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Surnames: Arrowsmith, Batterton, Bryan, Carman, Duncan, Deakins, Duryw, Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Freeland, Griffin, Greer, Hinkston, Huskins, Hughes, Jones, Kenton, McConnell, McNuff, Mills, Micky, Masterson, Michell, Martin, Masterson, Power, Perry, Patteson, Ritter, Richardson, Ross, Sweet, Shelby, Tebbs, Triplett, Townsend, Temmpleton, Williams, Williamss, Wells, Warnock, Woods, McClelland, Conway, Allin, Anderson, Bryam, Baker, Bane, Blackburn, Beasley, Berry, Boone, Buckhannon, Conway, Calvin, Campbell, Courtney, Caldwell, Clark, Downing, Dexter, Dunn, Deake, Dixon, Downing, DeWitt, Dowden, Dobyns, Edwarads, Farguson, Fox, Guthridge, Gutridge, Glascock, Gruff, Harp, Mougham, Helms, Kinsauley, Kenton, LeForge, Lovelass, Lamb, Logan, Lee, Lyne, Morgan, Marshall, Mefford, McGinnis, McKay, Mills, Marble, McNelly, McKindley, Nikols, Overfield, Owsley, Palmore, Pennington, Plummer, Parimore, Riggs, Rankins, Richards, Rains, Riggs, Reeves, Rose, Rutherford, Sweet, Smith, Stites, Stout, Strode, Sweet, Taylor, Thomas, Turner, Wood, Washban, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Whitley, Warring, Nelson, Chenowith, Hubbs, Tyler, Goodwin, Rose, Paton, McCarty, Bullitt, Harrod, Horrod, Patton, Bulger, Balance, Barr, Brand, Buckras, Cameron, Carpenter, Carter, Case, Cochran, Conway, Corbley, Crable, Dickey, Driskill, Dye, Hall, Hatt, Henton, Hickman, Hill, Hinck, Hinch, Honaker, Hughes, Humble, Hunt, James, Kenney, Kinder, Kuykendall, Lewis, Lincant, Pottinger, Potts, Preble, Ranner, Rice, Robbins, Settle, Smiley, Speck, Stapleton, Stewart, Stull, Sturgis, Sullivan, Swan, Swearingin, Eastwood, Forrester, Frakes, Freeze, Galloway, Garrison, Goins, Goodwin, Guthrie, Lyon, McGee, Major, Mann, Murdoch, Morris, Oldham, Paul, Phelps, Thorn, Trent, Tribble, Tyler, Canacre, Valleto, Warfield, Welch, Whitaker, Wickersham, Wilson
Settlers who were stationed in Limestone-Washington and those in present day Mason County (formerly Bourbon) included the following with arrival dates when known: Samuel ARROWSMITH, James BATTERTON, James BRYAN-1775; Caleb CARMAN, Jacob DUNCAN, George DEAKINS, John DURYW (at John KENTONÂ’S station), John DOWDEN (at KentonÂ’s), Bartlett FITZGERALD-1775, Alexander FAULKNER, Jim FREELAND, Joshua GRIFFIN, Isaac GREER , John HINKSTON, Wm. HUSKINS, David HUGHES, Robert JONES, Simon and John KENTON, Alexander McCONNELL-1775, Joseph McNUTT, John MILLS, Daniel MICKY-pre 1775, Richard MASTERSON, Edward MICHELL*, John MARTIN-1775, Lot MASTERSON-killed by the Indians, Richard POWER-1779, David PERRY*, Robert PATTESON*, Thomas RITTER-1776, --- RICHARDSON-1776, John ROSS, Thomas SWEET-1783, Evan SHELBY, John TEBBS, WM. TRIPLETT, John TOWNSEND, James TEMPLETON*, Thomas WILLIAMS, John WILLIAMSS, Samuel WELLS-1776, James WARNOCK*, Hezekiah WOODS.

*These men were in Robert PATTERSONÂ’S party that in September, 1776 left McCLELLANDÂ’s (Georgetown) for the mouth of Limestone on the way to Monogahela.

The Virginia State Library listed the following who were taxed and residing north of Main Licking in the district of Miles Withers CONWAY, Commissioner, in 1787. His district included Mason County. Many of those listed below were in stations north of the Main Licking which then included what is now Bourbon County. Archibald ALLIN, Joseph ALLIN, William ANDERSON, Peter BRYAM, Joshua BAKER, Saml BANE, Saml. BLACKBURN, John BEASLEY, Henry BERRY, Joel BERRY, Daniel BOONE, Jas BUCHANNON, Miles W CONWAY, Luther CALVIN, James CAMPBELL, Charnick COURTNEY, William CALDWELL, George CLARK, Robert DOWNING, Silas DEXTER, Jeremiah DUNN, Phillip DEAKE, Lloyd DIXON, Timothy DOWNING, Elisha DeWITT,
Sarah DOWDEN, Edward DOBYNS, James EDWARDS, Jacob EDWARDS, Saml. FARGUSON, Arthur FOX, James GUTHRIDGE, Jno. GUTRIDGE, James GLASCOCK, Hen. GRUFF, Joseph HARP, Moses MOUGHAM, Meredith HELMS, John KINSAULEY, Simon KENTON, Abrahm. LeFORGE, John LOVELASS, William LAMB, John LOGAN, Henry LEE, Edmund LYNE, Charles MORGAN, John MASTERSON, John MARSHALL, Robt. MARSHALL, George MEFFORD, Susanna McGINNIS, James McKAY, Edward MILLS, Thomas MILLS, Abner MARBLE, Hugh McNELLY, Jas. McKINDLEY, Thomas NIKOLS, John NIKOLS, Mary OVERFIELD, Joh OWSLEY, Ellis PALMORE, Isaac PENNINGTON, Saml PLUMMER, George PLUMMER, Gideon PARIMORE, John RIGGS Jr, Robt. RANKINS, Josiah RICHARDS, Spencer RICHARDS, Cornelius RAINS, Will. RAINS, John RIGGS Sr, Elijah REEVES, Enoch ROSE, Alex RUTHERFORD, Benjamin SWEET, Christopher SMITH, Benj. STITES, Obadiah STOUT, Thos. STOUT, Samuel STRODE, Thomas SWEET, John TAYLOR Jr, Robert TAYLOR, John THOMAS, James TURNER, John TAYLOR Sr, Isaac TAYLOR, John WILLIAMS, Rev. W WOOD, George WOOD, Jeremiah WASHBAN, Thomas WILLIAMS, David WILLIAMS, John WILSON, William WOOD, John WOOD, Andrew WOOD, Solomon WHITLEY, Thomas WILLIAMS, Benj. WOOD and Thomas WARRING.

Louisville, Kentucky was the location for the largest of the early forts, named for Thomas NELSON of Virginia. Richard CHENOWITH who served under General George Rogers CLARK, was employed by the Commonwealth of Virginia to build this fort; it was not completed until 1791. Warden POPE also was listed in depositions. Others who worked in erecting the fort included John VORIS, Jacob HUBBS, Wm and Edward TYLER, Edwin GOODWIN and son Amos, and Joh ROSE. Many of the early Kentucky Militia were stationed here at different times. Col. James PATON, Margaret CHENOWITH (wife of the Captain), Thomas, James and William CHENOWITH and Richard MORRIS were here. Richard CHENOWITH was the son of John who had come from Wales to Berkeley County, VA. The Captain married Margaret McCARTY, moved to Kentucky in 1777. The city of Louisville was laid out by CHENOWITH and Capt. Thomas BULLITT, the original name was planned to be “Margretville” in honor of his wife.

According to the Kentucky State Papers, pages 31, 92, 417, 421, 423 and 458, Captain Wm HARRODÂ’s Company, in 1780 were located at the Stations near the Falls in present Jefferson and Shelby Counties. These included: Capt. Wm HQRROD, Lt. James PATTON, Ensign Ed BULGER, Peter BALANCE, Alex. BARR, James BRAND, John BUCKRAS, A. CAMERON, Amos CARPENTER, Sol CARPENTER, Benj. CARTER, Thomas CARTER, Reuben CASE, Thomas COCHRAN, John CONWAY, John CORBLEY, John CRABLE, Robert DICKEY, Daniel DRISKILL, Isaac DYE, Daniel HALL, Wm HALL, John HATT, Evan HENTON, Thomas HENTON, Wm. HICKMAN, A HILL, Andrew HILL, Samuel HINCK (HINCH?), Fred HONAKER, Joseph HUGHES, Rowland HUGHES, Michael HUMBLE, John HUNT, Abram JAMES, John KENNEY, Val. KINDER, Moses KUYKENDALL, John LEWIS, John LINCANT, Samuel POTTINGER, F POTTS, Reuben PREBLE, Urb. RANNER, Benj. RICE, Reed ROBBINS, Thomas SETTLE, Wm. SMILEY, Jacob SPECK, John STAPLETON, James STEWART, James STEWART (2 of them), Daniel STULL, Miner STURGIS, Peter STURGIS, James SULLIVAN, Wm. SWAN, Joseph SWEARINGIN, Samuel SWEARINGIN, Van SWEARINGIN, John.

Collins History Volume 1 adds: John EASTWOOD, Samuel, Samuel FORRESTER, Joseph FRAKES, Samuel FREEZE, John GALLOWAY, WM. GALLOWAY, James GARRISON, Josseph GOINS, Isaac GOODWIN, Samuel GOODWIN, James GUTHRIE, Samuel LYON, Pat McGEE, Samuel MAJOR, Amos MANN, Edward MURDOCH, John MURDOCH, Richard MORRIS, Wm MORRIS, Wm OLDHAM, John PAUL, George PHELPS, Joseph PHELPS, Robt. THORN, Bev. TRENT, Thos. TRIBBLE, Robert TYLER, Abr. CANACRE, Michael VALLETO, Joseph WARFIELD, James WELCH, Abram WHITAKER, Jacob WICKERSHAM and Ed. WILSON.

To be continued with GrantÂ’s Fork.

(c) Copyright 28 Oct 1999, Sandra K. Gorin, All Rights Reserved,

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