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Surnames: Bailey, Basley, Bosley, Vancouver, Boone, Boswell, Buchanan, Campbell, Vassidy, Clark, Collins, Curtis, Davis, Elliot, Elliston, Emley, Findlay, Flagan, Fleming, Fox, Gilmore, Granat, Harman, Kenton, Langford, Leach, Lee, Leitch, Lewis, Littell, McCloy, McKinley
These will be shown geographically. Shown is name of fort, year(s) in operation and description.

BAILEY’S STATION: 1791, three miles west of Maysville in Mason Co, one mile north of Washington.
BASLEY’S STATION: 1790’s. Might be same as BOSLEY’s station. Washington, Mason Co.
BOONE, DANIEL STATION: 1780-1781, Owsley Co, Booneville. Daniel Boone’s winter camp. Marker at the courthouse.
BOSLEY STATION: 1793. South of Washington, one mile above the main fork of Wells Creek.
BOSWELL, JOHN STATION: Unknown date, near Burlington in Boone Co.
BUCHANAN’S STATION: 1794. One mile west of Germantown in Bracken Co.
CAMP BULLSKIN: 1780’s. Near Shelbyville. A militia camp west of town on the east side of Bullskin Creek south of Little Bullskin Creek near the crossing of Brunerstown Road.
CAMPBELL’S STATION: 1792. Grant Co, three miles north of Williamstown, on Dry Ridge.
CASSIDY, MICHAEL STATION, 1788?, Fleming County; About 2 miles SW of Flemingsburg on Cassidy Creek. Marker.
COLLINS, JAMES STATION: 1798. Clay Co. On Goose Creek somewhere near Manchester.
COLLINS, JOEL: 1792. Knox Co; on the Wilderness Road at Richland Creek, possibly somewhere north of
Barburville. This was a stockade built by the local militia to protect travelers.
CURTIS’ STATION: Unknown date, about 2 miles southwest of Washington in Mason Co.
DAVIS’ STATION: 1790’s. In Bell Co, on Little Yellow Creek southeast of Middlesboro.
DEFEATED CAMP: 1786, near London. Defeated Camp Pioneer Burial Ground marks the location of the 1786 McNitt Massacre, where 24 members of the McNitt party were killed by Shawnees on the Boone’s Trace. In the Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park.
ELLIOT’S BLOCKHOUSE: 1784, Carroll Co; Carrollton. Burned in 1785.
ELLISTON, CAPT BLOCKHOUSE: 1786. Carroll Co; abandoned in 1788-89.
EMLEY’S STATION: 1784; near Lacie in Henry Co, on Emily Run.
FINDLAY, JOHN TRADING POST: 1752, Louisville. A small cabin near the Falls of the Ohio River; ruins
found by Daniel Boone in 1770.
FLAGAN, CAPT DANIEL STATION: 1790’s. One to 1 ½ miles west of Germantown in Bracken Co; or two miles east of town. Also spelled FEAGAN.
FLEMING, JOHN STATION: 1788 or 1790, Femingsburg.
FORT NELSON: 1781 -?, Louisville. There was originally at VA state militia blockhouse here named Corn
Island Fort (1778-1778) on Corn Island (also known as Dunmore’s Island), at the Falls of the Ohio River, between present-day 4th and 14th Streets. Also known as Fort at the Falls. It was relocated to the mainland in 1779 at the present day 12th and Rowan Street and known as Fort On Shore. It was rebuilt again almost on present day 7t St. It later served as a courthouse and jail. Monument at 7th & Main.
FOX, ARTHUR STATION: unknown date; Washington, Mason Co.
GILMORE’s STATION: 1792; Bath Co. 12 miles east of Mount Sterling on Slate Creek.
GRANT, COL. JOHN STATION: 1779-1781. Campbell Co near Grants Lick. Attacked and destroyed by Indians.
HARMAN, MATHIAS STATION. 1787 or 1789-1803?. Johnson Co. Near Auxier on the Levisa Fork Big
Sandy River at John’s Creek. Also spelled Herman.
HARMON’s BLOCKHOUSE: 1787-1789. Louisa, Lawrence Co. Abandoned after an Indian attack.
KENTON, JOHN STATION: 1780’s. One half mile south of Washington in Mason Co.
KENTON, SIMON STATION: 1784. One of three, Maysville, Mason Co. On Limestone Creek, three miles southwest of Maysville.
LANGFORD, STEPHEN STATION: 1790 or 92; Mt. Vernon in Rockcastle Co. The original blockhouse or log cabin still exists; now located behind the county courthouse. Also spelled LANDFORD. Originally located south of town on East Fork Scagg Creek.
LEACH’S STATION: Unknown date and location, Bracken Co.
LEE, CAPT HENRY STATION: 1785. Maysville, Mason Co.
LEITCH, MAJOR DAVID STATION: 1789 or 1790. Campbell Co, near Cold Spring, along the Licking River, near intersection of KY 9 and I-275.
LEWIS, GEORGE STATION: 1789. Lewisburn in Mason Co. Originally known as GEORGE CLARK’S STATION (1785-88).
LICKING STATION: 1800. Salyersville in Magoffin Co. On the Licking River. Also known as Archibald Prater’s Fort. Possibly opened as early as 1784. Monument located at the community center.
LITTELL’S STATION: 1790?, Williamstown, Grant Co. Settled before 1792.
LITTELL’S STATION: unknown date. Southwest of Falmouth in Pendleton Co, somewhere on Fork Lick Creek.
LOUDON’S STATION: unknown date, Henry Co, somewhere on the Kentucky River.
MAYSVILLE BLOCKHOUSE: 1784, Maysville in Mason Co. Built by Edward & John Walker and George Lewis.
McCLOY’S STATION: 1796. Boone Co, somewhere between Big Bone Lick and Gunpowder Creek.
McKINLEY, JAMES BLOCKHOUSE: 1785. New Lewisburg in Mason Co.
MEEK’S STATION: 1788, Henry Co. Somewhere on Drennon Creek; built by John and Jacob Meek.
MEFFORD, GEORGE FORT OR STATION: 1787. Washington, Mason Co. Built of flatboard planks after
family descended down the Ohio River from PA. The original cabin is preserved on Old Main Street.
MIDDLETON, LT. WALTER. 1792. Laurel Co. A small local militia garrison on Turkey Creek.
MILL’S STATION: 1790, Lewis County, location unknown. It was the home of William Thompson.
MODREL, LT. ROBERT STATION: 1792, Laurel Co. A small local militia garrison on the Little Laurel River about 5 miles SE of London. Used to protect travelers on the Wilderness Road.
PAINT LICK STATION: 1790; near Paintsville in Johnson Co. Built by Col. John Preston. Marker.
POST AT BOONE LICK. 1791, Big Bone Lick State Park. A state militia post garrisoned by 18 men.
POST AT FORKS OF LICKING. 1791, Falmouth. A state militia post at the Forks of Licking River, 12 men.
SCOTT, GEN. CHARLES BLOCKHOUSE: 1789. Carrollton in Carrol Co. Marker at Point Park. Palisaded
occupied by the KY State Militia in 1791. Also known as the POST AT THE KENTUCKY RIVER. Garrisoned 19 men.
SLATE BLOCKHOUSE: 1788. Bath Co; at Slate Creek (Bourbon) Furnace. Garrisoned by the KY state militia in 1790-96 with 17 men. Known also as the Post at the Iron Works.
SPURLOCK, JOHN STATION: 1791. Prestonburg in Floyd Co. Also called PRESTON’S STATION.
STATION CAMP: 1769, West Irvine. Daniel Boone’s winter camp, with John Findlay, John Stuart, and others, on Station Camp Creek at the Kentucky River. Marker at KY 52 and KY 499.
STOCKTON’s STATION: Richard or Major George’s station. Flemingsburg; first of 3 forts built in the area.
STRODE’S STATION: 1785. New Lewisburg in Mason Co. On the North Fork Licking river at Strodes Creek. Also spelled STROUD.
TANNER, REV. JOHN STATION: 1785, Prestonburg, Boone Co. Garrisoned by KY state militia in 1791 with five men. Marker at the elementary school.
TAYLOR CREEK STATION: 1790. Campbell Co, unknown location. It was the home of John Campbell.
THOMAS’ STATION: Near Defeated Camp; about 30000 feet north of the cemetery.
VANCOUVER, CHARLES FORT OR BLOCKHOUSE. 1789-90. Louisa in Lawrence Co. Also known as Big Sandy Blockhouse.
WARING THOMAS STATION: 1785. Two miles from Maysville in Mason Co.
WELL’S STATION: Unknown date and location, in Mason County.
WOOD’S BLOCKHOUSE: 1793. Seven miles north of London in Laurel Co, near Oakley on Hazel Patch Creek.

To be continued next week.

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