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Surnames: Neat, SInclair, White, Parson, Browning, Patteson, Taylor, Triplett, Bryant, Pike, Williams, Streeval, Whitlock, Dean, Strange, Lasley, Rupe, Walker, White, England, Holliday, Humphrey, Burton, Swanson, Sneed, Willis, Corbin, Gibson, Farris, Voiles, Chelf, Adamson, Judd, Neat, Caldwell, Hovious, Breeding, Young, Humphrey, White, Gentry, Rubarts, Janes, Sapp, Harvey, Wheeler, Burris, Corbin, Hadley, Stone, Bridgewater, Burton, Campbell, Bottom, Ingram, Harper, Page, Jackman, Grant, Neat, Willis, Page, Goode, Harvey, Loy
Courtesy Mary Hatton and Suzanne Shepherd.

Kentucky started keeping birth and death records in 1852, stopped in 1862, started again in 1874, but didn't get serious about it until 1 January 1911. Before that date, births and deaths were recorded at the county level and copies were forwarded to the state once a year. Surviving birth records are mostly for the years 1852-1861, 1874-1879 and 1900-1910. Because of official indifference and neglect, no records are extant for many of the years before 1911. People lacking official certificates could file delayed birth certificates with the state. This became common starting around 1940 due to the requirements of Social Security and military service. According to Roseann Hogan, "Kentuckians have filed over a half-million of these delayed certificates... Social Security, for a time, accepted completed certificates that were not filed with the Department of Vital Statistics in Frankfort. Therefore, it is possible, that even if no official certificate can be found in Frankfort, a certificate may have been filed with Social Security or other government agencies." (Kentucky Ancestry, page 79) Delayed birth certificates contain name, date of birth, place of birth, sex, race, parents' names, ages, etc. similar to regular birth certificates. Plus two older witnesses, one related one unrelated. In Kentucky, the Department of Vital Statistics has most of the delayed birth certificates. There is an index on microfiche which can only be consulted at the Department. So far I have been unable to acquire a copy. The Kentucky Historical Society also has 45 rolls of microfilmed delayed birth certificates. According to Ms. Hogan KHS also has an index (I haven't seen this one). My impression, gathered from searching for Owsley County birth records, is that there is no single index to all the delayed birth certificates and that the KHS rolls are not included in the VS microfiche. I have no idea what Social Security has done with their certificates. This book is based on the computerized index from the Kentucky Health Data Branch. None of these 45,000 entries seem to be in the KHS rolls or the VS microfiche?!? This index has name, date of birth, county, mother's maiden name, volume & certificate number. Copies of certificates may be ordered from the Department of Vital Statistics, 275 Main St., Frankfort KY 40601. Cost is $9 each. One final note: The computer index is ALL CAPS. I have changed this to make it more readable.

Ada L NEAT,15 May 01, Adair, Ada Rule,243,49797
Ada SINCLAIR,20 Oct 05, Adair, Viola Burton,236,49508
Addie E WHITE,26 Aug 10, Adair, Mary Jones,162,46547
Addie F PARSON,24 May 06, Adair, Hattie Montgomer,178,47176
Allen D BROWNING,08 Feb 09, Adair, Mary Browning,258,50363
Allen D PATTESON,04 Jan 07, Adair, Jessie Kash,172,46950
Allen TAYLOR,13 Feb 06, Adair, Carrie Murray,167,46739
Allene TRIPLETT,29 Apr 08, Adair, Ida Harmon,161,46499
Alma BRYANT,27 Aug 08, Adair, Rachel Roberts,196,47899
Almer D PIKE,17 Jul 05, Adair, Rebecca Ayres,165,46641
Alva L WILLIAMS,22 Jul 02, Adair, Laura Stapp,200,48067
Alvin STREEVAL,21 Dec 10, Adair, Magnolia Burton,245,49850
Amos A WHITLOCK,27 Jun 09, Adair, Martha Neagle,203,48186
Amy L DEAN,06 May 02, Adair, Frances Gentry,172,46923
Anna L STRANGE,28 Jun 06, Adair, Belva Blair,185,47466
Anna LASLEY,28 Feb 04, Adair, Laura Davis,170,46851
Anna M RUPE,09 May 03, Adair, Hettie Demunbrun,173,46986
Anna M WALKER,29 Nov 02, Adair, Izora Dugger,166,46680
Anna M WHITE,06 Feb 06, Adair, Mary Barrett,181,47309
Annie L ENGLAND,04 Jan 08, Adair, Etta England,176,47106
Annie M HOLLIDAY,10 Jun 08, Adair, Sussie Smith,227,49127
Annie M HUMPHREY,18 Feb 04, Adair, Lloyd White,163,46560
Archie A BURTON,06 Sep 10, Adair, Clara Sumner,252,50146
Arlena SWANSON,05 Feb 03, Adair, Martha Goodin,176,47092
Arletha SNEED,22 Dec 08, Adair, Betty Coomer,241,49682
Arnie L WILLIS,23 Oct 08, Adair, Frances Corbin,224,49023
Artie M CORBIN,22 Oct 06, Adair, Cordelia Wilson,193,47794
Artie R GIBSON,21 Jul 08, Adair, Dora Dehart,161,46489
Audrey G FARRIS,24 Apr 06, Adair, Matilda Cave,170,46869
Audrey M VOILES,25 Jun 10, Adair, Rose Cundiff,209,48435
Austie R CHELF,31 Aug 00, Adair, Minnie Morgan,187,47554
Avin ADAMSON,09 Oct 07, Adair, Louella Cravens,200,48048
Bedelia JUDD,06 Apr 08, Adair, Daisy Cundiff,181,47304
Bertha A NEAT,03 Dec 10, Adair, Susie Holtzclaw,258,50379
Bertha E CALDWELL,22 Jul 07, Adair, Alice Cheek,244,49831
Bertha HOVIOUS,24 Jun 01, Adair, Sarah Stapleton,189,47613
Bertha M BREEDING,29 Apr 10, Adair, Mary Yates,250,50050
Bertha M YOUNG, 26 Jan 1896, Adair, Nancy Stapp,152,46159
Bessie L HUMPHREY,10 May 06, Adair, Loyd White,200,48049
Bessie L WHITE,15 Sep 04, Adair, Eliza Webb,182,47321
Bessie M GENTRY,13 Sep 08, Adair, Lula Bryant,217,48742
Bessie M RUBARTS, 22 Dec 1897, Adair, Mary Ellis,180,47252
Biddy G JANES,11 Oct 08, Adair, Mona England,201,48105
Biner L SAPP,16 Feb 04, Adair, Laura Tedder,160,46466
Birchie HARVEY,31 Dec 04, Adair, Almer Sparks,181,47288
Buell WHEELER,05 Jan 07, Adair, Mary Tabor,227,49156
Carrie L BURRIS,13 Nov 06, Adair, Annie Slinker,155,46266
Carrie M CORBIN,31 Oct 06, Adair, Clara Moses,161,46497
Carry HADLEY,10 Sep 10, Adair, Helena Shearer,255,50261
Cashus V STONE,15 Sep 06, Adair, Mary Penick,155,46279
Cecil BRIDGEWATER,18 Aug 05, Adair, Charity Dudley,166,46689
Cecil BRYANT,20 Oct 06, Adair, Matthew Monday,157,46324
Cecil L BURTON,31 Mar 06, Adair, Nona Burton,214,48611
Charles C CAMPBELL,17 Feb 05, Adair, Arlie Pelley,172,46922
Charles R BOTTOM,14 Apr 05, Adair, Pearlie Knifley,175,47078
Charlie INGRAM,03 May 00, Adair, Octavia Bridgwat,169,46815
Charlie J HARPER,05 Oct 07, Adair, Callie Wilcoxs,245,49869
Chester PAGE,22 Dec 06, Adair, Goldie Rexroad,218,48780
Clara E JACKMAN,15 Oct 09, Adair, Marintha Bradsha,228,49166
Clara S GRANT,06 Apr 06, Adair, Clara Melson,218,48760
Clarice G NEAT,17 Jan 03, Adair, Nancy Cundiff,165,46667
Clarnce E WILLIS,09 Jan 05, Adair, Ida Willis,199,48001
Clarnce G PAGE,21 Sep 05, Adair, Annita Dohoner,158,46395
Clarnce GOODE,16 Nov 01, Adair, Louis Bottoms,162,46540
Clarnce R HARVEY,27 Sep 08, Adair, Beulah Yates,205,48246
Clarnce R LOY,29 Oct 08, Adair, Rosa Taylor,235,49464
Claude M COMBEST,12 Jun 03, Adair, Mariah Conover,158,46390
Cleo BOTTOM,18 Jul 08, Adair, Pearl Knifley,203,48199
Closkey L BLAIR,09 Apr 04, Adair, Nancy Brown,189,47627
Clyde N MELSON,10 Feb 03, Adair, Hester Blair,159,46439
Cora E JOHNSON,22 Sep 10, Adair, Jennie Johnson,250,50068
Cora E PHIPPS,19 Nov 07, Adair, Margaret Parker,188,47591
Dasey HADLEY,20 Mar 06, Adair, Helena Shearer,201,48103
Degraff P MURRELL,25 May 09, Adair, Sarah Henson,205,48266
Della M COLLINS,01 Apr 04, Adair, Mary Wilborn,175,47068
Dessie BURTON,26 Oct 09, Adair, Martha Burton,219,48810
Dewey G HOLCOMB,09 Oct 10, Adair, Ora Roten,168,46773
Dewey SMITH,17 Jun 01, Adair, Laura Young,177,47153
Doctor W WHITE,05 May 10, Adair, Cassie Shepherd,41,20017
Dola E TURNER,10 Feb 07, Adair, Ada Grant,217,48743
Dolie WRIGHT,19 Dec 10, Adair, Lula Pittman,252,50147
Donnie C STAYTON,21 Jun 09, Adair, Addie Wolford,194,47803
Dora E HAMMOND,20 May 07, Adair, Eliza Dixon,221,48919
Dora L BENNETT,18 Dec 03, Adair, Mattie Darnell,163,46587
Doshie GOODIN,12 Jul 09, Adair, Blain Burton,227,49139
Eddie R BURTON,01 Feb 08, Adair, Sealie Burton,244,49831
Edgar L JONES,11 Jan 10, Adair, Mattie Holmes,224,49024
Edith B KIMBLER,23 May 01, Adair, Cordelia Collins,165,46671
Edith P CHAPPEL,17 Apr 05, Adair, Lura Sluder,191,47705
Edna L GRIFFIN,28 Aug 02, Adair, Lillia Ingram,194,47832
Edna M COFER,30 Jun 07, Adair, Martha Hutchison,226,49096
Edra G RIPPETOE,18 Oct 08, Adair, Maude Helm,218,48792
Edrie L PENDLETON,26 May 05, Adair, Maggie Williams,195,47847
Edward WILLIS, 2 May 1898, Adair, Rebecca Benningf,162,46555
Effie BURTON, 22 Feb 1896, Adair, Percilla E Harmon,192,91793
Elbert Huston SULLIVAN,17 Sep 07, Adair, Laura Ellen Gentry,203,93302
Elizbth MOORE,20 Feb 09, Adair, Josephine Roach,211,48489
Elizbth P TAYLOR, 15 Jun 1899, Adair, Dellar Square,182,47331
Ella BUNCH,22 Jul 09, Adair, Liza Helm,258,50366
Ella S ESTES,07 Nov 09, Adair, Susan Smith,205,48251
Ellen T MURRELL,24 Mar 05, Adair, Bessie Waggener,202,48149
Eller M HAMMOND,17 Jul 03, Adair, Eliza Dixon,185,47469
Elma FORD,04 Nov 02, Adair, Mary Wolford,160,46476
Elsie M BRYANT,09 Jul 09, Adair, Mary McQueary,243,49797
Elsie M STILTS,15 Aug 08, Adair, Elma Rowe,244,49833
Elva PICKETT,10 Jan 05, Adair, Lenora Howard,166,46711
Emma L MCQUEARY,05 Jan 07, Adair, Melinda Kimbler,222,48959
Enola M HOLT,18 Mar 09, Adair, Mary Ashbrook,237,49543
Erastus H MELSON,01 Nov 09, Adair, Mady Cundiff,228,49177
Essie B CORBIN,17 Apr 04, Adair, Amanda Powell,157,46359
Essie F THOMAS,06 Apr 10, Adair, Sindy Price,175,47055
Esther FORD, 6 Aug 1897, Adair, Mary Wolford,176,47087
Ethel PARSONS,18 Jan 08, Adair, Hattie Montgomer,231,49318
Etsel R SPIRES,22 Feb 02, Adair, Mary Burton,154,46208
Etter BURBRIDGE,04 Mar 08, Adair, Maggie Earls,220,48867
Eugene MONTGOMERY,11 Mar 09, Adair, Lottie Burris,198,47985
Eula VAUGHAN, 8 Aug 1899, Adair, Willie Wilson,236,49503
Eura M ROBERTSON,24 Dec 03, Adair, Addie Morris,162,46554
Eva M CALDWELL,27 Apr 10, Adair, Alice Cheek,246,49905
Evelyn F MCLEAN,15 Jun 08, Adair, Dollie Tarter,183,47387
Everett E BURTON,06 Mar 10, Adair, Minnie Curry,249,50008

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