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Surnames: Smith, Rhorer, Schuler, Muir, Adams, Anderson, Andrews, Ashby, Ashford, Aubrey, Bain, Baker, Barker, Barton, Burbridge, Burdette, Burnes

This cemetery is on the National Register of Historic Places in Kentucky. It is the only cemetery for Confederate veterans and 313 are buried there.

It all started in May, 1871 when the citizens of Peewee Valley showed interest in a local public cemetery. In August the land was purchased. Henry Smith, an old settler of Peewee Valley (original known as Smith’s Depot) was one of the leaders in proposing a cemetery. Smith was charged to make a proper selection of a proper piece of land. The original group of citizens involved included T. H. Rhorer, Smith and S. Schuler.

By the following spring, 1872, the cemetery was organized; the land was beautified by plants and trees. The land was graded and staked off into “lots” During the winter of 1872 Judge P. B. Muir formulated a charter. When the Confederate Home was approved in 1904, the cemetery was divided into three parts – one for the veterans, one for the whites and one for the blacks. Section III contained 11,275 square feet and was designated as the burial location for the veterans.

The Confederate section is marked with small weathered headstone, lined up neatly. It is located at the end of Maple Lane in Pewee Valley.

At the end of the series, I will post additional information, some provided by one of our list members, as to where some of these records can be researched.

I will begin now a list of the veterans who are buried in this cemetery. Not all veterans who died at the Confederate Home chose to be buried here, some were returned to their home areas. Shown will be the name of the soldier, the unit he served with, birthdate, death date, row & space of his grave. Information from Oldham Co, and other sources.

Adams, John J, 2nd Ky Cav, Co A, 1839-1920, 11-10
Adams, Peter B, Morgan’s Command, Co A, 1831-1909, 6-13
Anderson, H B, 1st KY Mtd Rifles, 1834-1913, 5-22
Andrews, J W, 2nd KY Cav, Co M, 1831-1911, 5-18
Ashby, Z K, 4th KY Cav, Co E, 15 Feb 1830 – 16 Apr 1916, 9-18
Ashford, Sanford P, 2nd ARK, Co F, 1833-1913, 6-22
Aubrey, John P, 2nd KY Inf, Co. I, 1830-1908, 6-12
Bain, L C, 6th Ky Inf, Co C, 1842-1919, 11-1
Bain, W A, 4th KY Cav, Co E, 14 Sept 1844 – Feb 1918, 10-1
Baker, E. F, 8th KY Cav, Co G, 1842-1905, 5-2
Barker, John W, 2nd KY Cav, 11 Dec 1841 – 13 Nov 1906, 8-4
Barker, George, 20th Miss. Inf, Co A, 28 May 1832 – 21 Feb 1915, 1-13
Barton, James, Mo Cav, Co A, 1 Jan 1834 – 28 Apr 1907, 7-8
Bates, John W, 4th KY Cav, Co H, 1842-1907, 2-9
Benson, J E, 1st KY Cav, Co H, 1841-1905, 5-4
Berryman, J A, 12th KY Cav, Co C, 2 Jan 1836 – 17 Oct 1917, 10-10
Blair, John C, 8th KY Cav, Co C, 1828-1912, 8-20
Blazer, John, 9th KY Inf, Co C, 1827-1905, 6-1
Boaz, R D, unknown, Apr 1847 – 2 Dec 1912, 3-22
Bone, W C, Cobb’s Legion, Co C, 1842-1915, 10-2
Bowman, John W, 1st Bn Inf, Co B, 1840-1919, 11-18
Brabson, Enoch, 1st KY Inf Co A, 1837-1911, 4-18
Brent, J M, 27th VA Reg, Co B, 1827-1904, 4-3
Brewer, James, 6th KY Co H, 1838-1918, 10-11
Briscoe, John F, 3rd MO Cav, Co K, 16 Jan 1830-1 Sept 1913, 1-7
Bromley, Abner, Bullitts Batt, Co A, 1824-1905, 6-6
Bronson, Marion, unknown, 18__-1923, 12-23
Brown, Ed C, 2nd KY Cav Co E, 2 Apr 1842 – 22 Sept 1913, 7-22
Browning, Henry, 2nd KY Reg, Co D, 1832-1904, 4-5
Buckman, John, 1st KY Cav Co F, 1836-1906, 5-7
Burbridge, J W, 2nd Batt Cav, Co F, 1831-1911, 3-19
Burch, T H, 1st KY Inf, Co A, 1838-1919, 11-5
Burdette, J A, 36th VA Inf, Co A, 1833-1906, 8-3
Burgess, George L, 1st KY Inf, Co D, 1838-1907, 8-6
Burnes, Timothy, 10th TN Inf, Co G, July 1835-8 June 1903, 2-4
Burnett, J W, 9th KY Inf, Co G, 1838-1908, 4-11
Burns, J Pollard, 4th KY Cav, Co A, 1839-1908, 4-11
Butterworth, W L, 6th MO, Co G, 17 Apr 1844-9 June 1912, 7-20
Calmes, W T, 8th KY Cav, Co A, 26 Dec 1841-27 Jan 1908, 7-10
Campbell, E C, 2nd KY Inf, Co E, 1822-1906, 6-7
Cannoy, J C, 37th VA Cav, Co I, 1845-1929, 14-16
Carr, C W F, 12th GA Bn, Co. F, 1848-1922, 12-10
Carter, William H, 8th KY Cav, Co K, 25 Sep 1844-12 June 1917, 9-23
Cassity, Willis, 5th KY, Co E, 23 Dec 1838-12 Feb 1908, 7-11
Castleberry, James, 1st KY Cav, Co K, 1824-1915, 9-14
Chester, W F, 6th NC Inf, Co D, 1842-1925, 13-10
Clark, Zack, 4th KY Cav, Co G, 1827-1905, 6-5
Clarkson, G N, 1st KY Cav, Co F, 1841-1920, 11-19
Clore, T B, 10th KY Cav, Co C, 1845-1930, 14-24

To be continued.

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