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Surnames: McKeny, Briggs, McCracken, Henry, McHan, Dunkin, Gatliff, Logan, Barnett, Montgomery, Montgomerie, Martin, Washington, Cameron, Wiley
28 July 1780.

Archibald McKeny, 1400, settled in 1777; on a small branch of Green River on the N side, about 1 ½ miles SW from Briggs Camp.

Wm McCracken Jr, 100, settled & improved in 1775; at a cave sprig on the N side of the N Fork of Elkhorn Creek; joins Patrick Henry’s survey; includes McCracken’s cabbin.

John McHan, 1400; settled & corn in 1776; between John Dunkin’s and Charles Gatliff’s land, on Hingstons Creek of Licking Creek.

John McKeny, 400, settled May 1779, on S Fork of Licking on the S side; about 2 miles above John Martin’s land.

Benj. Briggs by Benj. Logan, settled in 1777; on Waters of the Hanging Fork, about 1 ½ miles NW of Brigg’s Camp. Opinion of court after examination that claim be rejected.

Robert Barnett by Col. Logan, 400; actual settlement in Apr 1779; on the Hanging Fork of Dicks River; about 67 miles from St. Asaphs, known as Salt Spring.

Wm Montgomerie Jr, 1400; corn in 1776; on waters of Green River near the pine lick; about 1 mile W of this.

John Montgomery, 1400; settled in 1777 & resided there ever since; waters of flat lick branch of Dick river; about 1 ½ miles below the lick.

Sam’l Briggs, 1400, corn in 1776; waters of the Hanging Fork of Dicks River at Briggs Camp.

Wm. Montgomery, heir at law of Alex’r Montgomery, 1400; settled in 1777 and Alexander resided there until killed by the Indians; on a branch of Green River about 2 miles W of Arch’d McKenney.

Wm Montgomery Jr, 400, settled May 1779; on a branch of Cvarpenters Creek and the head; about 2 ½ miles from a small lick on the creek.

Ovid McCracken made motion to remove his location of a certificated of the 7th at Bryants Station and applies for the Main fork of Elkhorn Creek.

James McKenny, 400, settled Apr 1779, about 2 ½ miles above Briggs Camp, waters of the Hanging fork of Dick River.

Joseph Martin, 400, by Col. Logan, settled Apr 1779; on a branch called Briggs where the road cross from the little flat lick to the little salt lick on the W side of the creek.

Thos. Reeves, 400, settled April 1779; on a creek emptying in the on the S side of KY River, about 5 miles from the mouth & about 5 miles up the creek; includes a cabbin on the W side of the creek.

Ordered that the certificate to Edward Wathington, assignee of John Brown be issued. Adjourned.

31 Jan 1780, Harrodsburg.

Thomas Gant, 1000. Came into court re a certificate issued him 6 Nov 1779; wrongly located. Moves the Court to have the sae altered & locates the same on the Salt River, about 1 miles above Fort Liberty & between the lands of David Adams and Thomas Denton.

John Cameron by James Wiley, 1400, corn in 1776; on the N side of Kentucky about 1 ½ miles from Harrods landing place, on a branchy of Clerk Creek; includes a spring.

Thos Edger, 1400, corn in 1776; on Cedar Creek, a branch of Dicks River near Gilmour Lick.

Thos. Denton Sr, 1400, corn in 17876; about 3-4 miles from the mouth of Salt River on the S side; joins the Barrens, includes a spring; tree marked TD.

Spencer Collins, 400, settled May 1779; on Licking Creek about 2 miles from James Patones land; includes a cabbin built by Pattone.

Aniah Davis, 1000, settled 176; on Benson Creek on the N side; near the head of the creek.

Rob’t Deshay, 400; settled Apr 1779; on S fork of Elkhorn about 2 miles S of the stamping ground; includes a cabbin built at a spring joining Crittendons Camp.

Joseph Coblin, 400; settled April 1779; on Clarks run; joins land of Jas Brown on the upper side.

John Lynch, 1400, corn in 1775; on Mill Creek, waters of the Ohio emptying below Salt River; joins land claimed by Capt Hines; includes a large spring and improvements.

James Samuel, 400, settled May 1779; on Wilson Creek, a branch of the Rowling Forks of Salt River; joins the Bald Ridge.

John Holloway, 400, settled 1779; on Doctors Fork of Salt River; includes improvements made by James Ray.

Henry Spillman, 400; settled May 1779, on a large run emptying into Salt River against Bulletts Lick; about 6 miles up the run.

John McFall, 1000, improved & marked 1776; on Mill Creek, waters of Licking; about 6 miles from Riddle Station; includes a small deerlick and his cabbin.

Wm Eastace?, 1000, improved & marked in 1775; on S side of Higstons Fork of Licking Creek on a small branch running into the creek, just above a small lick.

Dan’l Leet, 1000; marked & improved 1775; on N fork of Elkhorn Creek, about 8-10 miles above the fork; includes a a spring.

Abraham Hamptonstall, 1000; marked & improved 1774; S fork of Elkhorn Creek on the S side; joins the lands of Charles Lewis on the N.

James Brown, 400; settled May 1779; joins lands of James Pattone; Slate? Creek.

Edward Cather, 400; settled Apr 1779; on a small branch of KY on the N side; about 2 miles from the fording N of the river. Includes a Sinking Spring.

Heir of Reuben Waits decd by Eliza’th Waits, 1000, marked & improved in 1776; on Coopers Run, branch of Licking Creek, about 2 miles from the head; includes the decedent’s cabbin.

Nathan Linn, 400, settled May 1779; on waters of Hingston Fork of Licking Creek, about 5 miles below Andrew Gun’s? land.

Joseph Carswiler, 400, , settled Mar 1779; in the forks of Cedar Creek about 1 mile SE of the Cedar Spring on the S side of the Beech Fork of Salt River.

Ann Poag, 400; settled 1776; on the road leading from Harrodsburg to the Fall of Ohio; about 7 miles from McAfees lower station; known as the McGrays Spring.

Adjourned. To be continued next week. Sandi

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