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Surnames: Lindsey, McConnell, Linsey, Dunkin, Townsend, Dukncan, Berry, Letten, Lovlass, McGee, Gatliff, Dunkin, McHan, Lear, Penter, Collins, Carlisle, Wilson, Lee, Bryant

14 Jan 1780, same location.

Arthur Lindsey, 400, on a run that empties into the S Fork of Elkhorn, about 1 mile below Lindsey Run; settled 1778.

Andrew McConnell, 1400, about 2 miles below the fork of Elkhorn Creek; corn in 1776.

Fulton Linsey, 1000, joins Arthur Linsey’s land, head of a spring running NE, cabbin in 1776. Adjourned.

15 Jan 1780 – Same location.

John Dunkin, 400, on Hinkstons Mill Run; about 1 mile below a covered cabbin built by one Townsend; settled 1779.

James Duncan, 1000, on the N fork of Lindseys Run; waters of S Fork of Elkhorn; settled 12 months before 1778.

Francis Berry, 400, on Middle Fork of Coopers Run; about 1 miles up from the fork; settled March 1779.

Solomon Letten, 400, Middle Fork of Coopers Run above F. Berry’s claim; settled March 1779.

Joseph Lovlass, 400, on West Fork of Coopers Run; joins William McGee; settled March 1779.

Charles Gatliff, 400, on Hingstons Mill Run; about 3 miles above John Dunkin’s claim; settled March 1779.

Thomas McHan, 400, Middle Fork of Coopers Run; sjoins Solomon Litten; settled March 1779.

And’w Lear, 400; on a small creek running into KY River, about 13 miles from the moth, south side; about 5 miles of the creek from the river; settled March 1779.

John Penter, 400, on a small creek running into KY River about 6 miles from the mouth; joins Andrew Lear’s land; settled March 1779.

Elisha Collins, 400, on N side of KY River, about 3 miles above the mouth of Dicks River; settled Feb 1779.

George Carlisle, assignee of John Morrison, 400, on the south side of KY River opposite the mouth of Millers Creek above Boonsborough; settled Apr 1779.

James Wilson, 1000, marked & improved same in 1775; on the Two Mile Creek above Boonsboro on the E side of the creek; joins Wm Bush on the E.

Rich’d Lee, 1400, on the E branch of the N Fork of Licking Creek; corn in 1775; resided in country 12 months before 1778.

Henry Lee, 1400, on waters of the N Fork of Licking Creek; joins Richard Lee’s land; corn in 1775; resided 12 months before 1778.

Hancock Lee, 1400, N Fork of Licking Creek; joins land of Henry Lee; corn in 1775.

Hancock Lee, heir at law to Willis Lee, decd., 1400, on the main fork of Elkhorn, waters of South Fork; begins at Edmund Taylor’s upper line, extends up the creek N; lived there 12 months before 1778.

John Lee, 1000, on the main forks of Elkhorn; joins the lands of Hancock Lee heir at law to Willis Lee on the west; marked & improved 1775.

It appearing to the Court that James Bryant’s location which was entered on the 12th of this month is on the lands of Edward Ward. Thus Bryant comes into court and asks that this location be removed and instead locate near the head of Jassemine Crrek K& near where Mr. Douglas. Adjourned.

17 Jan 1790, same location.

David Perry, 1400, on waters of the south fork of Elkhorn; joins Shelby’s survey on the N and WM. McConnel on the W; includes a sinking spring; corn in 1776.

Alexander McMullen, 1400, on waters of the N Fork of Elkhorn, north side; joins Patrick Henry on the N; settled 12 months before 1778.

It appearing to the Court that Wm. Grant Jr’s certificate for 400 acres on the 10th of the month is located on land settled; Grant removes and applies for land lying adjoining Ingless, assignee of Cools who was assignee of Thos Boothes’s 200 acre survey on the E side of the N Fork of Elkhorn.

Frances Patterson, 1000, on the N Fork of Cane Run; includes his improvements; settled and improved 1776.

Appearing to the Court that John Conway Jr made it appear that he was entitled to settlement & preemption at Boonesborough on the 29th day of Dec 1779, but did not locate the same. He comes into court & locates on the Buffaloe road leading to the lower Salt Spring from Riddle’s Station; tree marked.

John Conway Sr., 1400; on a branch of the Middle fork of Licking Creek, near a buffaloe road that leads to the lower Blue Licks; joins Jacob Sadowski on the NE; cabbin, settled 1777.

Morgan Bryant Jr, 400, on Boons Creek, waters of KY River; joins John Floyd’s on the N; settled Apr 1779.

Sam’l Vanhook, 400, , S Fork of Licking Creek; joins Sam’l Dennis’s land; settled Mar 1779.

Sam’l Vanhook Jr, 400; about 1 ½ miles NE of the buffaloe road leading from Riddles Station to the lower Blue Licks; about 5 miles from the station; settled March 1779.

Thomas Foster, 400, about 1 ½ miels above John Martin’s land on Licking Creek; settled March 1779.

John Will, 400, joins Thos. Foster’s land on Licking Creek; settled Apr 1779.

Ica Rice, 400, Licking Creek; joins Joel Wills’ land; settled Apr 1779.

John Denton, 400; N branch of the Middle Fork of Licking; joins lands claimed by Alexander Poeg; settled Apr 1779.

George Davis, 400, waters of Middle Fork of Licking; joins lands of John Denton to the W; settled Apr 1779.

John Davis, 400; waters of Lickings; joins Gatliff’s lands; settled Apr. 1779.

Joseph Essex, 400; on Middle Fork of Licking on the N; joins John Callaway’s land; settled 1779.

Gasper Brown, 400, on Woods Creek about 2 miles from the mouth of Licking Creek; settled Oct 1778.

Wm Morris, 400, Licking Creek about 1 mile E of John Martin; settled Oct 1778.

Isaac Frasher, 1400, 8 miles NW from Bryant’s Station on a branch of Elkhorn Creek; includes a spring & a camp made by Dan’l Boone & Edward Bradley; corn in 1775.

John Jones, 400; on head of the right hand fork of Stamping Ground Lick; includes a cabbin. He heir at law to Stephen Jones, decd. Settled Apr 1779.

Peter Fare, 400; in the forks of the N Fork of the S Fork of Licking; improved & settled Apr 1779.

John Henderson, 400, on Silver Creek below the road from Boonesborough to Logan’s; settled Apr 1779.

James Haggin, 1400, S fork of Licking on the S side, about 3 miles below Riddle’s Station; corn in 1775.

Reuben Procter, 400; on E side of Stoners Fork of Licking; about 2 miles above Bramlet’s Lick; settled 1778.

Nich’s Procter Jr, 400; on a small branch of Licking Creek, waters of Rocky Ford Fork;a bout 3 miles from mouth of the fork; settled 1778. Adjourned.

To be continued next week. Sandi

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