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Surnames: Booker, Lunsford, Calk, Innes, Parberry, Estis, Hunt, Bryant, Tomlinson, Stokes, Poag, McCracken, Frazer, Hogan, Dobbins, Forbes, Fisher, Jones, Cown

17 Jan 1780, same location.

John Booker, 1400, on 4 Mile Creek about 6 miles from Boonsborough; includes a spring and lick; lived there 12 months before 1778. Adjourned.

18 Jan 1780, same location.

Lewis Lunsford, 1000, marked & improved in 1779, NE of the lands claimed by Wm. Cradlebough between the Hunters Road & Stoners Fork; below land claimed by John Feild. (sic).

Wm Calk, 1400, corn in 1775; on Small Mountain Creek, waters of Licking Creek.

Hugh Innes, 1000, cabin & improved in 1776; joins land of James Parberry, assignee of Elisha Estis; down toward Hustons Fork.

James Seburn, assignee of Edjmon Douglass, corn on Pittman Creek, a branch of Cumberland River in 1776. Court decided that the corn in that part of the country was reserved for the use of the Army; he made no settlement or improvement in any other part of the country; no authorization to receive a certificate.

Court felt that Wilson Hunt obtained a certificate on the 12th for 1000 acres and same petitions to remove same. The new land is about 5 miles NW from Wm Bryant’s Spring adjoining the Falling Timber; north side of Elkhorn Creek.

Wm Tomlinson, 400, settled Apr 1779; about 3 miles from Bryant’s Station; includes a will spring at the head of Cane Run.

Christopher Stokes, 400, settled Apr 1779; on the Middle fork of Licking Creek; joins land claimed by Alexander Poag.

It appearing to the Court that James McCracken obtained a certificate on the 4th for 400 acres; petitions to remove same. Re-locates 2 miles N below Lees Town, waters of KY River.

George Frazer, 100 acres, marked & improved 1776 in the Forks of Harrods Creek at a spring; runs into the N branch about 1 mile from the fork & about 12-14 miles from the Falls of the Ohio. Adjourned.

28 July 1780.

James Hogan Sr by James Hogan, 1400, raised corn in 1776; N side of Elkhorn Creek on first big Fork below Dobbins’ claim; has a cabbin on the W side at James Forbes camp.

James Hogan Jr, 1400; corn in 1776; N fork of Elkhorn on the N; includes a small lick & about 4-5 miles SE from the white oaks woods.

Wm Hogan, 1400; corn in 1776; adjoins on the lower side land claimed by James Hogan Sr.

Stephen Fisher, 1400, corn in 1776; lying about 2/3 mile E from Jones Settlement; joins same. Not to issue until further order.

Barnard Fisher, 1400; corn in 1776; waters of Salt River; includes a cabbin built by John Cown; joins lands claimed by Isaac Hite on the east.

Adam Fisher, 1400; corn in 1776; on waters of Dicks River near the mouth of Howards; improvement made by Dowgins & Glens.

George Spear, 1400, corn in 1776; about 1 mile E of Gorden Lick on the N side of the Hanging Fork of Dick’s river.

John Carpenter, 400; corn in 1776; 2 miles S of Gordens Lick on the dividing ridge of the Hanging Fork of Dick River & Green River; includes his improvement.

Coonrod Carpenter, 1400, corn in 1776; below Gordens Lick & nearly E; joins the lands of John Carpenter & George Spears.

Charles Morgan, 1000, heire at law to John Morgan decd by Bradford; marked & improved in 1776; on the most E branch of Stoners Fork of Licking creek near the head; hs a spring called John Morgan’s spring; cabbin.

Andrew Gumlin, 1400, corn in 1776; on the N side of Dick’s River about 1 mile E of James & Edmund Archer’s lands; has improvements.

Cornelias Yager, 1400, corn in 1776; Hanging Fork of Dicks River; about 4 miles E of John Carpenter’s lan.

John Hawkins, 400, settled March 1779; on West fork Hickman’s Creek; joins the lands of Levi Todd on the W.

John Spear, 400; settled 1778; on Fun? Creek, a branch of the Ohio.

Zacheriah Smith, 1400, corn in 17u76; on Harrods Run known as the Crow Mill Seat, about 3 miles from Major Harrod & 2 miles from Dicks River.

Jacob Holtsclaw, 1400, corn in 176; on N side of Dicks River; joins land of James & Edmund Archer on the W.

John Gar, 1000; improved in 1776; 3-4 miles below Gordon’s Lick on a branch of Dicks River on the N; cabbin.

Wm McCrackin, 1400; corn in 1775; at the head of a spring that empties in or about 4-5 miles below Lees Town on the N side of the KY Rier on an improvement by Francis McConnell. Adjourned.

29 Jan 1780.
Thomas Johnson, assignee of James McCullock, 1400; corn in 1775, at the poplar level about 8 miles above the mouth of Floyds Fork of Salt River on a branch called McColluck run.

Benj’n Cooper, 400; settled Apr 1779; on S fork of Coopers Run, waters of Licking Creek.

George Adams by Wm Miller, 1400,corn in 1776, E Fork of Paint Lick Creek; includes 2 improvements made for WM. McConnell & Thos Pattone; joins lands of Wm Pattoone (so spelled).

Senica McCracken, 1000; improved and marked 1776; on a small run at a spring empting in on the W side of Drennens Lick; about 5 miles from the lick, cabbin.

Alexander Robertson, assignee of Sam’l Woods, 400; corn in 1775, between the Shawnee Run & Cedar Run; includes 2 cabbins built by Martin Nalle Jr.

Adam Wallis, 1400, corn in 1775; on the dividing ridge on the head waters of Gilbert’s Creek & Dicks River.

Thos. Black, 1400; corn in 1775; on waters of the Hanging Fork of Dicks River; large spring on the N side of fork, 4-5 miles from Logan’s Station.

John Pearee, 400, settled May 1779; N side of Dicks River a mile N from Jas. Smiths Station & ¾ mile NW from Dougharty Station.

To be continued next week.

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