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Surnames: Hunt, Hunter, McConnell, Clark, SHelby, Perry, Howser, Dobbins, Hover, Goodnight, Smith, Tanner, Layall, Edleman, Martin, Fisher, Bradstone, McConnell, Wason, Todd, Bryan

12 January 1780, same location.

Wilson Hunt, 1000, on N side of the North Fork of Elkhorn; at an Indian Ditch, about 6 miles N of Bryants Station; marked & improved 1775.

Charles Hunter, 1000, at mouth of Elkhorn creek; improved 1777.

Wm McConnell, assignee of John Clarke, 1400, about 1 ½ miles N of Col. Shelby’s land & a west course from the land said to be claimed by David Perry, settled 12 months before 1778.

John Howser, 400, on a branch of N Fork of Elkhorn, above the land claimed by Jno Dobbins; settled Apr 1779.

John Hover, Jr., 400, about a mile from lands claimed by John Dobbins, going NW to a small creek, settled Apr 1779.

John Goodnight, 400, lying on Hingstons fork, about 5 miles from the mouth & about 4 miles from Riddles Station; settled Apr 1779.

David Goodnight, 400; about 3 miles from the mouth, NE side of Licking Creek & 6 miles below the blue lick; settled Apr 1779.

John Smith, 400, on broad run, waters of the S Fork of Licking Creek; joins Sam’l McMullens below & Isaac Riddle above; settled 1778.

John Smith, assignee of Frederick Tanner, 400, on the N fork of Licking in the forks, 3 miles above the fork on a small run; settled 1778.

George Layall by John Smith, 400, on a small run, waters of the N Fork of Licking, about 1 mile below John Smith, settled 1778.

Catherine Edleman by John Smith, 400, E side of the S Fork of Licking Creek, 1 ½ miles from John Martin’s land; settled 1778.

Paul Fisher, 400, on a branch of the N Fork of Licking, on the S side & on the N side of the branch, about 4 miles from the Forks, settled 1778. Adjourned.

13 Jan 1780 – Bryant’s Station.

Nicholas Bradstone, 400, on the forks of Elkhorn Creek at the head of Lindsey’s branch, waters of the S Fork of Elkhorn, settled March 1778.

Francis McConnell, 1400, head of the S fork of Elkhorn Creek; joins lands of Wm. McConnell on the East; settled 12 months before 1778.

James Wason, 400, on N side of the N Fork of Elkhorn creek on a branch called Laines; settled March 1779.

Levi Todd, assignee of Jonathan Bryan, 400, on Mill Creek, a branch of the E Fork of Licking; about 3 miles from the mouth; cabin at a large spring; settled Apr. 1779. Adjourned.

14 Jan 1780, same location.

Abraham McClallen, heir at law to John McClelan [sic], 1400, on N fork of Elkhorn Creek; joins land of McClellen Johnson; cron in 1776; resided 12 months prior to 1778.

Thos. McMullen by Sam’l McMullen, 1000, waters of the N fork of Elkhorn on the W fork of Cane Run; includes improvements, settled 1776.

John Shannon, 1000, on Shannons Run, waters of the S Fork of Elkhorn; joins John Blackburn’s land on the S; improved, cabin and lived on the premises in 1776.

Joseph Lindsey claimed a tract; witnesses sworn and examined. Court is of the opinion that he has a right to 1400; on a large spring 3 miles below Lexington; joins Wm. McConnell’s land, then W, spring. Lengthy entry; cites Col. Prestons, Evan Shelby, military warrant, depositions of Patrick Jourden, John Cowan Gent; showed land marked; had planted some apple seed. If anyone connects with this man, I’ll type up the entire entry.

Hugh Shannon, 1400, on the Middle Road leading to Larence Run; cabin in the fork of a run, about 9 miles below the lower Blue Licks, corn in 1776; lived there 12 months prior to 1778.

Wm. Shannon, 1000, on the S fork of Elkhorn Creek; bout 2 miles below the mouth of Lindsey Run; marked & improved 1776.

Sam’l Johnson, 400, Big Forks of Elkhorn Creek on the N side of Edmund Taylor’s survey; marked & improved and settled Jan 1779.

Mathew Coldwell, 400, on N side of the N Fork of Elkhorn, on the Buffaloe Road; joins Wm. McConnell’s west line; small spring, settled May 1779.

Wm Davis, 400, branch of Clear Creek, includes spring; actual settlement Apr 1779.

James McNutt, 400, on waters of Elkhorn, about 3 miles from Lees Town, sinking spring about 1 mile E of the Stamping Ground; settled 1778.

John Newell, 400, on S fork of Elkhorn Creek, about ½ mile below the mouth of Shannons Run; settled June 1779.

Josiah Collins, 400, S side of the S Fork of Elkhorn; joins John William’s land, settled 1778.

Robt Thompson, 1000, about 5 miles below Lexington, begins about ½ mile above a large spring; settled 1776.

Hugh Thompson, 400, adjoins Robt Thompson’s land on the N, settled May 1779.

John Vance, 1000, on a fork of the East branch of Licking Creek called Mill Creek, improved and marked 1776; built a cabin.

David Hunter, 400, on one of the NW branches of Vane Run; improved and settled June 1779.

James Lindsey, 1000, at a large spring near mouth of Linseys Run, waters of the S Fork of Elkhorn, about ½ mile below spring; marked & improved 1776.

Wm Anderson, 400, on waters of Hickmans Creek on the W, about 7 miles S of Col. John Todds land, settled Apr 1779.

Wm Lindsey, 1000, on Lindseys run, both sides of creek, marked & improved and built cabin 1776.

Christopher Johnson, 1000, N fork of Licking on the S side, on Snake (Sinake?) Run; marked & improved, cabbin in 1775.

Moses Kirkpatrick, 1000, by John Johnson, on a small branch of Harrods Creek, about 5 miles above the mark, improved, marked & built cabbin in 1775.

To be continued next week. Sandi

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