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Surnames: Collins, Baker, Graham, Adams, Armstrong, Arnold, Arrington, Aston, Boone, Estill, Sturgus, Harrod, Bailey, Ballard, Bland, Tyler, Barnett, Bell, Black, Bosley, Bowman, Brashear, Bryan, Buchanan, Humlong, Bullitt, Bush, Knox, Carpenter, Casey, Cassidy, Clark, Clear, Kiser, Cox, Kincheloe, Craig, Crews, Curtis, Daniel, Daviess, Davis, Dougherty, Dowdall, Downing, Drennon, Ellis, Estill, Feagan, Field, Finn, Fisher, Fleming, Florer, Floyd, Fox

The following information was taken from Collins Historical Sketches of Kentucky, History of Kentucky, Volume 2, published by Collins & Co, Covington, KY, 1874. A copy of this was provided by Charles Baker. These were compiled originally by Dr Christopher C Graham of Louisville, ca 1874.

ADAMS' (GEO) STATION, located in Garrard Co.

ARMSTRONG'S STATION, on the Indiana shore, in Clark County, Indiana, at the mouth of Bull Creek, opposite the Grassy Flat, and 18-mile- Island bar, in the Ohio river, 18 miles above Louisville. A blockhouse was built here by Col John ARMSTRONG, between 1786 and 1790, to prevent the Indians from crossing the river here, where it was fordable, to steal horses from Kentucky.

ARNOLD'S (JOHN) STATION: On Little Benson Creek, 7 miles above Frankfort, KY, ca 1783.

ARRINGTON'S STATION: In southern KY, ca 1788.

ASTON'S STATION: Mentioned in Daniel Boone's Autobiography, May 1782; same as ESTILL'S STATION.

A'STURGUS' STATION: 1783, on Harrod's Trace, Jefferson County.

BAILEY'S STATION: Mason County, 2 1/2 miles south of Maysville, one mile from Washington; settled in 1791.

BALLARD'S (BLAND) STATIN: Shelby County, usually called TYLER'S STATION.

BARDSTOWN: Nelson County, established 1788, also called BAIRDSTOWN.

BARNETT'S STATION: 2 miles from Hartford, Ohio, KY; settled by Col Joseph BARNETT, before 1790.


BLACK'S STATION: Before Dec 1794; Fayette Co, on waters of Clerk Creek.

BLOCKHOUSE ON THE BIG SANDY RIVER: Near or above Louisa in Lawrence Co.

BLUE LICKS - LOWER: See Lower Blue Licks.

BLUE LICKS UPPER: See Upper Blue Licks.

BOILING SPRING: Mercer Co, near or in Harridsburg; in 1775, one of the four settlements which were represented in the Transylvania legislative body at Boonesboro.

BOONE'S STATION: Same as Boonesboro.

BOONE'S STATION: On Boone's Creek, Fayette Co, about 10 miles SE of Lexington and 5 miles NW from Boonesboro; settled by and named after Daniel BOONE about 1783 or '84, who lived there until he removed to Maysville, before Feb 3, 1786.

BOONE'S (GEORGE) STATION: 2 1/2 miles NW of Richmond, KY.

BOONE'S (SQUIRE) STATION: Called Squire Boone's Station, which see.

BOONESBORO: On the west bank of the Kentucky River in Madison County; settled by Daniel Boone, who began the fort on April 1st, and finished it on the 14th of June, 1775.

BOSLEY'S STATION: 3/4 mile above the main fork of Wells' Creek, near Washington, Mason county, before 1793.

BOWMAN'S STATION: 6 miles E of Harrodsburg; settled in 1779 by 30 families under Col Abram BOWMAN. Col B. soon after removed to Fayette county.

BRASHEARS' STATION: At mouth of Floyd's Fork, in Bullitt County, 1779.

BRYAN'S STATION: In Fayette county, about 5 miles NE of Lexington, on the southern bank of the north fork of Elkhorn; settled by the BRYANS in 1779, but a cabin had been built by Joseph BRYAN, a son-in-law of Col Daniel Boone, in 1776.

BUCHANAN'S STATION: One mile W of Germantown, Bracken County, where Geo HUMLONG recently lived.

BULLITT'S LICK: On the north side Salt river, 3 miles from Salt river and same distance from Shepherdsville, in Bullittt county; discovered by Capt Thos. BULLITT in 1773; the only place where salt was made about the Falls in 1780-1, according to Bland Ballard's deposition.

BURNT STATION: On or near Simpson's creek, in Nelson Co.

BUSH'S (WM) STATION: Settlement or station, Clark Co, near Boonesborough.

BYNE'S STATION: Settled by Edmund BYNE, on North Fork, in Mason county.

CAMP KNOX: In eastern part of Green Co, where, in June, 1770, Col Jas KNOX, with 22 men (called the "Long Hunters"), with 4 pack-horses, encamped.

CAMPBELL STATION: On the Dry Ridge, in now Grant Co, 3 miles N of Williamstown, and 33 miles from the mouth of the Licking; settled some time before 1792.

CANE RUN: Presbyterian meeting-house in 1784, in then Lincoln Co.

CARPENTER'S STATION: In the knobs of Green River, about 2 miles W of Hustonville in Lincoln County, about 1780.

CARTWRIGHT'S STATION: Settled in 1779.

CASEY'S (COL WM) STATION: Lincoln County, 3 miles W of Stanford, and miles E of Danville, on Hanging Fork of Dick's River.

CASSIDY'S STATION: Fleming county; settled by Michael CASSIDY.

CLARK'S STATION: Mason County, settled 1785.

CLARK'S STATION: On Clark's run, a branch of Dick's River; settled by Geo CLARK before Nov, 1779.

CLARKSVILLE: In Indiana, opposite Louisville, laid out by Gen George Rogers CLARK.

CLEAR'S STATION: Bullitt County.

COLLINS' STATION: On Rockcastle River.

COOPER'S STATION: On Cooper's run, in Bourbon Co., 2 miles from KISER'S STATION.

CORN ISLAND: In Ohio River, opposite Louisville - where Gen George Rogers CLARK built a fort in June, 1778, and raised several crops of corn; had several acres of rich land; now all washed away.

COX'S STATION: Nelson county, near KINCHELOE'S Station.

CRAB ORCHARD: Lincoln County, 12 miles from Lancaster, and 10 miles from Stanford, on the old pioneer road to Cumberland Gap.

CRAIG'S STATION: On Gilbert's Creek, a few miles E of Lancaster, Garrard county; settled by Rev Lewis CRAIG, in 1780.

CRAIG'S STATION: Lincoln County, 2 miles E of Danville.

CRAIG'S (ELIJAH) STATION: 5 miles from Versailes; 1783.

CREW'S (DAVID) STATION: In Madison Co, 1781.

CROW'S STATION: In THEN LIncoln county, near Danville; settled by John CROW, before May, 1782.


DANVILLE: Boyle county; laid off as a town by Walker DANIEL, 1781.

DAVIESS' (JAMES) STATION: About 5 miles W of Whitley's.

DAVIS' STATION: Southern KY, probably in Logan or Warren Co.

DOUGHERTY'S STATION: Boyle Co, on Clark's run, 1 1/2 miles below Danville.

DOVER STATION: Garrard Co, on waters of Dick's River.

DOWDALL'S STATION: On Salt River, before 1784.

DOWNING'S STATION: East of and near Dick's river, not far from Danville.

DRENNON'S LICK: Henry County, near the Kentucky River.

DUTCH STATION: Jefferson County, on Beargrass Creek; 1780.

ELK FORK OF RED RIVER: Logan County; several settlements on, 1785.

ELLIS' STATION: At Ellisville, Nicholas Co.

ENGLISH STATION: On S bank of Dick's river, in Lincoln Co, 3 miles E of Crab Orchard.

ESTILL'S STATION: On Muddy creek, 3 miles S of Richmond, Madison county; settled by Capt James ESTILL, before 1781.

ESTILL'S NEW STATION: 5 miles SE of Richmond.

FALLS OF THE OHIO: The first fort was built on Corn Island, opposite Louisville, in June, 1778; in the fall of 1778, or spring of 1779, a rude stockade was raised near a ravine where, in 1838, Twelfth street in Louisville terminated at the Ohio River.

FEAGAN'S STATION: Mason Co, 1 1/2- 2 miles E of Germantown.

FIELD'S (WM) STATION: 1 1/2 miles W of Danville.

FINN'S STATION: Jefferson or Spencer Co, settled before 1780.

FINNEY, FORT: Original name of Fort where lower end of Jeffersonville, IN, now stands, at the Falls of the Ohio.

FISHER'S (STEPHEN) GARRISON: Not far from Danville.


FLORER'S STATION: On the middle trace from Maysville to Lexington; 1792.

FLOYD'S STATION: First at the mouth of Beargrass, in Louisville, corner of 3rd St and the Ohio River.

FLOYD'S STATION: On the Middle Fork of Beargrass creek, 6 miles from the Falls of the Ohio; settled by Col John FLOYD, 1775.

FLOYD'S FORK STATION: Oldham Co, near Pewee Valley, 18 miles E of Louisville.

FORKS OF DICK'S RIVER: A Presbyterian preaching place in 1784, in NOW Lincoln Co.


FOUNTAINEBLEAU: About 3 miles below Harrodsburg, on the bank of Salt River; a mill was built here at a very early day.

FOX'S (ARTHUR) STATION: Same as Washington.

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