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(Includes hospitals). Sadly, I have no further information. A web search might reveal more information.

Ashland: Winchester Avenue.
King’s Daughter’s Hospital, King’s Daughters, General, except contagious & incurable.

St. Thomas’ Orphan Asylum, Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, Orphan & destitute children.

Bowling Green: 623 12tth Avenue.
St. Joseph’s Hospital, private corporation, General.

Clay City:
Highland Orphans’ Home, Presbyterian Church of US, Orphan children.

Cold Spring:
St. Joseph’s Orphanage, St. Boniface’s Society, Roman Catholic children from 2 to 17.

Covington Protestant Children’s Home, 1407 Madison Ave. Private corporation. Destitute children.
Home for the Aged and Indigent Women, 7th & Garrard St, private corporation, impoverished aged
St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis, general except contagious. 11th St.
St. John’s German Orphan Asylum, Horsebranch Road (rural), St. John’s Orphan’s Society, German
Orphan Children.
Watfarer’s Rest, 1914 Russell St, Associated Charities, Homeless, incurable men & Women.

Danville: Second Street.
Kentucky School for the Deaf (State of Kentucky), Blind, deaf and destitutes.

Dayton: Main Street
Speers Memorial Hospital, Trrutees of Speers Endowment Fund, general except contagious.

Fort Thomas:
House of the Good Shepherd, Sisters of the Good Shepherd, aged, dependent & erring women &
Orphan girls.

King’s Daughters’ Hospital, King’s Daughters, 220 Main St, General.
Mary K. Williams Home for Orphan Girls, Ascension Protest Episcopal Church, orphan girls.

Henderson: Green Street
City Hospital and Sanitarium. General except contagious.

Children’s Home, 5th & Upper Sts, private corporation, illegitimate, abandoned & neglected children.
Home of the Friendless, 522 W Short St, private corporation, dependent aged women.
House of Mercy, 519 W 4th St, private corporation, fallen women & their infants.
Lexington Orphan Asylum, 511 W. Short St, Private corporation, orphan children.
MacAlester Home of Christ Church Cathedral, 3rd & Walnut St, Christ Church Cathedral, indigent
Odd Fellows’ Widows’ and Orphans’ Home, 511 W 6th St, IOFF, widows & orphans of Odd Fellows.
Pentecostal Church Home, 441 Kinghead St, Pentecostal Power Church, homeless widows & orphans.
Pythian Home of Kentucky, Route 5, Knights of Pythias of KY, widows & orphans of Knights of Pythias.
St. Joseph’s Hospital, Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, General, 534 W. 2nd St.

All Prayer Foundlings’ Home, 1622 Story St, private corporation, fallen women & their infants, &
Children’s Free Hospital, 226 E. Chestnut St. Private corporation, general.
Children’s Home, 2630 Montgomery St, Church of Christ, no details.
Colored Orphans’ Home, 18th & Dumisnil Sts, Orphan’s Home Society, orphan children.
Church Home and Infirmary, 1506 Morton Ave, private corporation (Episcopal), homeless aged persons.
Cook Benevolent Institution, 622 W KY St, private corporation, impoverished aged women.
German Baptist Orphan’s Home, 923 Cherokee R, South German Baptist Churches, orphan & destitute
German Methodist Deaconess Home & Hospital, 529 S. 8th St, Methodist Episcopal Church, general
except contagious.
German Protestant Orphan’s Home, 1232 Bardstown Rd, private corporation, orphan & destitute
Hazelwood Sanatorium, Station E., Louisville Anti-Tuberculosis Association, Tubercular.
Henrie Barret Montfort Home, 413 Broadway, private corporation, young working women.
Home for Friendless Women, 512 W KY St, private corporation, fallen women & their infants.
Home for the Aged, 622 S 10th St, Little Sisters of the Poor, destitute aged persons.
Home of the Innocents, 106 W Broadway, Protestant Episcopal Church, homeless & indigent children.
Hope Rescue Mission, 808 Washington St, private corporation (Baptist), homeless men.
Hospital of SS. Mary & Elizabeth, 12th at Magnolia. Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, general except
House of the Good Shepherd, 518 S 8th St, Sisters of the Good Shepherd, wayward & orphan girls.
House of the Good Shepherd, 2214 Rank St, Sisters of the Good Shepherd, wayward & orphan girls.
Jewish Hospital, Floyd & KY Streets, Federation of Jewish Charities, general except contagious &
KY Children’s Home Society, 1086 Baxter Ave., Society for the Protection of Children.
KY Home for Colored Children, 807 Sixth St, KY. Home Society for Colored Children, destitute &
neglected childen.
KY Home Society, 807 Sixth Ave, Society for the Protection of Children.
KY Home Society for Colored Children, 807 Sixth Ave, Society for the Protection of Children.
KY Institution for the Education of the Blind (State of Kentucky). 1807 Frankfort Ave.
King’s Daughters’ Home for Incurable, Stevens Ave & Norris Place, King’s Daughters, incurables.
Louisville Baptist Orphans’ Home, 1022 S. 1st St, Baptist churches of KY, Baptist orphan children.
Louisville City Hospital, City of Louisville, general except smallpox.
Louisville Protestant Altenhelm, 936 Barrett Ave, German Protestant churches, indigent aged persons.
Mason Widows’ and Orphans’ Home, 2nd St & Avery Ave, Masonic Grand Lodge of KY, Mason’s
Widows & their children.
Methodist Orphans’ Home, 812 S. 5th St, Methodist Episcopal Church South, Orphan children from
2 ½ to 13.
Norton Infirmary, 3rd & Oak St, private corporation (Episcopal), general.
O’Leary Home, 934 Barrett Ave, Sisters of Charity, Needy unemployed men.
Orphanage of the Good Shepherd, 1418 Morton Ave, Protestant Episcopal Church, indigent boys over 6.
Orphans’ Home, 225 E. College St, Christian Church (Disciples), orphan children from 2 to 12.
Parr’s Rest, 978 3rd St, private corporation, indigent aged gentlewomen.
Presbyterian Orphans’ Home, 1118 S Preston St, Presbyterian Orphans’ Home Society, dependent
Protestant Episcopal Orphan Asylum, 211 E College St, Protestant Episcopal Church, orphan girls.
Receiving Home, 1086 Baxter Ave, KY Children’s Home Society, dependent, neglected & homeless
Red Cross Sanatorium, 1436 S Shelby St, Red Cross, general except cancerous, contagious & tubercular.
St. Anthony’s Hospital, 1315 Wickliffe Ave, Sisters of St. Francis, general except contagious & tubercular.
St. Jame’s Old Folks’ Home, 3031 Greenwood Ave, private corporation, aged men and women.
St. John’s Eruptive Hospital, Matislick? Rd, City of Louisville, Smallpox.
St. Joseph’s Infirmary, 637 4th Ave, Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, surgical.
St. Joseph’s Orphans’ Home, Frankford & Bayley Ave, private corporation, Catholic orphan & destitute
St. Lawrence Institute for Working Boys, 233 E. College St, private corporation, homeless working boys.
St. Vincent’s Orphan Asylum, 2130 Payne St, Sisters of Charity, Orphan & dependent girls.
Salvation Army Industrial Home, 915 W Broadway, Salvation Army, homeless unemployed men.
U. S. Marine Hospital, High St, U S Government, general.
Waverly Hill Sanatorium, P.O. Valley Station, Louisville Anti-Tuberculosis Assn, Tubercular.
Wayfarers’ Lodge, 212 Pearl Ave, Associated Charities, homeless men and women.

Campbell Co Protestant Orphans’ Home, Home Ave, private corporation, Orphan children from 3 to 18.

City Hospital, City of Owensboro, 10th & Center Sts, general except contagious.
Mary Kendall Home, 300 3rd St, Women’s Christian Association, wayward girls, destitute or erring
Women and children.

Home of the Friendless, 14th & Burnett Sts, private corporation, Homeless women & children.
Illinois Central Railroad Hospital, 15th & Broadway, IC Railroad, general.
Riverside Hospital, 4th & Clay Streets, City of Paducah, general.

Pewee Valley:
KY Confederate Home, State of Kentucky, Confederate veterans.

Richmond: 323 Glyndon Ave.
Pattie A. Clay Infirmary, private organization, general.

King’s Daughters’ Hospital, King’s Daughters,922 Clay St, general.
Old Masons’ Home of Kentucky, Masonic Grand Lodge of KY, Masons & their wives.

Cleveland Orphan Institution, private corporation, orphan girls.

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