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Surnames: Menefee, Trabue, Clarke, Kennedy, Drake, Vance, McKenney, Templeton, McNutt, McBride

21 Feb 1780 – Harrodsburg. Mark & improved will be shown as M&I

Garred Menefee Sr by Garred Menefee Jr, 1000, M&I 1777; head of Cedar Creek; joins land of Wm Whetley.

James Trabue by Dan’l Trabue, 1000, settled 17778; on the head of the W branch of Gilberts Creek; includes improvements.

Tho Clarke Sr, 1000, by Thos Clarke Jr; M&I 1776; on Licking Creek, about 6 miles from a large lick near the mouth of a small branch that heads in the mountains, adjacent to lick & on the E side; about 30 miles above the Upper Blue Licks.

Wm Kennedy, 1400; settled 12 months befdore 1778; on the Ohio on the first large bottom below the mouth of KY (Riv); joins lands of Jno Drake, heir at law to Joseph decd.

Hugh Ladwell, 1000, by Jno Handley, M&I 1776; on Licking Creek on the E side of a large fork, includes Elkhorn Spring.

Thomas French, 1000, by Jno Handley, M&I 1776; Licking Creek near the mouth of a small branch of a large fork empting into the main creek , about 30 miles above the upper Blue Licks.

Sam’l Pottenger, 1400, corn in 1776; on Pottengers Creek beginning about ¼ mile below his covered cabbin.

Joseph Vance, 1400, assignee of James McPherson, corn in 1776; on Green River; joins lands of Sam’l Briggs on the S; includes McPherson’s improvements.

Jno Vance made motion that a summons issue for Jno McKenny to appear before the court in behalf of Arch’d McKenney as appears that he laid the McKenney’s land on lands claimed by Vance.

Alexander Templeton, 1000,heir at law to James Templeton decd. By James McBrid(e) M&I 1776, between Shannons Run & Glenns Creek, about 1 ½ miles from Shannons Run.

Wm McNutt, 1000, heir at law to Joseph McNutt decd. By Jas McBride, M&I 1776, between the Middle fork of Elkhorn and the W fork of Cain Run; joins lands of Robt’ Thompson.

Dav’d Mitchell, 1000, by Jas McBride, M&I 1776, both sides of S Fork of Elkhorn Creek; joins Alex’r McConnell’s 400 acre tract.

James Carr, 1000, by Thos Clark Jr., M&I 1774; joins lands of Elijah Harlen on the N.

Jno Clarke in behalf of Henry Thomas moved to remove a location obtained; re-locates it on Stewarts Creek which empties into the Beech Fork of Salt River on the N; includes improvements; about ¾ mile from the mouth of the creek.

Anthony Rogers, 250 acres, settled Apr 1779; on the SE side of Crab Orchard; joins lands of Wm. Moore.

Wm Wilson, 400, settled Mar 1779; on Clarks Run, waters of Dicks River; joins Clark on both sides of a branch, includes improvements.

Jos’h Hunter Jr, 1000, M&I 1775; on the Ohio on a large bottom about 5-6 miles below the mouth of the KY River.

Same, 1000, by Jno Donne; MK&I 1775; west side of the KY,a bout 3 miles above the ClayLick; about 1 mile S of the big buffaloe Crossing. Adjourned.

22 Feb 1780, same location.

Jas Logan, 400, settled Mar 1779; head of a branch of the Hanging Fork of Dicks River between the lands of Craig & McNeil; includes improvement made by Wm Todd in 1774.

Wm Swan, no acreage shown, on acct. of Wm. Woodard resided 12 months before the year 1779. Adjourned.

23 Feb 1780, same location.

Stephen Trigg moves the court to remove a location he obtained on the 2nd; re-locates to the S side of the N fork of Harrods Creek above Dan’l Haggin’s land, includes spring & improvement made by Sam’l Moore.

Dan’l Hoggan applied to have his location on Salt River removed and allowed to re-locate on a fork of the N Fork of Harrods Creek, a branch of the Ohio.

Jacob Lodawick changed his location appvd Jan 1778? To land on the dividing ridge between Shannons Run & Sinking Creek.

James Harrods, 4000, settled 1779, in the forks of Bullskin Creek, a branch of Breashiers Creek, includes improvements.

Francis Wilson, 400, heir at law to Hugh Wilson by James Harrod, asked for 1000, received only 400, decedent resided in the country 12 months before 1779; on the Rolling Fork of Salt Rive, includes part of Cedar Lick. Wilson declined the 1000.

Wm Field, 1400, by Jams Harrod, corn 1776, head of Wilsons Run; joins the lands of Rev’d Charles Cummans on the W and Thos Harrod on the E.

Ann McDonnald, 1400, now the wife of James Harrod, resided 12 months prior to 1778; on the Ohio River, mouth of the first large creek below the ___, about 50miles below the Falls of the Ohio.

Jno Moore, 1400, corn in 1775; both sides of the Rowling (Rolling) Fork of Salt River.

Rob’t Gilbert, 4000 M&I 1774, on the Ohio, joins the lower side of Ann McDonald’s land (now wife of James Harrod).

Sam’l Garden, 400, by Jno Wilkerson, M&I, settled Mar 1779; on N side of Dicks River on a small branch, about 1 miles from the same; between lands of Wm Menefee & Henry Boffman.

Hezekiah Applegate, 1400, 12 months before 1779, on Plumb creek a branch of Salt River, about 4 miles from the mouth.

Thos Powell, 1000, by Jno Floyd, M&I 1775, on the Ohio including mouth of a small creek,a bout 10miles below the falls.

Rob’t McCoy, 1000, M&* 1776; on Ro___e Run, S side, near the head.

Thos Beard, 1000, by Wm. Stewart, M&I 1776; on Stewarts Creek, a branch of Chaplins fork of Salt River, includes improvements.

Charles Stewart Jr, 1000, by Wm Stewart, M&I 1775, both sides of Mill Creek, includes his spring & cabbin on the N side, waters of Chaplins Fork of alt River. Adjourned.

24 Feb 1780 – same location.

Peter Casey, 1400, by Isaac Hite, corn in 1776, waters of Shawnee Run, adjoins Hugh McGary’s settlement on the W, includes improvements.

Dav’d Williams, 1400, corn in 1775, on Main Fork of Harrods Creek about 3 miles above the fork to include improvement made by Peter Casey in 1775.

Jacob Poplan moved the court to remove the land granted to the S side of the Rolling of Salt River below mouth of Pottengers Creek; joins lands of Jno Walton.

Edw’ds Williams, 1400, corn in 1775, waters of Floyds Fork of Salt River about 5-6 miles from Bulletts Lick on the right hand of the path from the lick to Beargrass, includes improvements made by Wm & Peter Casey.

To be continued next week. Sandi

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