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Surnames: Hagerty, Halfpenny, Hamilton, Hardin, Harris, Harrison, Harvie, Haynes, Hefferlin, Henning, Herbert, Hicks, Hines, Hodgkins, Holand, Holmes, Hooks, Hooper, Hough, Howard, Hughes, Hunt, Hyslop, Irby, Isan, Jacobs, Jackson, Jarvis, Jeffries, Johnson, Jones, Jourdain, Kains, Keen, Kelly, Kendall, Kendrick, Kennon, Kenny, Kerr, Kidd, Lahaw, Law, Laws, Lear, Leach, Lee, Leigh, Leman, Lemman, Lent, Lipscomb, Lively, Lucas, McCain, McCall, McCartney, McCraw, McDonald, McForman, McDowell, McIntosh, McKey, McKinsey, McKnight, McLardy, McNoley, Madder, Maddox, Mancham, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Massie, Mead, Means, Menton, Mitchell, Money, Moody, Moore, Morehead, Morgan, Moxley, Mullen, Murphy, Murrick, Nash, Neal, Nelmes, Noel, Norris, Norwell, Obannon, Obrean, Oram, Overstreet, Palmer, Parker, Parkerson, Parsley, Paul, Payne, Perry, Peterson, Petrie, Peyton, Phillips, Pierson, Piles, Plodd, Poe, Polly, Pool, Pope, Potts, Powers, Powler, Price, Priddy, Pritchard, Pritchett, Pugh, Puntten, Rains, Ralls, Rankins, Ratcliff, Ray, Raynolds, Rawlins, Redwood, Reatley, Rice, Riley, Ritchie, Ritchison, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rock, Roundtree, Rose, Russell, Rutherford, Ryals, Ryan, Ryland, Sanders, Saxton, Sergeant, Scott, Scroggins, Self, Sellers, Shackelford, Sharp, Shelton, Shields, Shoope, Shores, Shull, Simmons, Skinner, Slaughter, Smith, Smock, Soles, Solomon, Spence, Spruice, Stafford, Steith, Stephens, Stewart, Stockdell, Stokes, Strotherd, Sudduth, Sudthard, Taylor, Terrill, Tharp, Timmons, Todd, Tomlin, Townsend, Tracy, Trapp, Treackle, Triplett, Turk, Turner, Tyler, Vann, Walden, Wallerson, Walters, Ware, Wasser, Waterfield, Wayland, Weaver, Webber, Welch, Whistler, Whitsell, Williams, Wilson, Wimbush, Winifree, Winkfield, Winter, Wise, Wofter, Wolf, Wood, Wooten, Yates, Yeager, Zimmerman
A continuation of the non-commissioned officers and privates who received bounty land in KY and some in OH based on their service in the war.

Nicholas Hagerty, John Halfpenny, James Hamilton, John Hardin, Richard Harris, John Harrison, Richard Harvie, William Haynes, John Hefferlin, George Henning, William Herbert, James Hicks, James Hines, Samuel Hodgkins, Drury Holand, James Holmes, William Hooks, Walter Hooper, Thomas Hough, James Howard, Joseph Hughes, James Hunt, Smith Hyslop.

William Irby, George Isan

John Jacobs, Roley Jacobs, William Jacobs, Edward Jackson, Francis Jarvis, Gowan Jeffries, John Johnson, Moses Johnson, Samuel Johnson, Holmes Jones, Joel Jones, John Jones, Richard Jones, Robert Jones, Thomas Jones, Zachariah Jones, John Jourdain.

Michael Kains, John Keen, Peter Kelly, Jeremiah Kendall, David Kendrick, Thomas Kennon, Joseph Kenny, James Kerr, William Kidd

David Lahaw, Jeremiah Lahaw, James Law, John Laws, George Lear, Valentine Leach, John Lee, John Leigh, Dedrick Leman, Samuel Lemman, William Lent, Major Lipscomb, Thomas Lipscomb, Goodrell Lively, Samuel Lucas.

Thomas McCain, Samuel McCall, Peter McCartney, Francis McCraw, Terence McDonald, William McDonald, David McForman, John McDowell, Alexander McIntosh, Eneas McKay, Alexander McKinsey, William McKnight, Alexander McLardy, Michael McNoley.

Martin Madder, Clairborne Maddox, Henry Mancham, Henry Marshall, Richard Marshall, Thomas Marshall, Thomas Martin, Owen Mason, John Massie, John Mead, John Means, Ebenezer Mentor, James Mitchell, John Mitchell, Thomas Mitchell, Isaac Money, William Moody, Nicholas Moore, Charles Morehead, Charles Morgan, James Morgan, George Moxley, Anthony Mullen, John Murphy, Michael Murphy, John Murrick

Harman Nash, George Neal, Charles Nelmes, Archlaus Noel, Richard Noel, Bazaabeel Norris, Aquilla Norwell.

William Obannon, James Obrean, Henry Oram, John Overstreet.

William Palmer, Jeremiah Parker, John H. Parkerson, Thomas Parsley, Edward Paul, John Payne, William Perry, Conrad Peterson, Alexander Petrie, James Peyton, John Phillips, Charles Pierson, William Piles, John Plodd, John Poe, William Poe, William Polly, Robert Pool, William Pope, John Potts, William Powers, William Powler, David Price, Richard Priddy, James Pritchard, George Pritchett, Lewis Pugh, Henry Puntten.

Robert Rains, Nathaniel Ralls, James Rankins, Francis Ratcliff, Thomas Ray, William Raynolds, Moses Rawlins, John Redwood, James Reatley, John Rice, William Rice, John Riley, Abraham Ritchie, John Ritchison, George Roberts, John Roberts, James Robertson, George Robinson, James Robinson, William Robinson, William Rock, Samuel Roundtree, Jesse Rose, Jeffrey Russell, William Russell, Julius Rutherford, James Ryals, George Ryan, John Ryland.

Daniel Sanders, Thomas Sanders, John Saxton, James Sergeant, Drury Scott, John Scott, Ephraim Scroggins, John Scroggins, Larkin Self, Michael Sellers, Henry Shackelford, M. Shackleford, Josiah Sharp, David Shelton, James Shields, John Shoope, Thomas Shores, John Shull, Bryant Simmons, Henry Skinner, N. Slaughter, George Smith, Jacob Smock, William Soles, George Solomon, Henry Spence, John Spruice, David Stafford, Daniel Steith, John Stephens, Philip Stewart, Robert Stewart, John Stockdell, Edward Stokes, Thomas Strotherd, William Sudduth, John Sudthard.

William Taylor, Edmund Terrill, Elkanah Tharp, John Timmons, Robert Todd, William Tomlin, Ewell Townsend, Solomon Tracy, Vincent Trapp, Dawson Treackle, John Treackle, Nathaniel Triplett, Robert Turk, David Turner, Benjamin Tyler.

Henry Vann

George Walden, Robert Wallerson, Tillman Walters, Lawrence Ware, Daniel Wasser, Peter Waterfield, Joshua Wayland, John Weaver, Phillip Webber, John Welch, Patrick Welch, Sawney Whistler, Jacob Whitsell, James Williams, Reuben Williams, James Wilson, John Wilson, John Wimbush, John Winifree, James Winkfield, George Winter, Samuel Wise, John Wofter, Andrew Wolf, Hugh Wood, Thomas Wooten.

Anthony Yates, Henry Yeager

William Zimmerman.

This ends the Revolutionary War series. Sandi

(c) Copyright 2 February 1999, Sandra K. Gorin, All Rights Reserved,

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