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Wayside Gleaning, #2, JEWELL COUNTY MONITOR, 1 Jun 1887,

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Wayside Gleaning, #2, JEWELL COUNTY MONITOR, 1 Jun 1887,

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Classification: Biography
Surnames: Henderson, Rea, Miller, Hulse, Bellot, Morton, Altenburg, Gimple, Reystead, Smith, McLimons, Pratt, Hubbard, Judkins, Cass, Ransom, Beeler, Laymon, Alcorn, Harter, Baughman, Runkle, Amlin, Butts.
Wayside Gleaning, #2, 1 Jun 1887, JC MONITOR, by W.F.K.

We found John Henderson a short distance southwest of Mankato. Mr. Henderson came to Jewell county the present year from Adair county, Iowa. He brought with him 4 horses and other stock, rented the farm of Mr. Rea, of Mankato, and will remain in Jewell county a year on probation.

S. Miller is living on the farm owned by Roy Hulse. Mr. Miller came here in the year of ’79 and, judging the future by the past, is content to remain.

Riding on, we came to the farm owned by Louis Bellot. He purchased his farm in 1880 for $225. He comes forward at present with 100 acres under cultivation, 60 acres fenced, house 16x18, L 10x22 and other out-buildings, his stock consists of 2 horses, 23 cattle, and 13 hogs. He is well pleased with Jewell county and considers his farm worth $3,500.

We stopped with G.H. Morton who informed us of his intention of going west the present season but is undecided yet as to where he will locate.

Peter Altenburg is a resident of Ionia township, he came here in 1880, his acres number 75 under cultivation, 55 enclosed and farm well stocked. He considers his place worth $3,000.

We then called on John Gimple who came here from VanBuren county, Iowa, purchased 160 acres in ’79, for which he paid $100. He has at present 60 acres under cultivation, and 40 acres fenced. His stock is 5 head of horses, 6 head of cattle and several hogs, he thinks his land has increased in value in the last 9 years about $1,400.

Passing on we came to the farm of Elias P. Reystead. He came here in ’84 and his efforts were crowned with success up to the 14th of last Nov., when he met with the loss by fire of his house and contents, as well as $300 in cash.

R.J. Smith is living on the farm owned by his brother who is now in Wisconsin. Said farm is composed of 320 acres of good bottom land, well watered and plenty of timber. Its present occupant came to Jewell county in ’71 and settled in Athens twp. His farm is well located and improved and is worth $2,500. His stock consists of 6 horses, 35 head of stock cattle and 50 hogs. After 16 years sojourn in Jewell county, he pronounces it second to none.

J.W. McLimons came here in ’77, is farming the place owned by Mr. Pratt, considers Kansas far superior to Pennsylvania in agriculture.

We next called on John Hubbard whose residence dates from the year ’83. He owns a good farm on Limestone creek, has built a good house, 18x29, besides other buildings, his stock consist of horses, cattle, hogs, etc.; he considers his farm worth at least $1,600.

J.T. Judkins came here in ’79, homesteaded 160 acres, has at present 80 acres under cultivation besides other improvements. His farm is also well stocked and worth $1,600.

A.Cass came here in ’83 from Nodaway county Missouri, is now living on the farm owned by Mrs. Ransom, which he is farming this season, he is well satisfied with Jewell county.

Geo Beeler was not at home but a glance over his well managed farm convinced us he was prospering.

J.P. Laymon came here in ’78. He owns a good farm and has contributed his share to Jewell county’s prosperity.

We next visited Nancy E. Alcorn who purchased 80 acres of land, consideration $1,000, she has 55 acres under cultivation, good house and is having the place well improved.

Wm. Harter homesteaded a farm, in ’81 which he considers worth, with its improvements, $1,200.

John Baughman is living on the farm owned by his brother David, formerly of the firm of Baughman & Butts, merchants of Mankato. John is a rustler and is succeeding.

C. Runkle came here in ’72 from Illinois and purchased 160 acres, he now has 45 acres under cultivation, 40 acres in pasture, good house, out-buildings, etc. he contemplates going east soon and wishes to sell for $2,500.

M.J. Amlin also came to Kansas in ’72 and owns both a homestead and a preemption, has 100 acres under cultivation, 30 acres inclosed, small orchard, buildings, etc., his stock consists of 7 horses, 9 cattle and 25 hogs.


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