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Surnames: Baker, Boofman, Boyle, Boone, Bradshaw, Bramblett, Bryan, Bush, Sandusky
BAKER’S STATION: 1776. Clark Co. On Stoner Creek, five miles wsest of Mount Sterling.

BOOFMAN, JOHN OR JACOB STATION: 1780. Fayette Co. On a fork of Boone’s Creek near Daniel Boone’s Station; likely a single cabin.

BOYLE, STEPHEN STATION: unknown date, Clark Co, about one mile south of Strode’s Station.

BRADSHAW’S STOCKADE: unknown date, Montgomery Co. One mile north of Mount Sterling.

BRAMBLETT, WILLIAM STATION: 1780. Clark Co, on Stoner Creek south of Wades Mill. Also spelled Bramlett.

BRYAN, JOSEPH, WILLIAM or GEORGE STATION: 1779-1780. Lexington, Fayette Co. On North Fork Elkhorn Creek. Contained 40 log cabins connected in a 200 yard by 50 yard parallelogram for defense; had a 12-foot high stockade. It was attacked by the Indians Aug 1782. The settlement was established first in 1776 and abandoned. By 1782 this was the largest station in the state. It is now on private property but a granite monument can be seen from the road. Spelled incorrectly Bryant.

BURT STATION: 1780 or 81. Four miles east of Lexington in Fayette Co.

BUSH, CAPT. WILLIAM STATION: 1780. Clark Co; near Elkin on Two Mile Creek near the Kentucky River. Various cabins, separated on different tracts of land, not in a cluster. The church was used as the defensive shelter.

CANE RIDGE STATION: 1786 or 87; Bourbon Co; near Blacks Crossroads on Blacks Creek. Also known as JAMES SANDUSKY’S (SODOWSKY’S) STATION.

CARTWRIGHT, SAMUEL STATION: Bourbon Co, Clintonville. Also spelled CURTWRIGHT.

CLARK, ROBERT STATION: 1784; Bourbon Co on Clark’s Creek about three miles southwest of Paris.

CLAY, DR HENRY STATION: 1787. Near Clintonville in Bourbon Co, on Green Creek.

CONSTANT, JOHN STATION: 1785. Clark Co, about one mile north of Strode’s Station.

COOPER, JOHN STATION: 1775-76. Bourbon Co; on Cooper Run two miles southwest of Kiserton. It was likely just one log cabin. He was killed by the Indians in July 1776. His brother, James, took over but was also killed in Aug. 1776.

CRAIG, JOHN STATION: unknown date. Fayette Co, on North Fork Elkhorn Creek south of Bryan’s Station.

CRAIG, JOSEPH STATION: 1780. Fayette Co, on South Fork Elkhorn Creek, north of Levi Todd’s Station.

CRAIG, REV. LEWIS STATION: 1781, Fayette Co. On North Fork Elkhorn Creek near Bryan’s Station, due east of Lexington Station.

CROSSTHWAITE’S STATION: 1791, Winchester, Clark Co.

DONALDSON, JOHN STATION: unknown date, Clark Co; on Donaldson Creek north of Wades Mill.

DUNAWAYH’S STATION: unknown date, Clark Co; on the Kentucky River near Mina.

ELLIS, JAMES STATION: Unknown date, Ellisville in Elliott Co.



FRAZIER’S STATION: unknown date; Clark Co, on Upper Howard Creek near Goffs Corner.

GRANT, COL JOHN STATION: 1779-1788. Bourbon Co. Five miles northeast of Bryan’s Station on Houston Creek, south of Hutchison. This station was burned and attacked in 1780; abandoned until 1784 and then rebuilt by Grant. This house also burned around 1822 and dismantled.

GRANT, WILLIAM STATION: unknown date. On Goose Creek near Loradale in Fayette Co.

HAGGIN/HIGGIN, JOHN STATION: 1780. About 1 ½ miles upriver from Cynthiana, Harrison Co. It was either at Sellars Run or at Paddy’s Run. Haggin originally had a log cabin here in the spring of 1776 but later abandoned it.

HARRISON, BENJAMIN FORT/STATION: 1784 or 1786. Near Lair in Harrison Co; on South Fork Licking River, three miles south of Cynthiana. This fort was attacked by Indians in 1787.

HART, NATHAN STATION: 1779. Clark Co, one mile upriver from Boonesboro. Also known as WHITE OAK SPRINGS. One log cabin built in 1775.

HINGSTON, MAJOR JOHN STATION: 1776, 1780. Near Lair in Harrison Co, 1 ½ miles upriver from Haggin’s
Station. Abandoned after being attacked by Indians in July 1776, later re-occupied or rebuilt nearby in 1780. It was destroyed by Indians soon afterwards in June 1780.

HOLDER, CAPT JOHN STATION: 1780. Clark Co, on Lower Howard Creek near Lisletown.

HORNBECK, SAMUEL STATION: 1788. Clark Co, on Johnson Creek west of Renick.

HOOD, MAJOR ANDREW STATION: 1785. Bourbon Co, about five miles from Strode’s Station, possibly near Austerlitz.
HOY’S STATION: Unknown date; Moorefield in Nicholas Co. It was attacked in Aug 1782. The Upper Blue Licks is northeast of town at the KY 54 crossing of the Licking River.

HUSTON, JOSEPH STATION: 1776. Near Paris in Bourbon Co, only a single log cabin.

IRISH STATION: 1790’S. located on the Licking River, about 5-6 miles of the Lower Blue Licks Station in Nicholas Co.
KENTON, SIMON BLOCKHOUSE: 1776-1777. Harrison Co. A cabin built during the winter at the site of the abandoned Hinkston’s Station.

KISER, JOHN STATION. Bourbon Co, unknown date, possibly at Kiserton.

LEXINGTON STATION: 1779. Lexington, Fayette Co. On Town Branch Elkhorn Creek. This station had 3 rows of cabins forming the fort walls. It was also known as COL. ROBERT PATTERSON’S FORT. It was rebuilt in 1781 by John Todd as a blockhouse fort, 94 feet square with revetments and a wide ditch. Marker at Main and Mill Streets.

MASTERSON, RICHARD/JAMES STATION: 1790. Fayette Co. A 2-story log house; originally known as McCLELLAND’S STATION. Marker at Mastgerson Station Park on US 421.

McMILLIN, SAMUEL FORT: 1779. Located near Colville in Harrison Co possibly; likely across the Bourbon Co line.

MARTIN, JOHN FORT/STATION: 1779-1780. In Bourbon Co, on Stoner Creek three miles north of Paris, near Kiserton. Attacked and destroyed by the British in June 1780 after Ruddle’s Station was attacked.

McCLAIN’S STATION: unknown date. Two miles northeast of Lexington in Fayette Co.


McCONNELL, FRANCIS STATION: unknown date, Fayette Co; Lexington, just east of McConnell Springs.

McCONNELL, WILLIAM STATION: 1788. Paris, Bourbon Co. On Houston Creek;

McCONNELL, WILLIAM STATION: 1779, Lexington, Fayette Co; on Town Branch Elkhorn Creek at the original Lexington Springs. First settled in 1775; attacked in 1781.

McGEE, DAVID STATION: 1780. Clark Co; on Lower Howard Creek north of Holder’s Station. Also spelled McGHEE.

McGEE, WILLIAM STATION: 1780, Bourbon Co. On Cooper Run southwest of Cooper’s Station. This was also known as JAMES McGUIRE’S STATION.


MILLER, MAJOR JOHN STATION: 1784. One mile northeast of Millersburg in Bourbon Co. A log cabin as possibly built her in 1779. Brother to William Miller.

MILLER, WILLIAM STATION: 1780’s. North of his brother, John Miller’s station, Bourbon Co.

MORGAN, RALPH STATION: 1789. Montgomery Co, near Spencer at Spencer and Slate Creeks, seven miles southeast of Mount Sterling. Attacked by Indians in April 1793; the last recorded Indian raid into KY.

OWENS, JOHN STATION: 1790. Located northeast of Lexington, Fayette Co. Also shown OWINGS.


RAGLUND, EDMUND STATION: unknown date, Clark Co. On Stoner Creek near L & E Junction.

ROGERS, JOHN STATION: unknown date; Fayette Co, on Davide Creek south of Montrose.

RUDDLE, ISAAC FORT/STATION: 1779-1780. Near Lair, Harrison Co, five miles north of Martin’s Fort. Also known as FORT LICKING or FORT LIBERTY. Built at or close to Hinkston’s Station. It was attacked and destroyed by the British and Indians in June 1780. Is also spelled RUDDELL or RIDDLE.

SCHOOL, WILLIAM STATION. 1781. Schollsville, Clark Co.
SCOTT, JOHN STATION: 1796, Harrison Co. About five miles east of Cynthiana on Indian Creek, near Shady Nook.


SCONCE, ROBERT STATION: 1789. East of Paris in Bourbon Co; between Harrod’s Creek and Roger’s Creek. The Shawnee leader Bluejacket was held her for a short time in 1789 after his capture.

STAFFORD’S STATION: 1787. About 7-8 miles north of Lexington, Fayette Co. Likely just one log cabin.

STOCKTON, MAJOR GEORGE STATION: 1787. Clark County, 2 miles from Winchester.

STRODE, SAMUEL OR JOHN STATION: 1779. Clark Co, 2 miles northwest of Winchester on Strode’s Creek. This station was attacked in 1781. Some incorrectly spell this Stroud.
SUMMIT, GEORGE STATION: 1780’s. 12 miles from the Lower Blue Licks possibly in Nicholas Co.

SWINNEY’S STATION: unknown date, Bourbon Co, near North Middletown.

THOMAS, WILLIAM STATION: 1784. Bourbon Co; on Kennedy Creek, north of Sidville.

THOMPSON, ROBERT STATION: 1790. Likely a single house on the north side of Town Branch Elkhorn Creek,2.8 miles northwest of Lexington in Fayette Co.

TODD, JOHN STATION: unknown date; near Jonesboro in Fayette Co.

TODD, LEVI STATION: 1779. Fayette Co. South Fork Elkhorn Creek on Bowman’s Mill Road behind the later built Cedar Hall Manor.

UNITY STATION: 1780. Fayette Co. On north or south Elkhorn Creek.


WILSON, HENRY STATION: 1798. Bourbon Co, near Little Rock on Brush Creek.

To be continued next week.

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