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Holcomb records

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Holcomb records

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Surnames: Bourbonnais, Holcomb, Collins, Pecheway, Nechimtuk, Keokemokwe, LaFromboise, Clifford, Doroscher, Mehitamgokwe, Chapdelaine, Harnois, Martel, Shinn, Moffett

Vertical columns, beginning on left page of the record:
1. First column: TEMPUS ("date of baptism")
2. Second column: NOMEN BAPTISALI ("name of person baptized")
3. Third column: NOMEN PARENTUM ("name of parent")
4. Fourth column: NOMEN PATRINOMEN ("name of sponsor at baptism")

Vertical columns continuing on the right page of baptismal record:
5. Fifth column: NOMEN LOCI IN QUO BAPTISATI FUERENT ("name of the place where the baptism took place")
6. Sixth column: RATIONES OP QUIS CEREMONIE OMISSA ("reason for omitting the ceremony")
7. Seventh column: TEMPUS QUANDE SUPOMISSA ("time when supplication for baptism was made")
8. Eighth column: ATAS BAPTISTI ("age at baptism")

The Baptismal record reading horizontally across the vertical columns, from left to right, "1" through "8":

A: 1. June 9, 1838; 2. Elizabeth Catherine; 3. Petrus Burbonne and Mary Holcomb; 4. (blank); 5. Pottawatomie; 6. sickness; 7. June 17, 1838 (sic); 8. about one year.

B: 1. July 19, 1838; 2. Susanna Sally; 3. Sophonia (Latin has no letter "z", so the letter "s" is used instead) Holcomb and Mary Collens; 4. P. J. DeSmet; 5. St. Joseph Pottawatomie; 6. (blank); 7. (blank); 8. born March 7, 1819

C: 1. Aug. 15, 1838; 2. Sara Sally Pecheway; 3. Ne-chim-tuk and Keo-ke-mok-we; 4. Sara Holcomb; 5. Pottawatomie; 6. (blank); 7. (blank); 8. about 20 years.

D: 1. Aug. 13, 1838; 2. Maria (Sanscouch); 3. Nax-ze and Wouch-mi-e-kwe; 4. Joseph Horton and Sally Holcomb; 5. St. Joseph Pott.; 6. (blank); 7. (blank); 8. about nine years.

E: 1. Aug. 9, 1840; 2. Marie Margarett; 3. Bourbonnais and Sarah Holcumb; 4. Marguerite LaFromboise; 5. Pott.; 6. from sickness; 7. Apr. 7, 1840; 8. Sept. 29, 1840 (sic)

F: 1. May 27, 1841; 2. Sophonia (read as 'Zophonia'/'Zepheniah'); 3. Holcomb; 4. Thomas B. Clifford and Theresa LaFrombois; 5. Americans; 6. (blank); 7. (blank); 8. about 42 years;

G: 1. Sept. 10, 1843; 2. Elizabeth; 3. Maylor Doroscher and Mary Ann Mehitamgokwe; 4. Chapdelaine and S. Holcomb; 5. Council Bluffs; 6. (blank); 7. (blank); 8. six months

H: 1. Sept. 10, 1843; 2. Roseline; 3. P. Harnois and Sally Holcomb; 4. J. D. Doroscher and Mary Ann Mehitamgokwe; 5. Council Bluffs; 6. (blank) 7. (blank); 8. one year.

I: 1. June 4, 1846; 2. Jean; 3. Pierre Harnois and Sally Holcomb; 4. Sophia Martel; 5. Council Bluffs; 6. (blank); 7. (blank); 8. Nov. 12, 1844.

II. 1882 HISTORY OF OMAHA, NEBR.; "Douglas County", page 797: -- REV. M. F. SHINN came as a Methodist minister to the State of Iowa, in 1838. Came to Council Bluffs in 1850. He came to Omaha, Neb., in the winter of 1853 and took dinner withn Mr. A. D. Jones, at Park wild.

He was born in Hillsboro, Highland Co., Ohio, January 3, 1809, and lived with his parents until he was fifteen years of age, when he went to Maysville, Ky., also at Washington, Ky., and engaged in tailoring three years. Then he went to Cincinnati, and followed tailoring until 1828. He went to Augusta, Ky., then up the Kanawha River to its head, then located at the falls of the latter river,and soon became universally acquainted with the pioneers of that country.

By accident he was one day called to see a sick person, whom he treated with such skill and success, that his reputation soon spread far and near. He soon had other professional calls, and his reputation as a doctor soon spread, and he there practiced with success, until the winter of 1829.

He then went to Jackson, Ohio, and there was married to Sarah H. Holcomb.

From there he moved to Greenfield, Ohio, where he continued practicing and tailoring, and there himself and wife experienced religion in 1830. He at once assisted in church matters, obtained a library, etc., also soon obtained a license to exhort, and he preached with success until 1838, when they removed to Burlington, Ia., where he sought to invest some money in real estate, also was local preacher a short time. He soon ascended the Des Moines River, and preached in various places, and the following fall he was received into the Rock River Conference, and obtained his first appointment at Fairfield, Iowa.

His wife died in August, 1839, in Van Buren County, Iowa.

He continued preaching at Fairfield,Iowa, with great success. He then went to Mount Pleasant, Iowa, where he was the means of converting 600 people to the church and Christ. From there he went to Birmingham, Van Buren, Co., and preached two years, which was the happiest years of his life.

He was there married to Nancy Moffett, a native of Kentucky.

He moved to Keokuk, Iowa, and preached one year. then to Oskloosa, Ia., and preached one year, and from there he went to Philadelphia, Iowa, and preached one year. Returned to Keokuk, and built the first Methodist church in the city. He preached there one year. Then went to Keosauqua, and preached there and in that vicinity one year. From there he went to West Point, Iowa, and preached one year. Then to New London, and preached two years with great success. Then went to Council Bluffs, being in 1850 or '51, and began preaching, his labors extending over a vast field in all points of the compass. He also distributed $1,000 worth of Sunday-school books and other literature,paying for the same from his own purse. He also built the first church in the latter city, which cost about $1,200, and it was paid for in full before it was occupied, paying $1,000 out of his own purse. He stimulated the citizens of Fremont, Neb., to build a church by starting a subscription of $500 , and loaning them $1,000, and his efforts at the completion and dedication of the same, it was fully paid for.

He has been the means of the erection of churches in several places in Nebraska. He has one son living twenty-eight miles westof Omaha on the Union Pacific Railroad, whose name is Stephen D. Shinn, who is now married.

N.B.: In the 1850 census of Henry County, Iowa, the son Stephen A. Shinn was said to be 13 years old; in the 1860 census of Omaha, he was said to be 24 years old.... Moses Franklin Shinn is said to have been one of the wealthiest men in Omaha at one time.....I've seen his picture on Google..... Moses Shin was Presiding Elder of the Methodist Church in southwestern Iowa during the early 1850's. -- W.F.

III. -- Samuel R. Holcomb, brother of Zephaniah and Sarah H. (Holcomb) Shinn, built the Pottawatomie mill on Mosquito Creek southeast of present Council Bluffs, Iowa -- quite an amazing achievement, helping to bring a large share of civilized life to western Iowa. Several Pottawatomie chiefs had made a contract with Holcomb on Sept. 4, 1840, and by Apr. 5, 1842, he had it completed. This property was for a number of years a matter of contention after the Pottawatomies left in 1847. There is further information on it here on Fremont county's Rootsweb. -- W.F.

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