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Surnames: Adams, Baughman, Best, Boofman, Casey, Craig, Crew

ADAMS, GEORGE STATION: unknown date. Madison Co, somewhere on the east side of Paint Lick Creek.

ASHTON’S STATION: 1781. Madison Co. On Mud Creek, 3 miles southwest of Richmond. This might have
been the same as ESTILL’S STATION.

BAUGHMAN, HENRY STATION: 1780. In Lincoln Co, near Crab Orchard.

BELL’S STATION: unknown date. Madison Co, three miles from Paint Lick on the headwaters of Paint Lick

BEST, HUMPHREY STATION: 1780. Garrard Co, on Paint Lick Creek south of Paint Lick and near
Wallaceton. Also known as CANEBREAK STATION.

BOOFMAN’S STATION: 1780’s. Possibly the same as BAUGHMAN’S STATION. Near Crab Orchard in
Lincoln Co.

BOONE, GEORGE STATION: 1781 possibly. Madison Co and on Otter Creek. It was likely near Ford and 12
miles west of Log Lick.

BRIGG’S STATION: unknown date, location not known in Lincoln Co.


CARPENTER, ZOPHAR (JOSEPH) STATION: 1791. Garrard Co. Possibly located on Walker Branch of White
Lick Creek, southwest of Manse.

CARPENTER’S STATION: 1780. Lincoln Co; 2 ½ miles west of Hustonville on Hanging Fork Creek. Three
brothers built this fort – Adam, Conrad and John.

CASEY, COL WILLIAM STATION: 1780’s. Lincoln Co, three miles west of Stanford on Hanging Fork Creek.

CRAB ORCHARD STATION: 1784. Might be the same as BAUGHMAN’S STATION. Also known as MOORE’S
STATION, Lincoln Co.

CRAIG, REV LEWIS STATION: 1780, Garrard Co. On Gilbert’s Creek about two miles southeast of

CREW, DAVID STATION: 1781. Madison Co, six miles northwest of Richmond and one mile northwest of

DAVIS, JAMES STATION: 1780. Lincoln Co, on Walnut Flat (Whitley) Creek near Whitley’s Station.

DOVER STATION: unknown date, somewhere on the Dix River in Garrard Co.

DOWNEY’S STATION: 1780. Garrard Co, near Sugar Creek or White Oak Creek on the trace to Paint Lick.
It was built by brothers James and John. Also spelled DOWNING.

ENGLISH, CHARLES STATION: 1780. Lincoln Co., on the Dix River southeast of Crab Orchard.

ESTILL, CAPT. JAMES STATION. 1780. Madison Co, about three miles southeast of Richmond. It was also
known as ESTILL’S NEW STATION. This station was attacked in March 1782 in which Estill was killed. His son continued to run the post after that. It was also garrisoned by the KY state militia in 1791 and housed 10 men.

FLORER’S STATION: unknown date, some say this was on or near Dix River several miles from Crab

GILBERT CREEK STATION: 1781. Garrard Co, on Gilbert’s Creek. Might be same as Craig’s Station.

GRANT, WILLIAM STATION: 1784. Garrard Co, near Toddville on the Kentucky River opposite Hickman

GRUBB, HIGGASON STATION: 1792. Madison Co, somewhere on Mud Creek.

HANCOCK, STEPHEN(?) STATION: unknown date, Madison Co, 12 miles from Log Lick.

HOY, WILLIAM STATION: 1781. Madison Co, about six miles northwest of Richmond.

IRVINE, COL WILLIAM STATION: 1778. Madison Co, north of Richmond on Otter Creek.

KENNEDY, JOHN STATION: 1799. Possibly located on a branch of White Lick Creek near Cartersville. John
was a brother of Joseph Kennedy; this station was attacked by Indians in 1792.

KENNDY, JOSEPH STATION: 1779. Madison Co, on Silver Creek, southwest of Richmond.

KNOB LICK STATION: unknown date; possibly located on Knoblick Creek in Lincoln Co.

LOCUST BEND STATION: unknown date. Madison Co, somewhere along Silver Creek.

LOCUST THICKET FORT: 1780. In Madison Co near Mud and Otter Creeks, 5-6 miles southeast of
Richmond and one mile of Twitty’s Fort. This area now is the location of the Blue Grass Army Depot.

LOGAN, COL BENJAMIN FORT/STATION: 1777-1790. Lincoln Co; located one mile west of the present
Stanford Courthouse. It was 150 feet by 90 feet with blockhouses at three corners and a single cabin on the 4th corner. Three cabins each formed the north and south walls. A covered ditch ran to the spring. It was called STANDING FORT by the Indians after they were unsuccessful in capturing or destroying the fort in May 1777. It was also called FT. ST. ASAPH. Marker at Water Street. The actual site is beyond the creek and former ice plant. The fort was re-created in 2011 on the original site.

McCORMICK’S STATION. 1780. Lincoln Co; on Knoblick Creek south of Junction City.

McKINNEY, ARCHIBALD FORT/STATION: 1792. Lincoln Co., an early trading post on the Cumberland
Trace. There were 4 log cabins within a palisade; ¼ mile southeast of McKinney Elementary School now.

MILLER, WILLIAM STATION: 1770’s. Garrard Co, located near Paint Lick. He was a brother of John Willer.

MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM STATION: 1780; Lincoln Co. South of McKinney on Green River; 12 miles from Logan’s Fort. He was killed by Indians in 1780; another attack occurred in Feb. 1781.

OWSLEY’S STATION: unknown date and location in Lincoln Co.

PAINT LICK FORT: 1777 possibly. Garrard Co. This was a log fort and stockade built over a spring by William Miller.

PETTIT, BENJAMIN STATION: 1779 possibly. Lincoln Co; 2 ½ miles southeast of Hustonville.

SCOTT, SAMUEL STATION: unknown date; Garrard Co, on the Dix River near Davistown.

SCRIVNER’S STATION: unknown date. Madison Co., location unknown.

SHALLOW FORD STATION: 1783. Madison Co, near Million, on Tate Creek at Shallow Ford Creek.

SHELBY, COL ISAAC STATION: 1780’s. Lincoln Co; southeast of Junction City.

SMITH, JAMES STATION: 1780. Garrard Co, north of Lancaster on West Fork Sugar Creek.

SPEAR’S STATION: unknown date and location; could have been along Spears Creek in Boyle Co.

STEVENSON’S STATION: unknown date. This station was located in Garrard Co somewhere on Paint Lick, Creek; might possibly have been in Madison Co.

TANNER, JOHN STATION: 1787. Madison Co, six miles northwest of Richmond.

WARNER’S STATION: unknown date. Madison Co, somewhere on Otter Creek.

WARREN, THOMAS STATION: unknown date; Madison Co. On Otter Creek about a mile from Estill’s

WOOD, JOHN STATION: unknown date, Madison Co. Somewhere on Drowning Creek.

End of series.

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