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Surnames: Newell, Weid, Canton, Webber, Estill, Clark, Doster, Taylor, Parberry, Williams, Crittenden, Berry, Calmes, McCrackin, Sheald, Stevenson, Waide, Holder, Nelson
7 Jan 1780, same location.

James Newell, 1000, head of Dry Creek, a branch of Howards Creek;a bout 5 miles from the mouth & eastwardly ford quantity; marked and improved 1775.

Wm. Newell, 1000, joins James Newell’s land on the E; improved 1775.

Sam’l Newell (also shown Nowell on these entries at times), 1000, at a fork of a small branch of Licking Creek near the dividing ride of the creek & Howards creek; a number of trees are peeled; improved in 1775.

Rich’d Weid, 1400, branch of Cees Creek on the W, on a branch of the N Fork of Licking; includes Simon Canton’s cabin; settled 1777.

John Webber, 400, by James Estill, joins James Estill’s land at the locust thicket on the S; settled January 1779.

It appearing that Sam’l Estills location is in or near a military claim, he relocates to a branch of Glens Creek on the S, adjoins Glen’s claim and John Clark’s cabin; joins Patrick Doline on the S.

James Doster, 400, near the head of a NW drean that leads to Stoner fork of Licking; at a place marked by John Taylor; settled March 1779.

James Parbery, assignee of Peter Williams, 400 acres, on S side of KY River opposite Lees Town; includes a spring, runs up toward the mouth of Benson Creek; includes a cabin; settled April 1779.

John William, 1400, sinking creek, the mouth of which is opposite the head of Greers Creek, about 2 miles S of Crittenden’s Camp; includes his improvement on the S side; settled 1775.

It appearing to the Court that Benj. Berry’s claim was laid on land on which there is an older claim; Berry re-locates to the E & NE side of the Old Indian Town on Lilbergrud Creek; joins Capt. Calmes.

It appearing to the Court that Mardquis Calmes’s claim was located on land on which there is an older claim … Calmes moves to locate on the S side of Capt. Calmes land; joins Lelbegrud Creek (spelled various ways).

Byrus/Cyrus McCrackin, 1400, on a small branch of the N side of Glens creek, about 1 mile E of Glens cabin; joins Sam Estill on the S and Rob’t McCoy on the E, settled 1775.

Ovid McCrackin, 1000, head of Willis Lees run at a pond; includes a cabin; marked & improved 1776.

Isaac McCracin, 1000, on Cartrights Creek, a branch of Salt River, includes his cabin; improved in 1775.

Patrick Sheald, 1000, on Sinking Creek; joins John Williams below, includes his cabin; settled & improved 1776.

Thomas Stevenson by Col. Logan, 1000, near the mouth of the Flat Lick branch, a branch of Dicks River within 2 12 miles of the flat lick, improved 1776. Adjourned.

10 Jan 1780, Bryant’s Station on Elkhorn Creek.

It appearing to the Court that Rich’d Waides claim was made out & signed & by some accident was lost. Another certificate to issue.

John Holder, 400, assignee of Moses Nelson; Nelson made an actual settlement in 1778 on Silver Creek, about ½ mile from the mouth, includes a spring, certificate issued to Holder.

John Holder & John Martin, assignees of Edm’d Fear, 1400, on Hustons fork of Licking Creek, about 4 miles from the mouth on the W side; about ½ mile from the creek; settled 12 months before 1778.

Wm Grant, 1400, N fork of Elkhorn, both sides, joins Wm Ingles (assignee of Cools who was assignee of Thos Booth’s 2000 acre survey; corn in 1776.

Isreal Grant, 1400, Middle fork of Licking Creek, joins Dan’l Boon’s settlement, N side; corn in 1776.

Wm Bryan, assignee of Anthony Havelow, 1400, N side of the N fork of Elkhorn, both sides of the Shawnee Trace made by Capt. Holdermon, going to the Nation; includes spring on the E side of the trace and another on the W side; corn in 1776.

Sarah Bryan, 1400, on S side of the North Fork of Elkhorn about 2 miles from the creed; includes a large well spring & Wm. Bryant’s former claimed spring; corn in 1776.

James Forbes, 1400, on Dav’d Jones fork, branch of Elkhorn, 5 miles SE of Bryants Station; corn in 1776.

Wm Forbes, 1400, at head of Wolf Creek – a branch of the Licking, joins the falling timber; corn in 1776.

Dav’d Jones, 1400, on Carne/Came River at mouth of a branch which runs one way & the other part the other way. Corn in 1776.

Allen Jones, 1400, on the Middle Fork of Licking Creek; adjoins Israel Grants land; corn in 1776.

Telman Cradlebough by John Spurger, 1400, on a west branch of Can run near the head; 4 trees marked nearly together, a black walnut, honey locus & sugar tree with “FE” and an elm with 1776; 2 sink holes; corn 1776.

Samuel Bryant, 10900, on N side of Elkhorn on Dav’d Jones Fork; includes small lick & spring, 4 miles NE of Bryant Station; marked & improved 1777.

Wm Grant Jr, 400, between Hansons Dandridges & Ingles (assignee of Cools) who was assignee of Thos Booth); on small fork of Elkhorn which empties in on the N side; settled April 1779.
Jacob Johnson, 1400, about 8miles from the lower Blue Licks at a deer lick on Hinston’s Buffaloe road on a branch running & and down. Corn in 1776.

Uriah Gaston, 1400, 2 miles N of the KY River on Haggins Trace, black walnut tree marked “D R”, about 30 yards SE of th tree; settled April 1779.

Wm Hays, 1400, on a branch of Licking Creek joining lands of or claimed by Wm Moore; S side by the said Wilcoxson’s; improved 1775.

Wm Vancleve, 1000, on the forks of Paint Lick Creek on the trace from Boonesborough to St Asaphs; includes a lick; marked & improved in 1777.

Levi Todd, assignee of Israel Wilcox, 1000, lying between the middle and upper roads leading from the lower Blue Licks to Limestone Run & Lawrence Creek, about 10 miles from the licks & 2 miles from wm. McConel’s; includes a spring; settled in April 1779.

Micajah Wood, 400, on Boones Creek; adjoins CVol. Robinson’s survey to the E, has a small sinking spring that empties into a big pond; corn in 1776.

Wm Lee, 1400, by John Martin; on Hustons Fork of Licking Creek; below Hoder & Martin’s land; on the bank of creek, 2 miles, includes an improvement made by him – corn.

To be continued next week. Sandi

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