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Surnames: Dabro, Todd, Boone, Trigg, Bulger, Harlan, Allison, Beasley, Gordon, Johnson, Kincaid, Kinkhead, Madison, McBride, Overton, Patterson, Gilvins, Givins, Hinson, Kennedy, Rogers, Murtry, McMurtry, Lindsey, Black, Brannon, Brown, Corn, Cunningham, Douglass, Douglas, Eades, Eads, Ferguson, Field, Fields, Folley, Foster, Fry, Graham, Green, Greggs, Gregg, Harper, Harris, Ledgewood, Ledgerwood, McBride, McCracken, McConnell, Miller, Marshall, Nelson, Nutt, O'Neal, Polley, Polly, Price, Robertson, Rose, Smith, Stapleton, Stephens, Stern, Stevenson, Stewart, Tomlinson, Wilson, Wylie, Shannon, Woods, Farrier, Jolly, Oldfield, Caldwell, Barbee, Craig, Graham, Gist, Grant, Hayden, Harget, January, Kincaid, Lea, McBride, May, McCullough, Morgan, Netherland, Pitman, Ray, Reynolds, Rose, Scholl, Scott, Steele, Stervens, Stevenson, Stucker, Swart, Wilson, Twyman, Yokum, Yocum, Woods, Searcy, Shortridge, Shott, Short, Singleton, Sowdusky, Sumner, Summer, Woods, Hambleton, Haret, Hays, Harrod, Higgins, Hinch, Hunter, January, Lam, Little, McConnell, Nixon, Norton, Patterson, Peake, Penlin, Poague, Pruett, Rule, Akers, Aldridge, Allen, Bowman, Booker, Colburn, Coffean, Collins, Custer, Davis, Dierly, Ficklin, French, Grider, Gullian, Childress, Ward, Todd, McGary, Bedinger, Shannon, Bradford, Cooper, Ellis, Carter
A Memorial marker has been placed honoring the brave men who fought and those who died. The names of all the known soldiers are shown and are presented here, transcribed by Bert Dabro of Carlisle, KY.

Front of monument: “This monument, the gift of a grateful commonwealth, commemorates the heroic pioneers who, in defence [sic] of Kentucky, here fought and fell in the Battle of Blue Licks, August 19, 1782.”

Colonel-Commandant John Todd, killed.
Lieutenant-Colonels: Daniel Boone; Stephen Trigg, killed.
Majors: Edward Bulger; Silas Harlan
Captains: John Allison, John Beasley, captured; John Bulger, killed; John Gordon, killed; Samuel Johnson, Joseph Kincaid, Killed [Kinkead]; Gabriel Madison, killed; William McBride, killed; Clough Overton, killed; Robert Pattrson
Lieutenants: William Gilvins, killed [Givins]; Thomas Hinson, killed; John Kennedy, killed; James McGuire,killed; Barnett Rogers, killed.
Ensigns: John Murtry, captured [McMurtry]; Joseph Lindsey, killed.

“So valiantly did our small party fight, to the memory of those who unfortunately fell in the Battle, enough of Honour cannot be paid. Daniel Boone

Right side of monument:
“The men who fought in the Battle of Blue Licks were as well qualified from experience to face the Indians as any body of men that were ever collected. Robert Patterson.”

Privates who were killed: Charles Black [Clarence]; Samuel Brannon, Israel Boone, James Brown, surveyor; Esau Corn; Hugh Cunningham; John Douglass [Douglas]; William Eades [Eads]; Charles Ferguson; Ezekiel Field [Fields]; John Folley; Daniel Foster; John Fry; Little James Graham; Jervis Green; Daniel Greggs [Gregg]; Francis Harper, Matthew Harper; William Harris; James Ledgewood, captured and killed [Ledgerwood]; Francis McBride; Isaac McCracken; Andrew McConnell; Henry Miller; Gilbert Marshall; John Nelson; John Nutt; John O’Neal; Drury Polley [Polly]; John :Price; William Robertson; Matthias Rose [Matthew]; James Smith; William Smith; John Stapleton; William Stephens; Val Stern; John Stevenson; William Stewart; Richard Tomlinson; John Wilson [1]; Israel Wilson; John Wilson [2]; Matthew Wylie; William Shannon, ensign; Archibald Woods; Thomas Farrier; John Jolly; Joseph Oldfield.

Ottawas and Chippawas

Backside of monument: No names, Shawnees and Delawares “To the unknown heroes who took part in the Battle of Blue Lick.”

Bottom of monument: “This Last Battle of the Revolution was fought between 182 Kentuckians commanded by Colonel John Todd, on the American side, and about 240 Indians and Canadians, commanded by Captain William Caldwell, on the British side.”

Left side of monument: Wyandots and Mingoes. “They advanced in the divisions in good order and gave us a volley and stood to it very well for some time.” Captain William Caldwell.

Privates who escaped: William Barbee, Samuel Boone, Squire Boone Jr, wounded; Jerry Craig; George Corn; William Field; Whitfield Craig; Edward Graham; Thomas Gist; James Graham; Squire Grant; Benjamin Hayden; Peter Harget; James M January; James Kincaid; Wainright Lea; James McBride; Willia May; James McCullough; Andrew Morgan; James Morgan, captured but escaped; John Morgan; Benjamin Netherland; John Pitman; James Ray; Aaron Reynolds; James Rose; Lewis Rose, captured; Abraham Scholl; Joseph Scholl; Peter Scholl; Samuel Scott; John Smith; Andrew Steele; Jacob Stevens; Thomas Stevenson; Jacob Stucker; James Swart; Henry Wilson; James Twyman [Stephen]; Jesse Yokum, captured [Yocum]; James Elijah Woods, captured; Robert Scott; George Smith; Bartlett Searcy; John Searcy; Samuel Shortridge; William Shott [Short]; Edmond Singleton, Anthony Sowdusky; Josiah Wilson; John Sumner [Summer]; Samuel Woods; John Hambleton; John Haret; James Hays; James Harrod; Henry Higgins; John Hinch [note, he was a Captain]; Charles Hunter; Jacob Hunter; Ephraim January; William Lam; John Little; James McConnell; Mordecai Morgan; Henry Nixon; James Norton; Matthew Patterson; John Peake; Alexander Penlin; Robert Poague; Elisha Pruett; Andrew Rule; Thomas Akers; William Aldridge; Elijah Allen; James Allen; Abraham Bowman; Thomas Booker; James Colburn, wounded; Jacob Coffean; Joseph Collins; Edward Corn; William Custer; Richard Davis; Theodorus Davis; Peter Dierly; Thomas Ficklin; Henry French; Henry Grider; Jeremiah Gullian.

Small monument to the left of the large one: “This memorial was erected to honor those individuals whose names were omitted from the original monument. New research has provided these additional names and corrected previous information regarding those individuals who so gloriously served Kentucky at the Battle of Blue Licks.

Thomas Boone, killed; John Childress, captured but escaped; James Ward, escape.

According to the compilist, other likely participants included:

Majors: Levi Todd; Hugh McGary; George Michael Bedinger; Samuel Shannon. John Bradford; Benjamin A Cooper; James Ellis; William Ellis. (Extra names added by Chuck Carter.

© Copyright 10 May 2007, Sandra K. Gorin

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