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Surnames: Forbes, Bryan, Thompson, Power, Wilcoxson, Peack, Boone, Moore, Barney, Henry, Hendrix, Beckley
10 Jan 1780, Bryant’s Station on Elkhorn Creek continued:

James Forbes, 1400, on the Middle Fork of Licking creek, joins Allen Jones; corn 1776.

George Bryan, 1400, head of Cane Run, includes a spring which sinks after running about 300 yds; near a pond; about 5 miles from Bryants Station; corn in 17876.

Thomas Thompson, 1400, to the E of Ingles Survey; includes a large boiling Spring; about 3 miles above the Licking Trace which sinks in a small distance; corn in 1776.

Joseph Bryan, Sr., 1400, on the N fork of Elkhorn Creek; joins Audley, Paul and JohN Wares E line; corn in 1776.

Dan’l Bryan, 1400; joins Isreal Grant’s land on the NE; settled Apr 1779.

Morgan Bryan, Sr., 1400; on the second small fork that comes in the N fork of Elkhorn; joins Sam’l Meredith’s W line; corn in 1776.

John Forbes, 1400; NW side of the KY River; on the NW side Smith’s land & SW by Phillip’s survey; corn in 1776.

James Power, 1000; 2nd small fork that comes in the N fork of Elkhorn Creek; on the W side; about 2 ½ miles from this place; on the Hunter’s Trace; marked & improved in 1777.

Daniel Wilcoxson, 1400, 8 or 9 miles from Bryant’s Station; on the dividing ridge between the big fork of Elkhorn & Coopers Run (a branch of Licking Creek); settled 1777.

Wm Bryan, 1400; joins Adam Stephens on the E & Ward on the S; between the head waters of Elkhorn & Hickmans; includes a large spring; corn in 1776. Adjourned.

11 January 1780, same location.

James Peack by Dan’l Boone, 1400, about 7-8miles NE of the lower Blue Lick; on a large Buffaloe Road; includes about 3-4 acres of clear & open land including 3 forks of branches of the Licking; corn 1775.

Wm Moore, assignee of Edmund Givins, 1400, Licking Creek; adjoins James Peacks land on the E ; corn in 1775.

Dav’d Barney, 1400, Licking Creek; joins the Jas. Peacks land on the S; corn 1775.

The’e Boone, 1400, waters of Licking Creek; joins Jas. Peacks land on the N; corn in 1776.

Wm. Henry, 1000; Licking Creek; joins the lands of Sam’l Thompson on the E; marked & improved in 1775.

George Hendrix, 1400; E branch of Hustons Fork of Licking; includes 2 of Crittendon’s cabins; a marked tree “R. S.” on the W; settled 1777.

It was proved to the Court on the 4th inst. That Wm. Beckley has a right to a settlement & preemption tho did not at that time locate it. He came into court and located on the waters of Licking Creek; head of the first left hand fork of Lawrence Creek; about 4 miles from the mouth of Limestone.

John Ellis, 1400; N fork of Elkhorn; joins lands of WM. Russell & Vaughan; corn in 1775.

John Dobbin, 1000; on a creek running into the N fork of Elkhorn Creek; about 5-6 miles; includes an old camp made by Dan’l Boone & Wm Bryant; improved 1775.

John Smith, 1000; about 3 miles S of Deasls Lick on a branch of the S Fork of Elkhorn; improved 1775.

Elias Harris, 1000; on Stoners Fork of Licking; joins Dan’l Boone’s land on the W; marked & improved 1775.

John Snody, 1000, on Drowning Creek; includes the mulberry lick; joins Margret Drake’s land; improved 1775.

Ebenezer Frost by D. Boone, 1000; on Boones Creek near the head; joins Dan’l Robinson’s preemption on the N; marked & improved 1775.

John Burger, 400; about 6 miles from Riddles Station on the S; on a dividing ridge between Hinkstons branch and Coopers Run; waters of Licking Creek; includes a sinking spring; settled 1778.

John Burger, Jr, 400 on Hingstons branch of Licking Creek;a bout 8 miles from Riddles Station; on the Trace that leads from Licking to Lexington; includes a spring; settled 1779.

Christopher Spear, 400; on Hingstons branch on Licking Creek; joins John Burger Jr on the S; settled 1778.

Casper Karsner, 400; on the N branch of the N Fork of Elkhorn Creek; includes a small sinking spring on the S side of the branch; about 2 miles of the branch from the Licking Trace NE; settled 1778.

James Heath, 400, branch of Licking Creek known as Coopers Run; about 1 mile from the head; joins a large cain (cane) brake and a spring at the end of the brake on the SE side; settled Apr 1779.

Dav’d Vance, 1000, on the town fork of Elkhorn Creek; about 1 ½ miles from the mouth; settled 1776.

Jacob Hunter, 1000; about 3 miles below the mouth of Linsey’s Run on the N side of the S Fork of Elkhorn Creek. Marked & improved 1775. Adjourned.

12 January 1780, same location.

The former order of this Court for granting WM. Moore, assignee of James Anthony of 400 acres is set aside; it appearing to the Court that Anthony has sold the land to Wm Hays. Hays came into court & makes claim; settled 1779. Located the same at Dan’l Boone’s old beginning on Otter Creek and running up the creek.

Henry Field, Jr., assignee of George Boyd, 1000, on Glens Creek and Clear Creek; includes his cabbin; built same in 1776.

Sam’l Bryant by Wm Bryant, 1400; a W course from Spottswood Dandridges land; about 2 miles from the N fork of Elkhorn Creek; corn in 1776.

Dav’d Bryan by James Bryan, 1000; on the branch of Elkhorn Creek about 4 ½ miles SW of this place; marked and improved 1776.

John Bryan, Sr, 1400; on Hustons Fork of Licking Creek on a buffaloe crossing; includes a spring and an improvement on the bank of the creek; corn in 1776.

James Bryan, 14000; head of the S fork of Elkhorn where Mr. Douglass began a large survey; includes a part of Hickman Creek; runs N and S; corn in 1776.

James Bryan, Jr, 1400; on the Cane Run; adjoins Maxwell on the S & McConnell on the E; includes a big spring on the N side of the Cane run; corn in 1776.

James McBrid, 1000, S fork of Elkhorn; about 7 miles above the mouth of Shannon’s Run; marked & improved 1776.

Isaac McBrid, 400, S fork of Elkhorn; joins Adams McConnell’s on the W & about 2 ½ miles above the fork; settled 1778.

To be continued next week. Sandi

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