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Adams and Tierney in San Franciso, 1900 Census

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Adams and Tierney in San Franciso, 1900 Census

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My family has a long history in the San Francisco area. I just recently found a census record that appears to be for my family in SF in 1900. In 1900 there was the father John, the mother Mary, 3 sons and 2 daughters. In 1910 however the family has relocated to McKinley Street in Oakland and John and a daughter are missing. Did John and that daughter parish in the quake and fire of 1906? The daughter would have been about 20 in 1906 so did she “marry” and disappear? The 1900 Census has them in the Jackson St., Drumm St., Davis St., and Pacific Ave. area. It appears that the street they were on no longer exists.

I also found where a John and Mary are listed as tavern keepers in SF (1889) prior to the quake and fire that seems to agree with the 1900 census data where John is listed as a hotel keeper. The tavern is listed as being at 27 Pacific Avenue and that appears to be in the area of the census where they are listed in 1900. It looks like a big apartment complex covers that area now.

Of course this data changes a lot of what I thought I knew. The 3 boys in the family were born in PA. One daughter, Margaret, I knew was born in California but because of the data accumulated after 1910 it was assumed that she was born in the Oakland area. Now that I’ve found 2 girls the assumption is shifting to think that they may have been born in San Francisco. Tracing this becomes highly difficult because of the 1906 earthquake and fire that destroyed so many records.

I’ve been able to trace the 3 boys. One of course was my grandfather and I’m named for him. He was John Nicholas Adams and I am the 3rd. I think “Nicholas” may have come from Mary Tierney’s brother. He was the youngest of the 3 boys. He died of heart failure in February of 1944. He worked as a clerk for Wells Fargo and the telegraph company. He was married to a young woman, Emily Wagner, from the Haverstraw area of New York just up the Hudson River from New York City. Wonder how they met?

Charles Francis was the oldest. He practiced and taught law, and dabbled in politics in SF and LA. He was married to Agnes Kendrick and they had a daughter Eileen. Eileen was born in 1913 and I have not been able to find out where she disappeared to. The last trace I have is her living at home in the 1930 Census.

The family story is that a disgruntled client shot Charles in his office and before dying Charles returned the favor. Charles died in February of 1941.

Richard Peter was the middle boy and died in the family home on McKinley Street in Oakland. His death was seen to by the only sister I have data on, Margaret. Richard worked in the shipyards and as a blacksmith. He died in January of 1953.

Margaret married Charles Hull and had 2 daughters, Marguerite Veronica (born 1911) and Virginia A. Hull (born 1909.) Virginia has disappeared. Margaret is listed as being with Charles in the 1910 Census but is back to the family home on McKinley Street in Oakland for the 1920 and 30 Census.

Marguerite married a Charles Wilson and had a boy and a girl. The girl, Yvonne Marie Wilson, married a boy with the surname of Rinta and I have contacted her son and one of her 2 daughters. Marguerite’s son, Donald George Wilson is believed to have married and moved to Arizona. I have not been able to find him. He would be entering his 70’s this year. Yvonne died in 1986.

Mary (Tierney) Adams died between the census years of 1920 and 1930. My best guess is in 1922.

My grandmother Emily, was not very talkative regarding the relations. My mother never knew, until I started researching that my father had any uncles, aunts, or cousins. And she never met any of the relatives when she lived in LA at the time of my birth in the late 40's, or even when they went to LA to bring my grandmother back east after her stroke in the late 1950’s. Emily always said her father in law was a scalawag. That he had to swim out to a ship passing to get away from the authorities in Ireland because he was doing something that got him in trouble.

My father ocassionally talked about his Aunt Meg and Uncle Dick but never pointed out that they were brother and sister. I always thought of them being married. It was surprising to find out that they just shared the house. It appears that Aunt Meg’s marriage to Charles Hull either didn’t last long or Charles Hull suffered an early demise as she's found at home in the 1920 and 30 Census as noted above.

So that’s it. I would like to know what happened in SF but its not easy to get information as I'm on the east coast. But I'm open to suggest as to where next to look.
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