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Surnames: Miller, Fleming, Ross, May, Bowman, Hite, Wall, Barker, Lewis, James, Phillips, Bunton, Sodusky, Bentley, Mattox, Arbuckle
Same date and location as previous.

Henry Miller, 1000, by Edw’d Bulger, on the left hand branch of Clear Creek, about 4 miles from the head, includes his cabin & improvement; marked & improved 1776.

Wm Fleming, assignee of Jas Ross withdraws the location made by Ross on the Ohio River on the yellow banks; lands are in dispute.

Geo’e May, Surveyor for the county was ordered to appear with his books. Jno Bowman & Jno Hite were personally in court. Informed the court that having obtained certificates from the court in the Name of Isaac Bowman, Hannah Soverins & Vangelist Harden for settlement & preemption which had been located on the Yellow Banks of Ohio River above the mouth of Green River – the surveyor informed them that by virtue of military warrants on the land, they requested their rights of claim determined. The court finds the lands to be entered by Geo May for and in behalf of Jno May, Thos Mann, Randolph & Josh’s Woods, executors of Lenard Price decd. Opinion of the court that they (the court) are fully empowered & authorized to adjust & settle all claims … entries made b military warrants are good, withdrawn.

Patrick Wall, 1000, assignee of Conrad Barker, marked & improved 1775; on the lower end of Sinking Creek, a branch ofd the S Fork of Elkhorn, joins the lands of Colo. Andrew Lewis & James.

Peter Phillips, 1400, corn in 1775; on the S side of Town Fork of Salt River; about 5-6 miles from Bulletts Lick on the 1st creek below the lick; near the fork of the creed; includes a tree marked “IH” in 1776.

Jno Bunton Sr, 400; settled Dec 1775, lying about 1 ½ miles this side of Harrods Landing, on the road leading from that to the landing; includes improvements made by James Sodusky.

Jas Bentley, 400; settled May 1779; on S side of the Rolling Fork of Salt River, about 15 miles from Bulletts Lick; includes improvements.

Wilson Mattox, 400, settled 1778; on a creek about 12 miles from Green River; includes improvements.

Thos Arbuckle, 400, settled April 1779; on the Rolling fork of Salt River, both side; betwee3n the lands of Henry Bristo & Solomon Laurance.

Court determined there is sufficient reason to remove Henry Darthetys claim which was located on 5 Nov 179; he now locates on the N side of Green River near where William Glover now lives.

Jos’h Daughtery by Jno Daugherty, 1000, marked & improved in 1776; on a branch about 1 ¼ miles NE from Poff Mill Seat between Beargrass & Howarads Creek; includes a spring and a beech tree with the two 1st letters of Jos’h Dothery; includes cabin.

James Crockett, 1000, marked & improved 1775; on the N side of Silver Creek, about 2 miles from creek on a small branch called Stone Lick Creek. Adjourned.
16 Feb 1780, same location.

James Scott, 400, settled Apr 1779; between the sinking creek & Shannon’s Run, waters of Elkhorn; joins lands of Patrick Wall; includes the Buffaloe Spring.

Jno. Allason, 400, settled April 1779; both sides of Salt River below the fork; includes improvement made by Thos Denton; above Silas Harlen’s land; joins lands of George Culwell, assignee of Jas Hoy’s land.

Rich’d Woods, 1000, by Charles Campbell; marked & improved 1776; waters of the Town Fork of Salt River between the fork & Breashiers Creek on Coxes settlemt; includes improvement.

Stephen Groves, 1000; marked & improved 1776; same location.
Jno Woodrow, 1000, marked & improved 1776; same location.
Jno Ross, 1000, by Charles Campbell, marked & improved 1776; same location.
Jno Wilson, 1400, corn in 1776; on a dividing ridge between the KY River & Dicks River.

Rob’t Wilson, 1400, corn in 177i6; on N side of Gren River, waters of Crooked Creek; joins Henry Daugherty’s land.

Andrew Cowan, 1000; marked & improved 1776; same location; joins lands of Jno Wilson on the north.

Jno. Bentley, 1000; marked & improved 1776; N side of Dicks River opposite land claimed by Rich’d Jameson.

Marquis Helms, 1400, corn 1775; on a branch of Green River called Elk Garden, about 15 miles from Gordens Lick; includes improvements made by Edm’d Bulger.

Isaac Hite, 1400, came into court and moves that the order locating his land in favor of Vangelist Harden, on a branch of the Ohio known as Finn Creek, about 12 miles from the Falls of the Ohio; includes improvement &I spring known as Joseph Solerain’s Spring.

Edw’d Bulger in behalf of Wm Oldham, 400, moved the court to alter the location of his lands claimed on the 11th; now locates on the waters of Salt River, about 4 miles from Bullett’s Lick; includes improvements by Isaac McBrid on the N side.

Jno Fitzgerald, 1000, marked & improved 1776; on the S side of the N Fork of Licking Creek at the mouth of the creek (called Mill Creek).

Rich’d Jackman, 1400, by Col. Logan; corn in 1`775; on S side of Dicks River, about 1 ½ miles from the lands of Wm Craig, includes improvement.

John Jackman, 1400, by Col. Logan, corn in 1776; on Elkhorn Creek, a branch of Dicks River on the N side; joins Bertholomew Fanton on the E.

Sam’l Kirkman, 400, settled Mar 1779; on both sides of the Hanging Fork of Dicks River within a mile of Jas Lagin’s land; includes a spring marked “WM” and cabin.

Thomas Williams, 1400, resided 12 months before 1778; on the 2nd right hand fork of Lawrence Creek that heads with the waters of Licking; includes improvement made by Charles Lacompt. Adjourned.
17 Feb 1780, same location.

Isaac Hite moved to remove a location made by Hannah Soverins, now the wife of Benj’n Lynn, - now locates it lying on the S Fork of Beargrass, includes a spring just below a Buffaloe path; includes 2 springs marked in 1774.

Martin Fowler, 1400, in county 12 months before 1778; at the falls of the Ohio, was approved 23 Nov 1779 which was not located. Isaac Hite entered the court and locates the same on the main fork of Elkhorn Creek about 6 miles from the forks, includes improvement made by Nathaniel Randolph, has 2 spring.

It appears by the court that the lands claimed by Roger Topp, assignee of Thos Gibson is within an Officers Survey; Benj’n Logan in behalf of Topp moves to alter the location to the waters of Breasheirs Creek on the last branch that the old trace crosses that leads to the Fall of Ohio at a Camp called Bulskin.

Jos’h Martin, 400, came into court and moved the court to have the location he had obtained 29 Jany 1780 removed; now locates on the side of the Hanging Fork of Dicks River on a branch that runs at Rob’t Barnett’s improvement.

It appears to the Court that John Higgins was a servant to Robert McAfee during his residence in this country and until he died ordered that a claim of Dan’l Higgins heir at law to Jno Higgins be set aside.

Proved to the court that Thos Rowlin, assignee of Mordecai Reed who was assignee of Jno Love on the 6th Nov 1779 was entitled to a settlement & preemption did not locate the same. He came into court & locates instead on Hickman’s Creek; joining lands of Abraham Hite on the E, includes a spring, about ¾ mile from Hite’s land.

It appeared to the court that Sam’l Givins & Jacob Coplin have located the same piece of land, the parties being present & sworn; the court determines that Givens has a right to the land.

To be continued next week.

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