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Hendrickson, Bullins, Bruner, Hensley

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Re: Hendrickson, Bullins, Bruner, Hensley

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First for the easy part. Thanks for the info I'll be sure to add it. I descend form Henry Jefferson's son Grandville Pearl and Julia Ludema Rice
Thomas Jefferson and Armilda Rice
Charles Franklin and Lucy Mae Merida
Arnold Andrew and Karen Wallace
Then me Dan

There have been several books. The one most folks mention is the one put out by Joe Gillis Hendrickson but that was about 20 years ago. And I know he's passed away so I've no idea if any are available or who to contact. Another long time family researcher who passed away a couple of years ago was compiling a book. His name was Monte Hendrickson his wife Hildegard is suppose to finish the work but I believe she might be deceased also. I don't know if their work was ever released.

Now for the Mythical Thomas. Nearly 25 years ago when I first started I came across several pages of a Published Genealogy written by Dovie Alda Hendrickson b 1887. She was one our family's first researchers and very respected. In her writing she recalled when she was a young girl that her family was traveling out west when her family ran into some distant cousins of her father and they had an impromptu family reunion. She recalled listening to all of the old stories and such including the immigration story. Both her father and his cousin (I'm going by memory here and can't remember the cousin's name) pretty much told the same immigration story as it was handed down in the different branches of the family.

Dovie wrote it down later. It goes pretty much like this. Thomas Hendrickson (No dates given and no nationality given) was in Norway and moved to Northern Germany. After he went to Germany he married a German woman and started a family. (Nobody knows the size of his family but that it does include Ezekiel b 1735 and Thomas b 1737.) Sometime later Germany was gearing up for war and conscripting soldiers. (I'm guessing this would be about the 1750's) Thomas not wanting his sons getting conscripted sent Ezekiel and Thomas to America. First they went to Germantown, Pa. After being there for awhile Thomas married and moved on. Nothing is known of Ezekiel until 1781 or so when he is recorded on a Tax list in Va. Then a few years later Ezekiel is in NC and then he's in Ky between 1804 and 1806.

Too bad Dovie couldn't record that conversation. It would have more facts about Ezekiel and Thomas than you can find on the internet today. Dovie didn't say who Thomas b 1737 married just that he did so and then moved. Nothing else is known for a fact about him. It's like he just disappeared. Though it's not conclusive there was a Thomas b 1737 in Washington and Lee Co Va about the year 1800 with a large family.

As I said about Ezekiel from the time he was born abt 1735 till abt 1781 there are no documented facts about him or his family. Zip, Zilch, Nada, Nothing! And even after 1781 til 1810 when his Will was probated did we know his wife's name or the names of his children that survived until adulthood. Despite this you'll find people that have named his mother and given birth and death dates for his parents. Given him a number of brothers and sisters with birth and death dates. Some even say that the father Thomas was the Immigrant. Some even have changed his birth to the 1750's, because they don't believe that a man born in 1735 would wait til 1776 to have his first child. Ezekiel's wife is a good example. Everyone calls her Jemima. But the truth of it is no one knows for sure. All we really know is that in Ezekiel's Will he calls her "Mimy". Yet people have given her a full name, parents, birth and death year and so on.

Years ago there were many theories floating around about Ezekiel and Mimy and now people are citing those theories as fact with nothing to back it up. I mean I have a number of theories concerning Ezekiel and clan but with no provable facts they have to stay theories.

So If I were you I'd forget about the Thomas's for now and just work on Ezekiel down or up to Ezekiel if that's how you're going to do it. Again I'm sorry for the novel. I have really got to work on that, but there's no brief way of saying all of this. If you hit a snag just ask and I'll try to help.....Dan
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