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Teachers - Delaware Co. IN, circa 1880s

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Teachers - Delaware Co. IN, circa 1880s

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Surnames: Alldredge, Aldredge, Anderson, Aspy, Austin, Baisinger, Baughn, Bowman, Bradbury, Brady, Brandon, Brewer, Case, Church, Cochran, Coffman, Colvin, Cowing, Crampton, Current, Darracott, Davis, Day, Derchshire, Dragoo, Driscoll, Eastes, Eastis, Ellison, Fader, Fenwick, Fertick, Fisher, Foodpasture, Funkhouser, Garrison, Gibson, Goings, Goodrich, Goodwin, Gough, Grymes, Hamilton, Hancock, Hanna, Hayden, Hayhurst, Heavenridge, Helm, Hirons, Holaday, Holiday, Houch, Houk, Howard, Hutchings, Imes, Jester, Johnson, Jones, Kessler, Kiger, King, Kirkpatrick, Knight, Knox, Lambert, Lewellen, Lindsey, Lockhart, Mann, Manor, Mansfield, Mason, McDonald, McKinley, McNett, Mason, Meeker, Meeks, Mercer, Michael, Miller, Mingle, Mitchell, Morre, Morris, Murry, Newlee, Pershings, Pierce, Pittinger, Poland, Powers, Quick, Rader, Rector, Reed, Rench, Replogle, Rhoads, Reid, Ried, Rinker, Robinson, Russell, Schlegel, Shafer, Sherry, Shewmaker, Shroyer, Shryer, Sloniker, Small, Sparks, Sprangler, St John, Staker, Stewart, Stoneman, Strawn, Swandder, Thompson, Thornbourg, Vanderburg, Vanmatre, Waldo, Waller, Walling, Warfel, Waston, Watt, Weber, West, Weir, Whitney, Willard, Wilson, Younce, Corey, Lesley
The following individuals were noted to have attended the Delaware County Teachers' Institute, Muncie, circa 1880s, Note, my great-grandfather was said to have been a teacher on the 1880 USA Federal Census. In that time period, the superintendent of schools was John O. Lewellen. As with any record, an occasional name may be misspelled. Note, New Corner was later renamed Gaston.

Ida C. Alldredge, Yorktown
Sherman Aldredge, Yorktown
J. G. Anderson, Desoto
W. A. Aspy, Eaton
Charles M. Austin, Muncie
E. J. Baisinger, Eaton
Anna B. Baughn, Selma
Gertrude Baughn, Selma
Mary Bowman, Muncie
Will A. Bowman, Daleville
Jean Bradbury, Muncie
Mary Brady, Muncie
C. E. Brandon, Daleville
Ida Brandon, Daleville
Minnie Brewer, Desoto
H. F. Case, Muncie
Mary R. Church, Muncie
Anna Cochran, Muncie
William G. Coffman, Muncie
M. L. Collins, Muncie
Harley Colvin, Yorktown
Clara Cowing, Muncie
Ira E. Crampton, Anthony
Schuyler Current, Selma
Frances Darracott, Muncie
J. E. Davis, Selma
William D. Davis, Summitville
Louie Day, Muncie
G. E. Derchshire, Cammack
Nannie Dragoo, Macedonia
S. H. Dragoo, Cammack
Dora Driscoll, Muncie or Richmond
Lenna Driscoll, Muncie
W. E. Driscoll, Muncie
Dora Eastes, (Eastis?), New Corner*
A. G. Ellison, Yorktown
J. H. Fader, Daleville
J. W. H. Fenwick, Daleville
Milton Fenwick, Daleville
Donna M. Fertick, Selma
Lou Spencer Fisher, Eaton
M. A. Fisher, Eaton
Miles Foodpasture, Daleville
Kate Funkhouser, Crossroads
Francis Garrison, Summitville
Clara Gibson, Richwoods
N. H. Goings, Selma
W. E. Goodrich, Granville
Emma B. Goodwin, Muncie
Charles Gough, Muncie
Mark Gough, Muncie
Edgar E. Grymes, New Corner*
Arch A. Hamilton, Muncie
J. M. Hancock, Yorktown
Anna Hanna, Selema
Mollie Hanna, Selma
Clark S. Hayden, Muncie
Clara Hayhurst, Macedonia
John H. Heavenridge, New Corner
Leora Helm, Windsor
Mark Helm, (New?) Cumberland
A. N. Hirons, Desoto
L. H. Holaday, Shideler
Orlo Holaday, Shideler
D. A. Holiday, Losantville
Charles L. Houch, Cowan
Belle Houk, Cowan
Will P. Howard, New Cumberland
Carrie P. Hutchings, Muncie
Lizzie Imes, Albany
J. W. Jester, Stout
John H. Johnson, Oakville
A. B. Jones, Yorktown
J. R. Jones, Muncie
Eue Kessler, Muncie
Julia Kessler, Muncie
Emma L. Kiger, Cowan
A. M. King, Greenfield
Walter Kirkpatrick, Royerton
Allie Knight, Muncie
William E. Knox, New Burlington
Clay Lambert, Daleville
G. E. Lambert, Daleville
William L. Lindsey, Blountsville
William Lockhart, Albany
Amelda Mann, Albany
Mary Manor, Muncie
John W. Mansfield, Royerton
Bessie Mason, Muncie
Mattie McDonald, Eaton
Ethie McKinley, New Corner
J. W. McKinley, New Corner
Gusta McNett, New Corner
Anna Meeker, Muncie
Flora Meeks, Parker
Cassie Mercer, Richwoods
W. L. Michael, Dunkirk
E. E. Miller, Yorktown
Hanna Miller, Muncie
George H. Mingle, Daleville
W. H. Mitchell, Granville
Dora Morre, Muncie
Mary E. Morre, Muncie
C. B. Morris, Albany
G. A. Morris, Eaton
S. D. Morris, Eaton
D. P. Murry, Selma
Lulu Murry, Selma
F. M. Newlee, Selma
Arthur Pershings, Muncie
James E. Pierce, Daleville
E. E. Pittenger, Richwoods
Otis Pittenger, Desoto
U. G. Poland, Albany
Laura Powers, Albany
N. B. Powers, Albany
U. G. Powers, Albany
James Quick, Stout
W. C. Rader, Daleville
Elmetta Rector, Anthony
C. L. Reed, Desoto
W. G. Rench, Eaton
Cliton Replogle, (sp.)Cowan
John W. Rhoads, Muncie
Mattie J. Ried, (Reid?) Muncie
Olive M. Rinker, Cowan
E. A. Roberts, Eaton
Claude D. Robinson, Daleville
Rose Russell, Muncie
J. C. Schlegel, Daleville
L. Kattie Shafer, New Corner
W. Max Shafer, New Corner
Milton Sherry, Muncie
Della Shewmaker, Muncie
Folra Shroyer, Desoto
W. C. Shryer, Albany
C. F. Sloniker, Granville
Emma Small, Muncie
Zona Sparks, Muncie
Minnie Sprangler, Selma
Lillie St. John, Albany
Lazzie Staker, Muncie
Louis Stewart, Yorktown
Myrts Stewart, Richwoods
J. W. Stoneman, Blountsville
Caddie L. Strawn, Muncie
Clara Swandder, Selma
Belle Thompson, Muncie
Lenna Piter Thornbourg, Desoto
J. M. Vanderburg, Albany
Charles A Vanmatre, Daleville.
Charles H. Waldo, Royerton
Harry Waller, New Corner
Madge Walling, Muncie
Adam Warfel, Yorktown
W. T. Warfel, Yorktown
John Waston, Muncie
Luella Watt, Muncie
Henery Weber, Oakville
Emma Z. Weir, Muncie
Harvie West, Royerton
Emma Whitney, Selma
Lizzie Willard, Muncie
A. C. Wilson, Albany
E. C. Younce, Eaton

*Edgar E. Grymes was my maternal ggfather.

Miss Dora Eastis' sister, Miss Ida Eastis (Mrs. Will Corey, TX) was also a teacher when she lived in Indiana, believed to have died in TX 2 Aug. 1938 and buried in Gaston. Another sister was Mrs. Carrie E. Lesley, of Gaston, who taught school in Washington Township, Wheeling and Gaston.
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