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William Herzog

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William Herzog

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Surnames: Herzog, Doehla, Smith, Schuler
William Herzog (6/19/1854 Germany – 4/13/1924 Chicago; ) was the second husband of my relative Catherine Doehla (8/13/1852 Chicago – 1/6/1926 Chicago; ) and they married on 5/16/1903 in Oak Park IL. I believe he had two previous wives, and possibly one more wife after Catherine.
I believe William married Elizabeth Hoeffler / Haefler sometime in the 1870s, and they had six children.
* William C. Herzog (1/13/1877 IL – 1/11/1932 Wyoming MI; ) married Sophia (maiden name unknown; born c. 1878 IL)
* Frank Herzog (born c. 1880 IL)
* Anna Herzog (born c. 1881 IL) married Mr. Smith
* Henry Herzog (born c. 1882 IL)
* Edward Herzog (4/14/1886 IL – 7/6/1950 Chicago; ) married Julia Schuler (born c. 1891 IL) on 3/1/1910 in Chicago
* Joseph Herzog (born June 1891 IL)
I do not have a link, but there is a marriage record for a William Herzog and Elizabeth Haflor (her last name spelled differently, but could be transcription error, no image to look at) on 4/15/1876 in Whiteside county IL, which seems to be a good fit for them given that this date was before the birth of the oldest child. This is probably the naturalization record of William Herzog in 1880 in Morrison, Whiteside county IL?: This looks like the family in the 1880 census, with William (occupation listed as carpet weaving) and Elizabeth (born c. 1859) on Main street in Morrison (Whiteside county IL), living with sons William and Frank: I do not know if Elizabeth died or they divorced between 1891 – 1897. There is a death notice that I got from the Sterling library which may be for Elizabeth, and was published on December 2, 1892 (although I would note that the newspaper had a heading of "Saturday, November 26" if that helps): "Mrs. Wm. Herzog died yesterday at the age of thirty-four years, leaving five children. The funeral will take place tomorrow at 1:30 o'clock p. m., at the house, corner of Fourth avenue and Broadway." No burial place is noted, but it may be Riverside. Given that she survived five children, I have to think this probably is the death notice for Elizabeth, and if so Frank was dead by this time. I am guessing that she is buried in Riverside cemetery.
I was able to find a lot of information for these folks by using the Sterling Public Library's Index to the Sterling Daily Gazette and then requesting the items from the library: Web/gaz01a.asp That includes several hits which may or may not be hits for this Herzog family. This item was published in The Sterling Standard on November 15, 1894: "Wm. Herzog was granted a decree of divorce from his wife, in the circuit court at Morrison, yesterday." Well, unless the elder William had yet another wife between Elizabeth and Tillie, or if I am wrong about the above death notice being for Elizabeth... we do know that the younger William would have been 17 years old by then, so could have possibly been married and then divorced young? Either is possible. It may not be possible to determine without a first name of the wife.
The elder William married his second wife Tillie (maiden name unknown) in c. 1897 per the 1900 census. I do not have a link, but a likely marriage record shows William Herzog marrying Tillie Simon on 6/27/1897 in Whiteside county IL, at least I would have a hard time believing the coincidence that two men with the same name, and two women with the same first name got married in the same county around the same time. There was a birth notice published in the Sterling newspaper on October 31, 1899: "HERZOG – To Mr. and Mrs. William Herzog, Monday, Oct. 30, 1899, a son." That could be a child of the elder William and Tillie, or it could be the child of the younger William, but no name is given for the child. There was a death notice which could be that child, or another child, published on November 8, 1899: "The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. William Herzog, of Broadway, died Tuesday afternoon after an illness of several weeks, aged one year. The funeral was held this afternoon at 2 o'clock at the residence, the Rev. H. F. Ebert officiating. Interment was at Riverside." I made a memorial for this child: However, as with the above birth notice, I have no idea if this was a child of the elder or younger William (or someone else altogether). In the 1900 census, we have William (born June 1855 Germany, occupation carpenter) and Tillie Herzog (born March 1861 Germany, could be Matilda?) at 401 10th avenue in Sterling, living with his sons Edward (born April 1886 IL) and Joseph (born June 1891 IL – "Josie" on image, relationship = son) – for Tillie, it says mother of two, but zero living: There is a George Flyke listed with them, "Hired" for relationship, occupation carpet weaver, so maybe William was not a "carpenter" but a carpet weaver also on this 1900 census. I have not seen the younger William, Frank, Anna, or Henry in the 1900 census. I do not know if Tillie died or they divorced sometime between 1900 – 1903. There is a police report in the Sterling newspaper from July 15, 1901 about a William Herzog, again not sure if elder or younger or someone else, fined for beating his wife and drunkenness, and spent 20 days in jail at Morrison, and the article describes her injuries in detail, but again we do not have a first name of Mrs. Herzog so we do not know exactly who that was.
William then married Catherine Doehla Gabel on 5/16/1903 in Oak Park IL: She is showing as widowed Catherine Gabel in the 1900 census in Chicago at 2192 Adams street, and listed as having 4 children, 4 are living, although I find these numbers dubious, since I know that 5 children are listed in her death notice, and daughter Phyllis Schroeder was not living with her that year: The 1904 city directory from Sterling IL lists Wm, "Mrs K" and "Joseph", living at 401 Broadway. Someone found a clipping from the Cook County Herald (Arlington Heights) and the Daily Herald (Chicago) both from 7/5/1907: "Chas. Gable had a visit this week from his mother, Mrs. Wm. Herzog, from Sterling, Ill., and from his sister, Mrs. H. C. Lehman of Oak Park, and Mrs. John Phillips of Normal Park." - short and sweet, although his last name was spelled wrong, the names of his mother and sisters are a match, and more importantly it shows she was living in Sterling IL at the time, so that proved to me that the information we have here must be a match. There is a 1909 city directory for Sterling IL listing "Herzog Wm, wife Catherine A, carpet weaver, r 401 Broadway", and Edward, Henry, and Joseph at that same address. In the 1910 census, Kathryn Herzog is in Oak Park IL at 104 Wisconsin ave, listed as head of household, married for the second time, with two of her own children, listed as having 13 children, 5 are living, but the elder William is not with her: Since she was almost 50 when they married, I doubt that Catherine and William had any children together, although it is not impossible that they could have had one or more children together. Anna Smith (born c. 1882 IL) is in Chicago in 1910 with her husband Lincoln Smith (born c. 1868 KS), as is brother Joseph Herzog (born c. 1892 IL): The younger William is in Wyoming MI in 1910 with wife Sophia and brother Henry: I have not seen Frank or Henry in the 1910 census.
In the 1920 census, we have the elder William living in Chicago at 4236 W. Sawyer avenue, with daughter Anna Smith and her husband A.L. Smith: The younger William and Sophia in 1920 with her parents: I have not found Catherine Herzog in 1920, nor a few of her children (Phyllis / Ida Schroeder, Katherine Lehman, and Eva Gabel), so we may find them all living together. I have not seen Frank, Henry, or Joseph in 1920 either. The elder William died 4/13/1924 Chicago: He was living at 4236 N. Sawyer per his obit, although it is not clear whether he was living in Chicago, Sterling, or somewhere else. I must note that no spouse is listed in his obit, so I do not know if he was still with Catherine in 1924! Possibly William and Catherine were separated, which is why they are not living together in 1910, and divorced before he died. The death record gives his wife as Elizabeth and does not give a marital status, so really, who knows. I have not seen Anna or Joseph in the 1930 census, and I have not seen Anna, Edward, or Joseph in 1940.
So breaking down each of the children of William and Elizabeth:
The younger William died on 1/11/1932 in Wyoming MI (parents William Herzog and Elizabeth Hoeffler): The obit for William mentions that his widow survived but does not mention her by name; the memorial and census both identify his wife as Sophia, as does the image on his WWI draft record: The obit also states that he was the proprietor of a restaurant at 3829 Division avenue S. for 25 years. The person from the library stated that she tried to find the name of his restaurant in the census and city directories, but no luck. As I noted above, if you look at William in the 1910 census, he is in the same city listed on his death record, you see him and wife Sophia (born c. 1878 IL) living with his brother Henry Herzog (born c. 1882 IL): and in 1920 he is living with Sophia's parents so that gives us a clue to her maiden name: and here they are living in Wyoming MI in 1930 living with some other relatives: so based on her sister listed in 1930, this must be Sophia widowed in 1940: So the fate of Sophia remains a mystery, but she may have remarried after 1940.
Frank was born c. 1880 per the 1880 census, on which I see that he is listed as 9 months old and since that census was taken in June, I am thinking that he was born sometime in the autumn of 1879, most likely September. I have not seen anything else about Frank after the 1880 census, nor have I seen any marriage or death records for him or any hits in the Sterling newspaper; I am presuming he died by 1924 as he was not mentioned in the elder William's obit.
Anna Smith was born c. 1881 per the 1910 census. The image for the 1910 census that I linked for her above shows that she was on her first marriage and had only been married 4 years at the time, so assuming we have the right folks here, then I wonder where she was living in 1900 if she was not married yet? This may be Anna Herzog (born Nov 1881) in Sterling IL in 1900?: Another possible explanation is that, if it turns out that the elder William and his first wife actually got divorced, then Anna could have been living with her in 1900. Anne Smith was mentioned as still alive in the 1950 obit of her brother Edward, so she died after 1950.
Henry was born c. 1882 per the 1910 census. There is a report in the Sterling newspaper from Aug 17, 1907 was about Henry Herzog being wanted in a "brutal attack" on his stepmother, although the copy I got did not come out very well and is almost unreadable in parts, but if this is the right guy it does look like Henry attacked his father William's wife. Henry presumably died between 1910 – 1924, as he is not mentioned in his father's obit. There is a possible match from the Sterling newspaper on May 6, 1912 showing that a Henry Herzog died in Chicago and that his remains would be sent to Sterling for interment; the next day had his death notice, so I created a memorial for him in case this is the right Henry: The elder William had a surviving daughter-in-law named Zoe per his obit, who may have been the widow of Henry?
WWI draft for Edward, closest relative given as Vergie Herzog: Edward was born in Sterling per his SS death claim, and per the death record of his son: Edward married Julia Schuler on 3/1/1910 in Chicago: Edward in Chicago in 1910 with wife Julia: Edward in Chicago in 1920 with his wife Julia: Edward in Chicago in 1930 with his wife Julia: Possibly Edward in Geneva WI in 1940 with his wife Julia: Edward died on 7/6/1950 in Chicago (parents William Herzog and Elizabeth Haefler): His death notice apparently lists Julia as a survivor, so I do not know when she died.
Joseph was born June 1891 per the 1900 census. Probably Joseph's WWI draft (with date of birth 6/2/1891 Sterling IL)?: Possibly the birth record for a child of his?: If so, I think this would be his marriage to Emma Holznagel on 7/1/1916 in Chicago: Record in the SSDI for a Joseph matching the date of birth from the WWI draft, with date of death Aug 1973: Joseph was mentioned as still alive in the 1950 obit of her brother Edward, so he died after 1950. So if we are tracking the right guy, this would probably be the right memorial for Joseph (1/2/1891 Sterling IL – 8/3/1973 Eagle River WI): and for Emma: These records for Joseph also look like good possibilities, based on date of birth and location. If that memorial is for the right Joseph, then maybe they got his date of birth wrong on the memorial. The obit for Joseph confirms that he was born in Sterling IL and "He formerly owned Herzog's Resort on Sunset lake. He was a resident of Eagle River 27 years." He was survived by wife Emma, and son Howard of Roselle IL, and both of those names appear in the obit of the elder William Herzog, making this most likely the right guy. The Eagle River library did not have an obit for Emma, though.
There are several more hits in the Sterling newspaper beginning with 1940 that could be related to this family? However, I get the feeling they pretty much all moved away from Sterling after the elder William died.
As for William, I do not know the names of his parents or any siblings he may have had.

A photo requestor came back with photos of the graves of the elder William Herzog, and the Henry Herzog who died in 1912, with a photo noting "This is the plot for both grave 1 & 2, holding the remains of both Henry and William Herzog. There is no marker(s) for either." So, that leaves no question for me that they are at least related. The question then is, whether this Henry is his son or another relative. If he was about 32 years old when he died, then I would say that we have him.

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