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Surnames: LITTON
Descendants of Caleb Litton

Generation No. 1

1. CALEB1 LITTON was born 1678. He married GRACE FORRESTER.

2. i. JOHN R2 LITTON, b. March 1726, Rockville MD.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN R2 LITTON (CALEB1) was born March 1726 in Rockville MD. He married SARAH WILCOXEN May 03, 1745 in Fincastle, VA, daughter of THOMAS WILCOXEN and RUTH UNKNOWN.

Notes for JOHN R LITTON:
John R. LITTON is John Richard LITTON, son of Caleb LITTON born 1678, either in
Ottery St. Mary (Devon) Eng., or in Maryland, depending on the researcher's inclination. Caleb's wife was Grace FORRESTER or BURTON b 1698 Baltimore, MD d 1792 Rockville, MD.

Sarah or Sallie WILCOXEN was the daughter of Thomas WILCOXEN, Sr. b 9 Mar 1695 d ca 1777 (Prince Georges Co.) MD who m. Ruth _____b 3 Sep 1703. Thomas was s/o John WILCOXEN d 22 Sep 1716 (Prince Georges) MD and Magdalen ______.

3. i. SOLOMON CALEB SR3 LITTON, b. December 22, 1751; d. February 24, 1844, Russell Co., VA.

ii. BURTON LITTON, b. Unknown.

The Killing of Burton Litton and William Priest

at Glade Hollow Fort

By Emory L Hamilton

From an unpublished manuscript,

"Indian Atrocities Along the Clinch, Powell and Holston Rivers"

pages 60-62
Burton Litton, brother of Solomon Litton, was a son of John Litton, and this
family were early settlers of the Elk Garden section of present Russell Co.,
VA. At the time of his death, Burton Litton had a brother, James Litton, and
wife, Elizabeth. (1) Burton Litton was a member of Captain Daniel Smiths
militia company in 1774, while that part of Russell County was thenFincastle Co.
Of William Priest little is known, except that he lived on Priest Mountain,
at Elk Garden. He served in the militia company of Captain Daniel Smith, at
the Elk Garden Fort from the 13th of August to 18th of November, 1774 (2),
along with Thomas and David Priest, who were probably brothers, or maybe
sons. During this term of service, sometime between August and October
of 1774, he was paid for 7 days as an Indian Scout.(3) The only court record
I find relating to him was in the court of Fincastle Co. On November 2, 1773
where he, along with others was appointed to view a road from the Maiden
Springs settlement in to the Great Road, the latter perhaps, being the
Fincastle main road leading from the east to the western country.
The details of this killing are best told in the words of Isaac Crabtree
in his pension statement filed in Overton# Co., TN, September 27, 1832.
Isaac was born in Baltimore Co., MD in 1757. (4) Crabtree says: ...In the
next year, 1778, he again turned out a volunteer ranger, he thinks about the
last of May, and went to the Elk Garden Fort and joined Captain John Kinkead
(Kincaid) and ranged about that fort. He states that Colonel (then Captain,
later Colonel) Daniel Smith came to the fort and took him and several other
men, making ten, and went down Clinch, and as they came to Glade Hollow
Fort, they met about the same number of Indians. He, and Burton Litton and
William Priest were some distance in front of the others when they met the
Indians. The Indians were laying in ambush in two sink holes (5), and on
each side of the Trace (6) and when they arose and placed themselves in a
fighting attitude and fired on him. When the firing commenced Colonel Smith,
and the balance of the men with him, wheeled and ran. He, and his company
kept their ground waiting for them to come up, until the Indians, or some of
them, were within 30 or 40 yards of affiant and the balls flying around him
like hailstones from a thunder storm. He began to think it was time to take
care of himself, seeing by this time the whole of his company had taken
flight and left him. He retreated a short distance and was closely pursued
by the enemy, and he wheeled to see how close they were to him and saw one
within thirty yards. He immediately raised his gun and taking aim at his
breast, he fired, and the Indian fell back and uttered some coarse, loud
noise. He then overtook some of his company and tried to rally them, but
without effect. They continued their retreat and two of them were killed
while they were running before him. He then began to mend his gait and soon
overtook the foremost men and went by Col. Smith, but was unable to rally.
Thence the two men killed were the two who went in advance of himself,
Burton Litton and William Priest.
Burton Litton, was a brother of Solomon Litton, who along with Captain
John Dunkin, was captured by the Indians in 1780 at Riddles Station and
carried to Canada, where they were held until the end of theRevolutionary War.
At a court held for Washington Co., VA, on August 17, 1779, is entered
this order:
On motion of Elizabeth Litton and James Laughlin (7), administration is
granted them on the estate of Burton Litton, deceased, who made oaths
thereto with John Kinkead and Samuel VanHook as securities.
Appraisers of the estate were, Thomas and Richard Price, James Scott and
John Lewis.
(1) Washington Co., VA Order Book 1, page 69 & Survey Entry Book 1, page 75.
(2) Draper Mss 6 XX 1 06L(3) Draper Mss 5 XX 2L
(4) Crabtree statement also in Draper Mss 3 DD# 40L
(5) There are huge sink holes around the upper end of Glade Hollow.
(6) This suggests that Glade Hollow Fort lay on the Kentucky Trace.
(7) James Laughlin was a brother in law of Burton Litton, having married

his sister, Elizabeth Laughlin.

Generation No. 3

3. SOLOMON CALEB SR3 LITTON (JOHN R2, CALEB1) was born December 22, 1751, and died February 24, 1844 in Russell Co., VA. He married MARTHA SHARPE DUNCAN May 24, 1774 in Roanoke VA, daughter of THOMAS DUNCAN and ELIZABETH ALEXANDER.

Captain John Dunkin, Solomon Litton and His Wife

Taken Out of Elk Garden by the Indians

By Emory L Hamilton

From an unpublished manuscript,

"Indian Atrocities Along the Clinch, Powell and Holston Rivers"
Solomon Litton, who was a brother of Burton Litton killed at Glade Hollow
Fort, his wife Martha Sharpe Litton and Captain John Dunkin were taken from
Elk Garden by the Indians, transported to Canada (Detroit), where they were
held until the end of the Revolutionary War. The details of how they were
captured and whether there were other people taken at the same time the
records do not show. The date that Solomon Litton settled in Elk Garden is
unknown, but it must have been quite early. He served under Captain Daniel
Smith as a militia soldier from August 29 to November 6, 1774, guarding the
Glade Hollow Fort. (1) The Washington Co., VA, Court recommended him for an
Ensign of the militia for that county February 25, 1777, and for a
Lieutenant on August 19, 1778. The earliest court record found pertaining to
him is in Botetourt Co., VA, where he sells personal property to William
Carvin on March 5, 1770. (2) It may have been about this date that he left
the Tinkers Creek section of Botetourt, where he supposedly lived, before he
came to the Elk Garden section.

At a court held for Washington Co., VA, March 20, 1781, this interesting
order was recorded: On motion of James Litton (3) and John Laughlin (4) and
by consent of the court they are appointed Guardians of the estates of
Captain John Dunkin and Solomon Litton, prisoners of the enemy in Canada,
and to use all legal methods for saving and securing the said estates,
whereupon they together with William Davison and John Vance entered into and
acknowledged their bonds for eight thousand pounds for the faithful
performance of the same.

R. M. Addington, History of Scott County, Virginia, page 391, says:
In 1778 while the Revolutionary War was raging and the American patriots
were being assailed by the British soldiers on the one hand and the Indians
on the other. Litton, his wife, and two daughters were captured by the
Indians and carried to Quebec, at which place they were held until the close
of the war, when they were exchanged. Elizabeth Litton, one of the captured
girls, became the wife of Joseph Shoemaker, both of whom died in Lafayette
County, Missouri.

In the above paragraph, Mr. Addington had been misinformed on the daughters
of Solomon Litton being captured, as will be shown by the birth dates listed
below, taken from the family Bible of Solomon Litton, which in 1947 was in
the possession of Miss Pauline Pyle, of Lebanon, Russell Co., VA.
Solomon Litton was born December 22, 1751. Died 1844. On May 24, 1774 he
married Martha Dunkin, sister of Captain John Dunkin, who was born September
27, 1756. Their children were: John, born November 11, 1775; Thomas, born
September 27, 1777; Burton, born April 2, 1780; Solomon, Jr., born August
28, 1783; Elizabeth, born March 1, 1785; Hiram, born March 29, 1787; James,
born August 18, 1789; Mary, born April 21, 1792; Alexander, born November 8,
1795; Caleb, born March 2, 1797; and Jenny, born February 20, 1801.
In the 1850 census of Russell Co., VA, Solomon Litton, Jr. is shown as
having been born in Detroit, in 1783, while his parents were being held by
the British, but some members of the family deny this saying the church
records at Elk Garden show him as having been born at Litton Hill in Elk
Garden, upon which the church stands. (5) If Solomon Litton was captured in
1778, as Mr. Addington states, then, if any children were taken it could
only have been the sons, John and Thomas. Also if he remained a prisoner of
the British until Solomon, Jr., was born in 1783, then certainly Burton, who
was born in 1780 must have also been born in Detroit, also.
Captain John Dunkin, at the time of the capture, also lived in the Elk
Garden section of Russell Co., VA. He served at the Glade Hollow Fort from
the 29th of August to the 6th of November, 1774, as a Sergeant, (6) under
Ensign Henley Moore. He was appointed a Captain of Militia by the Washington
Co., VA, court February 26, 1777. In this year he led a company of militia
into Powell Valley to guard the settlers in bringing in their personal
property after the valley had been evacuated because of Indian depredations.
Dunkin eventually moved out of the Elk Garden section to Spring Creek, just
outside Abingdon, VA, where he died in 1817. (7)
John Dunkin had two daughters named Sally and Peggy who married brothers of
the name Laughlin. Since both the Littons and Duncans had married into the
Laughlin family there was close relationships between the three families.
Old James Laughlin of Elk Garden had daughters, Ann Dunkin and Polly Porter.
John Dunkin was appointed to the Washington Co., VA, court July 23, 1777,
took the oath of office on November 25, 1777, and served on the bench until
November 18, 1778. The last reference I find pertaining to him is on April
21, 1779, when William Pitman was recommended for a Lieutenant of militia in
John Dunkins company. It may be that Pitman was appointed to the company
after Dunkin had been captured by the Indians, as it appears Duncan and
Litton were captured in 1778, although I have not found a definite date for
their capture.(1) Draper Mss 6 XX 106(2) Botetourt Co., Deed Book 1, page 83
(3) Father of Solomon Litton(4) Married Solomon Littons sister, Elizabeth
(5) Letter to Mr. Canie B. Litton, Virginia Beach, VA,

dated December 10, 1965.(6) Draper Mss 6 XX 106(7) Draper Mss 1 XX 13

The following was transcribed from Solomon's original
letter, format and spelling is just as he wrote it...

Urgent Dispatch Shannee Town near ye Fort Detroit

In Providence ye Canada

1st ye March 1781
To my Kinsmen at ye Fort Elk Garden in ye WashingtonCounty Virginia.
John Litton, Father & James McLaughlin, Brother in Law.
Explaining my long absence of communicay due to being
taken from the tilling of my field, by several breeds
of savages on ye 26 June 1780 as a captive of the
Shawnee's commanded by Brit. Gen. Harry Bird, under His
Majesty out of ye Canada. My family all were marched
a foot, 300 miles to ye Fort Detroit where I was sold
to a savage called Big Fish as a slave, is my reason.

I have been seperated from my family not knowing
whence they were being held. I am fearful of their
demise? The urgency of this dispatch, if delivered,
to have you take power of attorney to save and secure
my property together with that of Captain John Duncan,
also a prisoner of the enemy in ye Canada, from sezure
by ye Commonwealth of Virginia for taxes.

I had in ye spring marked out 400 acres joing Fran
Berry on ye Cooper's Creek near ye Fort Martin. I am
now fearful of sustaining it due to my absence. Present
this dispatch to ye Attorney at Law at Abington or
Blaksfort and take what ever steps needed to secure ourEstates there.

Ruddles and Martins forts were cannoned balled and
after surrender most inhabitants were massacred. Brains
of infants on trees, some crushed under cart wheels. Ye
older inhabited were gutted and drawn to the pleasure of
ye spectators. Ye lassies were raped and scalped by ye
savages. Fort burned and stock and fowl slautered. A
horrible massacre not yet equaled in this country.

On ye 27th June we marched down ye Licking 70 miles
to ye big Miani (down ye Ohio) thence, up ye Miami to ye
head of, thnnce over land 18 miles to ye Glaise [Auglaize]
thence down it ye Lake Erie, put aboard ye boat Goge,
floated across to ye River Detroit thence put aground at
ye Fort Detroit. At which place I was taken to ye Shawnee
Town, twenty miles distant. Of the 300 marchers taken 90
were count of reaching Fort Detroit. Me thinks Gen. Geo.
Clark will be pursuit and liberate us?

Please respond by same messenger to Major DePayster
at ye Fort Detroit, a friend of the captives.

Your Kinsman & Patriot

Lt. Solomon Litton
[Solomon was released 1784. He was granted land in Russell Co VA for
serving in the Militia. He died in Russell Co Feb 24 1844 at age 93]

Most LITTON researchers do not believe that Solomon LITTON Sr. was born in
England. It is believed that this was written in error, and that he was born at Tinker Creek (Bottetourt Co.) VA, the son of John Richard LITTON b March 1726 at Rockville MD who m 3 May 1745 Sarah/Sallie WILCOXEN b 1728. Also, I have a note that Solomon's will was probated May 2, 1843, and it is doubtful that they did that before he died in 1844.

Solomon Sr.'s wife is thought to be Martha DUNCAN SHARP, widow, daughter of
Thomas DUNCAN b 3 Jan 1692 Argyle, Scotland d 1756/60 (Lancaster) PA/Perm VA who m 1733 Elizabeth ALEXANDER b 1709/10 Scotland d 1814 Elk Garden (Russell) VA. The LDS Ancestry File has the family of Thomas Duncan back to 1501.

Martha SHARPE DUNCAN, sometimes listed as Martha DUNCAN SHARP d 31 Mar
1821 was probably widowed when she married Solomon LITTON. She was d/o Thomas DUNKIN b 3 Jan 1692, Argyle Scotland d 1756/60 (Lancaster) PA/Perm, VA. who m 1733 Elizabeth ALEXANDER b 1709/10 Scotland d 1814 Elk Garden/Spring Creek (Russell) VA. (LDS Ancestry File has Thomas DUNKIN's family back to 1501.)


i. JOHN WHITELY4 LITTON, b. November 11, 1775; d. 1853; m. SARAH "SALLY" PEARL FULLEN, September 27, 1802, Knox Co.

John W. LITTON Sr., s/o Capt. Solomon and Martha LITTON, was John Whitely
LITTON d 1853 who built "Litton Hill", a large brick house near Elk Garden. He donated the land for the Elk Garden Methodist Church, and there is a LITTON cemetery behind the modern house at Box 445 Rt. 1, within sight of the current church building.

ii. THOMAS LITTON, b. September 27, 1777; d. September 23, 1804.

iii. BURTON CALEB LITTON, b. April 02, 1780; m. JENNY SMITH, August 15, 1802.

Burton b 1780 near what is now Paris, (Bourbon Co.) KY is Burton Caleb, named for his uncle who was murdered by Indians in 1779 near Glade Hollow Fort, Russell Co. Listed in IGI with wife Jane (not Jenny) SMITH, Knox Co, KY.

iv. SOLOMON CALEBJR LITTON, b. August 28, 1783; d. August 15, 1862; m. JUDITH SHOEMAKER, September 24, 1806.

LITTON Solomon Jr., s/o Solomon Litton, Sr. & Martha; m. Judith SHOEMAKER on 24 Sep 1806 (IBID.; see also Fugate, p. 45; Judith a d/o James Shoemaker)

Solomon Caleb Jr. was b 1783 in Fort Detroit (now MI) after his family was taken
captive 26 Jun 1780 by the British and Indians and forced to walk to what was then Canada, along with sixty to ninety other early KY settlers. The family was released, returning to Russell Co. in 1784. Solomon Jr. lived for a time in Whitley Co., KY, where most of his children were born, but later returned to "the corner" near Lebanon, (Russell Co.). He inherited in 1843 the home of his father which had been built there in 1789. The house was still standing when described for Russell County archives by the W.P.A. during the Depression, but is now a ruin.

v. ELIZABETH LITTON, b. March 01, 1785; m. JOSEPH SHOEMAKER, November 26, 1807.

vi. HIRAM LITTON, b. March 29, 1787; m. PATSY COX, October 22, 1812.

Hiram b 1787 d 2 Aug 1852. Listed in IGI, (Knox Co.) KY 1812.

vii. JAMES HARVEY SR LITTON, b. August 18, 1789, Russell Co., VA; d. August 02, 1855; m. (1) MARY ELIZABETH PURCELL; m. (2) REBECCA JANE VANHOOK, September 25, 1809.

James b 1789 was James Harvey LITTON Sr. who married three times; see James Harvey LITTON family bible record for details. James' first wife Rebecca VANHOOK was d/o Lawrence VANHOOK. Lawrence's wife at time of death was Rachel_______.
James Harvey's second wife Mary is thought to have been born 1802, an ELLIOTT, d/o James ELLIOTT b 5 Jan 1775 d 1829 (Russell Co) VA who m 14 Jan 1802 Obedience PARSLEY b 13 Sep 1786 VA d 11 Nov 1836 (Russell), d/o Moses PARSLEY d 30 Aug/Sep 1831 (Russell) who m Obedience ______. James ELLIOTT is said by ELLIOTT researcher Clarence E. Shepard to be the son of Michael ELLIOTT b 1754 d 1823 (Scott Co.) VA who m. Mary Trim b 1758 d 1830 Obey's Creek (Scott) VA.

Family Bible Record of James Harvey Litton, Sr.

FAMILY BIBLE RECORD (All below is direct quote):

Family Record Births

James Harvey Litton Aug. 8 1789
Rebecca Jane Litton Feb. 29 1790
Milton Roy Litton Nov. 8 1814
John William Litton Sept. 3 1816
James Harvey Litton Jun. May 9 1818
Nancy Joyce Litton Oct. 11 1820
Mary Elen Purcel Feb. 28 1810
William Korin Litton Aug. 13 1827
Jackson Billy Litton May 15 1829
Mary Evelena Litton June 30 1830
Ellen Etta Litton March 6 1832
Rebecca Jane Litton July 4 1834
James Fayette Monk Dec. 25 1830

Charles Fayette Monk Aug. 3 1853
Vincent Soloman Monk June 2 1854
Owens Bernt Monk June 3 1856
Evaline Elizabeth Monk June 4 1860
Elijah Jam Monk April 30 1863

James Litton's Sen. Parents
Soloman Caleb Litton Sen. Dec. 22 1751
Martha Duncan Litton Sept. 27 1756

James H. & Mary E. Litton, children,
John Thomas Litton April 1 1840
Margaret Elizabeth Litton Dec. 25 1843
Augustis William Litton Aug. 31 1845

Family Records Marriages

James Harvey Litton Sen. and Rebecca Jane Vanhook Sept. 25 1809
Milton Roy Litton and Judith Tyree Price May 3 1838
John William Litton and Phobee Lipps Jan. 20 1838
James Harvey Litton Jun. and Amelia Tyree E. Price June 15 1838
William Korin Litton and Nancy Ann Elliott June 6 1845
Rebecca Jane Litton and James Fayette Monk March 7 1852
James Harvey Litton Jun. and Elizabeth Predue Logan Nov. 29 1855
James Harvey Litton Sen. and Mary Elizabeth Purcell June 6 1826

Soloman Caleb Litton and Martha Duncan May 24 1774

Family Records Deaths

Rebecca Jane Litton Sept. 18 1822
Jsmes Harvey Litton Sen. Aug. 2 1855
Amelia Typree E. Litton March 3 1854

Soloman Caleb Litton Feb. 24 1844
Martha Duncan Litton March 31 1821

This bible is owned by Canie B. Litton Jr. of Jacksonville, Florida. I have a photocopy, from which I copied this information. The bible was published 1832, so dates before that were recorded after the events. In fact, only two sets of handwriting appear in the record, and it is quite possible that it was copied from another record, or from dictation. The bible was owned for years by the family of Rebecca Jane Litton Monk b 4 Jul 1834 Russell Co., VA. Canie thinks that the entries could have been made by a member of the Monk family or a member of the Statzer family, (Canie says that Rebecca Jane Litton Monk's second marriage was in 1869, to Elijah Statzer of Lee and Russell Co., VA. Her first husband, James Monk, b 25 Dec 1830 Russell Co. was killed in the Civil War.)
Certain items in the record are questionable.
1)I have carefully checked my typed copy against the photocopy, but I cannot make out one name, that of Owens Bernt Monk. The middle name could be Beriah or Bernh, but definitely starts with a B.
2)Elijah Jam Monk is probably Elijah James Monk, but that's not what appears.
3)James Harvey Litton is thought by researchers to have had three wives. The first was Rebecca Jane Vanhook b 29 Feb 1790, d 18 Sep 1822. The second, listed in the above record as Mary Elizabeth Purcell, and followed in the record by a long ink-blot concealing another word, is thought by Canie Litton to have been Mary Purdue Elliott b 1802 d 13 Aug 1834. The third, whose marriage is not listed in the above record, is said by Canie to have been Mary Wilson of Dante, VA.
4)William Korin Litton is thought (hoped?) to have married Nancy Ann Collins b 23 Apr 1829 d 4 Aug 1867, not Nancy Ann Elliott as stated in the above record.

James Harvey Litton, Sr. moved to Pike Co, KY from Russell County VA before 1850. He appears there in the 1850 census, page 487-B, with wife Mary and the three youngest children listed above, John T., Margaret E., and Augustus W. James Harvey Litton Sr. is listed in Pike Co. Death Records 2 August 1855. Cause of death: gravel (!?!). But most of JHL Sr.'s children remained in Russell Co., and most of the surnames mentioned in the record are those of Russell Co. families.

viii. MARY "POLLY" LITTON, b. April 21, 1792; m. ANDREW LONG, November 20, 1809.

ix. ALEXANDER LITTON, b. November 08, 1795, Spinning Gap, Lee Co., VA; d. May 20, 1884; m. MARY "POLLY" VERMILLION, December 25, 1817.

LITTON, Alexander, s/ Solomon Litton, Sr. & Martha (Duncan); m. 25 Dec 1817, Mary "Polly" VERMILLION, d/o Jessee Vermillion (Bible Records of the Litton Family of SW VA contributed by C.E. Shepard, as published in VIRGINIA APPALACHIAN NOTES [VAN], Jul 1978, p. 90; see also Fugate, p. 46)

Alexander, b 1795 (Russell) d 20 May 1884 near Spinning Gap, (Lee Co.) VA. His wife was Polly (Mary) VERMILLION b 25 Dec 1801 d 4 May 1873, d/o Jessie
VERMILLION, Rev War soldier from N.C.

x. CALEB LITTON, b. March 02, 1797; m. ELIZABETH DICKENSON, April 09, 1818.

ELIZABETH DICKENSON - d/o James Dickenson & Margaret Porter mar Caleb Litten parents unknow mar Dec 1817. From marriage records of Russell Co VA.

Caleb b 1797, is said to have remained in Russell Co. Son: Joseph Shoemaker LITTON, 1829-1902 m. Mary Ann ASTON.

xi. JENNY LITTON, b. February 20, 1801; d. May 12, 1802.

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