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Lucy Brown - died allegedly at 120 years old Oct 1924

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Re: Lucy Brown - died allegedly at 120 years old Oct 1924 - if Miwok, not related to Chief Tenaya

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Surnames: Yosemite Indians Paiute Chief Tenaya Mono Lake Paiutes
If you still claim that they were not the same person, than the one who is Paiute is the one that is from Chief Tenaya since Tenaya's children were 3/4's Paiute.

Also at that the time of capture the Tenaya's group was Paiute, and not Miwok. Here is an excerpt from the only man to meet Chief Tenaya;

Page 219

"The Pai-ute and Mono Colony originally established by Ten-ie-ya, was the result of a desire to improve their physical condition. They were attached to this valley as a home."

*If the link does not work copy and paste the paragraph without the quotations into Google search and the webpage of Lafayette H. Bunnell's book will appear.

Interestingly on the bottom of that same webpage on the book "Discovery of the Yosemites" by the only man to meet Chief Tenaya wrote this:

Page 221

"The names of the different objects and localities of especial interest have now become well established by use. It is not a matter of so much surprise that there is such a difference in the orthography of the names. I only wonder that they have been retained in a condition to be recognized. It is not altogether the fault of the interpreters that discrepancies exist in interpretation or pronunciation, although both are often undesignedly warped to conform to the ideality of the interpreter. Many of the names have been modernized and adorned with transparencies in order to illuminate the subject of which the parties were writing. Those who once inhabited this region, and gave distinctive appellations, have all disappeared. The names given by them can be but indifferently preserved or counterfeited by their camp followers, the "California Diggers;" but June is now with us, and we must hasten on to our work of following up the trail. "

That would mean that the "California Diggers" or Miwoks, were late comers and followers of the soliders and miners camps. That they "counterfeited" the original Ahwahneechee (Paiute) words.

I didn't write that...the man who met Chief Tenaya did, that would be Lafayette H. Bunnell.

...and Sharon what about all the rest of your "Southern Sierra Miwuks" family documentation?

You know the Charlies, Johnsons, Leonards, Sams, Hutchings, plus others?

Have you read it??? Not one is a Yosemite Miwok. There were no Yosemite Miwoks, just a group of renegade outlaw group made of many bands of Paiutes, Mono and a handful of Indians of the western tribes, that were unspecificly unidentified.

You claim to be from Chief Tenaya AND Miwok. That is genealogically not possible.

Even Chief Tenaya said the Ahwahneechees was from a band totally different from any other surrounding tribe. That would mean Miwok also. Yet he was 1/2 Paiute and his children 3/4s Paiute. But the Ahwahneechees would have to be closely related to Paiutes since they traded with them, but NOT Miwoks. Miwoks feared them. That is documented.

Have you seen your other members paperwork on here? We have more you know. That shows that they are not Ahwahneechees...maybe the Paiutes in your group are, but not the "Miwoks" or Casson Yokuts. Since in 1854 the remaining surviving Ahwahneechees were absorbed into the Mono Lake Paiute people after the rest were mostly killed off by them.

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