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John Huff (1 of 2)

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Debbie, this is what I have:

Descendants of John Huff

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1 HUFF was born 1770 in Botentort Co, VA(1), and died 1861 in Floyd Co, KY(2). He married (1) FRANCIS THOMPSON January 14, 1793 in Patrick Co, VA(3), daughter of JAMES THOMPSON and NANCY. She was born Abt. 1778 in VA, and died Aft. 1850 in Carroll Co, VA. He married (2) ELIZABETH PRATT Abt. 1808 in Prob Patrick Co, VA, daughter of JAMES PRATT and WALLEY. She was born Abt. 1790 in Bedford Co, VA, and died 1827 in Floyd Co, KY. He married (3) DIDAM ROGERS July 1832 in Floyd Co, KY4. She died Bef. 1850 in Floyd Co, KY.

Notes for JOHN HUFF:
John Huff was a mechanic and carpenter who specialized in making things from wood. Although his son, John Jr., said that John was born in Greenbrier Co, VA, that county was not formed until 1778. It is most likely that John was born near the border between Montgomery, Carroll, Floyd and Patrick Counties. He was on the Personal Property tax lists 1796, 98, 99, 02. The tax was based upon his ownership of one or two horses, colts, or mules.
On Feby 6,1802, during a probable divorce, John deeded household items to his daughters in trust to his father-in-law, James Thompson. (There is no mention of his wife, Fanny, in the deed. It was very hard to get a divorce in those times, except for proven adultery). There is a James Thompson shown in the Patrick County Personal Property Tax records who lived on Sycamore Creek, close to John Huff. This is probably the same person. In 1820 Census of Floyd Co, KY, p 41 John Hoff family consists of four males over the age of 3 and under 10 years, one male 45 or over, one female under ten years, one female age 10-15, and one female 26-44.(400001 - 11010) . Bought 5 acres on Caney Fork of Beaver Creek from Ezekiel Gibson. Deeded 50 acres on Caney Creek, 50 on Beaver Creek in 1822. In 1830 census pg 88 has a family of four males and two females. In 1831 he received grants for 50 acres on Caney Forks and 50 acres at Mill Seat, KY. On 1837 Tax list of Floyd Co. In 1840 received 50 acres at Caney Fork. In 1840 Census of Floyd Co, KY p 256, John Huff 000000001 - 0001. On 1844 Tax list of Johnson County, KY shows J H Huff. In 1850 Census of Floyd Co, KY dw 303 John Hoff received a grant of 50 acres on Holly Brush. In 1860, John Huff was living with William Huff in Floyd Co, KY # 399.
Blue Ridge Heritage pg 225 gives names of John's children as: John, Jeremiah W, William, Thomas W, Margaret, Mary Ann, and Matilda.

May Term, 27 th day of May, 1822: Ordered that John Hoff, Shadrick Slone, Isham Slone and John Holliday view and mark the best way for a road on Caney.

Deed Book B: 19 Oct 1818; Indenture from John Justice to William Johnson for a 60 acre tract on the Right Fork of Beaver Creek. Witness to the deed were: John Hoff, Simon Justice and Edmond Justice.

28 May 1821: Indenture from Ezekial Gibson to John Huff in the amount of $60.00 for a 5 acre tract on Caney Fork of Beaver Creek.

23 Nov 1813: Indenture to John Turman, Attorney for Thomas Hoff, of Floyd Co, from Adam Thompson and Nathaniel Thompson of Montgomery Co, Virginia, in the amount of 400 pounds for land on Burks Fork in Montgomery County, Virginia.

Mason Co., KY District 1, Tax Lists for 1793: Sept 31, Hough, John one free white tithe (male over 21), 120 acres land, 7 cattle

1820 Fanny Huff 010000 - 30101 Montgomery Co, VA
Fanny age over 45 (1785)
Ferm age16-25 (Nancy was not married nor was Sarah)
three Ferm age 0-10 (probably children of Mary)
one male age 10-16 (Mathew born 1809)
Note: Burk's Fork was in Montgomery Co, VA in 1813. (Confirmed) (Now Floyd Co., VA)
No Huff names in Patrick Co, VA census in 1820 even though Fanny shows up in Tax records of Patrick Co, VA from at least 1826 through 1830. They apparently had land in Patrick County but lived in Montgomery Co, or more likely, they lived near where the land boundaries of Montgomery and Patrick Counties met. Burk's Fork is in that area.

Nancy and Sally both kept Huff name on Patrick Co tax records. . Nancy until at least 1827 although she married in 1821. . Sally until at least 1839 if she married..

Nancy and Mathew both married in Grayson Co, VA.

1840 Grayson Co, VA p 295, Mathew Huff 110001-201010001 (older female is probably Fanny Huff)
1842 Tax List Carroll Co, VA Huff, Fanny also Huff, Matthew and Thompson, James

1850 Carroll Co, VA # 431, Frances Huff with Sarah Mabry, daughter of Mathew and Dottie.
Mathew Huff family also listed as #317.
Apparently, Fanny was shifted from household to household. Not uncommon.
She was apparently closest with Mathew and his family.

She had died before Nov 1847 when her heirs sold land that had been given to her by her father. Her son, John Jr., said his mother died when he was 16 (Abt 1927).

Probably Dau of James Pratt, b 25 Mar 1764, Culpeper Co, VA, son of
Thomas. He d 8 Oct 1854 in Carter Co, KY. James was on pg 101 Floyd Co, KY Census 1810: 23111-11201-00. Two Dau and one son between the ages of 16/25 (b 1785-1794). James appears also on the 1820 Floyd Co census. He had 2nd marriage to Rebecca Wright 1 July 1827. (or Rebecca Herald)
He entered service in 1781 "in place of my father, Thomas". Pension applied for 6 Dec 1833 age 69, stated papers were destroyed when house burned in Floyd Co. He is prob same in misc pension record notes: "PVT in Virginia line; pens'r in Lawrence Co, KY 1831 or 1834, age 70. He also resided in Campbell, Lawrence and Bath Co's. In 1810 he had children:
son age 26-45 (b Abt 1784)
two Dau and one son 16/25 (b btwn 1785-1794)
one Dau and three sons 10-15 (B 1795-1800
one Dau and two sons under 10 (b 1801-1810)
By second marriage, children:
Enoch b Abt 1828
(Rena )Elizabeth - May 1832

In 1840 census, John had household with one younger female
Floyd County Consent 1808-1851 has John and Didam Jul 1832
She is not listed with John in 1850 or 1860 Census
She may be mother of Jonathan Rogers who married Dau of John Huff and also of David Rogers. Both Jonathan and David possibly lived in Carter Co, KY.
She may have moved to Carter Co after 1840 to live with her sons. She may have sold land in Floyd Co before moving.

She is listed in 1830 Census of Floyd County as a neighbor of John, her name is Diadina.


i. SARAH2 HUFF, b. Abt. 1794, Patrick Co, VA; d. Unknown.

Notes for SARAH HUFF:
Possibly married John Thompson. Believe her possibly to be the mother of Mathew Huff, born in 1809.

2. ii. MARY HUFF, b. January 01, 1796, Patrick Co, VA; d. Aft. 1860, Dug Spur, Carroll Co, VA.

iii. ELIZABETH HUFF, b. Abt. 1798, Patrick Co, VA; d. Bef. 1820.

Probably died young. She is listed in the deed of John Huff to his daughters but does not appear again in records. She does not appear to be in 1920 census with Fanny.

3. iv. NANCY HUFF, b. 1801, Patrick Co, VA; d. Aft. 1880, Prob Washington Co, TN.
4. v. MATTHEW B HUFF, b. 1809, VA; d. Abt. 1860, Farmersville,Collin, TX.

Children of JOHN HUFF and ELIZABETH PRATT are:

vi. MARGARET2 HUFF, b. Abt. 1809; d. Unknown.

vii. MARY ANN HUFF, b. Abt. 1810, Prob VA; d. Unknown; m. JONATHAN ROGERS, January 06, 1832, Floyd Co, KY4; b. Abt. 1810; d. Unknown.

Notes for MARY ANN HUFF:
Floyd County Consent 1808-1851 has Jonathan Rogers and Mary Ann Huff, Dau
of John Huff, Consent 06-JAN-1832.

He may be son of Didiam Rogers who married John Huff

5. viii. JR. JOHN JR. HUFF, b. May 11, 1811, Huffville, Montgomery, VA; d. October 21, 1895, Jefferson Co , IA.
6. ix. WILLIAM HUFF, b. 1818, VA; d. Aft. 1860.

x. MATILDA HUFF, b. Aft. 1820; d. Unknown.

Generation No. 2

2. MARY2 HUFF (JOHN1) was born January 01, 1796 in Patrick Co, VA, and died Aft. 1860 in Dug Spur, Carroll Co, VA5. She married JOSHUA G MABRY August 08, 1816 in Patrick Co, VA6, son of CHARLES MABRY and SARAH. He was born April 30, 1789 in VA7, and died April 1849 in Carroll Co, VA.

Notes for MARY HUFF:
Mary's children appear to be in the 1820 census with Fanny.
1850 Census Carroll Co, VA Polly Maybry family
1860 Census Carroll Co, VA, Dug Spur, #448/452 Mary Mabry, age 64, farming

Furnished bond on marriage of Mathew Huff and Theodota Day Feby 1, 1827.

On 19 September 1845 in Carroll Co, VA, Joshua G Mabry and his wife Polly (Huff) Mabry deeded 74 acres in Carroll county to Joseph C Thompson and (Amelia) Mary Jane Thompson with "care eminent and agreed to". Then on 21 April 1853, Polly Mabry, widow of Joshua G Mabry, deceased, both of whose names were assigned to the 1845 deed, relinquished her dower right to Joseph C Thompson and (Amelia) Mary Jane Thompson. It appears that Joseph C Thompson and Mary Jane were to have taken care of Joshua and Polly Mabry. Joseph C Thompson was the husband of "Amelia" Mary Jane Mabry who was daughter of Joshua and Polly Huff Thompson. Joseph may or may not have been related to Polly Huff's mother, Francis Thompson.

Children of MARY HUFF and JOSHUA MABRY are:

i. AMELIA MARY JANE3 MABRY, b. Abt. 1814; d. Unknown; m. JOSEPH C THOMPSON.

ii. LUCY MABRY, b. Abt. 1815; d. Unknown.

iii. CHARLES MABRY, b. Abt. 1816; d. Unknown.

iv. ITUREA MABRY, b. Abt. 1817; d. Unknown.



vii. JESSE LEE MABRY, b. 1834, Caroll Co, VA8; d. Unknown.

viii. LEMIMA MABRY, b. 1837, Caroll Co, VA8; d. Unknown.

ix. JOSHUA PATRICK C MABRY, b. 1839, Caroll Co, VA8; d. Unknown.

x. MARY FRANCIS MABRY, b. 1841, Caroll Co, VA8; d. Unknown.

3. NANCY2 HUFF (JOHN1) was born 1801 in Patrick Co, VA, and died Aft. 1880 in Prob Washington Co, TN. She married EDMUND BRANSCOMB December 20, 1820 in Grayson Co, VA, son of ISAAC BRANSCOMB and ELIZABETH HARRISON. He was born 1795 in Greensville, VA, and died Unknown in Washington Co, TN.

Son of Isaac and Elizabeth Harrison BRANSCOMB


i. CYNTHIA3 BRANSCOMB, b. September 25, 1821, Patrick Co, VA; d. Unknown.


4. MATTHEW B2 HUFF (JOHN1) was born 1809 in VA, and died Abt. 1860 in Farmersville,Collin, TX. He married THEODOTA DAY February 01, 1827 in Grayson Co, VA9, daughter of JOSEPH DAY and RODAY COCK. She was born 1809 in VA, and died Bef. 1868 in TX.


Went by name Hoff. Believe his mother to have been Sarah Huff, daughter of John and Fanny, who later married John Mabry. Mathew was raised during his early years by his grandmother, Fanny. (1820 Fanny Huff 0100-30101)
Father of Matthew is uncertain. John and Fanny may have been divorced at his birth.
Joshua G Mabry, husband of Mary Huff, furnished bond for the marriage. One of the witnesses was John Cock. In 1833, Mathew and Dotty purchased land on Burk's Fork, Grayson Co, VA and lived there about twenty years. Joined a large wagon train which moved to TX. Lived in Collin Co, TX, possibly at Farmersville. May have moved to Cooke Co before they died, however M B Huff and a Mrs Wright are bur together in Collin Co, TX. Possibly Dottie Marr a Mr Wright after Mathew's death. Their burial site was on land sold by Joseph Day Jr, brother in Law to Mathew B Huff.

1830 Montgomery Co, VA p 69, Mathew Huff 00001 - 1101
1833 Grayson Co, VA Mathew Hoff bought 100 acres of land on Burk's Fork from Moses Brown. He lived there until his move to TX, prob btwn 1855 and 1860.
1840 Grayson Co, VA p 295, Mathew Huff 110001 - 201010001(older female is probably his mother, Fanny Huff)
1850 Carroll Co, VA p 339, 11th Dist, # 317 Mathew Huff family

Mathew Huff 41 M Farmer

Theodota 41 F

Nathaniel 15 M Farmer

Richard 12 M

Polly 10 F

Costola 8 M

Fielden 6 M

Peyton 3 M

Louisa 3/12 F

1860 Collin Co, TX p 92, Farmersville, Mathew Hoff fam
1868 Collin Co, TX, Joseph Day sold land holding graves of M B Huff and Mrs Wright

Children of MATTHEW HUFF and THEODOTA DAY are:
7. i. SARAH3 HUFF, b. 1828, VA; d. Unknown.
8. ii. NATHANIEL HUFF, b. 1834, Grayson Co, VA; d. 1865, Hunt Co, TX.

iii. RICHARD HUFF, b. 1838, VA; d. July 21, 1916, Greenville, Hunt , TX; m. NANCY DAWSON, December 05, 1860, Collin Co, TX; b. July 1842, MO; d. Unknown.

Went by HOFF

9. iv. DANIEL COSLEY HUFF, b. March 1842, Grayson Co, VA; d. 1926, Greer Co, OK.
10. v. FELAND HUFF, b. January 08, 1844, Grayson Co, VA; d. August 17, 1926, Cooke Co, TX.
11. vi. MARY HUFF, b. April 18, 1840, Grayson Co, VA; d. 1899, Griever Canyon, Woods, OK.
12. vii. PATON HUFF, b. May 1847, Grayson Co, VA; d. April 11, 1929, Magnum, Greer, OK.

viii. DAVID HUFF, b. 1848, Grayson Co, VA; d. Bef. 1850.

ix. LOUISA HUFF, b. April 1850, Grayson Co, VA; d. Unknown; m. N M JONES, April 27, 1873, Cooke Co, TX.

Notes for LOUISA HUFF:

5. JR. JOHN JR.2 HUFF (JOHN1) was born May 11, 1811 in Huffville, Montgomery, VA10,11, and died October 21, 1895 in Jefferson Co , IA12. He married SARAH WOODARD March 03, 1836 in Hancock Co, IL. She was born July 06, 1814 in Hardeman Co , TN, and died December 03, 1871 in Jefferson Co , IA13.

Notes for JR. JOHN JR. HUFF:
John and Sarah were original settlers in Jefferson Co, IA and lived on a
farm of 240 acres in Buchanan Twp until 1874 when he retired to Fairfield, IA
(PP 628-29, Portrait and Biographical Album of Jefferson and Van Buren
Counties, IA, 1890)
Grew up in mountains of Floyd Co, KY with little education but learned cooper
1840 Census Jefferson Co, IA, p283 John Huff 20001 - 00001
1850 Census Jefferson Co, IA p010 Round Rock Prairie John Huff family
1856 Jefferson Co, IA Lockridge, Vol 49, p720, John Huff family, farmers
1860 Census Jefferson Co, IA p30 Buchanan twp, John Huff family
1870 Census Jefferson Co, IA Buchanan twp, p11 John Huff family
1880 Census Jefferson Co, IA Fairfield, 17-81-62-28 John Huff hh
He worked as a cooper early in his life but later was a farmer. He first went to IA in 1831 with Mason Cope and lived in Schuyler Co. In 1835, he explored the Skink River and camped in what became Jefferson Co. He gathered 1000 pounds of honey and beeswax which he proceeded to take to market down the river. His canoes overturned and he nearly drowned. He managed to walk 50 miles barefooted to Burlington where he re-outfitted and then went back and recovered his barrels of honey, and then went on to sell them in Carthage, MO.
(p 628, History of Jefferson Co, IA, bio of John Huff, 1890)

First white man to set foot in Jefferson County, IA

Our Jefferson County Ancestors, Vol 8, Pg 92, gives date of Sarah's death as December 23, 1871. In an 1879 history, her possible brother, Aaron, was murdered by Hardin Butler.
"A Fair Field" lists Sarah's home as Hancock Co, IL.

Children of JOHN HUFF and SARAH WOODARD are:
13. i. JAMES DOUGLAS3 HUFF, b. January 22, 1837, Jefferson Co, IA; d. March 03, 1911, Fairfield, Jefferson, IA.

ii. WILLIAM COOP HUFF14, b. 1839, Jefferson Co, IA; d. May 16, 1906, Jefferson Co, IA.

In 1880 was with his father in census along with probable daughter.
No gravestone.

iii. HENRY HARRISON HUFF14, b. October 27, 1842, Jefferson Co, IA; d. February 26, 1929, Redfield, IA.

Served in the Union Army, never married. Lived in South Dakota in 1911.

iv. NANCY HUFF14, b. 1841, Jefferson Co, IA; d. Unknown.

v. REBECCA HUFF14, b. 1845, Jefferson Co, IA; d. Bef. 1890.

vi. JEFFERSON JACKSON HUFF14, b. 1848, Jefferson Co, IA; d. 1932, Rockford, IL.

vii. SARAH ELIZABETH HUFF14, b. 1851, Jefferson Co, IA; d. September 12, 1928, Jefferson Co, IA; m. GEORGE R MOWER; b. 1841; d. January 28, 1928.
14. viii. LOUISA ELLEN HUFF, b. February 1853, Jefferson Co, IA; d. March 24, 1933, Jefferson Co, IA.

6. WILLIAM2 HUFF (JOHN1) was born 1818 in VA, and died Aft. 1860. He married NANCY SLONE January 09, 1839 in Floyd Co, KY15, daughter of ISOM SLONE and POLLY REYNOLDS. She was born 1823 in Floyd Co., KY, and died Aft. 1860.


Lived on Piney Creek In 1840 Census with wife and one Dau 00001 - 00011.
Received 100 acres on Caney Fork in 1848
In 1850 Census Floyd Co, #301 William Hoff with 400 acres.
In 1860 Census Floyd Co, KY p 61, had John Huff and Polly HICKS living with them, her relation unknown but probably a sister of Nancy.
Family not found after 1860 census.

Notes for NANCY SLONE:
Polly HICKS, age 29 living with family in 1860, possibly a sister

Children of WILLIAM HUFF and NANCY SLONE are:

i. MARGARET3 HUFF, b. 1841, KY; d. Unknown.

ii. JAMES A HUFF, b. 1843, KY; d. Abt. 1864, Died in Civil War.
15. iii. MARY ADA HUFF, b. 1845, KY; d. Unknown.
16. iv. JOHN W HUFF, b. 1847, Floyd Co, KY; d. Bef. 1880, prob Floyd Co, KY.
17. v. WILLIAM HUFF, b. October 1847, Floyd Co, KY; d. January 09, 1930, Floyd Co, KY.
18. vi. HENRY P HUFF, b. 1850, Floyd, KY; d. Unknown.

vii. ELIZABETH HUFF, b. 1854, Floyd Co, KY; d. Unknown; m. (1) JOHN GEARHART; b. 1845, KY; d. Unknown; m. (2) SAMUEL TURNER, October 07, 1869, Floyd Co, KY; b. 1849, Floyd Co, KY; d. Bef. 1880.

In 1880 had four children of John and Mary Huff as boarders in Gearheart household.
Bond Date in Floyd County Consent 1808-1851 was Sept 27, 1869.

She married Samuel Turner in home of William Huff, Surety Adam Turner

Poss son of Valentine Gearheart, b-1810 in Floyd Co, son of John Gearheart.
Poss sister Mary "Polly" Gearheart Meade b-1859 Floyd Co, KY
Children in 1880 Floyd Census: Laura age 8, Tony age 7, and Martha age 5
and Aramintha Huff, age 10, all borders.

Mother also born Floyd Co, KY, father born Patrick Co, VA

Generation No. 3

7. SARAH3 HUFF (MATTHEW B2, JOHN1) was born 1828 in VA, and died Unknown. She married MAYBERRY.

Notes for SARAH HUFF:
Francis Thompson Huff living with her in 1850 Census of Carroll Co, VA

Child of SARAH HUFF and MAYBERRY is:

i. SUSAN S4 MAYBERRY, b. 1849; d. Unknown.

8. NATHANIEL3 HUFF (MATTHEW B2, JOHN1) was born 1834 in Grayson Co, VA, and died 1865 in Hunt Co, TX. He married JUDITH SHERMAN December 05, 1855 in Grayson Co, VA.

First settled in Collin Co, TX after their marriage.


i. RICHARD4 HUFF, b. Abt. 1857; d. Unknown.

ii. THURSEY HUFF, b. Abt. 1858; d. Unknown.

9. DANIEL COSLEY3 HUFF (MATTHEW B2, JOHN1) was born March 1842 in Grayson Co, VA, and died 1926 in Greer Co, OK. He married TEMPE DENNIS STANFORD August 02, 1866 in Farmersville, Collin Co, TX. She was born 1844 in TN.

In 1880 Cook Co, TX precinct 5. Moved to Cooke County, TX and then to Oklahoma Territory.

Tempe's sister, Caroline, married Theophulis Day, also known as Theodore Day, who was born in VA. He possibly had a brother, Joseph, who married Caroline's cousin, who was also a Stanford.



10. FELAND3 HUFF (MATTHEW B2, JOHN1) was born January 08, 1844 in Grayson Co, VA, and died August 17, 1926 in Cooke Co, TX. He married (1) SARAH. She was born August 1852 in GA, and died Unknown. He married (2) MARY M GROUND April 02, 1866 in Collin Co, TX. She was born Abt. 1845, and died Bef. 1875 in Collin Co, TX.

Notes for FELAND HUFF:
Went by HOFF

Children of FELAND HUFF and SARAH are:

i. THEODOTA4 HUFF, b. Abt. 1872; d. Unknown.

ii. ALICE HUFF, b. Abt. 1873; d. Unknown.

11. MARY3 HUFF (MATTHEW B2, JOHN1) was born April 18, 1840 in Grayson Co, VA, and died 1899 in Griever Canyon, Woods, OK. She married WILLIAM B WILSON July 07, 1858 in Collin Co, TX16, son of JAMES WILSON and MARTHA A.. He was born March 13, 1839 in Sumner Co, TN, and died March 1915 in Orr, Love, OK.

Notes for MARY HUFF:
Birth year according to 1850 Census Carroll Co, VA with parents
1870 Census Collin Co, TX with three oldest children living with James and Martha Wilson.
Mary may have been blind in her later years and she also suffered from arthritis and osteoporosis. She could not straighten out her back and had to be buried in a square wooden coffin.
She had a little hymn book that was passed down in the family.

Family tradition that he served in the Civil War, leaving before the oldest child was born. After the war, he supposedly had a hard time settling down and would often leave Mary and the children and would go off gambling and drinking for months at a time.
After Mary's death, he lived with a Daughter and was recalled by his grandchildren as a loving grandpa.

Children of MARY HUFF and WILLIAM WILSON are:

i. WILLIAM DAVID4 WILSON, b. September 29, 1862, Collin Co, TX; d. Unknown; m. MARY HUFF; b. June 15, 1844, WV; d. Unknown.

Supposedly an outlaw, killed his first man when he was 12 years old. Had 22 or 23 notches on his gun. Caught with Frank Younger and served 5 years in Kansas Prison. Said to have been with Billy the Kid when the Kid was shot. Went to Mexico and not heard from again. Worked on 101 ranch, was two years old when his father returned from the war.

Notes for MARY HUFF:
Her mother was full-blood Chocktaw

ii. JAMES ERVIN WILSON, b. March 17, 1866, Denton Co, TX17; d. November 20, 1941, Ringling, Jefferson, OK; m. MELISSA KING, October 02, 1900.

Obit says born in Collin Co, but relatives say Denton Co. Married first a woman named Rosa while young. She had previously been married to a Rice. While working in a field, a drifter came by and said he had been by the house and that James had a really nice wife. Jokingly, Jim told the drifter he could have her for two bits. When he came home from the field, his wife was gone and two bits were lying on the table and he never saw or heard from his wife again. He later married Melissa King.

iii. LAURA MAY WILSON, b. May 10, 1869.

iv. DORIS BELLE WILSON, b. June 05, 1871.

Met and married an outlaw when she was 18 years old. Never heard of again.

v. CHARLES BEE VENTON WILSON, b. April 06, 1876, Denton, TX; d. December 15, 1961, Cortez, Montezuma, CO17; m. MINNIE PEARL HATFIELD, December 14, 1902, Quinlan, Woods, OK17; b. April 27, 1886, Smith Center, KS.

vi. ROSE LEE WILSON, b. June 11, 1879, TX; m. ROBERTS.

vii. MARY LILLIAN WILSON, b. February 18, 1882, TX; m. JOHN MARRS.

12. PATON3 HUFF (MATTHEW B2, JOHN1) was born May 1847 in Grayson Co, VA, and died April 11, 1929 in Magnum, Greer, OK. He married MALINDA KATHERINE BOUNDS December 17, 1868 in Collin Co, TX, daughter of JAMES BOUNDS and FRANCES ARMSTRONG.

Notes for PATON HUFF:
Went by HOFF

Children of PATON HUFF and MALINDA BOUNDS are:

i. MARY E4 HUFF, b. Abt. 1867; d. Unknown.

ii. JOHN HENRY HUFF, b. Abt. 1868; d. Unknown.


iv. GEORGE WASHINGTON HUFF, b. Abt. 1870; d. Unknown.

The family moved to Coshocton Co, OH and then to Cerro Gordo, IL



13. JAMES DOUGLAS3 HUFF (JOHN JR.2, JOHN1) was born January 22, 1837 in Jefferson Co, IA, and died March 03, 1911 in Fairfield, Jefferson, IA. He married SUSAN A JAMES, daughter of FRANCIS JAMES and SARAH WELLS. She was born 1848 in IN, and died Aft. 1890 in Jefferson Co, IA.

Lived in Buchanan Twp of Jefferson Co, IA with wife Susan A. His family was there in 1880 but he was not listed. He shows up, alone, in 1900. He was brother in law to George Mower since his sister Sarah (1851) married George Mower.
1870 Census Jefferson Co, Buchanan Twp, IA p 11, hh 177 James Huff farmer
1880 Census Jefferson Co, Buchanan Twp, IA 17-79-1-12 Susan A Huff
1900 Census Jefferson Co, Fairfield, 39-46-8-100 James D Huff

Notes for SUSAN A JAMES:
Possibly Mower

Children of JAMES HUFF and SUSAN JAMES are:
19. i. ELMER V4 HUFF, b. December 1869, IA; d. Unknown.

ii. JOHN W HUFF, b. 1876; d. Bef. 1900.

iii. EDWIN S HUFF, b. August 1872, IA; d. Unknown.

Notes for EDWIN S HUFF:
In 1900 was partner with Thomas McAvey in Fairfield.

14. LOUISA ELLEN3 HUFF (JOHN JR.2, JOHN1)18 was born February 1853 in Jefferson Co, IA, and died March 24, 1933 in Jefferson Co, IA.

Listed with her father in 1880 census. She was alone with probable child, Nellie Huff (1875 IA) in 1900. She remained single.


i. NELLIE4 HUFF, b. 1881, Jefferson Co, IA; d. October 03, 1941; m. B C LEWIS.

15. MARY ADA3 HUFF (WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born 1845 in KY, and died Unknown. She married AUSTIN C VANCE July 24, 1859 in Floyd Co, KY, son of JOHN VANCE and MARTHA HALL. He was born 1841, and died Unknown.

Notes for MARY ADA HUFF:
Had seven Vance children or possibly eleven

Children of MARY HUFF and AUSTIN VANCE are:

i. MARTHA4 VANCE, b. Abt. 1860; m. JOHN HALL.

ii. WILLIAM VANCE, b. Abt. 1863.

iii. NANCY J VANCE, b. Abt. 1864.

iv. HENRY VANCE, b. Abt. 1865.

v. MARY VANCE, b. Abt. 1867.

vi. GEORGE W VANCE, b. Abt. 1869.

vii. SUSAN VANCE, b. Abt. 1870.

viii. JOSIE VANCE, b. Abt. 1872.

ix. EMILINE VANCE, b. Abt. 1874.

x. TENNESSEE VANCE, b. Abt. 1875.

xi. MISSOURI VANCE, b. Abt. 1877.

16. JOHN W3 HUFF (WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born 1847 in Floyd Co, KY, and died Bef. 1880 in prob Floyd Co, KY19. He married (1) JANE TERRY. He married (2) MARY TURNER January 21, 1869 in Floyd Co, KY20, daughter of ADAM TURNER and MARGARET PATTON. She was born 1852 in KY.

Notes for JOHN W HUFF:
Henry P HUFF, son of William and Nancy, living with them in 1870 Census
Children were living with John Gearhart family in 1880 Floyd Census
In 1890 Census of Floyd Co, Precinct 3

Notes for MARY TURNER:
Married in home of Adam Turner.
Mary alone in 1880 Census of Floyd Co, Precinct 1, family no. 140, she listed as widow, living with her probable brother Adam Turner Jr, age 25. Only child Henry C living with her, others living with John Gearheart family.
There is indication that Mary was a rather loose woman and that John D Huff was actually a brother to Tildon and Arland Slone.

Child of JOHN HUFF and JANE TERRY is:


Children of JOHN HUFF and MARY TURNER are:

ii. ARAMINTHA4 HUFF, b. 1870, Floyd Co, KY; d. Unknown.

Boarding with John and Elizabeth Huff GEARHEART in 1880 census, Floyd Co.
She may be the person who married John Gibson Sept 29, 1890 in Knott, Co.

20. iii. LAURA H HUFF, b. December 24, 1871, Floyd Co, KY; d. July 24, 1940, Knott Co, KY.

iv. TONY HUFF, b. 1873, Floyd Co, KY; d. Unknown.

v. MARTHA HUFF, b. 1875, Floyd Co, KY; d. Unknown.
21. vi. HENRY CLAY HUFF, b. 1877; d. Unknown.
22. vii. NANCY JANE HUFF, b. November 1891; d. Unknown.

viii. JOHN D HUFF, b. September 22, 1887, Floyd Co, KY21; d. November 08, 1969, Floyd Co, KY21; m. MILLIE B21; b. June 16, 1921; d. April 13, 1961, Floyd Co, KY.

Notes for JOHN D HUFF:
Elisha Owens killed Tildon Slone and John D Huff then killed Elisha. If the gossip is true, John was a brother to Tildon and Arland Slone, and actually a son of W J Slone. John D went to prison for the killing.
He is said to have married five times. Millie was his third wife.

ix. MARY E HUFF, b. July 1895; d. Unknown.

17. WILLIAM3 HUFF (WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born October 1847 in Floyd Co, KY, and died January 09, 1930 in Floyd Co, KY. He married MAYOMA TRIPLETT 1868 in Floyd Co, KY. She was born June 1849 in Floyd Co, KY, and died February 12, 1932 in Hueysville, Floyd, KY.

Had long white beard in 1930. Lived in Hueysville, Floyd Co.
1900 Census Floyd Co #287, Hueysville

23. i. JOHN WESLEY4 HUFF, b. March 23, 1869, Hueysville, Floyd, KY; d. September 21, 1933, Hueysville, Floyd, KY.
24. ii. SUSAN HUFF, b. March 24, 1871, Hueysville, Floyd, KY; d. June 09, 1969, Hueysville, Floyd, KY.
25. iii. ROBERT JACKSON HUFF, b. September 25, 1872; d. January 03, 1932, Hueysville, Floyd, KY.
26. iv. CHARLOTTE HUFF, b. May 25, 1876; d. November 17, 1962.

v. SARAH E HUFF, b. July 1877; d. Abt. 1877.

vi. MARTHA HUFF, b. January 01, 1883, Hueysville, Floyd, KY; d. Unknown; m. WILLIAM SEXTON; b. October 1880, Hueysville, Floyd, KY; d. Unknown.
27. vii. MARY HUFF, b. January 01, 1883, Hueysville, Floyd, KY; d. October 04, 1938, Garrett, Floyd, KY.
28. viii. ELIZABETH HUFF, b. 1882, Hueysville, Floyd, KY; d. Unknown, Plymouth, OH.
29. ix. ELLEN HUFF, b. 1886, Hueysville, Floyd, KY; d. 1965.

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