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Surnames: Hoy, Gass, Pendleton, McClary, Holmes, Fleming, Peyton, Smith, Davis, Corn, Deal, Williams, Rees, Shelby, Keller, Bullett, Kincannon, Campbell, Carr

18 Apr 1780. This was an extension of the time allowed to hear these cases. Some of the cases were in such bad shape that they were not able to be transcribed.

Wm Hoy by Dan’l Gass, 1400. Rejected.

William Pendleton, 1000, assignee of William McClary by Craven Peyton, 1000, M&I 1776; on the East Fork of Licking, about 3-4 miles below the upper fork. Supposed to have been a large encampment made by Indians there.

Joseph Holmes, assignee of Patrick Pendleton who was assignee of John Fleming, by Craven Peyton, 1000,. Rejected since it appeared to the Court that Fleming had not taken the oaths of Fidelity & Allegiance to the State – further inquired into.

Francis Peyton by Craven Peyton, 1`000, in support of which the deposition of John Fleming was read – rejected.

John Smith by Azeriah Davis, 1400. It appeared to the court that Smith had taken the oaths of fidelity and Allegiance to this state – claim not further looked into.

Solomon Corn, 1000, M&I 1775; on the North side of the North fork of Elkhorn, waters of Lecomps run; joins lands where John Deal has an improvement and the lands of John Williams Jr.

George Corn by Simeon Corn, 100-, M&I 1775; about one mile from the white oak spring about NW from the same; on the head of a dry run; includes improvements.

___ Rees, 1000, M&I 1774 & 1775; lying near the Knob Lick; Isaac Shelby having obtain a certificate … entry not in total.

John Keller, 1000, M&I 17__; on the last fork of Cooper Run on one of the head springs, on the E side of a branch near a large cane brook … rest missing.

Cuthbert Bullett, devisee of his brother, Thos. Bullett, 1400 decedent raised corn in 1776; on the Ohio beginning at the lower corner of Cuthbert Bulletts’ settlement.

Andrew Kincannon by Geo’e Adams, 1000, M&I 1775 & 1776; on Silver Creek where the old trace at Boonesborough crosses the creek, both sides of the road & running down the creek as low as the Blue Lick Branch.

John Campbell, assignee of Wm. Deal, heir at law to Wm Deal, decd; 1000, decedent M&I in 1775; on a branch of Lecompts run; joins the lands of Lecompt and below the lands of Solomon Corn, N side of the N fork of Elkhorn.

Joel Walker came into Court and offered to locate a tract of land to include the Cave Spring about 1 mile S of Can Run, joining James Carr’s improvement (improvement made by Carr in 1775. Court ordered a summons to issue for John Bunton to appear.

Charles Clifton, heir at law to John Clifton decd, same … corn in 177___, rest missing.
Michael Smith by Peter Watts, 1400. Witnesses examined; rejected.
Adam Smith by Peter Watts, 1000, rest missing.
Avender Gordon, 400, rest missing.

William Hickman by George Stovel Smith, 1000, M&I 1776; on the head ofd the Middle Fork of the next creek that runs into Salt River, below Breashiers Creek on the N.

George Scot by Thos Carland, 1000, M&I 1775; on the head of a creek that empties in below Jessemine Creek into the KY River where a buffaloe road crosses the river; includes two springs.

Wm Rowan, assignee of Joseph Moore, 1400 – rejected.
Sam’l Davis, assignee of Wm Crawford, 400 – rejected. Adjourned

19 Apr 1780, St. Asaphs.

John Fagert, assignee of Michael Fagert who was surviving joint tenant of Sam’l Hunter, decd., 1400, resided in country 12 months before 1776ii & improving lands, on the W Fork of Buck Lick Creek near the head, a branch of the South Fork of Licking, about 12 miles from the upper Blue Licks SW; includes decedents improvement.

Martin Nall Jr, 1400, corn in 1775 & 1776, on the Ohio River above the mouth of the Big Kentucky, 9 miles; adjoins the lands of Adam ___ on his lower line.

Martin Nall Sr by Jr, corn in 1776; on the first creek that empties into Salt River below the lower McAfee Station on the S side of the river, about 1 ½ miles up the creek.

John Briscoe, 1400, corn in 1775 & 1776; on the Ohio about 10-12 miles above the Big Bone licks, mouth of a small creek with very steep banks.

Thomas Carland waived his objection made to the claim laid in by him for Nathaniel Henderson. David Gass came into court & agreed to take that location in exchange for one made by him near the head of Jessamine Creek … rest missing.

John Harden, 100, M&I 1775, on Pleasant Run, a branch of the Beech Fork of Salt River, about 3 miles from the mouth of the run; includes a small deer lick.

Mark Harden by John Harden, 1000, M&I 1775; on Hardens Creek, a branch of the Rolling Fork of Salt River, about 6-7 miles from the Indian Lick, includes his improvements.

John Askins, heir at law to George Askins, decd., 1000, decedent M&I 1776; west side of Hardens Creek, a branch of the W Fork of Salt River, above the lands claimed by Mark Harden, about 1 ½-2 miles, includes improvements.

John Askins, 1000, M& I 176; on the East branch called the last fork of Cartrights Creek, includes improvements.

Jacob Froman by John Keller. Court decided that Froman had taken the oaths – claim was not further inquired into. Amount not shown.

Joseph Keller by John Keller, 1000 … missing … rejected.

Jacob Newland, 1000, M&I 1775; on Pleasant Run; joins land of Cartright & Basil Preather; includes improvements.

Edward Smith by Jos. Newland, 1000, appears that Smith had taken the oaths but claim was not further enquired into.

Peter Keller by John Kendrer, assignee of John Williams – not enquired into as there was not proof of their having taken the oaths.

Peter Buttler by Martin Nall Jr, 1400, corn in 1775; on a creek that runs into Salt River on the SW side, below the lower McAfee Station; joins lands of Martin Nall Sr.

Adam Rough, heir at law to Nich’s Rough by Patrick Davis, 1000, corn in 1776 by decedent; on the head of Roughs Run a branch of KY River on the N side, about 5 miles above the mouth of Collins Creek; includes improvements made by Patrick Dawbin.

John Briscoe Sr, by Jr, 1400, corn in 1776; on the N side of the KY River; joins lands of David Glen, includes falling springs and improvements made in April 1775.

Parnemus Briscoe by John Briscoe Jr, 1400, corn in 1776; on a branch of Salt River; joins lands of Martin Shell & Silas Harlen; agreeable to the lines agreed upon between the parties in 1775; includes the boiling springs and improvements made in 1774.

John Tomleson, 1400, appeared to court that he has no right to the claim.
Alexander Moore’s claim not considered.

Joseph Dixon by William Stewart, 1000, M&I 1775; on the branch of the Rolling Fork of Salt River, joins lands of James Phenix; extends over the waters of Harden Creek, includes improvements.

Samuel Lyon, heir at law to Dan’l Lyon, M&I 1776 … postponed until tomorrow – no decision found.

We are getting closer to the end of the series, a lengthy one of course. At the end, there will be a list of where most of these waterways listed are located in current day counties.

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