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Surnames: Said, Sandusky, Scholl, School, Schooler, Scott, Seebright, Self, Shepherd, Shipley, Shores, Shortridge, Simpson, Slavin, Smith, Snady, Sparks, Spear, Spencer, Spenor, Spires, Stafford, Stannup, Stead, Steel, Steele, Steeves, Ste3vens, Stoner, Stout, Stutterle, Style, Swinney, Tanner, Taylor, Tennell, Tervey, Thomas, Thomastant, Thompsen, Thompson, Thornton, Todd, Tompson, Townshand, Townshend, Tribble, Trimble, Trother, Tumpart, Turner, Venable, Vivion, Walker, Ward, Ware, Warters, Watson, Watts, Weade, Welch, Wells, Welty, Whaley, Wheeler, Whiteiar, Whitsett, Wilkerson, Willeby, Wills, Wilson, Winn, Winters, Woodard, Woolf, Wools, Wykatt, Wymore, Young

SAID, William. SANDUSKEY, Samuel. SCHOLL, Joseph. SCHOOL, Peter and William. SCHOOLER, Wharton. SCOTT, William. SEERIGHT, George and William. SELF, Charnock and Vincent. SHEPHERD, George. SHIPLEY, Richard. SHORES, Charles. SHORTRIDGE, George, John and Samuel. SIMPSON, James. SLAVIN, John. SMITH, John. SNADY, John. SOUTH, John. SPARKS, Isaac. SPEAR, Joshua. SPENCER, William. SPENOR, Thomas. SPIRES, William STAFFORD, Martin and William. STANNUP, Robert. STEAD, Edward. STEEL, Robert. STEELE, Richard. STEEVES, Edward. STEVENS, James and Joseph. STONER, Nicholas. STOUT, John and Samuel. STUTTERLE, Charles. STYLE, John. SWINNEY, Daniel.

TANNER, Hercules. TAYLOR, Zachary. TENNELL, George. TERVEY, John. THOMAS, James and John. THOMASTANT, Arthur. THOMPSEN, James. THOMPSON, David. THORNTON, Francis. TODD, Jane, Levi and Robert. TOMPSON, Jane and William. TOWNSHAND, Garrard. TOWNSHEND, James. TRIBBLE, Andrew. TRIMBLE, William. TROTHER, James. TUMPART, Michael. TURNER, Joseph and Roger.

VENABLE, Abraham. VIVION, John and John Jr.

WALKER, Richard. WARD, Benjamin and William. WARE, Markham. WARTERS, John. WATSON, Robert. WATTS, David. WEADE, Dawson. WELCH, John. WELLS, James. WELTY, Peter. WEST, Edward. WHALEY, James. WHEELER, Benjamin Dod. WHITEIAR, Marke. WHITSITT, William. WILKERSON, James and Moses. WILLEBY, Alexander. WILLIAMS, Charles, Edward and Philip. WILLIS, Frederick. WILLS, Matthew and William. WILSON, James & Samuel. WINN, George, Owen, Owen Jr, Thomas and Thomas Jr. WINTERS, Elisha. WOODARD, Chesley. WOOLF, Joseph. WOOLS, Christopher. WYATT, Francis. WYMOORE, Frederick and John.

YOUNG, Abner, John and Miner.

This completes two lengthy series of many of the early pioneer settlers of Kentucky. My most frequent question is where can I find the names of those early settlers? I have tried to fill in a lot of the blanks for you. One must always remember, of course, that names were spelled a lot of ways. Many members of the same family spelled their names differently – many couldn’t read and write. And the poor tax man, if he didn’t know the family, many times spelled the name as he heard it. And we poor souls of the 21st century might not be able to read the writing of the county clerk who recorded these tax records. So, be sure to check every variant spelling you can think of!

Next week, a new look at the old tax records.

© Copyright 16 Oct 2008, Sandra K. Gorin

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