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Echoes of 1860 from the Earlington Bee, 1897

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Echoes of 1860 from the Earlington Bee, 1897

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Surnames: Kissinger, Johnson, Bronaugh, Stevens, Breckinridge, Lane, Douglas, Bell, Powell, Cissell, Waddill, Bradley, Crocket, Kirby, Cissell, Bailey, Gordon, Wall, Ray, Lowe, Shackleford, Earle, Givens, Coo, Greenfield, Collins, Noel, Dempsey, Ross, Lyon, etal.

Some interesting Things About Hopkins County Thirty-six Years Ago

There is before us a copy of the "Southern Kentucky Register", volume 2, number 38, published at Madisonville, Ky., Saturday, September 23, 1860 by KISSINGER and JOHNSON, Publishers and Proprietors," George C. BRONAUGH, Editor.'
This old register of bygone times is well preserved, except for a few rat holes, and is a handsomely printed seven column folio, on good paper that has preserved its original whiteness in a remarkable degree.
The paper bears in written pencil lines the name of "S.O. STEVENS" who has always appreciated his county papers and continues to encourage them all he can, to whom The Bee is indebted.
There are many things of interest to the citizen, whose memory reaches back to the times "before the war," in this old paper which discloses so many then active characters who have finished their roles and given way for other players.
The Democratic ticket that appears at the top of the editorial column is,"For President, John C. BRECKINRIDGE, of Kentucky. For Vice-President, General Joe LANE, of Oregon." There are long editorials denouncing Stephen A. DOUGLAS and his heresies of "squatter" or "Popular" Sovereignity etc., and accounts of big old-fashioned barbecues where all the country gathered to hear noted speakers and dine at loaded tables.
A Hopkins county barbecue is recorded given by "BRECKINRIDGE Democracy," It was given on Wednesday, Sept. 19, 1860. The record says that, notwithstanding the day of the mass meeting was "blustering and dusty, still the people turned out in their majesty." "There were solid acres of the lion-hearted Democracy on the ground at the early hour of the day, and a vast assemblage of the fair sex, to lend their best encouragement to this greatest of all battles for the Constitution and the right." The crowd was very large but very orderly and there were present also "DOUGLAS men and BELL men; but all had on their Sunday clothes and Sunday behavior."
Governor POWELL spoke for two and a half hours, then came dinner. In the afternoon, Senator Ben P. CISSELL spoke and is said to have "entertained his audience until a late hour in the evening." The report states that: "Although there were enough ladies to fill them and more than could have ranged themselves in order around the board, the gallantry and good order of the gentlemen were conspicuous. the whole crowd stood back until the ladies were served and had retired."
"O. WADDILL, Esq.," is spoken of as having been appointed "County Elector" for the Constitutional Union Party; and the appointment of "Amos K. BRADLEY" is announced as "County Elector" for the BRECKINRIDGE Democrats.
The advertisements are interesting. The "Law Cards" announce CROCKET & KIRBY, of Henderson; CISSELL & BAILEY, W.L. GORDON, WALL & RAY, L.M. LOWE, O. WADDILL, SHACKLEFORD & EARLE, M.C. GIVENS, JOHN P. COOK, al of Madisonville; and Sam B. GREENFIELD, of Hopkinsville.
The "Medical Cards" announce: "J.D. COLLINS, M.D.," and says "Is still practicing his profession, in all its departments." "Drs. NOEL & DEMPSEY," whose card reads: "Having associated themselves in the practice of Medicine, Midwifery and Surgery, respectfully solicit patronage at the hands of the public." The card of "W.S. ROSS, M.D.," announces the practice of his profession "in all its varied branches," and also continues: "He is also fully prepared to perform all operations in the science of Dentistry, except "plate work."
Other advertisements show that M.S. LYON was proprietor of the "Eagle Hotel," John T. GREENFIELD watchmaker and jeweler; Mrs. Phoebe WHANGER, practical seamstress; Granville WADDILL, fashionable barber; LYON, NEWBURGER & Co., Merchandise; Charlie C. McGARY, photographer, in WEATHERLY's Hall; W.R. VAUGHN, undertaker; Simon FEAGAN, coal at his mine on the Princeton road 3 1/2 miles from Madisonville; R.O. THOMPSON, grocer, T.H. SCALES, stoves and tinware; John GALBEATH & Son, fruit trees; PRITCHETT & BARRETT, flour mill and carding machine; T.W. CAMPBELL, insurance; POWELL & JONES, liver stable; Fat WILSON, furniture; W.F. NISBET, dry goods, etc.; P.M. ROBERTSON, blacksmithing and wagon making: W.T. OSBURN & Co., guns and hardware; J.D. HARDWICK, proprietor of the "Union House."
Educational institutions were given prominence. The announcement of the "Madisonville Female Academy," is made, with ----- DIMMITT, Principal, and leading, citizens as trustees, among whom were Jno. G. MORTON, W.F. NISBET, J.M. SHACKLEFORD, W.O. HALL, O. WADDILL AND G.W. NOEL, M.D. The announcements is made that "we have purchased the above premises of Prof. BORING, and will continue the school as heretofore." Prof. BORING calls on all who are indebted to him to settle. The "Greenville Female Collegiate Institute" with Rev. J.C. BOUDON, A.M., Principal and W.C. McNARY, President, Board of Trustees is also advertised; and the "Providence Male and Female Academy," Nicholas LACEY, Principal.
This old paper shows a record that stirs the recollection and will brighten many a faded reminiscence in the minds of those who can look back thus far into the past and recall the happenings of those days and the men who were then most active.
Source: Earlington Bee, Thur., Jan. 28, 1897)

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