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Surnames: Yocum, Worthington, Wilson, Williams, Warren
ARNOLD, JOHN STATION: 1783. Anderson Co, on west side of the KY River near Clifton.

ASHE STATION: unknown date; somewhere on the Salt River in Nelson Co.

BAILEY’S STATION: 1780. Anderson Co, possibly on Bailey Run near Tyrone.

BARDSTOWN STATION: 1788, Bardstown, Nelson Co.

BOILING SPRINGS FORT/STATION: 1775. Boyle Co; west of Faulconer on the headwaters of Mocks Branch, west of current US 127. It is also known as CAPT. JAMES HARROD’S STATION.

BOWMAN, COL ABRAM or COL. JOHN STATION: 1779. Mercer Co, two miles east of Burgin on Cane Run. Abram and John were brothers; their station could accommodate 30 families. Marker on KY 152 near KY 33.

BROWN, JAMES STATION: unknown date. Boyle Co; on Clark’s Run about 1 mile west of James Wilson’s Station.

BUNTON, JOHN STATION: 1780’s. East of Meaux’s Station, on McAfee Lane near Ebenezer in Mercer Co.

BUNTON, JOHN STATION. 1781. Mercer Co; north of Faulconer at the county line. He later moved to the area above. Marker at 1236 Buster Pike.

BURNT STATION: 1780. Nelson Co, seven miles northeast of Bardstown on West Fork Simpson’s Creek; about 2 ½ miles southwest of Bloomfield. About 4 ½ miles east of Cox’s Station. It was originally known as CAPT. WILLIAM KINCHELOE’S STATION until it was attacked and burned by Indians in 1782. Later it was known as CHARLES POLKE’S STATION and possibly JOHN CRAIG’S STATION. One source says it was also called WINSLOW’S STATION in error.

CALDWELL, ROBERT STATION: 1784. Boyle Co, southwest of Danville.

CARTWRIGHT, SAMUEL STATION: 1779-1788. Marion Co; three miles north of Lebanon on Cartwright creek. Settlers who came here were relocated to Pottinger’s Station.

CLARK, GEORGE STATION: 1779. Boyle Co; southeast of Danville on Clark’s Run.

COFFMAN, JACOB STATION: unknown date, Anderson Co near Lawrenceburg.

CORN, GEORGE STATION: 1780?. Mercer Co, northeast of Burgin on a branch of Cane Run. Marker at 960 Shakertown Road (KY 33).

COWAN, JOHN STATION: 1780. Boyle Co, Danville, east of Field’s Station.

COX, COL. ISAAC STATION: 1779. Nelson Co, on Cox’s Creek north of Bardstown. In 1784 records show it in “near ruin.”

CRAIG’S STATION: 1779 possibly. Boyle Co; 2 miles east of Danville.

CROW, JOHN STATION: 1779. Boyle Co; four miles east of Danville. Brother to William.

CROW, WILLIAM STATION: 1780. Boyle Co, Danville; on headwaters of Spears Creek. Brother to John.

DENTON, THOMAS STATION: 1776 possibly. Mercer Co, north of McGary’s Station, east of William’s Station. Marker at 986 Curry Pike (KY 1343).

DOUGHERTY, JOHN STATION: 1779. Boyle Co; on Clark’s Run 1 ½ miles or possibly four miles southwest of Danville.

FIELD, WILLIAM STATION: 1780. Boyle Co, Danville. On Spears Creek 7000 feet northwest of the present day county courthouse.

FISHER, STEPHEN STATION: 1780. Boyle Co, east of Danville, on the Dix River.

FROMAN, JACOB STATION: unknown date. West of Trigg’s Station, Mercer Co, northeast of Harrodsburg. Marker at 532 Bailey Pike.

FROMAN, PAUL STATION: 1782. Nelson County; on the east side of Froman’s Creek and north of Nazareth. Marker on US 31E.

GIVENS, SAMUEL STATION: 1780. Boyle Co; 1 mile south of Danville on Clarks Run. Re-named later to JOHN REED’S STATION.

GOODWIN, SAMUEL FORT: 1780. Nelson County, near Boston and south of the Beach Fork River at the junction of KY 52 and Stillwell-Patton Road. Also spelled GOODIN.

GOODWIN’S STATION: 1780. Nelson Co, on the Rolling Fork River below the mouth of Pottinger Creek, near New Haven.

GORDON, JOHN STATION: 1780. Mercer Co, north of Burgin near Shawnee Run Spring. Marker at 1490 Shakertown Road (KY 33). See also TRIGG’S STATION.

HARBERSON, JAMES or JOHN FORT/STATION: 1783. Boyle Co; northwest of Perryville on Doctors Fork. The station/palisade enclosed a spring and a small cave.

HARDIN’S STATION: 1781. Marion Co; on Hardin’s Creek northwest of Lebanon. Also known as HARLIN’S STATION.

HARLIN, MAJOR SILAS STATION: 1778. Boyle Co; seven miles south of Harrodsburg on the Salt River. Also shown as HARLAN. He was killed at the Battle of Blue Licks Aug. 1782.

HITE, ISAAC STATION: unknown date. At Fountaine Blue Spring, north of William McAfee’s Station in Mercer Co. Marker on KY 390 about 1.6 miles west of US 127.

HUTTON, SAMUEL STATION: Unknown date, east of Nivevah, Anderson Co.

IRISH STATION: unknown date. In Boyle Co. on the Dix River northeast of Danville. There is a question if his station actually existed.

IRVIN’S STATION: 1784. Boyle Co, on headwaters of Salt River, south of Atoka. Spelled also IRVINE.

KENTON, SIMON STATION: 1780’s. Boyle Co; on Quirks Run near Needmore.


LOW DUTCH STATION: 1780. Boyle co; just west of Boiling Springs Station. This lay on James Harrod’s Original land tract.

LYNN, BEN STATION: 1780. Nelson Co, on Beech Fork River at unknown location.

MADISON, GABRIEL STATION: 1780’s Mercer Co bestween Reese’s Station and Henry Wilson’s Station. Near Cove Spring at the county line. This is the location of the “Battle of the Corn Cribs” in 1778.

McAFEE, WILLIAM STATION: 1780. Mercer Co, one mile west of Harrodsburg leading towards Judd Siding, at the mouth of the Town Fork Salt River. He was a brother to James and was killed by the Indians in 1781. Marker at 1060 Industry Road.

McAFEE, JAMES STATION: 1779. Near Talmage in Mercer Co, on the Salt River, west of McAfee. This station was attacked in May 1781 and abandoned in 1785.

McBRIDE, WILLIAM STATION: unknown date. Boyle Co, east of Faulconer on the Dix River.

McCOUN, JAMES STATION: 1799 possibly. A strong cabin here, not a stockade, located near the current Vanarsdell. Marker at 493 Garriott Lane.

McCOUN’S STATION: 1780. Boyle Co; near or on the Stalt River near Atoka.

McGARY, COL HUGH STATION. 1781. Near Braxton in Mercer Co, about 100 yards of Shawnee Springs on Shawnee Run.

McMURTRY, JOHN STATION: 1781. Mercer Co, north of Shakertown (Pleasant Hill) at 4170 Lexington Road (US 68).

MEAUX, JOHN STATION: 1784, about two miles south of Salvisa on the west side of US 127, near Vanarsdell in Mercer Co. Marker at 592 Garriott Lane.

POTTINGER, CAPT SAMUEL STATION: 1781. Nelson Co, Gethsemane.

POTTS STATION: 1784. Boyle Co; on Doctor’s Fork northwest of Herberson’s Station.

RAY, JAMES STATION: 1781. Mercer Co near Braxton; near McGary’s Station. He was the stepson of Hugh McGary.

REESE, AZOR STATION: 1784. Mercer Co, located between Bowman’s Station and Boiling Springs Station on Cane Run, south of Burgin. This station also spelled RICE. Marker at 750 Buster Place.

ROBERTSON, ALEXANDER STATION: 1778. East of Burgin in Mercer Co on Cane Run. Marker on KY 152 near KY 33.

ROGERS, COL JAMES STATION: 1780. Nelson Co, four miles west of Bardstown on Cedar Creek and near Cravens.

ROSE, LEWIS STATION: Possibly 1780. Now on West Main Street, Burgin in Mercer Co.

ROUND SPRING STATION: unknown date; near George Clark’s Station.

SANDUSKY, JAMES FORT/STATION: 1776-1786. Washingtgon Co; near Simstown on Pleasant Run. Also spelled SODOWSKY. Marker in Marion Co on KY 1195.

SCOTT, GEORGE STATION: 1780. Boyle Co; about six miles northwest of Danville.

SMITH’S STATION: 1784. Mercer Co; north of Boiling Springs Station. Built by either Zachariah, George or Adam Smith.

TRIGG, COL STEPHEN STATION: 1780. Mercer Co, north of Burgin. About one mile southwest of Shawnee Run Spring between J. Gordon’s Station and J. Froman’s Station. Also called VINEY GROVE, JOHN GORDON’S OLD STATION and JOHN HAGGIN’S STATION. Trigg was called Aug 1782 at the Battle of Blue Licks.

WARREN, WILLIAM STATION: unknown date. Boyle Co, east of Junction City on headwaters of Balls Branch.

WILLIAMS, DAVID STATION: 1785. Mercer Co, on Shawnee Run, about 0.9 miles north of McGary’s Station.

WILSON, HENRY STATION: 1780-1790’s. Mercer Co; located on the Salt River northeast of Nevada and near the mouth of Dry Run. Marker at 627 Dry Branch Road. This was the location of the first Kentucky land court and George May’s surveying office.

WILSON, JAMES STATION: Possibly 1785. Boyle Co; on Clarks Run at Balls Branch; southeast of Danville.

WORTHINGTON, CAPT. EDWARD FORT. 1779. Four miles southeast of Danville in Boyle Co; Incorrectly shown as Waddington’s Fort.

YOCUM, MATTHIAS STATION: unknown date, Mercer Co. On Shaker Creek near Shawnee Run Spring, southwest of Pleasant Hill. A barn still exists; marker on US 68.

To be continued next week.

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