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Indentured Owens children - VA

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Re: Indentured Owens children - VA

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Does anyone know the aprox. birth year for Reese, Rhody & Harden (and Nicholas if anyone knows)????? Thanks.
>Perhaps William Owens was merely related to/brother of or somehow connected to: John Owens & Mary Fugate (if they were Reece & Rhodys' parents), and w/ mystery Owens & mystery other, who were the parents of Hardin, and William Owens and his first wife took in those Owens kids until hard times came. Perhaps Williams first wife died, and he felt it might be better to give them up, and at the same time Frankeys husband died and she had to give up her kids. Later, by the time William & Frankey married one another, maybe the Whiteley kids were settled well in their 'apprentice' situation, learning to read & write and learning a trade, so Frankey left them.
William got 2 of the Owen children back. Maybe he had been officially appointed as guardian at some point earlier for those kids, or in some way felt responsible for them. Perhaps that’s why Hardin said his father was 'William', because he knew him as his only father.
Indentured children at that time were in many cases not much more than slaves, but I'm guessing some could also have been lucky and been placed with a good family. The law at the time was that indentured children had to be fed, and taught to read and write, as well as learning whatever 'apprentice' trade they were doing, and a girl child had to stay till she was 18 years of age, and a boy child until he was 21 years of age. (Unless the court ordered them back, as was the case with 2 of the Owen children)
Maybe William & Frankey saw that those 2 Owen kids were in bad situations, so he ask for them to be returned, but they could not take all the kids back, and maybe didn't need to if the others were settled in good situations.
Frankeys 2 Whiteley kids most probably completed out their indenture, because of these records:
1816 - John Whiteley - re-indentured to a Lee Jesse, because John Jesse (whom he was indentured to) died, and 1818 - Mary(Polly) Whiteley also re-endentured.
The first name 'Lee Jesse' has been passed down in John Whiteleys family, so I wonder if John had a good relationship with the last man he was intendured to 'Lee Jessee'.
Also, at that time, if a childs father was dead, but mother was living, they were considered an 'orphan', and by the 1810 indenture document, all of those children were called 'orphans' by the court, implying no only that Frankys first husband was indeed dead, but so were the fathers of the 'Owen' children. I suppose the fact that in a later document the 2 Owen kids were referred to by the court as 'the children of William Owen', does not necessarily mean he was their father, but perhaps he had some legal right to them. (like he had been their guardian or something because he was their uncle or something).
At any rate, we may never know the truth, but it is interesting to try and solve these mysteries. The above is of course, all speculation and theories… I guess it helps to try to sort out possible senarios…
That Reese first married a Lea makes sense if Reese was one of the 4 raised by William & Frankey, who would surely have been connected to her family.
Sooo… No one knows the answers to any of my questions??? kowens, you said the Owen men went over from Russell Co. VA to south east Kentucky. Does that mean William & Franky Owen were in Kentucky? You mentioned Knott Co. for Reese. I'm trying to nail down where William & Frankey lived. Both Whiteley kids ended up after their 'indentureship' over in Perry Co. KY. (sorry to keep asking, I have limited ability to search, and I think you folks have been at this a while)
If you read through this long post, thank you!!! With Appreciation, Sue
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