Nannie Mead,242,49758
Belle MOORE,01 Dec 05, Floyd, Nancy Moore,184,47421
Belva HAMILTON,29 Feb 08, Floyd, Viola Stephens,213,48585
Belva MARTIN,28 Apr 07, Floyd, Catherine Webb,231,49281
Belvard ARNETT,22 Dec 00, Floyd, Rose Howard,158,46393
Belve TURNER,03 Jul 03, Floyd, Florenda Patton,191,47686
Belvie BRANHAM,03 Dec 07, Floyd, Ester Hopson,182,47322
Ben HALL,09 Feb 06, Floyd, Margaret Webb,188,91167
Ben HORN,19 Sep 06, Floyd, Dora Shepherd,168,46797
Benjamn F HAMPTON,26 Aug 10, Floyd, Sally Baldridge,206,48288
Bennie LAFFERTY,28 Apr 08, Floyd, Betty Lafferty,253,50193

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