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New Abandoned Norwich State Hospital Cause

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New Abandoned Norwich State Hospital Cause

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Surnames: Keach, Slater
My ancestor, Alice Keach Slater spent over 10 years of her life at the Norwich State Hospital, yet no-one seems to have cared enough about her to safe-keep her patient records. Alice Keach died in that asylum and my granfather, Rev. Stanley Jordan Keach, officiated at her burial. My grandfather died a few years ago and it seems that I have inherited the Ministerial Sash. I have expended energy while searching for any documents connected to Alice Keach Slater, and those energies have encompassed growing concern over what happens to the abandoned semi toxic buildings, equipment and grounds that are SPREAD OVER more than 25 ACRES of Norwich and Preston Connecticut.

It is not only Alice who has spent time in a "mental institution". My mother, Marcia Anne Keach, also spent a short visit to a "Mental Hospital". Yesterday was Mother's Day. In memory of my mother, Marcia Anne Keach, I established the Norwich State Hospital CAUSE be-cause I know that "Mental" health ought to be important to everyone. Insanity effects many people - not just the "crazies". Norwich State Hospital is not the only asylum to have been abandoned -- with its toxic waste left behind for the next generation to deal with, but it can be seen as an example. What should be built there? Should the trashed property be sold to someone whose only goal is to turn a profit? Will the new owner(s) be willing to allow relatives of past patients on the grounds before cleanup to check for missing patient files???

I invite anyone interested to check out my newly begun cause: Invite Friends to help you build a critical mass of supporters Would you be interested in checking out my plan to build Memorial Gardens and/or help raise mental health awareness at the Abandoned Norwich State Hospital grounds in Connecticut? Thank you for your time even if you just click to look at this cause. I thought that you might be interested because of your website. I am not deaf – my brother is – but I can easily identify with this quote: The only way for a hearing impaired person to get along with normal hearing people is to choose to associate as much as possible with decent people. The late Viennese psychiatrist Viktor Frank, recalling a long life in which he survived Auschwitz and Dachau concentration camps, finally concluded that there were two kinds of people in the world. Not Jews and non-Jews, not blacks and whites, not even men and women, but simply people who were decent and people who were not.
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