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Barren River – southern tributary of Green River, between Allen, Monroe, Barren & Warren Counties.
Barton’s Creek – Mercer Co.
Barshear’s Creek, same as Brasheares & variant spellings – Shelby Co.
Battle Creek – Trimble Co.
Beach Fork of Salt River – Nelson & Washington Counties.
Beargrass Creek – Jefferson Co.
Benson Creek, both upper and lower – Franklin Co.
Big Boiling Spring – near Harrodsburg, Mercer Co.
Big Blue Lick – Nicholas Co.
Big Forks of Elkhorn Creek – Franklin Co.
Big Bone Lick – between Boone and Gallatin Counties.
Boggers Fork – Clark Co.
Boffman’s Fork of Boon’s Creek – Clark Co.
Boiling Springs – Mercer Co.
Boon’s Creek – Clark Co.
Boon’s Mill Creek – Madison Co.
Bowman’s Creek – Bourbon & Montgomery Counties.
Bracken’s Creek – Bracken Co.
Bramlet’s Lick - Bourbon Co.
Breashier’s Creek – Shelby Co. See above.
Brush Creek – Casey and Owen Co.
Bryant’s Lick – Casey Co.
Brushy Pond Creek – Jefferson Co.
Buck Lick Creek – unknown.
Buck Run – Woodford Co.
Buffaloe Creek – Nelson, Washington, Mercer & Boyle Counties.
Bullitt’s Salk Lick – 3 miles from Shepherdsville, Bullitt Co.
Bull Lick – Madison Co.
Bullskin Creet – Fork of Brearshears in Shelby Co.
Cabbin Creek – Mason and Lewis Counties.
Calloway Creek – Madison Co.
Cane Run – Scott & Fayette Co. Another in Lincoln and Casey Counties; another in Mercer Co.
Caney Fork – unknown.
Canoe Creek – Henderson & Rockcastle Counties.
Carpenter’s Creek – Lincoln and Casey Counties.
Cartwright’s Creek – Washington & Marion Counties.
Cedar Creek – one in Owen Co, one in Lincoln County.
Cedar Run – Mercer Co.
Cees? Creek – Mason or Bracken County.
Chinath Run (Chenowith) – Jefferson or Shelby County.
Chaplin’s Fork of Salt River – between Washington, Nelson and Marion Counties.
Clark Creek – Garrard Co.
Clark’s Run – Branch of Dick’s River – Clay Lick.
Clear Creek – Shelby Co. Another in Woodford Co.
Combs’ Creek – same as Howard’s Creek, Clark Co.
Cooper’s Run – Bourbon Co.
Coxes Crfeek – Nelson Co.
Crooked Creek – Mason, Trigg, Crittenden and Pendleton Counties.
David Jones Fork of Elkhorn – Fayette Co.
Deal’s Run – Scott Co.
Delaware Creek – McLean Co.
Dick’s River – Branch of Kentucky in Mercer, Boyle, Garrard & Lincoln Counties.
Doctor’s Fork of Salt River – Washington Co.
Dowlan’s Creek – Branch of Salt River.
Drake Camp Creek – Lincoln and Garrard Counties.
Dreaming Creek – Madison Co.
Drennon’s or Drennings Creek – Henry Co.
Dry Fork of WSalt River – unknown.
Dyx/Dix River – Dick’s River.
Eagle Creek – Carroll and Oen Counties
Elk Garden Creek – Madison Co.
Elkhorn Creek (Main) – Franklin Co. Elkhorn Creek (North) – Franklin & Scott Counties. Elkhorn Creek
(South) – Franklin, Woodford and Fayette Counties.
Falling Creek – branch of Dick’s River in Lincoln and Garrard Counties.
Falls of the Ohio – Louisville, Jefferson County.
Fern Creek – Jefferson Co.
Finn Creek – likely Fern Creek.
Fish Pools – head of Pond River, Jefferson Co.
Flat Creek – Bath Co.
Floyd’s Fork of Salt River – Jefferson & Bullitt Counties
Four Mile Creek – Clark Co.
Fox Run – Shelby Co.
Froman’s Creek – Branch of Chaplin’s Fork of Salt River, Washington Co.
Fun Creek – likely Fern Creek, Jefferson Co.
Gasses Creek – likely Gist’s or Guesses Creek – Harrison Co.
Gilbert’s Crfeek – One in Anderson Co, one in Garrard Co.
Gilmour’s Creek – Lincoln Co.
Glen’s Creek – Woodford Co. Another in Washington Co.
Grear/Greer Creek/Greyer’s Creek – Woodford Co.
Green Creek – Bourbon Co.
Green River – Southern KY through Lincoln, Casey, Green, Adair, Hart, Edmonson, Warren, Butler,
Ohio, Muhlenberg, Hopkins, Daviess and Henderson Co to the Ohio River.
Given’s Creek – branch of Green River.
Gordon’s Lick – Lincoln Co.
Goose Creek – one in Clay, one in Jefferson and one in Oldham Counties.
Hammond’s Creek – Anderson Co.
Hanging Fork of Dick’s River – Lincoln Co.
Harden’s Creek – Breckinridge Co.
Harmon’s Creek or Lick – Wayne Co.
Harrod’s Creek – Jefferson Co.
Harrod’s Run – one in Mercer Co, one in Bourbon Co.
Hawkin’s Branch of Dick’s River
Hickman’s Creek – Jessamine Co.
Hinkson’s/Hinkstone Creek – Bourbon Co.
Howards Creek – Clark Co.
Howard’s Upper Creek – Clark Co.
Huston’s Fork of the Licking – Bourbon Co.
Indian Creek – Jackson Co.
Indian Camp Crfeek – one in Madison Co and one in Butler Co.
Irvin’s Lick – Branch of Tates Creek in Madison Co.
Jessemen Creek – Jessamine and Fayette Counties.
Johnson’s Fork of Licking – Robertson Co.
Jouett’s Creek – See Duert’s Creek
Kennadyh’s Fork – unknown
Kentucky River – NW through Letcher, Perry, Breathitt, Wolfe, Lee, Estill, Madison, Clarke, Fayette,
Jessamine, Garrard, Mercer, Woodford, Anderson, Franklin, Owen, Henry & Carroll Counties.
Knob Creek – Hardin Co.
Knob Lick Creek – Lincoln Co.
Knob Lick –Webster Co.
Lawrernce Creek – Mason Co
Lee’s Creek – Mason Co.
Licking River – NE Kentucky.
Lilbergrud – Lulbergrud – Clark Co.
Limestone Cree/Run – Mason Co
Lin Camp Creek – Butler Co.
Little Flat Creek – Lincoln No.
Little Kentucky River – Henry, Carroll and Trimble Counties.
Logan’s Creek – Lincoln Co.
Long Run – Jefferson Co.
Lower Blue Licks – Nicholas Co.
Lulbegrud Creek – Clark, Montgomery & Powell Counties.
McClallun’s Fork/Fort – Scott Co.
McConnell’s Run – Scott and Fayette Co
Marble Creek – Jessamine Co.
Martin’s Creek – a branch of the Soth Fork of Lickilng.
Mill Creek – Waters of the Ohio – Breckinridge Co or Hardin Co. Also one in Carroll and Henry Counties.
Mill Creek “waters of N. Fork of Licking” – Mason or Fleming Co.
Miller’s Creek – Clark Co.
Mud Lick – Bath Co.
Muddy Creek. One in Butler, one in Ohio, one in Madison and one in Trigg Co.
Muddy River – Logan Co.
Mulberry Creek – brfanch of Breashears in Shelby Co.
Murray’s Run – Mercer Co.
Nolin’s Creek – Hardin Co
Ohio River – Northern boundary of Kentucky.
Otter Creek – Madison Co. One McLean Co, one “waters of Salt River.”
Paint Creek – Johnson Co.
Paint Lick Creek – Garrard Co.
Panther Creek – Daviess Co.
Pine Lick – Lincoln Co.
Pitman’s Creek – Pulaski Co.
Pleasant Run – Marion & Washington Counties. Another in Morgan Co.
Plumb Creek – Spenceer & Shelby Counties.
Plumb Run – Fayette or Jefferson Co.
Pond Creek – Jefferson Co.
Pond River – Hopkins and Muhlenberg Counties
Quirk’s Creek – Mercer County
Red River – Powell Co.
Rolling/Rowling Fork of Saltg River – Nelson, Larue & Marion Co.
Rough Run/Creek – Hardin, Grayson, Hancock & Ohio Counties.
Salt River – Mercer, Anderson, Spencer & Bullitt; branches in Washington, Nelson, Shelby, Jefferson.
Shannon’s Run – Woodford & Fayette Counties.
Shawnee Run – Mercer Co
Shawnee Spring – Mercer Co.
Silver Creek – Madison Co.
Simpson’s Creek – Spencer & Nelson Counties.
Skagg/Skeggs Creek – Rockcastle Co.
Slate Creek – Batgh Co.
Small Mountain Creek – same as Litle Mountain Creek – Montgomery Co.
Severin/Sovern Creek – Hardin Co.
Soverin’s Creek – a branch of Hingston’s Fork of Licking.
Sovern Creek – Owen Co.
St. Asaph’s Spring Branch – Logan’s Fort near Stanford.
Station Camp Creek – Estill & Jackson Counties.
Steel’s Run – Woodford & Fayette Counties
Stewart’s Fork of Salt River – Nelson Co.
Stoner’s Creek – Bourbon Co.
Stoney Creek – Boone Co.
Strodes Branch of Lickilng – Bourbon Co.
Sugar Loaf Lick – Madison or Lincoln County.
Summer’s Run – Branch of Licking.
Tate Creek – Madison Co.
Ten Mile Creek – Grant Co.
Town Fork of Elkhorn – Fayette Co.
Town Fork of Salt River – Mercer Co.
Townsen’s Fork – Bourbon Co.
Twin Creeks – unknown.
Two Mile Creek – Clark Co.
Upper Blue Lick – Nicholas Co.
Wheatley Creek – same as Whitley in Lincoln Co.
White Lick – Garrard Co.
White Oak Springs – Hart Station in Mercer Co.
Whitley Creek – Lincoln Co.
Wilson’s Creek – Bulliett & Nelson Counties.
Wilson’s Run – Branch of Dick’s River.
Wolf Creek – about 70 miles below the Falls of the Ohio in Meade Co.
Wolf Creek – Branch of Stoner’s Fork of Licking.
Woods Creek – Campbell or Kenton Co.

End of series.

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