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Early in my contributions to this research site, I ran a series on the old Kentucky forts and settlements. One thing was missing – a comprehensive list of those who lived there. Recently, I found a book entitled “Kentucky in Retrospect – Noteworthy Personages and Events in Kentucky History 192-1967. The original version was published in 1942 for the Sesquicentennial of the Statehood of Kentucky; it was reprinted and updated in 1967 by G. Glenn Clift and the Kentucky Historical Society. I am going to abstract information from the section on the old forts and settlements and add other data as I go along. Many names are found at the forts and are supposed to be relatively complete. However, please refer back to precious tips as I see a few names are missing.

FORT BOONESBOROUGH: This fort was established in 1775 in current day Madison Co, on the south bank of the Kentucky River. In February of this year, Capt Wm. TWITTY, James COBURN, James BRIDGES, Thomas JOHNSON, John HART, WM. HICKS, James PEEKE and Felix WALKER came from Rutherford Co KY. They traveled on to the Watauga River (Tennessee River) awaiting the signing of the treaty with the Cherokee Indians. Daniel BOONE was then sent into the area as an agent for the Transylvania Company. The men mentioned above under Capt. Twitty and Boone united and proceeded into Kentucky. Those with the Transylvania Company included Thomas HART, Nathaniel HART, David HART, John LUTTRELL, William JOHNSON and James HOGG from Orange Co VA and John WILLIAMS, Leonard Hendley BULLOCK and Col. Richard HENDERSON from Granville, NC. A petition was issued of the Transylvanians to the Virginia Convention in May 1776 and contained the following names (per the Filson Club Publication #16.) James HARROD, Abm. HITE, Jr, Patrick DORANE, Ralph NAILOR, Robt. ATKINSON, Robt. NAILOR, John MAXFIELD, Sam. POTTINGER, Barnerd WALTER, Hugh MÂ’MILLION, John KILPATRICK, Robt. DOOK, Edward BROWNFIELD, Wm. HOUSE, Jno. DUNN, Jno. SIM, Sr, John HOUSE, Levi HARROD, John BEESOE, Conrod WOOLTER, John MOORE, John CORBIE, Abm. VANMETRE, Saml. MOORE, Isaac PRITCHERD, Joseph GWYNE, Geo. ULAND, Mich. THOMAS, Adam SMITH, Saml. THOMAS, Henry THOMAS, John MILLS, Elijah MILLS, Jehu HARLAND, Wm. MYERS, Peter PAUL, Henry SIMONS, Wm. GAFFATA, James HUGH, Thos. BATHUGH, John CONNWAY, WM. CROW, Wm. FEALS, Benja. DAVIS, Beniah DUN, Adam NEELSON, Wm. SHEPARD, James CALLEY, Joseph PARKISON, Jediah ASHCRAFT, John HARDIN, Sime HOUSE, Chas. CREERAFT, James WILLIE, John CAMRON, Thos. KENADY, Jesse PIGMAN, Simon MOORE, John MOORE, Thos. MOORE, Herman CONSOLEY, Silas HARLAND, Wm. HARROD, Leonard COOPER, Wm. RICE, Arthur INGRAM, Thos. WILSON,William WOOD, Joseph LYONS, Andrew HOUSE, Wm. HARTLY, Thomas DEAN, Richard OWAN, Barnet NEAL, John SEVERN, James HUGH, Archd. REVES, Moses THOMAS, J. Zebulon COLLINS, Thos. PARKINSON, Wm. MUCKLEROY, Meridith HELM Jr, Andw. HOUSEE, David BROOKS, John HELM, Benja. PARKISON, Wm. PARKISON, and Wm. CROW.

On Oct. 14, 1779, there was a seige at Boonesborough there were supposedly only 60 at the fort in contrast to 340 Indians. Depositions taken over the years at Richmond, KY of 1801-1806, 1907, 1808, 1811 and 1814 by pioneers at Boonesborough which showed the following names deposed and the dates they supposedly arrived at the fort if shown:

James ANDERSON, Thos. ALLEN (Surveyor of Mercer Co), Daniel BOONE (1775), Anthony BLEASCO (surveyor), James BERRY (April 1779), Wm. BENTON, George BOONE, Wm BUSH (March 1775), Joseph BARNETT, James BRIDGES, James BRYANT (before 1778), Edward BAXTER, John BOYLE (1775), Moses BLEDSOE, George BEDINGER, Squire BOONE, Green CLAY (Surveyor, fall of 1780), Robert CALDWELL, John CALLAWAY, Wm CRADLEBAUGH (came to KY 1767-1775), Wm COOPER, John CROOKE (surveyor), David CREWS, Elijah CREWS, Jacob COONS, Wm. CALK, Thos. COLLINS, John COLEFOOT, Lewis CRAIG, David COOK, John CONSTANT, Samuel DUREE, John DURBIN, John DONIPHAN, Samuel DAVIS, Wm. DRYDEN, Samuel ESTILL (Capt, 1775), Talton EMBRY, Sally ESTLL (born there 19 Oct 1782), Boudee ESTLL, Ben ESTILL, Richard EPPERSON (1776), Joseph FOWLER, Robert FLEMING, John FARRAR (1775 – aslso shown FARRONS), James FINLEY, Wm. FALL (surveyor), Higgason GRUBBS (Capt – 1778), James GATES (1776), David GASS, (GIST, GUESS), Samuel GILBERT, Martin GENTRY, Peter GUERRANT, Jesse HODGES (surveyor, Oct. 1777-1786), Stephen HANCOCK (1776-1780), George HANCOCK, Wm HANCOCK (1776), Nathaniel HART (Capt – 1775 – killed by the Indians Aug 1782), Samuel HENDERSON, James HAMILTON, Joseph HINE (LYNE), John HOLDEN, Christopher IRVINE (Capt, 1776, killed 1786), Wm. IRVINE, David C. IRVINE, John KENNEDY (killed in fall of 1780), Wm. KAVANAUGH, Charles KAVANAUGH (son of Wm.), Joseph KENNEDY (1776), Thos. LANHAM, David LYNCH (surveyor, came 24 Dec 1779), Samuel LOGAN, Abraham LEWIS, Lawrence LONG, Thos. McQUEAN, Jesse MORRIS, Miss Jacob MYERS, Wm. MILLER, Wm MAYS, Thos. MOSELY, Thos. MILLER, Ralph MORGAN, Wm. MARTIN, Wm. MORGAN, Nicholas MERIWETHER, Neichael OVERSTREET, Tyree OLDHAM, John PEAK (1781), Thos. PHELPS, Josiah PHELPS (1776, son of Thomas), John PITMAN, Reuben PROCTOR, Joseph PROCTOR (1778), Nicholas PROCTOR (Capt, 1778), Rachel PROCTOR (widow of Capt. James ESTILL, 2nd wife of James Estill), James PROCTOR, Yelverton PEYTON (1780), James RUSEL (before 1778), Robert RHODES, James REED, Joseph RICE, George ROBINSON, Samuel RICE, Dudley STONE, Richard SEARCY, John SNODDY (1775), Asa SEARCY, General John SUTH, Samuel SNODDY, Michael SHERLEY, Michael STONER (surveyor and hunter, 1775), Thos. SWEARINGEN, Benoni SWEARINGEN, John TANNER (TURNER), Hale TALBOTT, Peter TAYLOR (1780), Lawrence THOMPSON (1780), James THOMPSON, John TAYLOR, (Baptist minister), Oswald TOWNSEND (surveyor, 1775), Capt. Thomas TWITTY, Joshua TOWNSEND, Wm. TURPIN, Solomon TURPIN, David V. WALKER, Joel WALKER, Aquilla WHITE (April 1779), Capt.John WHITTAKER, William WILLIAMS, Wyate WILKERSON, Richard WELLS, Thos WARREN, Capt. Archibald WOODS (Dec 1781), Adam WOODS.

Petition #8 from Fort Boonesborough involved land titles and was dated 14 Oct 1779. The following residents signed: Michael BEDINGER, James BERRY, Catherine BAUGHMAN, Thos BRYANT, John BULLOCK, Fanders CALLOWAY, John CALLAWAY, Braxton CARTER, Ambrose COFFEE, Wm. CRADLEBAUGH, Charles CURD, John DAVIS, Joseph DONIPHAN, James DOSTER, Margaret DRAKE, Benjamin DUNNAWAY, James ESTILL, Samuel ESTILL, Edmund FAIR, Peter HACKETT, Edward HAND, John HARVESTER, Jesse HODGES, John HOLDER, Elizabeth HORN, Charles JOCKARS, John KELLY, John MARTIN, David McGEE, Edward NELSON, Moses NELSON, Thomas NOEL, William PATTERSON, Joshua PENIX, Nicholas PROCTOR, Nicholas PROCTOR Jr, Reuben PROCTOR, Pemberton ROLLINS, Reuben SEARCY, John SOUTH Sr, John South Jr, Samuel SOUTH, Jacob STARNS, Michael STONER, Walter WELCH, Daniel WILCOCKSON.

Petition #9 16 Oct 1779. This list included the names of those killed in defense of the fort or in hunting: (a –k after name indicates they were killed). Daniel ASHBY-k, Joab BARTON-k, Joshua BARTON-k, John BAUGHMAN-k, Jacob BAUGHMAN-k, Michael BEDINGER-k, Maj. William BUSBY-k, James BERRY, Daniel BOONE, Ulissy BOONE-k, Samuel BROOKS-k, Wm BROOKS-k, James BRYANT, John BULLOCK, Nathaniel BULLOCK, David BUNDAN-k, Edgar CALLAWAY-k, Elizabeth CALLAWAY-k, Flanders CALLAWAY, Ambrose COFFMAN, Jesse COKER-k, John CROSS-k, Joseph DONIPHAN, James DOSTER, Joseph DRAKE, John DUMPARD-k, Benjamin DUNAWAY, John DUNN-k, Samuel ESTILL, Edmund FAIR, Thomas FOOT-k, Richard GIREY-k, Ancel GOODMAN-k, Daniel GOODMAN-k, Wm HANCOCK-k, Peter HARPER, Edward HARROD, George HENDRICKS-k, Richard HINES-k, Jesse HODGES, John HOLLEY-k, Joseph JACKSON-k, Andrew JOHNSON-k, Jacob JOHNSTON-k, Benjamin KELLEY-k, John KELLEY, Joseph KELLEY-k, Jonathan KETCHAM-k, George LINCOLN-k, James MANKINS-k, Michael MIRA-k, John MORTON-k, Edward NELSON, John NEWBY, Thomas NOEL, Wm. PATTERSON, Joshua PENIX, Joseph PROCTOR, Nicholas PROCTOR, Samuel ROBSON-k, Samuel SANDERS-k, Bartlett SEARCY-k, John SOUTH Sr, John SOUTH Jr, Thos. SOUTH-k, Wm STAGGE-k, Jacob STARNS, Joseph STARNS, William TWITTY-k, Wm UMPHREY-k, Richard WADE-k, WALTER WELCH, Ambrose WHITE-k, Benjamin WHITE.

The Librarian at the KY Historical Society added these names: Moses THOMAS – came with ENOCH SMITH, Richard SPURR and Charles WADE in 1779. Ralph MORGAN came in 1779. David GASS and son, John, William Bailey SMITH, Edward BRADLEY, William COLLINS (was at the siege), Whitson GEORGE, John CARTWRIGHT, Lewis VALLANDINGHAM, John CAMERON, Pemberton ROLINS, Francis CALLOWAY, Oswald TOWNSEND, Thomas HARTGROVE, James KENNEY, J. HITE, Frederick COUCHMAN (per Draper manuscripts).

Collins History Volume 1 lists: Capt John HOLDER, Uriel ARK, Thos BAILEY, Bland BALLARD, John BAUGHMAN, G. Michael BEDINGER, James BERRY, James BRYAN, James BUNTEN, John BUTLER, John CALLAWAY, Elijah COLLINS, Josiah COLLINS, Wm COLLINS, John CONSTANT, David COOK, Wm COOMBS, Wm CRADLEBAUGH, John DUMPORD, James ESTILL, Edmund FEAR, David GASS, Stephen HANCOCK, Wm HANCOCK, John HAEISTON, Wm HAYS, Jesse HODGES, Jeremiah HORN, Robert KIRKHAM, Samuel KIRKHAM, John LEE, Charles LOCKHART, John McCOLLUM, Wm McGEE, Ralph MORGAN, Wm MORRIS, James PERRY, John PLECK, Samuel PORTER, Samuel PORTER, Nicholas PROCTOR, Reuben PROCTOR, Pemberton ROLLINS, Hugh ROSS, Barlett SEARCY, Reuben SEARCEY, John SOUTH Jr and Sr, John SOUTH the Younger, Thos SOUTH, Barney STAGNER, Jacob STEARNS, John STEPHENSON, Benoni VALLANDIGHAM, Daniel WILCOXSON and Moses WILSON.

To be continued with Fort HARROD.

(c) Copyright 23 September 1999, Sandra K. Gorin, all rights reserved.

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