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I’m breaking tradition this week and going to give you a quiz. If you’ve seen this, you will ace the quiz! We study history all the time through our researching our ancestors – so today, let’s see how much you lknow about our upcoming holiday, Thanksgiving. These are multiple choice questions (didn’t you love them in school?). I will give the answers next week.

1. Where the Thanksgiving holiday originate?
a) America c) Ireland
b) England d) Mexico

2. In 1621, Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony shared a harvest feast with which American Indian tribe?
a) Chickasaw c) Susquehannock
b) Shoshoni d) Wampanoag

3. Where did turkeys originate?
a) Africa c) North & Central America
b) Central Asia d) Australia

4. Which president proclaimed Thanksgiving Day an official national holiday?
a) Thomas Jefferson c) Usysses S. Grant
b) Abraham Lincoln d) John F. Kennedy

5. Each year, the president receives a gift of a live turkey and then “pardons” the bird during a ceremony at the White House. What happens to the pardoned turkey?
a) It is set free to live in the wild
b) It is served at the president’s Thanksgiving dinner
c) It lives the rest of its life on a farm
d) It is auctioned to the highest bidder

6. Which dessert was not part of the first Thanksgiving celebration?
a) Pumpkin Pie c) Pecan pie
b) Apple cake d) All of the above
Now, you should be able to breeze through these – or ask your children/grandchildren!

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