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Lovely Abraham Powell's Parents

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Lovely Abraham Powell's Parents

Tim Rocheleau (View posts)
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Surnames: Powell, Rose, Croley, Coyle
I do not believe Lovely Abraham Powell, of Jackson Co., is the son of John Powell and Anna B. Rose.

Other researchers have reported John Powell and Ann Rose as LovelyÂ’s parents. I have passed this information on in the past believing the research to be trustworthy. I now believe this to have been a mistake.

At URL ‘;‘ on the web, I recently came across the following:

"18. WILLIAM5 ROSE (WILLIAM4, THOMAS3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born 1757 in Granville, NC, and died February 12, 1835 in Whitley County, KY. He married ELIZABETH MERRITT March 10, 1772 in Granville, NC, daughter of EPHRAIM MERRITT and AGNES RAGLAND. She was born 1758.
William Rose, Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files:
William, Elizabeth, NC, Line 8W554, soldier was born in 1757 in Granville, and lived there at enlistment. After the Rev. War he moved to Pendelton Co, SC, then moved to Powells Valley and in 1818 he moved to Knox Co., the part that became Whitley Co., Ky where he applied 19 Nov 1833, soldiers wife made affadavit in 1833 and states she was a sister of Capt. Stephen Merritt and that her stepfather was Lt. Joseph Langston and her husband was an Ensign soldier and wife had a son William Jr. born 1st of Dec (no Year) during the Rev. War, A John and AnnePowell were witness to soldiers wife affidavits, wid applied 12 Aug 1836 Whitley Co., Ky age 78, soldier and widow had married 16 March 1774 and soldier died 12 Feb 1835. Widow stated she had 4 children older than her son William Rose, Jr., of which she named 3 Huston, Ann and Christena and she stated she had a total of 10 children and that in 1836 the oldest was aged 60 and the youngest was between 37 and 40 years. A John Powell aged 64 made an affidavitt at the home of one Ephriam Rose, theforessiad Ann Powell was soldiers and widows daughter and she (Anne) was 57 or 58 in 1836 on 27 March 1857, one J. W. Siler was admin of dec'd widows estate."

The John Powell and Ann Rose referenced are the same couple other researchers have reported as LovelyÂ’s parents.

The above reference places Ann RoseÂ’s birth at ~1778. Since Lovely Abraham Powell was born ~1791, it is possible but not probable that Ann Rose was old enough to be LovelyÂ’s mother.

The above reference places John PowellÂ’s birth at ~1772 and he is still alive in 1836. The John Powell, often reported as LovelyÂ’s father, is record as having been born in 1763 and dying in 1828. This implies that John Powell, the husband of Ann Rose, was not LovelyÂ’s father.

The above has prompted me to gather the following additional information;

Ann Rose Powell is recorded in the 1840 Whitley Co. KY census:
Powell, Ann 0101 01100001

John Powell and his son, Michael, are recorded as tax payers in Whitley Co. KY for 1836-1838.

John Powell and his son, Michael, are recorded in the 1830 Madison Co. KY census:
Powell, John 00000001 0110001
Powell, Michael 21001 010001

Michael Powell and his brother, William, are both recorded as being married in Madison Co. in 1821. This places John Powell and Ann Rose in Madison Co. as early as 1821.

Elizabeth Powell, who married William Croley, and Jane Powell, who married Jesse Coyle, are usually reported as daughters of John Powell and Ann Rose. They both married in Estill Co. in 1815. This places John Powell and Ann Rose in Estill Co. as early as 1815.

The 1820 Estill Co. census records:
Powell, John 020101 11001

The census record places William Croley and Elizabeth Powell in Whitley Co. as follows:
1820 Whitley Co. - Croley, William 10001 101
1830 Whitley Co. - Croley, William 111001 111001
1840 Whitley Co. - Croley, William 0011101 2112101
1850 Whitley Co. - Croley, William 54, Elizabeth 53, Rebecca 15, Elizabeth 13, Martha 12, William 10
1860 Whitley Co. - Croley, William 63, Elizabeth 62

When families relocated, they frequently moved close to extended family members. William Croley and Elizabeth Powell were married in Estill Co. and relocated to Whitley Co. As indicated at the beginning of this query, William Rose and Elizabeth Merritt, parents of Ann Powell, and grandparents of Elizabeth Powell, settled in Whitley Co., KY after spending some time in Powell Valley, TN. Sometime between 1830 and 1836, John Powell and Ann Rose moved to Whitley Co. While not conclusive, this is indirect evidence supporting that Elizabeth Powell is John Powell and Ann RoseÂ’s daughter.

The 1800 Pendleton Co. SC census records:
Powell, John 0001 201

While not proving this is the right John Powell, this record is consistent with John Powell and Ann Rose marrying in ~1796 and having 2 daughters, Elizabeth and Jane, by 1800. (Note that this John Powell and wife did not have any sons living with them in 1800.)

The 1790 Pendleton Co., SC census records:
Rose, William (2) 16+males, (1) <16males, (6) women

This record is consistent with the family of William Rose and Elizabeth Merritt and places Ann Rose in Pendleton Co. in the 1790Â’s. This is indirect evidence supporting that the John Powell recorded in Pendleton Co. in 1800 is in fact John Powell and Ann Rose.

Unfortunately, I can not find a John Powell in KY or SC in 1810 that I believe is John Powell and Ann Rose. I speculate, but can not prove because the census record has been lost, that John Rose and Ann Powell were with AnnÂ’s parents, William Rose and Elizabeth Merritt, in TN in 1810.

Who then are the parents of John and Lovely Abraham Powell?

The 1820 Pendleton Co., SC census records:
Powel, Sarah 20001 3001

Since Lovely is known to have been in prison in 1820, this is consistent with the family of Lovely Abraham Powell and Sarah Allen. It also places both John and Lovely in Pendleton Co., SC at some point in time.

In 1790, John Powell was 18 years old. The 1790 Pendleton Co., SC census records to (2) PowellÂ’s, Richard and Robert, but neither has a son over 16 years old. The 1800 Pendleton Co., SC census records (6) Powell families including the John Powell previously speculated to be John Powell and Ann Rose. This John Powell appears to have moved into the county some time between 1790 and 1800. Based on the census page number, John is living closest to Robert Powell.

In 1800, Lovely Abraham Powell was 9 years old. (3) of the (6) Powell families in Pendleton Co., SC in 1800 have males <10 years old, including Robert.

Does anyone have additional research on this Robert Powell?

John Powell is often reported as being the son of Thomas Powell, born 1730 Virginia, and died 1809 Estill Co. In the 1782 and 1785 Orange Co., VA census, Thomas Powell is recorded as having (9) persons in the household. Assuming a husband and wife, this record implies (7) children. There are (7) children, attributed to Thomas Powell, who married in Kentucky starting in 1795. John Powell is not one of them. In 1782 and 1785, John Powell would have been 10 and 13 respectively. This implies John Powell, husband of Ann Rose, was not the son of Thomas Powell who moved to Estill Co., KY.

I am very much interested in any reseach that would prove the parentage of John and Lovely Abraham Powell.
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