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Surnames: Harrison, Morgan, Baker, Hughes, Triplett, Edwards, Peters, Crow, Crowe, Fisher, Connerly, Greyer, Power, Eagin, Lickley, Howard, Gatter, Ganter, Warford, Hunt

Same date and place.

Benj’n Harrison, 1000, M&I 1776, at the head of the W Fork of Licking Creek; about 3 miles from Jno Morgan’s cabbin; on a branch which empties into the creek & about ¼ mile above the cabins, improvements.

John Baker, 1000, postponed.

John Hughes, 1000, assignee of Arthur Ingram by Jesse Pigman, M&I 1776, on Fox Run about 2 miles from the mouth, improvements.

Nath’l Hogman Triplett, 1000, by Jno Peters, M&I 1776; on the East branch of Licking Creek about 8 miles from a creek called Limestone Creek; joins the lands of William Triplett and Sam’l Webbs, improvements.

Willis Edwards, 1000, M&I 1776, by Jno Peters, on the Ohio River about 10 miles below the mouth of the Siota; joins some land improved by Jas Triplett, improvements.

William Morgan, 1000, by Jno Peters, M&I 1776, on Benson Creek on the N side of the Kentucky River, about 4-5 miles up the creek from the mouth where it empties into the Kentucky River; improvements, tree marked “W M”.

John Crow, 1400, M&I 1777, corn in 1776, ½ way between 2 cabbins with a square line that Crowe built in 1774 – one cabbin covered SW from Fishers Garrison known by Rees’ Lottery Cabbin; the nother NE from the station and Fisher, not more than ½ way to another cabbin Crow built; cabbin lies N from the station.

John Baker, 1000, settled May 1779; waters of Cedar Creek, a branch of Chaplins Fork; improvements, tree marked “JB”.

Joseph Connerly, 1000, M&I 1776; on a small branch of Greyers Creek, joins lands of Isaac Greyer & Isaac Power; improvements.

William Eagin, 1000, M&I 1775; on a branch that runs into Greyers Creek, about ¾-1 mile west of Joseph Connerways; improvements.

Joell Rees made motion for him to remove a location which he obtained a certificate for in April; he now relocates on the N side of KY River, Drennings Lick at a place known as the Cove; erected buildings in 1775.

Elisha Lickley, 1000, by Cornelias Gatter, M&I 1776, on a creek, a branch of the Rolling Fork of Salt River, about 1 ½ miles below the fork; improvements.

Cornelias Howard, 1000, by Cornelias Gatter, M&I 1776, on the S side of a creek, a branch of the Rolling Fork of Salt River, above lands claimed by Elisha Lickley, improvements.

Cornelias Ganter, 1000, M&I 1776, on a small branch that empties into Breashiers Creek, about 6-7 miles from the creek, improvemetns.

Jno Warford, 1400, assignee of Jno Hunt, M&I 1776, on the first branch of Bresiers Creek below where the 3 forks meet, on the S side, abot 2 ½ - 3 miles from the branch; improvements.

Alex’r Lithgrow, 1000, by Jno Crittendon, M&I 1776; on the W fork of Licking Creek, below improvement of Jno Morgan’s building, on the lower line of Benjamin Harrison’sland.

Jno Hodges, Jr., 1000, by Jno Crittenden, M&I 1776, on theOhio River beginning 200 poles above the mouth of Turkel Creek, running down the river 400 poles & back; about 50 miles above the mouth of the Licking River, improvements.

Wm Farrow, 1000, by Jno Crittendon, M&I 1776, on Buck Lick Creek head of the South Fork, waters of the S Fork of Licking, improvements.

Jno Kendrick of Loudon Co by John Crittenden, 1000, hadn’t taken oaths, rejected.

Arthur Blackburn, 400, settled March 1779, on a branch of the Hanging Fork of Dicks River, 2 miles above lands of Sam’l Briggs, immprovements.

Wm Rice, 1000, no oath taken, rejected.

James Logan, 1000, M&I 1776, on N side of the Rolling Fork, about 6 miles below Shawnee Lick, improvements.

James Adams, 1000, M&I 1776, E Fork of Mill Creek, about 10 miles from where creek empties into the KY River, improvements.

Eli Adams, 1000, by James Adams, M&I 1776, East Fork of Mill Creek; joins lands of SIneca McCrakin; near to James Adams’land, improvements.

Wm Adams, 1000, by Jas Adams, rejected.

Edmund Thurman, 1000, M&I 1777, N side of Col. Callaway’s land; S side of Jno Litrell’s land on Callaway Creek, improvements.

Wm Bohanon, 1400, , settled 1777; resided on land 12 months prior to this date, on the head waters of Paint Lick Creek, includes a sulphurlick; joins the White Lick.

Wm Crow & Geo’e Clark, 1400. Witnesses sworn; Crow has a right to the settlement & prememption. Agreed to exchange the certificates . Crow locates on the N Fork of Licking Creek joining the Middle Fork ofLaurenes Creek & adjoining George Dickens preemption; includes 3 cabins of Simon Butler.

Isaac Romine, 400, rejected.

Phillip Lutts, 1000, M&I 1776; on Bull Creek, joins lands of Aron Vancleave.

Henry Failwether, 1000, by Phillip Lutts, M&I 1776; on the dividing ride between Clear Creek & Bullskin Creek, about 3 miles S of the mouth of Fox Run, improvements.

Hugh Forbes, 1400, cdorn in 1776; both sides of the W Fork of Licking Creek; joins the lower lines of Alexander Lithgrow, improvements.

Wm Brent, 1400, by Hugh Forbes, corn 1776; on the W Fork of Licking Creek on a small branch that runs in on the E side above lands claimed by Benj’n Harrison, improvements.

Edward Sprigg by Hugh Forbes, 1400, corn 1776, W fork of Licking Creek, both sides above; joins lands of Wm Brent, improvements.

Dan’l Forbes, 1000, by Hugh Forbes, M&I 1776, W fork of Licking Creek, below & joining lands of Hugh Forbes, improvements.

Charles Will’m Cross, 1400, by Hugh Forbes, corn 1776, near the head of Buck Lick Creek where there is a remarkable hill; improvements.

Rev. Adam Smith, 1000, by Rich’d Thomas, M&I 1776, on a branch of Hickman’s CDreek, below & joining Rev. Jno Todd’s land, improvements.

Joshua Wright, 1400, by Squire Boone, corn 1776; waters of Floyd’s Fork of Salt River, about 4-5 miles above their old trace, includes a mark made by Boone.

James Wright, 1000, by Squire Boone, M&I 1776, waters of Breasheirs Creek above & joining lands of Squire Boone.

Sam’l Campbell made motion to remove a location made in April; re-locates on both sides of Spring Creek which runs into the N side of the Rolling Fork of Salt River, includes a spring near a buffaloe path.

Wm Stewart made motion to remove location granted 21st same month on the right hand fork of Lawrence’s Creek to join Thos Williams on the W end.

Charles Gatliff, 1000, heir at law to Squire Gatliff, M&I 1773, on the Ohio River on the 3rd large bottom above mouth of the SIota, improvements.

Adam Whickerham Jr, 1400, corn 1776, 1st branch emptying into Breasheirs Creek below the 3 forks, improvements.

Jacob Wickerham, 1400, by Adam Wickerham, - rejected – no oaths taken.

Adam Witckerham by Adam Witckerham, 1000, M&I 1776 – rejected; he had obtained certificate in the Monnongalia District.

Sam’l Applegate, 1000, by Wm Crow, M&I 1776, on the Rolling Fork of Salt River about 2 miles above mouth of Indian Lick, improvements.

James Gilmore, 1000, M&I 1776, headwaters of the Town Fork of Salt River about 1 ½ miles W of Knob Lick; improvements.

Geo’e Smith, 1000, by Jno Smith, M&I 1775, on Silver Creek at St Asaphs Fork, W side.

Owen Deven, 1000, corn 1776, joins other lands he owns.
Alexander McHan, 1000, by Jos’h Wilson – rejected.

Jno Allison, 1000, M&I 1776, branch of Licking, about 7 miles from Upper Blue Licks, includes deer lick and improvements.

Dav’d Glen made motion to remove certificate granted 12 Feb 1790, corn in 1776, re-locates on the N side of KY about 2-3 miles from Benson Crossing.

James Sterrat, 1400, corn in 1776, waters of Dry Run on NW side of the N Fork of Elkhorn, about ¾ mile from the mouth & about 1 ½ miles from McClellen’s Fort; includes improvement made by Jno Lawrey.

The Commissioners finished their business; their power has expired. /s/ Wm Fleming, Steph’n Trigg, Edm’d Lyne and Jno Williams Jr.

A correction made back to a statement that Colonel Stephen Trigg where it was stated that he was the only son of Abraham Trigg. Their notes corrected to read “the youngest son”.

Next week, a placement of many of the sites mentioned.

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