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Surnames: Hart, Todd, Chaplin, Beard, O'Bryan, Carland, Henderson, Handley, Hends, Warford

I realize this is an extremely long series, but from e-mails I’ve received from list members, many of you are finding your ancestor’s name here. These are among the earliest settlers of Kentucky! We continue with the same date and location as last week’s post. M&I means marked & improved.

Hart, Geo’e, 1400, by John Todd Jr, settled 1777; on N side of Chaplin’s fork of Salt River; joins land of Wm Beard; includes improvements made by WM. Stewart. Adjourned.

26 Feb 1780, same location.

Jno Miller, 400, settled May 1779; on the 2nd S fork of Clear Creek; includes a cabin built by Wm Field.

Wm Mitchell, 400, by Gilbert Marshall, settled Apr 1779; on the fork between Dicks River & Kentucky River, known by the name of Elk Lick, about 2 miles from the KY River.

Thos O’Bryan, 1400, corn in 1775; both sides of Fox Run a branch of Brashear’s Creek, waters of Salt River; joins land of Jno Miller.

Thos Carland came into court saying he never empowered Nathanl Henderson or anyone to lay in his claim for 1400 acres; he cannot accept the location made for him as it deprives him of the location he has a just right to from actual settlement on land lying at a sinking spring called Carland’s spring; about a mile from the Jessemine spring; a certificate has been granted to Dav’d Gass. He is informed that the certificate for Gass is sent down to the Register’s office and Carland protests against Nath’l Henderson’s precedings, contests to get the land. The Court decided that the Carland protest is entered & Carland to be given a copy of the order.

Jno Handley, 1400, M&I 1776; on a branch of Floyd’s Fork of Salt River; about 4 miles E of Linn Garrison’s land. He granted only 400 acres.

Jno Handley, 400, assignee ot Levi Theel, settled 1778; on the Middle Fork of Lickilng.

And’w Hends, 400, assignee of James Piggett, settled May 1779, waters of Salt River, about 1 ½ miles from the river; includes improvement.

Joseph Warford, 400, by Andrew Hends, settled May 1779; on Mill Creek at a sulphur Lick where the buffaloe road crosses, about 15 miles S of Bulletts Lick.

Joseph Combs, 400, by And’w Hinde, settled May 1779; on the Beech Fork of Salt River, about 6 miles from the mouth on the second creek above the mouth, includes improvement.

Zebelen Collins, 400, by And’w Hindes, settled May 1779, on the N fork of Beargrass, joining lands of Wm Linn & on the S side of Col. Fleming.

Conrod Oyler, 400, settled May 1779, on Rolling Fork of Salt River on the S, above the mouth of the Beech Fork, about 4-5 miles, includes improvement.

Mark Oyler, 400, by And’w Hinde, settled May 1779, about 4 miles above the Long Lick Creek, Waters of Salt River.
Mark Oyler Jr, 400, by And’w Hinde, settled May 1779, on Long Lick Creek & about 2 miles above Mark Oyler’s land.

Sam’l Porter, 400, moves that the location he was granted & be changed to the N side of the KY River, on the first bottom below Miller’s Creek; includes improvement made by Jno Martin.

And’w Hinde, 400, assignee of Dan’l Miller, settled May 1779, on the Rolling Fork of Salt River on the S side on a run called Miller’s run.

Jno Halloday, 1400, settled 1777; on the W fork of Licking Creek, below the Rolling Fork of Salt River & Green River on the N side; includes Pottengers Camp.

Moses Ashbrook, 1000, M&I 1776; on Simpson’s Creek, about 2 miles above the forks.

Nathan Allen, 400, by Edw’d Washington, settled May 1779, on Otter Creek on the W; joins the barrens of Salt River; includes a spring issuing out of Barrens Hill; has a cabin & other improvements.

Lewis Hombs, 1400, corn in 1776; Shawnee Run; joins lands of Pewter Casey on the SW.

Abraham Keller, 1000, M&I 1776; on a branch of Higstons Fork of Licking Creek called Bowman’s Creek; includes improvements made by Burr Harrison.

Eliz’eth Allen, 400, by Jno Bowman, settled Mar 1779; on the N side of Dicks River on a run that empties into the river opposite to where Col Bowman lives.

Joseph Acres, 400, settled Mar 1779, on the S side of the Middle Fork of Licking Creek on a branch; joins lands of Jno Shelp & about 3 miles from Harrods Lick; includes improvement made by Jno Shelp.

Jno Pearcy, 400, moves to alter a location for land he received Jan 29th 1780; moves to the Middle Fork of Licking Creek; begins on the line of Wm Hays.

Jno. Scott, 400, by Joseph Carsweller, M&I March 1779; on the S side of Harrods Run, aboutr ½ mile from the mouth.

Geo’e Bellow, 1000, by Wm Stewart, M&I 1776, on a branch of a large fork of Licking Creek, about 2 miles from Sam’l Brown’s land, includes a large spring & improvements.

Lott Wood, 1400, by Edw’d Hammond, corn in 1777; on the E Fork of Paint Lick; includes a spring by a small lick marked “W.M.B.&I.K” on a tree.

Jacob Mayers, 400, settled Mar 1779, on the Hanging Forks of Dicks River; joins Robert Bennett on the lower side, runs down the creek.

Jno Hawkins, 400, assignee of Wm Johnson; settled Apr 1779; on the N side of Green River on Buffaloe Creek, about 2 miles from the river & about 1 mile below the Buffaloe Lick.

James Wallis, 1400, by Jas McCullock, corn 1776; Hardens Creek; joins land of Phenex on the W, waters of the Beech Fork of Salt River.

Jacob Pyall, 400, by Jno Handley, settled May 1779, on a branch of Floyds fork of Salt River, about 3 miles from Jno Handley’s; includes improvements made by Jno Handley.

Jno Todd Jr, 400, in behalf of Jno Todd Sr, asked to have a claim reheard which is granted him. Witnesses called; opinion of the Court that Jno Todd has a right to settlement adjoining his improvement on Hickman’s Creek.

Thos Christy, 400, by Jno Todd Jr, settled March 1779; on Hingstons Mill Seat Creek, about 8miles from Riddle’s Station; includes improvements made by Jno Townsend.

Margaret Pendergrass, 400, assignee of Edward Wilson by Jno Todd Jr, Wilson made settlement 1778; on a small branch of Wilson Creek on the N side of a branch of the Rolling Fork of Salt River, about 10-12 miles SER of Bulletts Lick; includes Wilson’s improvement.

James Waters, 1400, by Jno Todd Jr, corn in 1776; waters of the E Fork of Licking Creek; joins settlement of Jno William Jr on the W.

James Polly, 400, settled Mar 1779; on the S side of KY Riv, about 8 miles from Col. Bowman & about 5 miles above the mouth of Dick’s River in a large bent of KY; includes spring.

Abell Randall, 1000, by Isaac Hite, M&I 1775; on the town fork of Salt River on the S, about 30 miles from this place; includes improvements and tree marked “M”.

Heirs of Dan’l Bryan claimed a settlement & preemption to a tract of land by Isaac Hite because decedent resided in the county 12 months before 1778; on the Jesemine Creek; joins John Williams & Adam Stephen; includes improvement made by Isaac Hite.

It was proved to the Court that Dan’l Whelen was entitled to 1400 on account of corn in 1776. He did not locate it. He asks for a change in location to the head of Mill Creek, a branch of Licking Creek; joins Jacob Dunin’s land on the E.

Wm. Stewart in behalf of John Peters, moved the Court to remove a location and locates now on a Buffalo road that leads from the upper Blue Licks, 7 miles NW from the lick, includes cabin built by Simon Butler.

Peter Flin, 1400, by Thos Carland, resided 12 months before 1779; at the mouth of Brasheirs Creek in the Forks between the creek & Salt River, crossing the creek.

Jesse Evans, 1400, by Moses Archbrook, assignee of Low/Lew Brown by virtue of a bill of sale from Brown; - cannot grant another for the same land.

Jno Bowman, 1400, administrators of Jno Preston decd, deceased resided in the country 12 months before 1779, on Jessemine Creek; joins lands of Jno Williams & Adams Stephens; includes improvements made by Isaac Hite.

Ordered that the clerk issue all the certificates that are not yet given out; they have concluded their business of the District.

Note: this was the length of time given for the court. The next session begins April 18, 1780. To be continued next week.

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